hey welcome back and in today’s video
we’re going to be taking a look at grocery bag dot TV see I did a survey if
you haven’t done that survey you need to do that serious survey link in the
description and it just helps the channel but come to the fullest that it
can be and out of that I’ve discovered that I needed to make this video about
grocery bag TV there are some things that I have discovered there are things
that you have theories on grocery bag TV was one of the first projects from
mister Titanic Sinclair it ended abruptly at the top of its fame and a
lot of people were very sad the main stars of it were titanic sinclair and
the infamous mars argo it ended with only just fifty
fifty thousand subscribers only got sixty one thousand now it’s got three
videos on it all the other videos were taking down or deleted a lot of people
think nope they were unlisted but there was a lot of there’s there’s a lot of
there’s a lot of gnats there was a lot controversy surrounding
it the the videos that are left up are mars argo using new mars largo runaway
official and delete your facebook now there was talk that titanic Sinclair was
going around flagging and copy writing and suing people for $11 for these
reuploads that people were doing but where were people getting this content
and then it came to my attention that these videos were actually just privated
and that you could find these unlisted videos very easily which brings me up to
another point but that we’re going to save that for another video at another
time one of the strangest things that was brought to my attention to begin
with was it came from scrappy D scrappy DP and it was a list of grocery bag tvs
videos now this wasn’t in the order that they came out in but he did put the
videos in alphabetical order and this is strangest thing if you put the videos a
grocery bag TV in alphabetical order it goes from a almost to Z and if you
look at television series from their also an
alphabetical order from A to Z and it looks very similar like look at this this is
perfect it almost goes through the entire alphabet almost like the series
was finished Wow what kind of revelation would that be if
they didn’t end tragically but the series came to an end it was
completely planned out we don’t know this for sure we can only speculate but
this is one damn good speculation if the series did end and right after the
series did end poppy was born then that would mean that Mars agro and Titanic
Sinclair are in fact working together on the poppy project it is stupid gnats if
Mars agro and Titanic Sinclair are in fact working together then they are in
charge of the poppy project then all of this all of this copywriting people’s
videos and stuff like that is just for show a damn good show but what does it
mean do you have any theories on this if you do have theories head over to the
rep Zilla Twitter send them to me and we’re going to go over them together
because this is getting deeper but wait that’s not all there are some crazier
things if you go back to the what the Wayback Machine and put in the URL for a
grocery bag TV oh you guys are going to like this one starting back at 2009 on
the very first date of November 21st that’s right that is correct it is all
the Mars Argo all the computer show it is the list of videos the treasure cove
the gold mine that you have been wanting but my thoughts is that maybe they knew
that you can do this maybe they knew if you got on the wayback machine you could
find the old videos maybe and just maybe this is where
people are getting these videos to re-upload and they know that these
videos are going to be re uploaded and then they have to play like they’re
angry but why would they do this I have a theory what if the poppy project is
the next step in Titanic Sinclair’s vision so much so that it was realized
way back in 2009 and Mars Argo and him are actually working together on this
their greater vision and for this to be realized they have to make all the other
videos readily available so they can be re uploaded and they want to do this so
they can create this type of like vacuum we’re cult following emerges out of it that
is right that is what I am saying I am saying that they are deliberately
leaking information for the sole purpose of conspiracy building theories out of
thin air Illuminati symbolism and cult following purposes what a revelation
this is and I know that this is probably one of the greatest and most interesting
theories is that the repzilla channel has ever created and as interesting as this is
there’s always something that’s way more interesting than even this that’s right
you guessed it I want to know what you think so why don’t you go ahead and
leave your creative and/or interesting responses in the comment box below
thumbs up for those likes and as always brothers and sisters I will see you it be in the next
video and I got some stuff to do I got more videos to do I got my opinion on
Jake Paul coming out you guys want to know what my opinion was on that so I
got a little bit of something something for you and I’m fixing I’m gonna go get
a haircut real quick so my hair’s gonna look boy and you know this this channel
loves you

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  • In Mars old vines it shows Mars and Poppy together. Also in an Interview Mars and Titanic said they were planning on extendeding their project. I do think they planned it together but I think now they are their separate ways, and they videos were taken down because Mars said they gave her Psd (on her tumblr)

  • If u scroll to Sinclaires instag. Waaaay down, there are still couple of pics of him and her remaining. Lowkey still have a connection maybe, makes me think it's still possible

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  • It really does add an amazingly spooky vibe and to have those videos taken down and uploaded other places by random people.

  • Repzilla, I did some simple math. The November 2009 date lines up perfectly with when Poppy began writing music professionally.

    How old was Poppy around November 2009? 15 years old. The age she claims she ran away from home and started her music career in her songs "American Kids" and "Money".

    By the way, cool thumbnail!

    That's all I've got for now
    Thanks 🕵️

  • There is a music video with Poppy where she is Blonde and her sound is more alternative. It's not promoted on Poppy's channel. I forget the name of the song, but she looks and sounds just like Mars Argo in it.

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  • Repzilla, this is my theory: You see I don't think that Poppy was planned in 2009. This is why… You see in 2012 Poppy had a YouTube channel of her own by the name of "Moriah Poppy". On this channel she would upload Covers, Original Songs, Original Content, and Vlogs. Moriah continued doing this untile moving to L.A. to take her musical career seriously. However while in L.A. Moriah ran into Titanic Sinclair. This lead to her ageeing to do The "Poppy Project" Ok so now think about it, in-order for Moriah and Titanic to start the "Poppy Project", Moriah would have to remodle her channel. Now you might think: Why not just create a new account? Well this is because in 2012 Moriah collaborated with a YouTube Channel/Band by the name of "isaheyhihello" they were known as "HeyHiHello": She would help them make a video cover for their channel and then HeyHiHello would give the footage to her for her channel. So now lets go over some Facts: Moriah used the same Username for "Moriah Poppy" and "Poppy" because of the videos she did with HeyHiHello. So what I think happend is that Poppy just put her videos in a PrivatePlaylist and turned Moriah Poppy" into what we know today as, "Poppy". Titanic Sinclair and Poppy did this because if they would've made a new account for the "Poppy Project" people would still have access to her old videos…for example: (Skip to the end of this video with HeyHiHello+Poppy): (Skip to: 3:17). If you click the link you wold be directed to Poppy's 2017 channel "Poppy": Because the usernames are the same. Now another thing is that HeyHiHello hasn't posted a video in four years (I think because Poppy won't be able to make videos without themanymore, and they can't move on without her). But they know all about The "Poppy Project" and Titanic Sinclair and you. I know this because if you look at HeyHiHello's "Related Channel's" list you will see Poppy, Titanic Sinclair, and you (Repzilla). Now I had an idea to put Poppys username into the Internet Archive: WayBack Machine: Because it's the same username. But when I do this the result is as folows… (Sorry.

    This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.). Like I said before… It's weird how the more answers we get to our questions, the questions we get to answer. But I know TeamZilla will get to the bottom of all this. Some of Poppy's old covers: Hope you enjoyed. See you later, Bye! 😀

  • If it really is planned then I'm honestly suprised by how well they hide it

  • But while leave those three specific videos on the regular channel? They must have some sort of significance and meaning.

  • This makes sense, some artists do plan ahead. I've wanted an acting, writing, and music career since I could talk and I've been planning it since I was a kid. I have everything thought out such as the stories I'll tell and projects I'll start.

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  • Can you watch videos on the Wayback Machine? I was trying to check them out but I keep getting errors.

  • The mars argo tumblr is still active
    I'm not sure if it's official but does look like it

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  • Someone should draw lines linking all the locations Poppy is going to on a map. Who knows what we may find.

    Update: Did it .ruined my geography book. Found nothing😢

  • Join us in the new Mars Argo discussion discord:

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    ~Sending love and pizza

  • Hello humanity! Whoever wants poppy's old videos please hit me up at twitter @SingLoveFaith

  • I wouldn't be surprised if this is true because Titanic Sinclair is very creative and very intellectual. He's truly amazing at hiding messages.

  • I did like an 8 page essay on the poppy project and it was the best freaking essay I've ever written. Got a 0 on it. I was so mad 😂

  • My parents think that poppy is dangerous

  • lol I'm late but I highly doubt titanic sinclair would have deleted all of the videos because he's lost a lot of money and mars argo/Brittany has had more of an actress background and less of a director background.

  • I beilieve they might be working on it together but I think that poppy is just the better version of mars and what they originally wanted mars wasn't as suspicious and shit they wanted something more weird and more attention grabbing

  • So, this is all for show? They want people to make theories about them. Maybe all of the videos have no meaning. They just want to show that a cute girl, a sound board, and abnormal clothing can catch the eyes of many people. And these meaningless videos are getting attention because people think there are meaning behind them. Of course some are poking at society but some are just meaningless like the "me jumping" video. Titanic wants to show that people can get famous for anything these days. I don't know. Just a thought.

  • plot twist: charlotte is mars argo under a costume

  • Seems weird Brittany deleted some of the videos from that channel and Corey was able to stop her from deleting the two most famous songs they had sounds suspicious

  • So porpy is the AI brainchild/baby of mars & Sinclair?

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  • It would only be a good speculation if it actually went A to Z. But it didn't so that theory makes little to zero sense lol

  • Do you think Poppy and Titanic could be silblings? I searched on the internet but I couldn’t find anything about their early past or their parents or correct names and if you look on old pics of them they look very similar to me 🙈 maybe I’m wrong but that Mars Argo posted after 3 years on insta I had to look up and found the same article you read on your last video so maybe titanic and poppy will sink lol

  • Honestly I'd upload the privated videos for$11

  • You can't actually watch 99% of their videos through the wayback machine…

  • It means they are tanking, and they're doing all of these copyright strikes to get attention in the media, to get build up, excitement, notariety,and people will actually know who they are on a bigger stage….i know exactly what's going on… they took our formula and bastardized it by a million percent. I LITERALLY feel sick. Part of me wants to get ahold of my old partner, part of me wants to let him live in ignorance, because before this I'd never even heard of any of them. Maybe hears the name TS once. Now I'm wishing I'd not.

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