The Great War ‘History Channel Edition’ – Sabaton History Announcement [Official]

i’m indy neidell i’m you walking from cybertron and this is a Sabaton history public service announcement now you have something there yes I have a gift to our lovely patrons who are making this happen now this as you know Sabaton is coming up with their album Great War this summer and this is the History Channel edition of the Great War not the history Edition that exists but there’s a special thing for our patrons and only our patrons it’s you can’t buy this in storage can’t buy it through the label it’s just a limited time limited release the History Channel version and it really is a thank you because patreon is what finances this show and makes the whole thing happen I mean it’s not only me power and indie doing this there’s a whole team doing this together and you guys who are patrons are in a way making a dream come true for us because we’ve talked about this many years ago that wouldn’t it be cool if we could have a mini documentary about every Saboteur song and you didn’t go up to a TV station in 2004 and say hey we’ve got an idea yeah but they told us to off off a little bit of both actually if you’re wondering what’s on this album it is the album it is the great war album and it’s featuring yeah I’m the indy neidell i’m doing commentary on each of the songs and I don’t mean saying like um you know if there’s a song about a figure from the war I don’t just say and he did this and he did this and he did this I sort of tie it contextually into both the war and war in general and stuff I think I did a good job right I had a lot of fun writing just didn’t I say I my favorite was a ghost from the trenches I think that one was delivered with something extra I don’t know what it was but I just punch me know and I’m glad you liked it which means that I’m hoping that you guys will like it all and of course it’s gonna be autographed by you guys and by me yes everyone and it does it of course it has the entire album which features songs such as Danny Antonia and who can forget modern classics like turning in the line of fire and of course how could we forget in Flanders that’s right sabaton the Great War sabaton History Channel Edition for patrons only for patrons only [Music]

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