good day first world travelers and welcome
back let me start by asking you a question where do you think the largest
pyramids are in the world Pyramids of Giza in Egypt Luxor casino in Las Vegas
wrong and wrong because in this video I am in Cholula behind me is the world’s
largest pyramid yes the world’s largest pyramid a second look around the noise the bells let me ask you a
question you know there’s a drone and it cost seven pound fifty seven pound fifty the whole I said
in the beginning this video that it’s like funny helicopters and drones and
fireworks there’s the view of Puebla not off all those other things that you
remember from your math that’s typical and I didn’t put this in the
it’s been ringing for like ten minutes I’ve been waiting but are
waiting longer so as you can probably tell I finally
left Mexico City after two months of being there a few days ago I came to
Puebla which is about two hours for the southeast of Mexico city on the bus
Cholula is slightly to the west of Puebla is about seven kilometers from downtown
Puebla depending on where you’re staying in Puebla and there are a number of ways
you can get here so obviously you can get a tour, this area of Mexico
is very tourist orientated but as you expect this is quite expensive you can
get a bus from the main bus station in puebla the CAPU bus station which is in
the north of the city or if you want to do it on the cheap like me
I don’t do tours you can get a local bus which only costs seven pesos 50 cents
which is amazing takes about half an hour to 40 minutes to get here jump off
the bus anywhere near the pyramid wherever you want to jump off I actually
jumped off a moving bus today first time for everything
so that’s how you get here basically we now go go have a look at the pyramid and
I’m going to tell you a bit about the history it’s IMMENSE let’s go so there appears to be a museum at the
base of the pyramid museo regional de cholula so as far as i understand this museum is
normally 40 pesos to get in but for some reason today it’s free maybe they were
attracted to my good looks probably not but yeah so basically this
museum I believe just shows you all about the history of Cholula Puebla
there’s something about volcanoes as well we can have a look see what we can
discover so as usual in Mexican museums i’m told off for filming within seconds of
walking into the place but the first bit was cool and remember I went to IZTACCIAHUATL volcano and POPOCATEPETL so there’s a lot about the history in
there everything I said in that video is also detailed in there about the two
people the woman the snow white of Mexico effectively and and you apparent
you can see POPOCATEPETLl I think it might be over the other side the weather
is pretty good today so you never know we might be in luck probably won’t be so
something momentous is happened you may have seen in other videos when I go to
art museums nothing’s a bit art I find it really
boring but this place is the best place I’ve ever been in terms of all it’s
amazing because it slightly weird and wacky so there’s one section from an
artist in Mexico City who basically he was very ill and he was like delusional
he had a dream that he was in some sort of forest with his weird animals like
donkeys with wings and Dragons and strange fish and they all looked very
odd and basically as a result of his dream he created all this art
fascinating there’s another bit as well about the zapotec calendar where there’s
basically animals created from the zapotec calendar things like cats
owls things are wonderful and there’s another section about pueblan artifacts
ceramics cookery items that sort of thing but there’s a section at the back
about death and it was really interesting this is great skeleton
things and sculpture sort of artwork sort of thing and the way I can describe
it it’s might sound really silly but if you watch Star Trek you know that when
Lieutenant Worf talks about dying a Klingon here’s where
he goes as a result of his death is about how he dies in terms of being a
warrior and things like that and it was basically the same with the people in
this area back in the day how they they didn’t go to heaven if they led a good
life it was about how they died so if they died in combat
then they went somewhere etc all in all it’s really interesting and so come here
before you go to the pyramid the pyramid is behind me
wonderful let’s continue so here’s the view of Cholula i think that’s Puebla I in the
distance over there you got Frida Kahlo thing there so as I said before Frida
Kahlo is very popular throughout Mexico and here fireworks ahead okay we’ve got
a map where am I am i there I think I don’t know oh my god so basically the
church is up there somewhere the zona archeology is that way
so basically there’s a lot of other archaeological finds I have no words
look bench tape no access you can’t go up there as you can see I found another
way to the top I hope at least I hope it’s going to the top otherwise this
it’s going to be a wasted journey Oh God altitude breath again it’s like
I’m climbing a volcano literally success we have found the way up to the church I
think I’ll tell you a little bit about this place now and regain my composure so despite the bell ringing and almost
being killed by fireworks those children are collecting them I’m literally in the
Death Zone right now there’s two next to me the view up here is amazing so I can
actually see Popocatepetl over there in the distance the outline I don’t know if
you can probably not so I said at the beginning of this video that the
Pyramids of Giza are smaller they are taller in terms of heights but in terms
of volume length width area those kind of things this is much bigger it’s 450
meters by 450 meters absolutely massive so it doesn’t really look like a pyramid
up close you know if you think of the ones in TEOTIHUACAN are much smaller and they are all excavated so the thing with this place
it’s like a big hill basically it hasn’t been fully excavated there’s an
archeological zone down there where you can see some of the places that have
been excavated and basically this place had a similar surface to – TEOTIHUACAN in there it was built well it started to be built in 300 BC but it
took basically ten centuries to be in the state that that it’s in now and
similarly with dirty mechanic wasn’t there wasn’t really proof of who built
it basically and it had numerous sort of owners over the years and the Aztecs the
Spanish when they conquered Mexico so that church out there is Spanish from
the 16th century just look at that view man amazing so Mexico continues to ruin the YouTube
experience I’m allowed to film in there or take photo so I’m gonna put some
photo some Google if I can find some over the top of this so you can see
where looks like oh my god you can see now amazing I know that go up go up not
down come and stabilizer there guys play music gold very impressive in there oh
there’s a chandelier up the top as well very nice where’s the chandelier there
we go I filmed in there so I’m just sitting there for a few minutes it’s a
real shame that you can’t film because it is actually quite beautiful in there
compared to some of the other ones I’ve seen very ornate except I did manage to
take one photo of covert photo while I was sitting down there playing music
again that’s one of the really interesting things because they’re
playing music while he’s sitting there that sort of thing typical Mexican music
the chandelier is amazing and the artwork in the dome at the top is
sensational so yes you’ve got to come here if you’re
in PUEBLA this is top-notch let’s go walk down
I now entered the archaeological zone which is just down the slope from the
church at the top it cost 70 pesos to get in so it’s not free so as I said
before this was built over a period of 10 centuries so what’s that thousand
years yeah and there’s various influence from different peoples that were in the
area like the Toltecs Aztecs and the Spanish as I say and it’s mainly to
excavate it down to a certain level so there’s much more to go the excavation
he started in 1931 apparently so not very long ago and this
whole area was once covered in thick vegetation and lagoons things like that
so it’s all basically basically being cleared and when the Spanish came from I
understand it was all completely covered they didn’t know it was a pyramid and
they put the church on the top Fireworks. Probably won’t hit me from here so that’s what I mean an altar where
presumably sacrifices may or may not have happened and under the underneath
this area during the excavation there were many bodies found some of
which were decapitated apparently so clearly there is some kind of history of
sacrifice in Mexican history regardless of what you hear come what you say and
there are of course similarities to Teotihuacan and I didn’t put this in the TEOTIHUACAN video but down there there are murals so murals and muralists are
famous in both modern-day Mexico and also ancient times and obviously it’s
covered up by something for protection so overall my day at Cholula has been
awesome despite almost being killed by fireworks and basically this is another
example of the rich history of Mexico I didn’t expect Mexico to have history
like this it’s very interesting very diverse and places like this and TEOTIHUACAN are the perfect education if you want to learn more rather than just lie
on a beach in Cancun there is so much more to Mexico than that and as I’ve
said before and as many subscribers have said you could literally spend a year in
Mexico and still only scratch the surface and that’s I’m not even close to
scratching the surface to be honest with you
so I’m next it’s a video from actual Puebla a little walk around downtown
Puebla and see what is to offer there then we’re off to oaxaca so if you’ve
enjoyed having a look around if you want to see more videos in Mexico don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel leave a like and leave a comment which
I’m sure you’re all going to do thanks for watching and I’ll catch you later

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  • Yes, I left CDMX on May 19th, the first stop on the way to Cancun was Cholula and Puebla! I had a great day exploring and learning more! What do you think of Cholula? Yes, the largest pyramid in the world!! Next up, Puebla and my Mexico bus travel experience!

    Sí, dejé CDMX el 19 de mayo, la primera parada en el camino a Cancún fue Cholula y Puebla. ¡Tuve un gran día explorando y aprendiendo más! ¿Qué opinas de Cholula? Sí, ¡la pirámide más grande del mundo! ¡Después, Puebla y mi experiencia de viaje en autobús a México!

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    Travelers like you open a window for many people around the world. Overcoming prejudices and misconceptions. Thanks!

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  • Hi David. Cholula is lovely. In pre-Columbian times it was a holly city for the indigenous people. In Cholula the Spaniards perpetrated one of the most horrible massacres during the conquest of Mexico. It's popular with European tourists, especially with Germans since near Cholula there is a huge VW plant. The reason why tourists are not allowed to make photos of churches from the inside is because local people want to prevent robberies of colonial and sacred art. Years ago many churches from Puebla and other states of Mexico were robbed by well-organized band of thefts. Mexican Colonial and religious art is highly appreciated, so any piece robbed from a church is worth several thousands of US dollars. Don't get mad. I know it is frustrating for us tourists, but locals are just trying to protect their historical legacy.

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