The Golden Gimmick Oil Subsidy – TYT History (Professor Rich)

and is professor rich insist he wanted
his treatment right that’s a bit extra students or context or don’t top today right now isn’t also to be called the golden
gimmick also seasons lately because congress uh… talks a lot of those that may be
getting ready or subsidies and then of course decided not to uh… conservative rubric is triple in
america uh… for a long time in this country
loizeaux of controlled on about legal standard oil which is not my job the
rockefellers and then you probably don’t know uh… that that’s who he is anti-trust laws force uh… central
great company became a lot smaller still pretty big companies uh… with names today exxon texaco
model level is very closely connected and
worked very closely together well in nineteen forty nine that is when
i was a big oil producer i’ve decided to nationalized ought to
have the government take over the or production this weather in the government will profit from that
the drawing board uh… we elected and uh… i dinner
gambling like saw nationalization sort anti capitalist
and therefore communist comet also saw as the government making
profit more private company code a little bit like nationalism
particularly uh… what is being done by a foreign
country with the resource that we like now it’s worth pointing out and two thousand aide said payment uh… was most popular governor marika largely because she did kind of a alaska
state level version of nationalization oil and then took the proceeds and gave it
to the to the people out there so it’s okay if you’re a republican but otherwise initiative economy these
but in fact in nineteen fifty three eisenhower will
have the democratically elected government of iran overthrown uh… because they’re trying to maximize
or was and i think we might as well as from
nationalism or and royal dutch shell and jersey uh… uh… jerseys jerseys detroit but will cut a deal with the muslim
government so they don’t lose out on all or and if you will be uh… for every dollar profit those or
companies make all goes well they will return half of that fifty cents for every
dollar to venezuela within a year it is the details of this
does not have gotten out of saudi arabia of course it’s total once the same deal the american oil companies p_l_o_
drilling in saudi arabia r_r_ under consortium called aramco uh… arab american and saudi arabia wants to get half the
profits from the glove the saudi arabia oil but of course lol cos like giving offer
free they don’t have to pay for their own trails uh… you know just like a business
worksheet don’t you take all the roll tours for free and some other people in people’s money tree right that’s what
your business works met ruben who’s president i’m just
worried that saudi arabia might move towards the soviets uh… basically because of our support for
israel the big concern is that we’re backing
israel muslims allied israel and also there is some nationalizing the
oil which is kind of constantly uh… mansour who might lose the that we don’t
actually need oil in america at the time we’re producing more than the u whose word independent that’s on this
point but europe and japan destiny that will
never allies was to try to help to rebuild from what we’re too himself from his religion kiki saudi
arabia outside and so you may think we’ve got a real
problem here saudi arabia was at my article exxon doesn’t show you the money
in truman once they both sides happy but fear not for financial problem which
is the american taxpayer suffering because of the scheme upset with truman sonny’s indecision expires in their repertoire although you
can off of of site right now and i don’t have the money to saudi
arabia or what about a quarter of two the u_s_ government allow uh… all companies aramco tuned dot the enormity of the saudi
arabia from the taxes they pay not from their income but from the actual taxes
they fit uh… basically making all that lost
money was a lot of money to admitted is
actually fifty million that’s legal meant to be set but of course it is a very much much
higher than notes they start sets of that half-a-billion dollars a year and i’ve never seen a grow over the
years because i a sequel propaganda enforcement of the paper but it’s been a
professional for the american taxpayer serious but what tremendous are you ready happy sudden
release of money except it’s all about it sharing and
ultimately uh… attire and cokie webcomics um… and uh… and of course the
american taxpayers argument and one we get to pay more and more and more to
keep in mind were already running deficits this one are actually uh… the later on spiroedu deficits and so this is one of the reasons
obviously why we don’t like uh… neglectful in that social security
high school teachers get paid too much that sort of thing uh… but this is from bigger factor
uh… uh… ultimately the these sorts subsidies and shit the reason we get it for himself he’s
during my interview to submit is because israel wheaton we thought his room get really a
couple of really upset that the idea of a skinny enormous amounts of money to somebody
that’s on in it it sort of a sudden backdoor subsidy
program human saudi arabia will eventually be american public
india’s rural find out that’s when he gets his nickname the golden unit well israel interestingly enough does
the minute we stop giving money to their in saudi arabia the accident and week you’ve been money
too they don’t want bus to stop payment
unless they israel to some bad and we do course so now everytime aramco makes a dollar you know it actually has to get fifty
cents a saudi arabia and fifty cents to israel to keep everybody happy courses as they did he do universes
corporations in america here’s what’s the point of stress you make your own way successes charmed
by your hard work small government left it there free
markets uh… but if you don’t have a very far down
his trees uh… to see the nothing too different
from the truth when we look at the success of a lot of
these big corporations the article videos of on while rhonda’s
like this our judicial activism be a great time to
do that nations

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