The Geographical History of Africa

To understand what Africa looks like it
does today you have to start way back into Earth’s
history, 310 million years ago to be precise 310 million years ago, during the late carboniferous the world looked nothing like today there were no continent, like today, but rather one enormous super-continent called Pangaea Pangaea had an area of around
125 million square kilometers and Africa would’ve been right at the centre Because Africa was at the center of Pangaea, it only had one third of it’s current coastline the rest being blocked by the surrounding land There was one massive rain-forest, 25
times bigger than the Amazon that covered the whole of Pangaea The climate was warm,humid and oxygen levels were 168% higher than they are today. There was one super ocean called Panthalassa that surrounded Pangae and sea levels were around 80 metres higher than they are today meaning that large parts of Africa were underwater However, around 305 million years ago the
extension rain-forest of Carboniferous were destroyed by climate change, leaving
behind vast areas of desert. the desertification the rain priced left
back to get marriage date covered in sand and rock
much like some places in africa today such as the Sahara %uh desertification also led to the extinction of many
species throughout capture leaving any reptiles and he plans %uh
the time the dead vegetation compacted and horny
old coal mine today %uh around $200 million a schedule 105
million years later the sea level job by hundreds of pages
we exposing the lowlands Africa and year because it started to fragment
spit %uh this was caused by amendment tectonic
plate and yes it up into several pieces some good
reason and conscience easy today %uh all that you have been Asian joining
the clinton who do easy piece/pieces land gradually
moved across the SFS bit speeds vary continues into me to see if the North
America all the way to 15 centimetres you bring your fastest tectonic plate his every move by in the Jurassic period 135 million years
ago climate started to warm up because it
would rise in temperature water evaporated and the planet began to
get more humid because of the humidity vegetation began
to grow in the rainforest gradually return to
Africa because there was lots vegetation the and used to eat gone so
population rapidly expanded in Paktika quickly became most populated
place in thousands of species dont women lands back send five million
years ago first private Spokane back however approximately 65 point the news get it was still an enormous Ashley
tension on to send em to strip because it makes
good the equivalent forced two hundred million million times
and TNT exploded this collision between earth last word got millions of tons
would it be the atmosphere got possibly such as stones go back to relatively didn’t love it however the
boss quantities just throwing up and the impact stating
the obvious around the entire this blocked out the
Sun in because punchlines and Gandhiji the
justices natan vegetation done because it was no
vegetation Slashfood to have the balls to they
shouldn’t do it out because that’d be for the condoms be they to die down
however the few small mammals money to support
the sodium by hibernating something dancers couldn’t do when the
amounts emerged from the bars all the main predictors have been wiped
out leaving mammals to take over the world also in Haiti Jean era the continent’s
continue to drift closer to the time positions India was in the process colliding with
Asia subsequently forming the Himalayan the Atlantic Ocean continued to widen
but he said to his each year Africa was meeting your to meet with
year before with the Mediterranean Sea and
Australia been separated from Antarctica drifting
towards the southeast asia I’ll around $55 million years good place wanna most rapidly changing global
warming is ever recorded in June or July stream in
just two hundred thousand years global temperature bones by 528 resell this event Value City she double maximum p TN led to this rapid increase in pay atmosphere and ocean temp I’ll temperatures in the Arctic Bismol 24
degrees C because 2g increase boo the existing ice
on a melted I’ll ask the tech which blows the already happened right now can begin
today even more memorable as a result of this many mountains lift
& Gamble began to migrate to replace broke even though many animals migrated ground
50 percent with the animal’s owner died %uh the mass extinction 65 with five million years ago couple with
this event did not like owner was in serious danger
of disappearing with only four percent have the utmost I
wanna in the Jurassic period %uh PETM is thought to have been caused
by increase in ca2+ and or anything that’s missed it but it is unknown because more like your YouTube and more meat
than but some Pocky the same thing is happening today global
warming is did not commit 33 million years ago plummet cool to
PETM this menu Skoda on the pulse of the year
my step mom during the next twenty to fifty thousand
years about ninety percent the world’s freshwater frozen ninety
percent important broza and got country booty
millions but not as didn’t any 30 quadrillion cubic meters
both 30 billion cubic kilometers this moist stay first to the hospital
completely yes it is still bring to this day
because of this board Bros the global sea level dropped by
about 60 meters I’ll $28 million years ago first 80 from primates enough games as the continent the back get continued
to drift into europe around 5.6 million years again the gap
between present-day mobloc didn’t stay known as the Strait of
Gibraltar closed up preventing Globe Awards and the
Mediterranean Sea on the North Atlantic %uh Mediterranean
Sea isolated because it was isolated when
water evaporated it was not replenished %uh the
Mediterranean Sea saltwater said when water evaporates so didn’t this meant more water than
printed the higher the level sup as the summit
will increase Leila balls couldn’t stand the in part
not you eventually only got that once it didn’t
mystery you see don’t you eventually all the water
evaporated eat basin 325 kilometers below to see
you some places from because in which it
operated and precipitated elsewhere around the
world the global CNN’s my ten regions the basin was nine
pacific this umbrage today’s mines valuable resource many African countries
because some present this seems completely distinct no dog gets invited most obvious some
with his divergent basin provide some fresh water areas in
the basin over Google with Boston like good until 1.3 million years ago peace plan
on the border between back in your head which everybody hugged
by the way under the name expression the North
Atlantic then flooded basement home in the present-day Mediterranean
Sea this event was Koo sank in burns as a consequence this either job
by 10 beaches to rapidly where is today after this
event the position Africa in relation to you hasn’t changed
much although africa is still moving toward
year get this lead to repeat in the future
I’ll three million years ago and I’m and
burst by people ages ago by Pieter weening walking on two legs
wrong with people %uh 2.5 million years ago first one was
in the home at nine species in Ogden African I’m a good home and 1.8 million years
ago I would be listed above the first
species tombs drop on cool practice you finally only 200,000 you first home
state needs or anatomically modern humans Morgan mikhail marking the beginning of
human history in the only talk that killed me matter
which humans have greatly influenced you thank you for listening I hope you
during his presentation concrete human geographical issue Africa him his the beard hard

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