The Future of Search Engines | Institution Marketing

So the future of search engines or the
future of search, it’s not as simple as me searching for something. So if I search
for a particular word or say I’m looking for a restaurant in Manchester, now the
restaurant that I want to go to won’t be the same restaurant, probably, as a 20
year old you know a youngster wants to go to maybe a chain or have a different
experience to what I do. I might want to have some live music or I
don’t mind paying extra for my meal. So search needs to evolve and it needs to
evolve around what I like and what I do on social and the reviews that I’ve done.
And it needs to also look at my demographic, so this is where search is
going to evolve to to look at people that are in my audience, people that are
similar to me and serve different results to different people. So there’s a
long way to go with search, Google’s obviously already working on this sort
of thing, but what’s going to happen is I believe all of the social networks are
going to get far more intertwined into the results that are going to come out
within Google etc.

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