‘The Five’ reacts to Trump’s lawyers calling impeachment case ‘flimsy’

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  • Watters go home & change your bib &diaper & stop your evil crap for satan

  • Bill Maher is such an annoying SOB …

  • Down with the democrats/ commiecrats/NAZICRATS! Public burning for Clinton, Pelosi and Madussa hair-hatted hulligan Waters! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸!

  • hey Maxine your constitutes wanted you to work getting things done for the people n not waste money on an obvious political hoax

  • The ONLY witnesses that should be called are those with FIRST HAND knowledge of what happened. NO HEARSAY and NO RUMORS.

    The Democrats have not alleged any crimes so there is no alternative but to acquit the President. In my opinion there should be opening arguments and then a vote to dismiss.

  • Hit me three times!!
    🎼 Da!! Da!! Da!! HEY!!!
    —Maxine “James Brown” Waters

  • Joe Biden is right for once and when President Trump wins both Houses in 2020 he needs to do the following as a matter of urgency, that is: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — which prevents internet and news platforms from being sued, should immediately be revoked as a number one priority. For Zuckerberg and other platforms (like CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, etc.) Biden said. “The protections of Section 230 should be revoked because it (Facebook) is not merely an internet company, it is propagating falsehoods they know to be false.” I would add YouTube to that list of corrupted internet platforms who are subverting US society and values in that they are wilfully engaging in restraint of trade and the censoring of free speech against YouTubers who support President Trump and/or who oppose left-wing ideologies and policies! 

    The United States needs to urgently enact new laws like United Kingdom's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is proposing tough new subversion laws for the United Kingdom to make it illegal to undermine Britain by carrying out political disruption or spreading disinformation. As a matter of urgency, the U.S. needs to enact similar laws and then rigorously enforce the laws each and every time a material breach of the law occurs — especially in the media, news and internet platforms, and rogue government officials, politicians, and members of Congress (viz., Schiff and Nadler for example) who should no longer have immunity if they wilfully engage in spreading lies and misinformation, or engage in criminal slander. 

    During a recent House subcommittee hearing—a former design ethicist at Google raised allegations that Facebook and other platforms are essentially brainwashing Americans and their children, rewiring their brains to accept disinformation in ways that will have a far-reaching and deleterious impacts on the societal fabric.

    The Republicans should have done that as a priority when they controlled both the House and Senate, but once again they were asleep at the wheel, and legally lazy and inept.

  • Whoever the President of USA has duty and right to protect our Government from any kinds of corruptions, and the president mentioned Ukraine president to investigate Biden's corruptions in Ukraine, so House chair should have investigated Biden's corruptions first of all. Dems have no logics at all.

  • The House is full of delusional democrats. So tired of their schemes. STOP IT. Do the work of the we the people.

  • Juan Williams doesn't have the sense God gave a goose. ❓

  • Time to go after all the Dems that are making the threats and investigate them as thoroughly as they are after Trump

  • Call Hunter Biden as a witness.
    Call Adam Schiff as a witness.
    Call Joe-Pro-Quo as a witness.

  • Peech foe dee fi

  • Nice trolling, Juan.

  • the court of public opinion… so wait and let us decide.

  • Procedural and SUBSTANTIVE issues are the correct terminologies.

  • Trump should stop giving aide to every single country if there is any indication of corruption.
    If that money could be stolen, embezzled than why should we give it to them?
    Obama gave corrupt countries ALOT of money.
    Our enemies ALOT of money.
    Why dont DEMS care about that fact?

  • Ask yourself why the Democrats lost their minds over that Ukraine phone call. There was nothing bad in it at all. They are hiding something and I hope we get to find out what.

  • Look into cimmunications between Soleimani and Obama in 2011 and on.
    Biden will expose 8 years of Obama admin crimes..
    Connect the dots,, mollahs, Ukraine, Canada, money laundering, Biden, Obama,, oh boy you guys don't talk real news..

  • They had there witnesses in the house kangaroo court of 1 sided rules.. These dems going to find out why Americans want the second amendment if they keep F ing with are PRESIDENT

  • Pelosi thinks George W. is still president. Her brain is broken.

  • Hay Nancy , impeachment might be forever, but so will acquittal , which Trump will be ……moron

  • Trump 2020💯🎈💯💯

  • God bless and protect our President Trump. Shame on Pelosi , Waters, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler.

  • This Juan, that Juan, hell Juan don't know which Juan from that Juan.

  • waters looks like a bag of bones covered with a burlap sack

  • Of COURSE BCUZ there republicans & trumps HOMIES.

  • The eyes of history are watching? Is it the Booker potato head angry eyes?

  • yes make no mistake the dems idiots are very smart at been stupid with some just as stupid Get it always had it get them out of the white house

  • MSM word for the day “cover up” Maxine go have another cocktail and take Juan with you.

  • Pelosi is crooked forever.

  • Acquitted forever NANCY you evil b$tch

  • Juan is a dopey dope.


  • we the people dont lisen to dimwitts no more ! losers

  • Why is fox not covering and helping to preserve 2nd amendment rights and Virginia's fight against the Democrats? This will be one big big decision maker in the 2020 election.


  • Sorry but these fake old cows should be voted out.

  • Well, sonofabitch!..he got fired.

  • Juan is a moron…

  • a sopenia on all..or nothing whistle blower to

  • Well put, Emily.

  • Shush Jesse! Let me finish.

  • Can somebody take Juan on a boat ride way out to sea ??

  • Is Juan Williams even real? He literally reacts exactly how you would expect a leftist to.

  • Nadler looks like Jabba the Hut

  • Thank you Fox News. I’ve never had a better mental hand job…

  • Trump being impeached forever means he'll be our President forever. 😁

  • Juan can’t possibly believe a word coming out of his own mouth.

  • Keep comments respectful? That is difficult when you watch and hear the lies which disrespects America! Nadler, Pelosi and the OTHER liers are a disreprectful!

  • She’s a man ….MAN….!

  • Simple twist of trump fate.
    What if, if witness's are called, crimes are discovered (uncovered) by members of the house and senate where they are arrested, charged, conviicted and sentenced appropirately for their crimes. Remember there are more than 127,000 sealed indictments waiting fir delivery.
    Who knows just a thought

  • Juan: GAO says Trump committed a crime. No one challenges that??

  • juan, your talking out your a$$ again !

  • The Dunce Juan pretends to speak for Republicans too! Welcome to my world, a Black Former Democrat for whom Juan gets Paid to Race Bate and straw man Against so we all seem as asinine as he.

  • maxine waters represents hate and nothing but hate

  • Emily is HOT !!

  • Once Juan Williams talks I’m closing the page


  • President is right Maxine Waters is low IQ, and she proves it every day!

  • How much of that $1.5 billion did Hunter snort?

  • they did not do anything in 3 years did n poi t get anything done .. we did not elect for that I will never vote for Democrats again

  • Maxine Waters resembles a zombie.

  • Mr t let's get it on

  • Someone give her a Xanax

  • Biden's are the beached whale of corruption. The more sunshine the worse the smell!

  • Does juan williams believe what hes saying?!

  • Piglosi didn't want Hunter Biden testimony because he will uncover quad-pro-quo of her son-Paul, who involved in Russian-China deal -Burizma. Will be uncover involved Shifty-shift, clintons and Shumer. They scare.

  • Is this really what the democrat voters want- Impeachment proceedings during an opposition party's Presidential term, under unfounded unconstitutional charges? Eventually a democrat Presidential candidate will win, and will be in a perilous position preventing effective leadership. During President Trump's administration, he was accused in the media of "Bribery," "Extortion," "Racketeering," and all of these charges were abandonded for lack of credible evidence. Instead, the democrat congress adopted the current impeachment charges of "Abuse of Power" and "Obstruction of Congress," without credible evidence.

  • Coming soon to your local flea market….. Nutsy Pelosi and Pinocchio Schiff with a special commemorative pen of the president being acquitted of these impeachment charges.

  • Waxing waters constituents are either on drugs, brainwashed, or just stupid!

  • Subpoena the job application Hunter sent to Burisma.

  • Lol Juan make me smile. He is so loyal but. Maybe too bent on democrats being in the right and republicans being in the wrong. Why does it have to be that way at all though?

  • ole Maxine looks like she spent some taxpayer dollars on a face overhaul

  • Chuck the fuc doesn't care about the Constitution cuz all he's done is s*** on it. Chuck you're going to be executed as a traitor.

  • It would be great if these Democrats would do the job of taking care of the country instead of playing mindless partisan politics that they are not getting paid to do. This group of Democrats are going to be remembered as the most corrupt, hateful officials to hold public office. The only way witnesses should be called is if the witnesses each side wants is called, and not let the Democrat party dictate who can be called or no witnesses allowed on either side. If these four Republicans can not be counted on to back a fair trail they need to roll over to the Democrat party so we can see exactly where they stand. It's easy to see why California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois is in the shape they are in with the useless Democrat politicians that are representing them.

  • Clinton was impeached "forever". Didn't make one hoot of a difference.

  • Bloomberg will can these hacks!!!

  • With Obama we only heard of spun up conspiracy theories of abuse of power and Republicans were livid. With Trump we all see him abuse power and all we hear from Republicans is crickets!

  • where's Hunter

  • It’s ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS how Pelosi’s eyes light up (as much as a living corpse can) when she talks about impeachment and that they LITERALLY get off on the ‘He’s impeached forever ‘ line that they all are repeating when in reality President Trump could care less along with most of the country ( there will always be that’s %20-%30 of people that have horse blinders on and can only focus exactly where they are led by the MSM and would NEVER ACTUALLY look at the evidence objectively) What President Trump WILL BE REMEMBERED FOREVER FOR is that when he came in office the Dow Jones was at 1600 on a downward decline and now it’s moving towards 30k WITHIN 3 YEARS (Just one of many amazing accomplishments that President Trump has done for the country). LMFAO!!!!!!
    Do they even realize that after President Trump, whoever gets in the Office, has the choice of continuing the economy on an upward trajectory or the opposite…. President Trump will go down in history FOR SO MUCH MORE than what they think!!! HILARIOUS to watch them!!!

  • pelosi said happily, and its for ever !!!!
    things i noticed about trump
    a)doesnt care if people think he is wrong .
    b) he doesnt need to look for a job
    c) he is in his seventies

    i dont think he cares or worries about that .

  • How do y'all put up with Jaun? This place is getting as bad as MSNBC just a different angle…

  • COVER UP. The new go to word.

  • Get rid of Juan Williams he's like the high school chick who hangs out with a group of cool people who is constantly negative and throwing a wrench into the mix. His views don't matter to us who only want to hear the truth of the matter. C'mon man!!!!

  • I swear the people on fox get dumber by the day

  • Is Max Waters a MTF transie? That voice. That face. That wig. That Adam's apple.

  • Schumer and and Nadler are lieing Constitutional illiterates. They should have went into Real Estate.

  • Heck, wouldn't it be nice if they actually put this much effort into doing real work of the citizens..

  • Why is there not some punishment for falsely bringing impeachment charges?

  • Good thing Democrat won the Congress, otherwise, this POTUS would of corrupted this country more without impunity! GOP loves the not so smart ppl! Figured

  • Schumer,Nadler and Pelosi should participate in the new Batman movie. Schumer as the riddler, Nadler as of course! The Penguin and Pelosi as Two face👍

  • Some people have to feel the wrath of God, be it Pelosi, Schummer, Nadler , or Schiff! Either they come clean about their corruption, ask forgiveness, and become saved individuals, or they will have to deal with God's Verdict. God is the Highest Court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray they come clean for their souls sake.

  • I wish these do nothing Democrat’s would just die. They make me vomit.

  • The entire DNC is as corrupt as Ukraine ever was ,at least they are trying fix their corruption!
    Jaun is too blind to see the truth.

  • Juan needs to be fired! Enough of listening to his nonsense when the truth is in his face all the time and he keeps repeating all the rhetoric!

  • Joselico gracias Dios 🙏🇺🇸🏦🛠🔥⭐️🦅2020🏹💪🏻


  • You should call yourselves " The FOUR". The black guy was lost…completely lost…..

  • Greg… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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