The Feynman Technique

Feynman learning technique is effective
full learning something new deepen your understanding of what you
already know or helping you study for an exam the first step is to pick a topic
you want to understand and start studying it. once you know what it is
about take a piece of paper and write about it as if you’re teaching the idea to someone else ideally write and speak at the same time
just as a teacher does it at the blackboard this makes you realize which part you
understand and where you still have gaps whenever you get stuck go back to study
and repeat that process until you have explained the whole topic from start to
end when you’re done repeat the process from the beginning
but this time simplify your language or use a graphic analogy to make a point if your explanation ends up wordy or
confusing you probably have not understood it well
enough so you should start again thinking about an idea by explaining it
makes this learning method very effective once you can explain an idea in simple
language you have deeply understood it and will remember it for a long time Richard Feynman was a leading
theoretical physicist who received a Nobel Prize for his work in quantum
electrodynamics he was notorious for asking his fellow mathematicians to explain concepts in simple language to test their understanding thanks for watching also check out others Sprouts learning
techniques as they can complement the methods explained in this video please use the comments below to give us feedback or tell us which of the
techniques is your favorite

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  • Keep doing good work

  • Very helpful

  • And when the video is finished, watch it again.

  • Are bhai bhai bhai
    Thanks for this video 👍👍👍
    I got it …

  • Did some one used Feynman technique to teach Feynman Feynman technique to teach Feynman technique. If someone got what I said like the comment plz

  • Thank you for sharing! It's very helpful!

  • very cool, will give it a shot GG

  • *Repetition

  • Great technique to follow!

  • Once again a good video and helping you to remember things and improve your memory anything like this to get the thumbs up after all the dawn of lot of people these days that seems a look like education

  • Hola muchas gracias por los subtítulos en español. Saludos.

  • That awkward moment you never got anything about Chemistry class until someone asked you about it and then explained everything better than the teacher…

  • Thats something i've been doing since im a kid and i didnt even know about it 😮( i actually explain it to my crush in my mind 🙈)

  • So basically make my roommate think I’m crazy while simultaneously boring the fuck out of him lol

  • I LOVE the graphics for this video!

  • Step 1: choose topic….
    Well sir, i understand nothing, which one should i start

  • His fellow physicists, not mathematicians.

  • 🙋‍♀️if you came here because you kept hearing Sheldon Copper mention Feynman!

  • How dare feynman steal my technique, of trying to be genius

  • धन्यवाद

  • Albert Einstein once said , if you can't explain something in simple terms you don't understand it.

  • That is just studying it doesnt make it simpler

  • Your background music is distracting.

  • Who is looking up to the comments just to have a whole summary of video 😁😁

  • This does (obviously) work when studying for an exam, but it's way better if you use it predominantly to presentations and speechs, since you'll actually spend your time practicing something that you'll be doing, which is speaking and explaining in the most simple way a certain topic.

    Using this technique for an exam will have 100% success, but you'll waste a LOT of time. Time well spent, I agree, but not everyone does have this spare time.

    So… If you can just memorize the things in the most effective and time saving way, you'll be good for exams. BUT, if you do have some free time, it'd be a f*ing shame if you didn't try the method in this video.

    (but let's be honest results is all that matters fuck learning and teaching that's for people with a heart)

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    2.โดยแบ่งเป็นส่วนๆ ที่เราเข้าใจ และส่วนไม่เข้าใจ
    5. ลองเล่าสิ่งที่ได้เรียนรู้มา ให้คนอื่นฟัง หรือเขียน(บล็อค) ในรูปแบบที่เข้าใจง่ายๆ.

  • The last book I read about neurology, made me depressed and traumatized. I feel completely empty. I cant handle when I understand Im just a neural activity

  • Surely, you’re joking.

  • Wow! youtube recommending good things… that's new

  • 1. Choose something you need to know.

    2. Make a note and read it like you are teaching many people

    3. Teach anyone and make your explanation simple.

    This is how you learn anything.

  • You live until you have attained

  • Murray Gell-Mann was asked how Feynman did science. OK, said Gell-Mann. He does it like this. He writes the problem on a blackboard. Then he stares at it for two minutes. Then he writes down the answer.

  • If you want to learn something, study it, and keep studying until to understand it. Now where is my prize?

  • The drawing tho 👌

  • I've been doing this all my life without knowing what the technique is called. In addition to that, I draw mental images and link concepts to create a bigger picture.

  • Nice drawings!

  • That's why Old women know men
    Because, they always talk about men and write something about men and get together to judge men.

  • How to make this type of videos I mean just like you made paint type?

  • 99% of learning is learning how to explain it.

  • I was already doing this. The validation feels good. Thanks much.

  • 👌👌👌

  • In what is it the "Feynman" technique? It's well known. Has also Feynman a "technique" to warm water?

  • 👍

  • "To know the topic- study it ." Wow thanks that helped a lot

  • I have always done this, just by nature & instinctively. No wonder I've learned lots of stuff & had fun at it! Lol

    It's always nice to learn whether your own way of doing things is backed by wisdom, recorded results, other people's genius idea & consensus. Very nice & helpful!

  • Richard's such a Feynman indeed. I'll see myself out.

  • I don't need the Feynman Thecnique, I'm already an A-student. But I will use it in my future apresentations of English

  • Also known as the rubber duck technique in programming.

  • Reading and trying to explain what you ve read ….how revolutionary is that?basically what every student has been doing since studying was invented

  • Figured that out when I was kid in elementary school. Some revelation.

  • This video pops out in my recomended and tomorow I have exams, too late youtube

  • I found out that this technique is the only one capable to make a student happy about knowing something. It works because the scholar does not feels interrogated while he proves to know a concept. And it also improves public speech skills.

  • I have been studying like this from class 5 , but I did not knew that it has a particular name..

  • What is Parkinson's law??
    How about a video on it…

  • Thank you for this video! We believe this technique can be very useful for younger kids as well.

  • Gοοd video

  • 1/10 still have to study

  • This technique actually make me interest in my studies and pass my test.

  • or just remember, learn to teach and teach to learn, this concept can also be worked out when you are counseling someone, by pretending you are conseling someone else and givine advice, you counsel yourself. this resolves the solomon syndrome

  • Idk what feyman technique is, but back when I was in 8th grade one of my technique was like thissss

  • Funny how now in hindsight of my post master study that this technique is the normal practice for all researchers and writers. That's why school should be a place of knowledge discovery…not exam answering training camp.

  • Just restart everything….
    And u are over🥴😆

  • Learn a topic from a subject and do this technique will require a lot of time..and simply most students dont have that amount of time to learn each topic this way…

  • I wish I learned that when I was in my psychology class during my senior year of high school.

  • If you used this technique to teach others, people around you would start to hate you or don't like to hang around you. Because, your explanation doesn't satisfy them.

  • İf you need to understand something ,first of all, you have to want to understand it.

    İf your need for understanding looks like an obligation, your mind pushes out the atention from topic.

    The first step is to want something. But for mind speaking,"want" means becomes goal, or purpose.

    İf you dont have a clear goal or purpose to learn the new thing, your mind gets stuck itself.

    Because the mind likes to do what you really want to do.

    İf you really like to spent time without having purpose, your mind will do his job well.

    To realise this, you have to cheat your mind to understand how the mind works.

    Giving a purpose for topic is cheated the mind.

    Having purpose looks like an order for mind. İf you are not a slave your mind, you must be a master of it. Master means is not to control the mind. İ mean , if you want to achive something ,your mind have to help you.if you dont now how to call help from mind, it doesnt help you. Because of miss comminications.

    İf your mind is lasy, you made him like so.

    İf your mind is hardworker,same that you him like so.

    Feynman's technique is another type of cheating technique for mind.

    He pretends as someone listen him. İf you behave like that, your mind give attention on topic. Because the mind likes someone who interested it.

    The mind doesnt has eyes or ears or any kind of sense. Therefore, when you are pretending as someone near you and while you are speaking, the mind doesnt know the truth. The mind will work to get attention from others attention even there is no one exist.

    So it can simply called as a cheating mind.

    When you reading something, and at the same time that you are typeing it or spelling it,in that time you are again cheating the mind.

    While dreaming ,or thinking with out logically that your mind takes control. İf you give attention on your dreams while dreaming or thinking , then the proces will stop.

    Because the mind is shame when someone watches him.

    Giving attention to watch the mind while its working ,your logic channel influes in it.

    The mind likes to work inordery. But the logic one likes to be ordered.

    The logic wants to do everything step by step with in explanation.

    But the mind wants to act as a monkey or as an animal that their behaviour is natural.

    When you give attention something logically, your attention influense in it as unnaturally. İ mean, the logic makes everything as a machine. Therefore , the monkey doesnt like to act as a machine. His nature doesnt get used to act like machine.

    İf you train a monkey to do some stuff, it will do all you teach him as a machine. The monkey will repeat it only. There will be no logic or understanding for monkey.

    İf you order the monkey to sit, he will do it with out purpose.

    So i am named the mind as monkey to open the readers' imagination gates.

    İf i could success, then i would explain why the feynman's technique is cheating the mind.

    As a result, you have sense but not the mind.
    The mind is like a tool. İf you know how to use a tool, the tool helps your works.

    İf you addicted using a tool,the tool can started dicrease your attention.because we use tools to not give attention on work too much.

    The mind is a tool for human kind. Attention, logic,imagination,knowing,understanding are another issues. But all of them works at the same stage that it calls as " the mind".

    The mind is dark. Because it looks like space. İf your attention comes in to it, it will be bright. İf your logic comes in to it, the bright will be decrese.if you send your imagination and attention and logic, your mind will bright like the sun.

    So at that time you may be realise what is mind or what it is look like.

    The mind looks like space. İt bends like expands like space. İmagination is to expand it, the logic is to bend it.

    Expanding and bending that it gives the mind a flexibility.

    Flexibility points relaksing. İf your mind relax , your work will be doing as it is easy. Because easy things comes from relaxing.

    Feynman's technique is cheating the mind to relax the mind.

    So ,there are bilion way to cheat the mind.

    But i suggest to use cheating to realise the mind.

    Because all event appears in it, and done.

  • one time i was speaking with doctor and i said him that " sometimes i discus something on my mind by creating another character's sound. i am A person, and the others B . and A has an openion, and B has an another. and i make discustion between A and B .hey doctor am i crazy ? "

    the doctor says that " haha it is normal mind working. self discustion is used every person.

    so , feyman techniques is not exacly feyman's technique. it is just named like that. almost everyone does it even they are not realised it.

  • Feynman Tehnique : The more senses involve the greater information retained.

  • I don't think it would help me. I don't have a problem with understanding, but remembering.

  • I thought that the Feynman technique would be something to do with time interval study plan.
    like tame time interval for every 20 min of concentrated study.

  • this is only going to tak 5 times longer

  • This really works.At first i thought i was first to study like this but then i saw this video😂😂😂

  • Have been doing this since childhood…..

  • This was super helpful😁 شكرا 👍

  • We used to do this while doing Group studies.

  • Feynman learning technique:

    Step 1: Choose a topic and start studying it!

  • Meanwhile
    Maths:am i a joke to you.

  • Whoever is reading this , may you pass the exams😇💝

  • I am doing this all time!!!

  • simple and good video

  • This video in a nutshell: to learn you've to teach

  • I read Tony Buzan 😌

  • Can’t explain it simply??… then u haven’t understood it enough
    – Einstein

  • Pensé que era una señora el de la miniatura jajajajajaja

  • you can only do this if you are really interested in a certain subject

  • I was using this technique during my university. Didn't know it was Prof. Feynman's.

  • Quantum Mechanics: watch…

  • Nice job !

  • Turkish altyazı please

  • I call it teach yourself

  • Good way of looking at things. Thankyou.

  • What's the music in the background?

  • Thanks for the Turkish subtitle.😊

  • m a illiterate

  • Actually that's true

  • Me encantó el video. Mil gracias 💗💗

  • I start feynman technique..⏳

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