The Federal Reserve Is Now Buying Stocks, Corporate Bonds, And ETFs? | Which Ones Are They Buying?

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  • Mike, you've hit the nail on the head. The Government is throwing crumbs ($1200) at the masses in hope that they don't notice where the "Big Money" is going. Taking the bad debt from the Banksters and giving it to the taxpayers. So now we are saddled with the bad debt and the high probability of hyperinflation with their unlimited quantititve easing. It is immoral!!!

  • Wow No wonder we can't Audit the FED. Thanks Mike for the information. Should we start Crying now that hurts wow

  • This is very interesting. In addition to the "bailout" it also avoids any kind of restriction that might have been placed on the corporations (in 2008 GM was basically ordered to shut down Saturn and Pontiac, or they wouldn't get their bailout). By sending money to companies through this share buyout, the corporation can then take the money and use it anyway they want. In addition, now the federal government owns pieces of the companies that were in the junk ETFs and bonds? That's a pretty scary concept as well. Thanks for the info!

  • You're a great teacher, thank you for making this possible!!!

  • Fantastic content as always!

  • Isn't just simply astounding at how much our entire financial system is a total SHAM!!???? "Hey guys lets kill some trees and buy more trees!" Smh…lol

  • My big takeaway from this video. GET OUT OF CASH BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Please make a video about alternatives to cash we need it!??

  • With all that said, does this mean the ETFs and whoever the federal reserve are buying from price’s could significantly go up in price as they make their purchases to be more bailout friendly to these banks and companies?

    Also, is there a specific timeframe the federal reserve will start buying with this additional 4 trillion dollars recently created?

  • Mike, here is something you probably have not considered. (1) Our 3rd President was aware of this. He said " I hope we shall crush… in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” (2) The American government has no choice because these large corporations will (1) cut job's causing rampant unemployment, (2) the United States could lose its status as the world's currency, if they allow corporations and large businesses to fail. The dollar is only based on a promise and the words on it giving it legitimacy. Oil is transacted thru dollars. The world has to have confidence in the dollar. This could be an attempt to force the New World Order that David Rockefeller envisioned. I believe that America and Donald Trump i are the only ones holding the line on it. American people need to wake up. This is not a conspiracy theory.

  • Also, this could explain why the Dems are so adamant about getting our President out of office. He is in the way of what they are trying to impose on us. Don't forget about the Bilderberg group who meet every four years in North America which is highly secretive laying out their plans for the world.

  • We are all focused on the coronavirus. Also, our Democratic Party has been infiltrated with Socialist. The difference between Communist and Socialist is this. Communist takeover by force. Socialist takeover incrementally thru your regular PTA, HOA, and other groups. Most people don't know that the emblems on the Senate wall that look like a bundle of sticks with an axe represent fascism. Also because of the election of our President Donald Trump, the country is divided. This is a prime opportunity for the dissolution and the downfall of our country. Now you understand why Dems want open borders. It's a play on the Constitution.

  • I guess they really don't care how it appears. Are they really bailing out the banks or just transferring tax payers money. Doubt banks would do this if it's not profitable for them. Just don't think they are this dumb. If you constantly present a loss and know you will be rewarded for it why not. Last time it was making poor loans, this time it's the virus. Hmm I see a pattern.

    At least in the past some people got a lump sum in cash, when they retired now all of their retirement money is tiled up in the stock market where they could call in their marker and you lose.

  • Geez. Sounds like a bailout to me. Dangled the carrot to us. ?

  • Glad I found your channel. You are one positive during this corona thing. I have a lot of time to research. Thanks mike. U a cool dude. No homo ?

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