The Failure of Rainfurrest

Where are we? We’re at Rainfurrest. Where are we? We’re-we’re at Rainfurrest. Yep. In September 2015, a group of furries came together with a brilliant idea… RainFurrest A convention for, and by furries. This is their story. I’m just bringing all the dirty laundry here, So you guys are lucky, and I’m probably gonna ask you to not post that video. Mister. Rainfurrest is the reverse of Dashcon. Where Dashcon was a disaster caused by its organizers… Rainfurrest was a disaster caused by its attendees. It all started with a talent contest…that went okay. [♫ Edgy Emo Teen Song #1 ♫] But as the night went on, some started to get absolutely trashed. A few hours later, the destruction had begun. Somebody had deliberately loosened the bolt on one of these toilets, so that when the next person flushed, water flooded everywhere, two and a half inches deep. An emergency plumber was quickly on the scene, but the damage was already done. Water had leaked through the floor and onto the basement servers below Meanwhile, staff and security are threatening to throw out some of the guests. They had disabled the fire alarm, so they could hotbox their room. Oh my… Obviously there are reasons not to do that. (It gets much worse, by the way.) Down at the hot tub, someone took all of these towels and threw them into the spa But not before rolling up towels and stuffing them directly into the pump, causing thousands of dollars in damage. And they stepped it up a notch from Dashcon, from doing number one in the ball pit… to going number two in the swimming pool. Back at the bathroom, there were rumours that someone had drilled a glory hole into one of the stalls, although this wasn’t confirmed. But what WAS confirmed was a hall of over 2,000 nitrous oxide canisters, just laying around in rooms and hallways. But that was just the start of the drug problem. First, a couple of guys overindulge on mushrooms and need an ambulance, then a staff member gets arrested for sexual assault, then someone else is arrested for… regular assault. A few others drank too much and needed a second ambulance, and on the other side of the carpark, two more people are being arrested… one for drug possession and the other for dealing. Drugs was the major problem. Meanwhile, you have these guys roaming the halls. They call it ‘crinkling’…after the noise it makes when they walk around. And yes…some of these diapers are full (Let’s just take a moment to realize this
actually happened.) The other guests weren’t too pleased. Later on, they’re just throwing food and diapers in the gardens and stairwells. They were behaving like… ANIMALS? 😉 Just letting you all know. A few hours later… [Angry Furry] PUT YOUR PANTS ON AND STOP BREAKING SHIT! But that wasn’t the end of it. Uhh there was an incident…with…uhh diapers being found on people’s cars. The Hotel was left…in ruins. The Hilton submitted a letter listing all of the reasons RainFurrest would not be allowed at their venue from now on. The hotel damage was more than all of the other cons combined that year. But it wasn’t just the damages. RainFurrest was insured and had over $150,000 in the bank to pay for it all Rainfurrest was just SO TOXIC, that they said… “No thank you, take your money elsewhere.” But that left them with a rather large problem…because big hotel chains talk. Hilton talks to Sheraton, talks to Marriott, talks to Holiday Inn, talks to Hyatt, talks to Best Western. Someone was sending detailed letters to nearby venues, warning them why they SHOULDN’T host the next Rainfurrest. Soon, there isn’t one hotel in Seattle that has a convention center willing to host them. [Furry] No other hotel.. this side of the state wanted to take us. From Seattle to Bellingham. What’s interesting is that the organizers KNEW who was sending the letters. The things that were talked about in that letter, and you are pretty much the only person who could have known that. Uhhh.. Yeah, I- in my heart of hearts I know who it is. Means, motive and opportunity abound — and it pisses me off. What he’s saying is whoever sent the letters, was the same person who’s putting
diapers on these cars. Running low on options, they started to look further outside of the city. they managed to find a venue in Spokane that was willing to give them a shot. But by February, none of that mattered. The diaper-wearing saboteur had sent out another letter. And Spokane backed down. So Rainfurrest 2016 was cancelled. That’s the story of RainFurrest So far… Unlike Dashcon, Rainfurrest is coming back and RainFurrest 2017 promises
to be bigger and better than ever Oops never mind, as I was editing this uhh this happened. So it’s cancelled forever. BYE. One last thing. Here it is. Alright?

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