The Empress Who Ruled The World (Chinese History Documentary) | Timeline

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  • LET'S NOT KID OURSELVES….she was the FIRST FEMALE EMPEROR in a time when women were nothing but properties and often seen inferior when it comes to military and state matters, her path to the throne was more treacherous than of any man. She cracked some eggs and probably had to crack some more to stay in power.

  • I would love to see an epic movie made of the empress!


  • She was a ruthless, immoral and most hated woman in Chinese history, but leave it to Western ‘experts’ to contradict Chinese history 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Now, after a Thousand of years the Chinese high school history book says: empress Wu, one of the most successful leader in the Chinese history, amount her time, she did contributions to arts and agriculture development, economy was booming and society is open minded, what she have done, must be done to protect the development of the society of that time and there is no right or wrong. She dead with a grave stone without a single word, because she want her people normal citizens instead of government officials to tell the story to others.

  • Off topic but the “empress of China” tv show based on Wu Zetian was so good on portraying her character. She became ruthless because of her enemies became a threat or were trying to harm her.

  • Why is a Rothschild doing there? It makes me worried to see them studying us.

  • Seems to me from this vid that Empreror Wu was one of The Most Influencial People in History. She began the Silk Road? Created an Age of Buddhism? Built complex architecture and temples? Developed 10 year rice storage facilities? Brought peace and prosperity and art to the region? wow

  • Yeeees, This woman who ruled the biggest Empire on Earth for more time, than most men of her era where alive, surely proofs, just how oppressed females have been, are and always will be. GET A GRIP !

  • Assassin of the Nightless city

  • Would love to see a movie done about this great lady😁👍

  • Who run the world? girls

  • She showed us that female can just be as capable as men. Too bad she is only the exception rather than the rule.

  • The imagery was stunning in this. Who is the director of photography? Amazing.

  • 23:21 I was so lost is listening to the documentary and when I saw this guy I was immidiately like, "he's cute" and forgot what I was listening to

  • Dulu aku punya cita2 sejahat ini, menghalalkan segala cara utk posisi tertinggi,
    Sdh tau kan narasinya? Wu ze tian kejam., tp di masa pemerintahannya selama 30 thn kekaisaran di masa emas. Makmur aman terkendali

  • Allah menjungkalkan kesombonganku, jadi aku jatuh sejadi2nya. Seburuk2nya..
    Makanya aku sdh menghilangkan ambisi.
    Hanya ibadah saja kerjaanku skrg,

  • Why the white archaeologist always have to interpret everything in such a western way?

  • Amazing! 👍👏

  • OK people are probably going to think I’m crazy, but I checked Wu Zetian’s numerological chart. According to Wikipedia, she was born on 17 February 624, so she is an “8” (1+7). Number 8 people are known to be powerful, good managers, but also power hungry. Wu Zetian has the life path number of 22, which is considered a “master number” and people with number are called “master builders”. More intriguingly, her original name, Wu Zhao, adds up to a 32, which is known as the politician’s number. People with 5-8 combination can be very successful. The title she gave herself, “Wu Zetian”, adds up to 35, which reduces to another 8 (3+5). The choice of “Wu Zetian” added to the power of the number 8, making her a double 8. With this set of powerful numbers, no wonder Wu became what she was. However, number 8’s in times of stress can exhibit tyrannical qualities, which Wu probably did at some point as an empress. 8’s are powerful people, women of this number are very strong in personality. Whatever one wants to say about Wu, she was certainly one of a kind.

  • I don't think Wu Ze Tian is ever remembered as a tyrant. Yes she did some evil. But here's the thing about ruling a feudal society: you can be cruel and ruthless, you can kill to your heart's content as long as you follow one rule: you keep your dirty work inside the noble class (or the "carnivore" class). You are only a tyrant if you let your power struggle hurt the commoners.

  • Emperor you mean empress?

    and wu is pronounced woo

  • What a beautiful homage!

  • I’m sorry but you don’t need to steal Persian empire’s history to make Wu Zetian look good. She was a good empress but you have no right to erase us in order to further your agenda.

  • Feeling her spirit!! 💞
    Imortatly for women's generations to come…. Awesome 👍 thanks for the share button

  • I love all the things she has hanging in her hair. It’s very pretty.

  • The emperor was a PEDO.

  • I loved Xi'an and encourage everyone to visit including Wu Zetian's burial mountain. Also Luoyang and their magnificent statuary at Longmen.

  • I would've written "Legend"

  • I first knew about her through the Hong Kong produced tv series Empress Wu (1984). Broadcast in the UK Channel 4 (1987-1989).

  • Would you murder your own children to obtain power.. I wouldn't. Glad I wasn't there.

  • Anyone who gets their history from the official narratives, the likes of this is a fool. Nice weather modified skies behind the rock eh, fellas.

  • She had to be one baaaad Mammma Jaaaama to rise from a comcubine to an Emperor in a world dominated by men and at tge time one of the greatest Kingdoms on Earth….she was a Hidden Dragon.

  • 心狠手辣武则天,男人也一样

  • when a man wants power hes strong willed and great and a leader . when a woman wants power shes dark and evil and a monster a she wolf . so ya sexism . but as i see any one who wants power over others and wants unequal power is anti social and a danger to society . there can be experts . but every one should be treated equally in society

  • she sounded pretty dam mean

  • So she was a genius

  • The end justified her means and she was painted evil for it.

  • The only thing I disliked about this video was when filming the princess's grave records, the filming was upside down. SMH…

  • the building is a pine cone "pineal gland"

  • Wu zetian is very controversial in China, without doubt, she is mean and cruel to her political enemies, but under her rule, the empire is generally thriving and prosperous. cant use simple words like good or bad to describe her.

  • Not going to lie, the harem of the imperial emperor has always been cutthroat. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive in there. Power is everything then and it still is now.

  • Only one woman among the many great chinese women.

  • #greatJob i love history and thanks for the new infornation about the late empress i learn more things about her reign and all those structure the pagoda.. one day i will have the chance to see those.. thanks again

  • i'm not touched by this like anybody else here !! this Docu is so superficial and banal

  • The title is click bait, she didn't rule the world, just her empire.

  • Here is an interesting fact. The earliest official Tang history material “Tang Huiyao”and “old Book of Tang”( both completed in the 10th century) , describes Wu Zetian positively and there is no clear records of her killing any of her child. But then, starts from the 11th century historians begin to vividly describe her as cruel ruler and evil murderer of her four Children. One historian even narrates her facial expression while she murdering her daughter as if he had a time machine. Nowadays most TV SHOWs and FILMs are also doing so. History is not do her and her husband (who are often pictured as timid and weak-willed) justices. In fact, these two are great rulers in history (though not saint). They took down old nobility power Bazhuguo and promoted national exam system that allowed people who are not born from noble family have a political pass throw education. During his and then her reign, China established a society that is prosper, strong in military and culturally extreme open in the 7th century.

  • I don't know why but this time I am watching this documentary, I feel something, I just wanna cry for her. Yeah, I don't know the whole and the accurate story of her but the way they describe her as the reason of the power of china, I salute her for that. 😭😇

  • White people trying to push this idea that there was a narrative about Wu Zetian as emperor was a negative thing and then pretending like they're coming out with radically new interpretations and discoveries about her when she has always been portrayed relatively positively because of her merits as an administrator and negatively in how she held onto power

  • H.Res.992 115th congress (2017-2018) resolution

    Miao hmong sovereignty and kings

  • You cannot become a ruler if you are soft. Even in Korean history the new king will kill all his brothers and clans that posed a threat to him. Incidentally the head eunuchs in China history are powerful wealthy individuals so need a strict ruler to keep them in check.

  • Women are born to have the strengths men dont have and it shocks men whe n they see a woman use manipulation skills,conversations skills that women were born with to bad ends.

  • Her actual name is wu Mei lian (武媚娘)… Supposedly the throne was suppose to pass to her first son whom she seen as good leader but dead on young age… The second son will be next throne but was weak in mind( she Forseen that li family kingdom will fall) that is why she took the throne herself

  • I knew it!! The men rewrote her history ! Smh such idiots . She was an amazing ruler who I’m sure did things that were wrong as well.

  • The headdress the actress wears is beautiful. Especially when the light hits it, and gives this rainbow effect on her figure.

  • Salty old men really have to ruin everything. Confusion, discrepancies, and erasures in history are always caused by the same thing.

  • My home is 10mins walking from the palace, my mom and I used to talk walk to the palace every night

  • When I studied Wu Zetian using Chinese textbook from China, I always think she was a magnificent women. In fact in the official Chinese History Textbook in China, she led one of the China's GOLDEN AGE. Western Media PLEASE stop distort Chinese education, we know the truth about her, and is the first to know. I didn't really see that much Chinese people dislike her. She was always pictured a good leader in historical drama, since they showed her promoting women's right and did many progressive policy. AND LET ME TELL YA, THOSE POLITICAL ACTIVISTS, SOCIALIST RESPECT WOMEN MORE THEN CAPITALISTS. HOWEVER THIS NEITHER MAKE ANY ONE BETTER NOR WORSE. JUST IN CASE YOU DON'T SEE IT.

  • "The communist party hates royalty and paints all ancient royalty as being evil tyrants." From this comment section. This shouldn't be an answer to the AP World History multiple choice questions. Because it is too EXTREME. Taught by an Italian- American teacher in a US public high school. Child, I'm more worried than ever at your education.

  • That is excellent.

  • Reading these comments just makes me realize how much people even care about a person's gender over their achievements or faults, not that it isn't important e.g. in disproving stereotypes of each gender and more but it just isn't represented/conveyed properly, I don't think we will ever be able to reach a point where we can be unbiased and judge other historical figures or even current modern figures, it's just in out human nature.

    1.Many are criticizing her due to her cruelty but what they probably don't understand is that it was the norm back then, if you even watch or read novels/dramas/movies set in ancient china then you will understand just how cruel the world was back then. Yes, they may not be 100% accurate but the themes didn't just come from nowhere, those novels/dramas/movies took themes from history or else it wouldn't be historical anymore, at least technically.

    2.Many are criticizing how others are emphasizing her rule as great just because she was a woman and justifying her actions because she was a woman she had no choice but to be so cruel due to the patriarchal era, in a way I agree, but most male rulers aren't much better than her.

    3.Others have said that women want to dominate men in society, there's no denying that there are those who want to, but those people are not feminists, it's not really anything to do with gender, gender is just their excuse to get power. Those people aren't feminists, feminists strive for equal rights for women and gender equality, not for either gender to "emerge victorious". However, I do see where the women who want the upper hand are coming from, not that I condone their actions and ideals but women have, for the majority of history, been in a lower social position than men. The word feminism is largely misunderstood.

    4.If any of you have studied history in secondary education (high school/middle school) then you may have noticed how there may have been bias in the records of this ruler, although there are men out there who believe that women are equal to men, there are also those who believe that women shouldn't be equal. I am not trying to condemn those who are against feminism, it is their opinion, just that your opinion doesn't quite align with mine. In ancient times, there were many more men that have differing opinions than me on this topic which could have led to tweaking facts or overshadowing her achievements with flaws, no ruler is perfect, but those imperfections are part of their legacy, it cannot be changed. I am not saying what she did is right but just like many others, I am saying that her achievements have been largely under credited due to her gender, if she had been male, it would have been very much the opposite more likely than not, her achievements would have overshadowed her faults instead. With this we are not trying to condone the cruelty but we are merely trying to get a point across, granted it may not be the best way, but it is a way.

    5.When it comes to rulers, although their rule can be affected by their gender, a lot at times, but there have been both good and bad, male and female rulers throughout history, what a ruler needs to be is someone who can make their country and people prosper. However, the fact cannot be denied that many rulers, of both genders, have done some cruel actions to achieve that power.

    6.This is so widely controversial because of the fact that Wu Ze Tian was a woman and it is to be expected with the society that we are in now that it would be, but at least now we can give our opinion about, which is improvement. However, I am not saying that cruel male rulers who brought prosperity aren't controversial, rather it is and that is a good thing, at least in my opinion, it shows that we have progressed and don't think a ruler (or someone) is better than another just because of their gender. Wu Ze Tian definitely has plenty of faults, just like anyone other human being but in terms of being a ruler itself, she would be on the better end, not perfect, no one is, but not terrible.

    What I am trying to say is that this is my opinion on this, though it may not align with your thoughts but that's okay, it would be such a dull and boring world if everyone agreed with each other, imagine how politics would be like in a world like that or even more importantly siblings, imagine how boring your life would have been (unless your an only child then… idk, Lol).

  • Minor correction: it’s Emperor, not Empress. The word Emperor (at least in Chinese) in gender neutral, whereas Empress specifically refers to the female consort of a male emperor.

  • I'm at 28:17 at the part where they explain how she invigorated buddhism. And I'm trying to compare to western kings.

    Like a king would ask for a cathedral to be built on his reign and you were lucky if you saw the end of it.

    Wu Zetian was like : "you want religion ? I will give you religion ! Take this ! Biggest pagoda in the world ! A pagoda in every big city ! A freaking giant 57 tall statue of buddha ! RELIGION !"

  • You guys think shes evil but what about those emperors they also kill others right just a small mistake made by others they punished them even corruption but what about her she made the kingdom more efficient even the rice in granary last for 10 yrs meaning that the people are important to her Im not saying she's entirely good either because she killed her children but so what those concubines also did many gruesome things why are you all blaming her she was a FREAKING 13 YRS OLD GIRL DIMWITS to survive in that environment she made sacrifices if you were her will you just be a stupid girl in a dreamworld leading the others to make you as a stepping stone

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