The Death of Bin Laden and the Birth of ISIS

In the direct aftermath of the 9/11 attacks,
I imagine Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, in general, had complicated feelings. On the one hand, this was a period for them
to celebrate. The most significant attack in their history,
a stab directly into symbols of American financial and military power, was a huge success. However, they knew the US would not just take
such an attack lying down. Within a week, the United States announced
a global war on terror which continues to this day and would spend every last dollar
they had and sacrifice thousands of their young people to get their revenge. What was next for both America and Al-Qaeda? How did we get from there to the murky situation
we’re in today? Let’s take a look. Within hours of the 9/11 attacks, Bush administration
officials like Donald Rumsfeld told their underlings they needed to find a way to link
this attack by Al-Qaeda, a Jihadist Salafi group, and Saddam Hussein, the secular Arab
nationalist leader of Iraq. NATO argued the 9/11 attacks satisfied something
in their alliance called article five, which meant member countries were required to aid
in military retaliation. After the announcement of the War on Terror,
the goal to get Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden quickly turned into a global project. On October 7th, the US and British militaries
began a bombing campaign of Afghanistan to disable the infrastructure of Al-Qaeda and
their Taliban allies. The invasion itself was pretty short. The Taliban’s hold on Afghanistan ended
2 months after the bombing began, and started what would become an endless campaign of occupation
and insurgency. Those plans to invade the utterly unrelated
country of Iraq came soon after. In early 2003, the United States was laying
destruction upon Iraq after telling the world they were working with Al-Qaeda, then when
that turned out to not be true the new story was that Iraq was trying to get the means
to make a nuclear bomb, and when that turned out to be false… well the US had already
destroyed the country, and there wasn’t much to do at that point. I mean that’s technically a war crime and
all, but when has America ever felt the need to follow international law? Anyways, this is a video about Al-Qaeda, not
why George Bush is a war criminal. Though that’s a video, I really wanna make. Al-Qaeda wasn’t doing much in Iraq until
after the US invasion. The Baathist party there suppressed that kind
of stuff. The first bombing by Al-Qaeda in Iraq was
in August of 2003, and their campaign was focused on trying to attack the Shia majority
of the country and incite a civil war on Shia Sunni lines. These attacks involved kidnappings, attacking
voters, attacking sites where the US was torturing prisoners good job on that one America, and
general bombings to try and incite violence between Sunnis and Shias. By 2006, Al-Qaeda in Iraq was working closely
with other Sunni militants in the country and decided to break off from Al-Qaeda to
make the Islamic State of Iraq or ISI. Eventually, this spilt over into the Syrian
civil war when it broke out and expanded into the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Aaaaand there goes my monetisation. Outside of Iraq, the War on terror put Al-Qaeda
in the centre of this movement of Sunni extremist militants. Groups in the same world began to pledge their
loyalty to Al-Qaeda and build a network. For example, Al-Qaeda began to focus on countries
like Yemen and Somalia once the US got overinvested in the borderlands between Afghanistan and
Pakistan, where they ran their insurgency campaign after the US invasion. They build relationships with groups like
Al-Shabaab in Sudan, who eventually pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in 2012. Their work in Yemen gave Saudi Arabia carte
blanche for its genocidal war in Yemen they began in 2015 and continue to this day, with
almost no one talking about it. They even managed to make a network in India,
with an intention to use India as a staging ground to make further attacks in places like
Myanmar and Bangladesh. This was very recent, and oddly enough suspected
to be a PR stunt without a ton of weight. Once the young ISIS came on the scene, which
we will talk about later, with their deep fried maymays and social media prowess, Al-Qaeda
might be trying such publicity stunts just to stay relevant.
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Well, Al-Qaeda relied on that to build this narrative they would be the organisation which
Sunni terrorists would rally behind. Osama Bin Laden’s connections, resources,
and leadership skills were a vital part of that. In 2011, a small team of navy seals underwent
a covert operation in Pakistan. The Americans found where Bin Laden had been
hiding, and broke in. On the first of May in 2011, President Barack
Obama announced the Americans had killed Bin Laden in that firefight. By then almost a decade had passed since 9/11,
and the victory was full of controversies. Pakistan was more than a little miffed the
US had blatantly violated their territory with a military invasion. Also, I might be alone here, but the celebration
which followed the announcement of his death was merely ghoulish. I don’t know about you guys, but I think
the justice for all those who died that day was gone when bin Laden was killed without
a trial. We don’t know the details of what happened,
and probably won’t for some time, but justice didn’t really get served. Today, Al-Qaeda struggles to stay relevant. With ISIS taking up much of the energy of
the world’s attention since 2014, as well as other groups like Boko Haram, it’s a
bit hard now to establish themselves as the de facto core of this movement. Without Bin Laden, their resources, connections,
and leadership are at risk. Who really knows what’s next for them if
anything. However, I wonder if that means Al-Qaeda really
lost. 9/11 fundamentally changed America in ways
I think Bin Laden anticipated. He showed the commitment to the freedom they
held was only skin deep, and quickly tossed aside to combat a threat they had more than
enough resources and power to fight. It dragged America into two massive wars which
put the country in vast amounts of debt which in turn cracked the US economy. Lastly, Bin Laden believed the west was the
enemy of Islam, and with the way, the west has acted since 9/11
Islam hates us Are we really proving him wrong? Thank you to 12tone for the theme as well
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    C)be an ass to the people that were in the crossfire, don’t call Saudi Arabia, and blame on our country Muslims/Arab population and other that were in the crossfire

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  • Chaps Trap House had an episode a while back where they talked about the wars in the Middle East and drone strikes. They ended up with the conclusion that the Bin Laden raid was from the beginning meant to be an assassination because of they brought Bin Laden back alive he would have a trial and would probably lawyer up, and end up revealing the extent American involvement with the Mujahideen and the Saudis with Al Qaeda.

  • Never thought about that… "Bin Laden: The Morning After"

  • As much as I hate Osama bin Laden(like I’m pretty sure, like, everyone), I think that’s kind of an interesting way of thinking about his death. We definetly have a problem already in the US of seeing people as “guilty until proven innocent”, and while he was beyond all doubt guilty, even we fucking put the Nazis on trial in Nuremberg.

    Also I’d love to see a Bush war criminal video

  • Calling it the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is something of a misnomer. Their name for themselves is Romanized as ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī 'l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām. ash-Shām is not modern Syria, although it does encompass it, but rather corresponds roughly to area denoted by the English word Levant, i.e., the eastern Mediterranean littoral and immediate environs (historical "greater Syria," the area bounded by the Taurus Mountains of Turkey to the North, the Mediterranean Sea to the west, and the north Arabian Desert and Mesopotamia to the east).

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  • No sane country would go to war against a third country just to play hide and seek with its so called enemy in this case they own cia agent tim osman aka bin laden and his so called islamic group al qaeeda which in arabic means "base" a term reffered to a toilet. Military and defence anylists in pakistan realised from the very beggining that usa is here to destabalise the region and to denuclearise pakistan they had 5 strategic objectivesto achieve in afghanistan. but after 17years america has lost the war against the ISI who has thouroughly defeated nato and usa and now usa wants table talks with taliban which of course ISI will not allow america started this war for they interests but its in pakistans interest to keep it going. Lesson for cia amd america dont underestimate the ISI they crushed the soviet union in afghanistan and now its americas turn. The pentagon released a map off pakistan in 1999 which shows pakistan broken up in 5pieces usa proved to be a fake friend and a snake in disguise to pakistan and as a result america has drowned 2trillion dollers and counting in this war.
    America can use its creation al qaeeda to manipulate and justify its wars in the middle east to its people against weak militaries but against a formidable foe in pakistan were this so called enemy number1 bin laden was found hiding and the so called reason for americas war on terror began, the usa can only come up with threats off war and blame pakistan for its loss how embarressing for a so called superpower. Usa can tweet all it wants asking taliban to talk to them and trump on every newyears day can tweet how pakistan fooled america and got 40biilion dollers all they want . The truth is america is a joke and an untrustable backstabbing snake it proved it to saddam to who it was an ally and to pakistan. Dont listen to your phony media about alqaeeda and bin laden the media is the 5th column off the state and a powerfull propaganda tool bin laden aswell as isis are cia assets. And america isnt bieng run for the interests off its own people but for corporations and bankers
    Usa is a mercenary war machine not a good one either as seen in afghanistan were history will write a rat tag taliban off 50thousand defeated 300k nato and us troops with all its technological supperiority aswell as 400k army off its puppet regime in afghanistan all thanks to the ISI,

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  • I have a theory — Intentionally or not, Americans have been put into a position where the truth is completely subjective.

    Today's near-mastery of propaganda and advertising means Americans are continually exposed to false depictions of the world in order to manipulate them. In addition, decades of declining education standards coupled with the recent loss of net neutrality means that few, if any Americans have the access, skills and will to find, verify and draw conclusions from raw statistical data and salient facts.

    And while they are aware they are being manipulated, Americans still require some asshole to cast the bones and tell them where to plant their crops. So, after all that, Plato's allegory of the cave takes hold. Any information that disagrees with their personal worldview is discarded as misinformation by someone who wants to manipulate them, and quickly forgotten.


    Before this gets too Orwellian, please bear in mind that they just elected a man who not only has that same problem, but will say and do anything to get what he wants. And so far his goals have been extremely petty and small. Eventually, such a society will give rise to a proper Commodus or Hitler who will drive the general population so far out of line with reality that some individual will remind them that the Emperor has no clothes.

  • This guy seems a traditional American Lefty. Be that as it may, the U.S. made, and will continue to make mistakes in this War on Terror. A good book, by an old time American Lefty of sorts is James Michener's The Source. It celebrates the State of Israel in the early 1960s. At that time a lot of Israel's leadership were old time European Socialists. The Source is a typical doorstop that purports to show the origin of the three Abrahamic religions.

  • Crocodile tears for Bin Laden isn't really needed. In a perfect world, it would be good to put him on trial. But we do not live in such a world. It was possible that he was wearing some kind of suicide vest. And the mission was already risky enough as is. Top it off with the fact that Al-Qaeda, the organization he was the leader of, was at war with the United States. Point is, I didn't lose any sleep over Bin Laden's death. The celebrations were immature, but it is what is.

  • 5:41 I do agree with you. I find the death of Bin Laden and people cheering of that, to be quite disturbing. Well I acknowledge that Osama bin Laden was a terrible human being with a twisted or warped view on religion, I think celebrating the death of a human being goes to show we aren't better than they are. Not to mention I feel like we haven't gotten any justice whatsoever after the death of Bin Laden as we are still in these dumb wars. We should have gotten a trial for Bin Laden.

  • Please do more post 9/11, pan Arab nationalism and 21st century war criminal videos. More geopolitical videos!

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