The Curse of Oak Island: Substantial Finds at the H-8 Spoils Pile (Season 5) | History

NARRATOR: Two days after their
incredible discovery at Smith’s Cove, Rick Lagina
and Gary Drayton rejoin the rest of
the Oak Island team at the money pit drill site. Our casing is at 196. And our depth in
the hole is at 184. Plug is 11-7. 11-7. Yep. Sweet. Now that the oscillator
has begun drilling deeper into the mysterious void,
it is the team’s hope that the spoils
brought to the surface might contain artifacts or
evidence of possible treasure. Not seeing anything. Yeah. Guys ready to call it? Yeah, I think whoever– is that leather? I think I got a bit
of leather here. Is that leather or bark? That’s probably leather. That’s– I’d say that– yeah. I think there’s a good
possibility that’s leather. Yeah. Good eye. NARRATOR: Leather? Could this be another
piece of possible book binding similar to
the sample recovered from H8 just a few weeks ago? Well, from such
a big pile, I mean, we’re down to like nothing now. I put a lot on this table. But there’s– there’s
not much left, is it? No. Check this out. Oh, wow. Look at that. That’s a bone! No mistaking that. Excellent find, Gary. Now isn’t it weird how all
this good stuff’s coming from– 162, right? Yeah, this is– 162. 162. NARRATOR: A piece of bone found
in spoils taken from a depth of some 160 feet underground– Oh, what’s that
jumping up at us? NARRATOR: –nearly the same
depth where the team recovered human bones earlier this year? What was the depth at
which this was found? That was between 160 and 165. NARRATOR: But if this new bone
is also found to be human, to whom does it belong? Could it be related to
one of the two individuals whose bones were dated to
some time in the 17th century? Or could it be evidence
of a third, and as yet, unidentified visitor
to the island? Anything, guys? Yeah. Yeah. We got lucky. What do you got? A bone. Oh, yes. What kind of bone is that? I have no idea. Looks like a kind of
knuckle bone, would you say? It’s the end of
a– end of a joint. There’s a joint.
Like a– Yeah. That would be, like, an elbow. It sounds macabre, but
we’re thinking a skeleton will come out of there, literally. I mean, is it possible that
we only find one little piece and not skeletal remains? Yeah, I mean, it just
caught my eye straightaway. Is this some more
of the 162 stuff? Yeah, 162. The hope continues
to be that we will find things of substance, things that
will definitively tell a story. That’s great. Bag it and tag it. You– I’m on it. We’re only a skeleton crew,
but we’re finding bones. [LAUGHTER] That’s fantastic.

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