The Curse of Oak Island: New Evidence of the Original Money Pit (Season 6) | History

NARRATOR: It is the start of
another day on Oak Island. We’re trying to cool things. [LAUGHS] We’re just trying
to cool things. NARRATOR: Rick, Marty,
and the Oak Island team arrive at the Money
Pit site to review the day’s drilling strategy
with Vanessa Lucido from ROC Equipment. Hey. NARRATOR: They are hoping
that by carefully digging in the vicinity of shaft 6
they will find the tunnel that was constructed to intersect
the original Money Pit along with a possible debris field
which, according to Rick’s research, should be filled
with artifacts and evidence of the Oak Island treasure. I find myself strangely
excited about today anyway, you know. I just really want it to happen. The answers are there. So just wait and
see what comes up. We’re at 107– 6 with it. Yeah, it’s in the zone. We have 4 and 1/2
feet of possibilities. I have high hopes in
terms of finding objects. And the hope is that, within
this conglomeration of objects, that there will
be an aha moment, there will be something in
it we’ve never seen before, something that will speak. Hey, Doug. One of those ones, yeah. Hey, Doug. Take a look at this. That’s a lot of wood, Terry. And look, look, look. Look at the flat surface there. Now, that’s more like
something we’d be looking for. A tan hue, yeah. Well, it’s nice and flat too. Great. [INAUDIBLE] But that’s
definitely hand axed. NARRATOR: Ax-cut wood found
at a depth of 110 feet in S6? What does that mean? We’re beyond the tunnel. NARRATOR: Could the team have
already reached the bottom of the shaft 6 tunnel? Or could this be evidence
of something much older? There’s some more
of it coming up. One of those ones, yeah. That’s what I wanted to see. We’re getting up very,
very large chunks of till. And the boards are
embedded within it. Come– come over here. Just take a look at
where you pull it out of. See what I mean? It’s embedded in the clay. So it has– it was structurally
supporting something. Those are some big timbers. Wow. Those are some
really big timbers. Yeah, there we go. There. Let’s take it over this way. That’s oak. NARRATOR: Rick Lagina and
members of the Oak Island team have just made a significant
discovery, an oak timber found at a depth of 110 feet. When you scratch the dirt on
it, it looks like oak to me, for sure. There’s no
question about that. Yeah. NARRATOR: When the original
Money Pit was excavated more than two centuries
ago, searchers reported finding nine
platforms every 10 feet constructed of oak logs. Could this timber found in S6
be part of the wood cribbing from the original Money Pit? The original Money
Pit was described as having found oak timbers. So we believe that some
of this material is– is oak. It’s the first time
that we’ve ever seen it. And if these are oak,
it’s very interesting. You guys look like you’re
trying to build a shaft. What’s going on? What’s that? Oak. That’s definitely oak. The Money Pit
collapsed in 1861. And a whole bunch of wood
sort of went missing. Well, the bottom of the
Money Pit was never explored. So these massive
oak timbers may be part of the original construct,
and the other timbers we’re finding are part of
the recribbing attempts to get to the treasure chamber. Rick, what do you think
of these big timbers? I don’t know. What do you think? I know what I think. What? That these remind me, these
big ones, of ship timbers. Yeah. These big ones. I’ve been on beaches after
hurricanes in Florida, and parts of the
wrecks have washed up. And this is exactly what they
look like, ship’s timbers. NARRATOR: Timbers from a ship? Based on evidence found
around the island, many Oak Island
theorists have speculated that the original Money
Pit was constructed by using repurposed wood and
materials taken from some type of large sailing vessel. Is it possible that a ship
that was used to bring treasure to the island was then
deliberately broken apart, not only to construct
a secure hiding place, but also to destroy evidence
that the ship even existed? And could this oak
timber found in the S6 shaft offer tangible evidence
that this incredible theory is true? They’re hand-hewn clearly. You can see the
ax or heads marks. And they’re oak, which
would be the only oak we’ve ever seen underground, I think. Pretty much. Those are two different
types of timbers as well, like, they’ve reused. No, I’m thinking we’re in
two different structures. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what it looks like. So what a shock. The day ends and we
have another mystery. [LAUGHTER] Let’s call it a night for
right now, and get some rest, and get back at it. Yep.

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  • Ancient astronaut theorists say โ€œyesโ€

  • Take all that oak timber clean it up and sell it as the treasure from the money pit.

  • I have a story for you, and this is a true account of the passed, thows timbers are from a ship, the ship was built near the place you now call Jerusalem, it belonged to the king with a diamond birth mark on his foot, he was murdered in 1705 and his remanes are on an island called pannick island, in southeast Alaska, after his death a princess was given a set of instructions to go back to Jerusalem to retrieve items under the palace 1 coin fell out of the bag and was left behind, after all the items were taken they went to the library that is called Alexandria took all the documents burned the place down got back on the ship and headed for oak island, when they got there they built a trench across the island and used the ship to build barriers to hold the water in and flood the true place where the princess hide her items Marie Antoinette was not her name her name was princess Linda thows items where hers, she has since then was erased from history, nothing remains of her and her story's were given to other people who rained in history, in order to find the true place where these items are you must ride the back of the sawhorse and its mouth shows the way, the mouth points straight to where you need to be, the person that told people this story was not a good man and he had no clue who princess Linda was, when all was Sayed and done the captain of the ship and the princess left the island in a dingy and we're never seen again, knights perished in the name of princess Linda to save what had belonged to her, they were honorable knights, this is a true account of real history of a princess that was erased from history. G

  • Whoever buried treasure came back and got it.
    Why is this so hard to understand???

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    Maybe even all of the above!
    I mean who just finds oak wood on Oak island?
    Like what are the chances of that????

  • "Looks like people from the past were more Smarter than the people of the present"-Mz7

  • Nothing is more anticlimactic as this show, good lord! I used to download episodes to watch later, I stopped. I've maxed out my disappointment-meter. Stuff this show ๐Ÿ‘Ž

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  • Haha….keep looking, i think i saw a penny down there, lol…….the beauty of television…..investors dont have to pull the plug as long as there are stupid viewers and advertisers. I love how history channel still can take one sentence and one clip and turn it into an hour long show. Yes i thought life was too long, thank you so so much.

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  • And I'm out

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  • When that episode of when they drilled through bedrock finding a large cavern under and inside the bedrock,,,,, that cavern was carved out/made long time ago. They brought in some divers to look. Those guys weren't honest. Also that cavern wasn't flooded until drilling occured. There were two locations of treasure. The biggest and most important was the cavern. Tommy Becker's comment

  • Why donโ€™t they just excavate the whole site, save a lot of time and money! Pump all the water out which is easily possible,
    Fred dug out an old waterfall on gold rush next to a river that was pouring water in! Even if they removed the first 50-75ft it should become pretty obvious where the โ€˜money pittโ€™ is!
    Bet even the Hoffmanโ€™s are laughing at this ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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    Pls sum1 tell truth

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    If they do you'll see it in the paper or news first

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  • July 2019 and this show is still fooling everyone. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • Being 37 Gematria 74 /111 Being English 37 74/111 Anunnaki 85 God:26/111 Oak 27 Island 69 if 15 /111 Code 27 Island 69 if 15 /111 Ancient 66 Gods 45 /111 Heaven 55 Beings 56 /111 Jesuit 84 Code 27 / an 15 island 69 code 27 /111… / A 1 1 1 treasure (1 3 107) / pit 45 curse 66/111 keeping 67 hidden ,44 /111 Truth 87 in 23 a 1 /111 Book 43 of 21 Code 27 as 20 /111 Book 43 of 21 Time 47 /111 Life 32 Reference 79 /111 Ages 32 Reference 79 /111

  • Attempt of narration: "Oak… on Oak Island?… What next: Palms on Palm beach?"

  • Its been dragging on to long, with no real evidence of anything meaningful.


  • they have spent more ๐Ÿ’ฐ on this project than they can ever recover! ๐Ÿ˜‚ talking about bad investment!

  • They may eventually discover the remains of Jimmy Hoffa or possibly Judge Crater.

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  • I feel like long a go someone started it as a joke and people have found things quintessentially. I've read before that they believe oak island wad part of a ship docking facility

  • Brother I've watched it over and over they know tons of spots where they can enter

  • Turn it in to a coal mine lol

  • Stร  stufando !

  • There's a gold mine there alright, the one that J.D. Irving is lining their pockets with.

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  • < Follow Ways Of Cross Eyes See Interesting In Eyes. Sphere To Ribs Where He Bleed. J. 9. >

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  • when did Dan pass away

  • If History Channel is only official channel to watch the Laginas, but you are only posting it in 3-7 min clips…..I won't watch…

    BESIDES….all the episodes I've watched have been butcher jobs by editing.

  • If everyone before them well not everyone but didnt mess up the island I'm sure they'd be more successful. I absolutely love this show!

  • Axe-cut wood?
    Found at a depth of 110 feet?!
    In shaft S-6?!
    On Oak Island?!
    In Nova Scotia?!
    In the country of Canada?!
    In the Northern Hemisphere?!
    On the North American Continent?!
    In the Western World?!
    On Planets Earth?!
    Third Planet out from the Sun?!
    In the Solar System?!?
    In the Milky Way Galaxy?!
    In the Virgo Supercluster?!
    In the observable Universe?!

  • I want to see this place any one can help me.. I'm from india

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  • I think it literally is a Money Pit, as in people sink money into excavating it but are finding nothing, maybe it was a diversionary tactic to send people to the wrong place, but the treasure hunters are still hoping to find Bacon's lost manuscripts, or the Holy Grail, after years of following this I'm losing hope that there is actually anything down there.

  • These contractors gassing him up to keep that pay check coming ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  • 153 comment. Cool.

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  • Marty – "What's going on. What's that?"
    Correct me if I'm wrong but unless I'm very much mistaken, IT'S MORE WOOD!
    Rick, can't you make a specific connection? "OAK". Yes, that would be why the island is called OAK Island.

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  • Tim the Toolman has been working down there..
    Wooh Wooh Wooh !

  • I love this show treasure or not! The history you learn is fascinating!

  • How old is old, like over 12,000 years?

  • I donโ€™t think thereโ€™s anything there. If there was any treasure of any importance of the Knights Templar or others, they would be there overseeing the operations and highly involved- or stopping it.

  • I canโ€™t believe pirates built this pit just to bury treasure

  • Yer right and the pirates thumbed a lift home

  • To all the haters on here do you honstley know how hard it is to dig a hole by hand that deep? Its astronomical how hard it is and to do it with hand tools,there is somthing down there and whatever it is its important even with 10s of millions of dollars and the latest technology they still cant get down there that speaks volumes ,ill keep watching and supporting the fellowship,while you guys keep up with the Kardashian's dig deep haters dig deep

  • They will never give up. If the cash ever runs out Rick would still be there will a pan shovel frantically digging , whispering to himself, "their's something here , i just know it ".

  • Money pit, what an appropriate name!

  • Treasure or not.
    It's history. I love hearing the history. All the negative people, just go watch the NFL, that would be more to our style.
    Amazing to find & DATE the relics they have found. It can change history as we know it.

  • Iv gotta question??

  • Does anyone think that the ppl that did bury the treasure dug that deep with just shovels n buckets?

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  • Gary D has been a wealth of information since coming aboard

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  • Timbers? …From a ship?… Hahahaha. Most dramatic ways to find wood Iโ€™ve ever seen lol. Maybe Jimmy Hoffaโ€™s down there

  • Well, were looking at, "The Eye Of The Swamp." The "eye" does not allow for vegetation to grow, over more than one hundred years! My personal feeling has been, for 9 years now, that it's extraterrestrial & perhaps a 'saucer' crashed & became buried there. After watching History's Ancient Aliens & the AMAZING find of a 'millennium falcon' type ship buried deep in a glacial lake (Google it) it is VERY possible that this season's controversy could center around this part of the swamp containing something belonging to the Cosmos โ—

  • Ya right

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