The Crown | Katherine Ryan Gets Answers To The Internet’s Questions

– I like them, but they don’t like me. ‘Cause I say like, you know,
sexually aggressive things about Prince Harry. Like, I’ll call him The
Duke of I just Came-Bridge, even though I know that’s
not historically accurate. (Kate laughs) That’s not his title, but. (beeping) (orchestra background music) Hello, I’m Katherine Ryan, and today I’m taking your
questions about “The Crown” on Netflix and taking
them to the delightful, Professor Kate Williams,
author, historian, genius. She’s got all the answers. (upbeat music) (typing sounds) – I wanna know about Margaret. It’s not a particularly spicy name. You wouldn’t here, “Oh, Margaret, you wouldn’t believe what she got up to!” – [Kate] So Margaret’s tour of the US was absolutely a bombshell. I love the way the episode
is called “Margaret-ology” because the US fell in love with her. So she went to Hollywood, met Hitchcock, met Judy Garland, and
then she goes to New York. And then she goes to Washington. And that’s where she meets the President, Lyndon Johnson and Mrs. Johnson. – Margaret was telling rude limericks? I get up to that. I’m telling rude limericks
in the pub, now and then, (Kate laughs) but not to the President. – They found her vagina in North Carolina. – And her asshole in Buckingham Palace. (laughter) – Lyndon Johnson was completely
captivated by Margaret. They danced till 1:40 in the morning. Now, we don’t know exactly, whether or not she was
doing those naughty lyrics about what ended up in
Arizona or Buckingham Palace. But it is very like Margaret. She was very risque. – Did she bang him? – (laughs) Well, it was his wedding anniversary, his 32nd wedding anniversary
– So yes? – With Mrs. Johnson, so. – Do you think she kissed him? – [Kate] They did obviously
kiss on the cheek. I don’t know whether they
went in for a full blown – Shag? – No, expression of, you
know, transatlantic relations in that way. – I hope not, because right now
I think Obama’s the only one who’s never cheated on his wife. So, do you think she was like
the Prince Harry of then, the fun one? – The fun one? She was the party animal
of the royal family. – The Mariah Carey of the Royal Family. – [Kate] The Mariah Carey
of the Royal Family, – [Katherine] Chill out. – the diva, going too far. When everyone is saying
let’s tighten our belts, here’s Margaret with her – Untightening belts. – [Kate] Untightening belt, yes. – I hope, – [Kate] Yeah. – I secretly hope she was getting some. (upbeat music) (typing sounds) – Blunt was a Cambridge educated man, a distant, really distant
relative of the Royal Family. And during the war, he was really one of the
biggest Russian spies. He passed over a huge amount
of information to the Russians. He passed over so much that the Russians, they thought he was
actually a triple agent because he was passing
over too much stuff. – [Katherine] Oh, it’s just
crazy to me that they’d rather save face than prosecute someone who gave important
information to the Russians. – [Kate] Such important information. He was actually talking, in World War Two, about the enigma machine
that the code-breakers of Bletchley Park, they made
the war two years shorter than it was, because of their operations. They’re heroes. And here was someone at the heart of the British Establishment,
undermining enigma. – So, did he hate Britain? – No, but – He was just a trouble-maker? – He believed in the Communist Cause. I mean, we haven’t really
got him, exactly, saying why. I mean, he said he regretted it later, but – He regretted getting caught. – He regretted getting caught. – You see, Kate, they all
regret getting caught. – It does amaze me, because
you think about Lord Haw-haw, who put out these really – You do think about him. – Silly, silly, silly, it
was only silly broadcasts of you know, pro-German stuff. No one believed it, and he was executed as a traitor. But Blunt, he just lives a great life in the heart of The Establishment. (upbeat music) (typing sounds) – They start talking about a pay rise, and, there is a feeling in the public, that it’s not acceptable that, already people are struggling, that there’s not enough money. They’re seen as rather expensive, and they’re also seen as out of touch. – So, it’s the wrong time
to ask for a pay rise. – It is. Their solution is a documentary
called The Royal Family, but the minute it was on, you start to see a lot of concern in The Establishment. They think, “We’ve opened the doors.” “We’ve opened the doors
to the Royal Family.” Prince Phillip doing sausages, and Charles chatting
over the breakfast table, it was too much. – Well, how wrong they were because The Queen could
be Kim Kardashian, now. She could have perfumes. She could have a line of
shape-wear, lip kits, multi – [Kate] Endorsements. – Endorsements, video games… Why did it go away? – It’s now locked in the archives. You can’t get it. You and I would have to
break in to the film archives to get to watch it. – I’m their boss, because I pay a tax. So, if I wanna watch The
Queen’s reality show, then I should be able to. It’s like if people want
pictures of me on the tube. I’m like, grateful, that they want it, so even though I’m in a track
suit, might be hungover, I’m like But yeah, I’m on board
with the Royal Family being mysterious. That mystique does enhance their value. – [Kate] The hilarious thing
is how smart they all are. Prince Phillip’s doing the barbecue, but they’re all just so smart, and The Queen’s got the pearls. It’s very funny. – [Katherine] Oh, like, smartly dressed. – [Kate] Yes, yes. – I was like, (laughs) Prince Phillip, sure. (orchestra music) (typing sounds) – But, The Queen did like Wilson a lot, despite the fact that
she was apprehensive. But, she and Wilson had
this marvelous relationship. She really saw him as very down-to-earth, and someone who’d explain to her, what the average man
was doing in the street. She let him smoke his pipe. – [Katherine] Whoa. – In her presence. – Oh, wow. – He was allowed to smoke his pipe during the prime ministerial meetings. – I think The Queen probably smokes. – [Kate] And you know, he kept
a photo of the two of them in his wallet. He absolutely adored her. He thought she was marvelous. And Wilson said, actually,
that having a conversation with The Queen was the
only serious conversation he could have with
someone who wasn’t, one, trying to leak it, or two,
trying to take his job. She was really very sad when he resigned. So, although The Queen
is politically neutral, of course, she does have preferences. And Wilson really was a
great favorite of hers. (orchestra music) (typing sounds) – I know Welsh people generally
don’t like English visitors. I get that vibe. When I do comedy around
there, they tell me that the relationship is
sometimes a tenuous one. – [Kate] This is a really rising
time of Welsh Nationalism, and the vision that Wales
should be a separate country. One way in which the Royal Family think, and the government think,
they’re going to stop this, is by giving them Prince Charles. And of course, you have to remember, during the first half of the 20th Century, that children weren’t
allowed to speak Welsh in the playgrounds. Welsh language, really,
they tried to stamp it out. So, in these points, the 50s, 60s, 70s, you see Wales fighting back and saying they want independence. (Katherine sighs) – Do you feel like, they
maybe read the room wrong, because it seems like “Oh, I know how we’ll settle the Welsh, give them Prince Charles.” Something they definitely didn’t want? (Kate laughs) – Exactly, and you know, when you watch the footage of it, Prince Charles is very, he’s terrified. – [Katherine] Yeah. – He’s terrified of bombings, and it’s a huge weight
to put on the shoulders of this very young man. Come and save The Union. Do you know that his
Royal Protection Officers were with him, and he had to
stay in normal accommodations, student accommodations. The Royal Protection
Officers were disguised as mature students. (Katherine laughs) – Like in all 90s TV shows. Everyone in 90210 and
Dawson’s Creek was like, 35. (upbeat music) (typing noises) – Charles was desperately
in love with Camilla. – Yeah. – She had been in love
with Andrew Parker Bowles, and then, they split up. And he, age 31, started going out with a 20 year old Princess Anne. Some time later, Camilla
starts going out with Charles. But, do you know what
her chat-up line was? – I’m not wearing any pants? (Kate laughs) It usually works. – It was, “My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather’s
mistress, how ’bout it?” – Weird, but saucy. Wait a minute, didn’t they
have saucy texts leaked, or saucy letters at one point? Much later. – [Kate] A phone conversation. – Yes. – [Kate] A phone conversation was leaked. – So, these two were freaks. – He goes away in ’73 on, he goes away on Naval Duty. And then, she gets married. – To who, now? – To Andrew. – Oh. – So, the Royal Family didn’t
see Camilla as suitable. – I bet they called her Milli. I bet they were like, “Oh, Milli Shand. You know what Milli gets
up to on the weekends.” See, this is what happens
when you overlook Milli Shand. You go across the pond,
and all of a sudden, She’s Camilla Parker Bowles, bitch. All right, I will compare
this to a family from my life. Black China, do you know her? – Yes. – She had a baby with Tyga, King Cairo, and then Tyga left her for Kylie Jenner. And Black China, like a genius, was like, “We’ll see.” And then, she had a baby
with Kylie’s brother, Rob Kardashian. And speaking of heirs and like, titles, of all the Kardashian children, Black China’s daughter, Dream, is the only one whose
surname is Kardashian. – Dream? – Dream Kardashian. – Oh, they will have stayed friends. – Mm-hmm. – They all stayed friends. – Why are they all friends? – They’re all friends, because – They’re all related,
and they’re all friends. There’s no ghosting with The Royals. Because you’re like, “Oh, I
hope I never see my ex again. Wait, it’s also my cousin. Oh, and she’s dating my brother now, because there’s no one else
we’re allowed to date.” – Would you marry a Royal? – Uh, no. Do you think a Royal would have me? – Yes. – I’m very Milli Shand.
– Definitely. – What?
– [Kate] No. – With my trash mouth and slutty history? (jazz music) (typing sounds) – Princess Margaret has an
affair, starts an affair, with Roddy Llewellyn, who is this young, aristocratic, landscape gardener. – [Katherine] Why would an aristocrat be a landscape gardener? – So, he’s a creative sort of guy, he wants to do something different. – Good for him. So, he’s almost rebelling
against his rich family by being like, “I’ll show you, I’m gonna be a gardener.” – And he’s young, he’s finding his feet, doing various things, doing landscape gardening.
– I think he just wants to find himself off his feet, if I can be honest, because where do you find
rich and powerful older women? By being a gardener. – She was very unhappy
in her marriage because Lord Snowden, her husband,
had a lot of affairs. And Lord Snowden got a lot of support, and Margaret really felt as if The Family, she said he was very oily
with the family, very oily. So she felt excluded,
and when Roddy pops up, well, it’s really- – He’s a different oily. (Kate laughs) – Different oily. There’s a lot of criticism of Margaret. The public opinion, and
also the politicians, they called her a Royal Parasite. They said, “We’re all
tightening our belts, and she’s off with a toy boy.” And, you can imagine,
the prejudice there was about an older woman and a younger man. – Yeah. And if I had known that
Margaret was that cool before she died, I probably would have made
a bigger deal of her death. Every February, I’m gonna
have Princess Margaret Day. – Okay. – And it’s gonna be February 14th, because that’s Valentine’s Day, and that’s just like a commercial holiday, that we should better spend it, thinking about Princess Margaret. – [Kate] Can I come? – Yeah! – Great! – It’s gonna be on a Caribbean Island, and it will be immaculately landscaped. We can have all our bushes trimmed, (Kate laughs) snog some Presidents, smoke it up. I don’t smoke, but I’ll learn. (orchestra music) Thank you, Kate, for joining me In my lavish library.
– Thank you. – You’ve answered so many
questions and enlightened me about the Royal Family. I hope you’ve been enlightened as well. They’re pretty cool, especially Margaret. – But I think we should
definitely do our Margaret Day. – February 14th! (orchestra music)

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