The Criminal History of NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa had one of the quickest come ups
in recent hip hop. The 16 year old rising rap star from Memphis,
Tennessee first made a name for himself after his incredible feature in “No Chorus pt
3”, left fans wanting more and more. Shortly after, NLE Choppa finally gave fans
what they wanted and dropped his now chart topping song “Shotta Flow” on YouTube. The song went absolutely viral and gained
over 10 million views in the first month. “Shotta Flow” now has over 90 million
views at the time of this recording and has become a certified platinum single as well. All that success had record labels lining
up to sign NLE Choppa but Choppa ultimately turned them all down, including a $3 million
dollar deal, to sign with an independent distribution company called “United Masters” which
is owned by Steve Stoute. This deal allows NLE Choppa to keep his publishing
and masters to all his songs, giving him a lot higher profit margins compared to most
rappers. A very smart move by NLE Choppa. But enough about his sudden rise to fame,
let’s get to why you guys are all here. I’ve been seeing many many MANY requests
in the comments section to do a criminal history video on NLE Choppa. I was kind of hesitant because I didn’t
exactly know too much about Choppa but I want to give you guys what you asked for, so without
further adieu, here is an exclusive inside look at the criminal history of NLE Choppa. Now this video was a lot more difficult to
make compared to the other criminal history videos due to the fact that NLE Choppa is
only 16 years old. In the legal system, when someone is under
the age of 18, almost every single criminal case against them is sealed, and when a court
document is sealed, it means that the public cannot read or have access to any records
about said incident. The courts do this so they can help protect
the futures of people who have gotten into trouble before they even fully grown up. But just because there isn’t any public
records on NLE Choppa, doesn’t mean he’s not living the life he raps about. NLE Choppa admitted in an old interview that
he had it rough growing up in Memphis and even mentioned having to quit playing basketball
because he couldn’t stay out of trouble. It wasn’t stated whether the trouble he
was getting into was just at the school or with the police but I guess they both go somewhat
hand in hand. NLE Choppa also seemed to have some type of
connection with the local firearms plug because his music videos are FILLED with guns. A lot of people speculated that the firearms
used in his videos were fake prop guns but I don’t think that was the case. While doing some googling, I came across a
few videos and articles where it was alleged that NLE Choppa and his mother were contacted
by their local police department informing them that if Choppa posts anything on social
media involving firearms one more time that both NLE Choppa and his mother will be arrested. NLE Choppa has slowed down on the firearms
activity ever since. Another thing I stumbled across was a video
of NLE Choppa describing how he ate his jail food. The way Choppa described it seemed really
convincing that he has actually been to jail before, but if that’s not enough proof for
you, There is also a video of him allegedly getting released from jail as well as his
mother arriving to pick him up. We will never really know for sure what exactly
went on though because like I said, all of the records are sealed and NLE Choppa doesn’t
seem to speak about his past too much. That’s basically all the information I could
find on NLE Choppa’s criminal history. I did see something from back in early July
about his tour bus getting raided but nothing came from it so it’s nothing really worth
talking about in my opinion. Overall, NLE Choppa actually seems to have
a really good head on his shoulders. He put himself in an extremely rare position
of power in the music industry and has a solid team behind him that wants nothing but the
best for him. NLE Choppa even stated in an interview that
he still plans on going to college to study business despite all the recent money and
fame he achieved. Choppa also expressed his interest in charity
work and says that he likes to see people always being the best they can be. In the end, I really hope NLE Choppa continues
to stay out of trouble and keep doing what he’s doing because he has an extremely bright
future ahead of him. If you enjoyed this criminal history video
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