The Criminal History of Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane… the father of trap music. Over the course of Gucci’s legendary career
he dropped a total of 72 mixtapes and 12 studio albums. That impressive catalog has amassed him millions
of fans worldwide as well as millions of dollars. Besides his music, Gucci Mane was also really
well known for his wild antics he did while being in the limelight. Whether that was getting an ice cream cone
tattooed on his face or attacking people with pool sticks, people just always knew not to
mess with Gucci Mane. Gucci was arrested approximately 9 times during
his hip hop career and spent over 4 years incarcerated. Want to know more about Gucci Mane’s 9 arrests
that happened during his career? Well we have you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the criminal
history of Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane’s first documented arrest as
a rapper happened on May 19, 2005. While beefing with rival rapper Young Jeezy,
five men attempted to rob Gucci Mane after Jeezy put a $10,000 bounty on Gucci’s ice
cream cone chain in his diss song at Gucci Mane called “Stay Strapped.” Reports claim that the 5 men ambushed Gucci
but he managed to acquire a gun while scrambling to defend himself. Gucci then began to fire at the robbers and
ended up killing one of them in the process. That man was Henry Clark III who was mostly
known as Pookie Loc. The body of Pookie Loc was eventually found
three days later at a local middle school. After the recovery of Pookie Loc’s body,
Dekalb County put a warrant out for Gucci Mane’s arrest. The charge against Gucci Mane…. Was first degree murder. On May 29, 2005, Gucci Mane turned himself
into Dekalb County Jail where he claimed that he shot Pookie Loc in self-defense. Gucci later posted a $100,000 bail on May
24, 2005 and dropped his debut album “Trap House” the same day. In January of 2006, the murder charges against
Gucci Mane were dropped due to insufficient evidence. Gucci Mane’s second arrest occurred in July
of 2005. Authorities say that they arrested Gucci for
an assault that happened earlier that month. Gucci Mane allegedly got in a heated altercation
with a club promoter at the offices of Big Cat Records which was the label that Gucci
was signed to back in 2005. As the argument escalated, Gucci Mane struck
the club promoter with a pool stick and continued to do so after he fell to the ground. After the arrest, Gucci Mane’s lawyer claimed
that accusations against Gucci were false and that he wasn’t involved in the reported
fight. During sentencing in October of 2005, Gucci
Mane pleaded no contest to the charges but was found guilty. The two charges Gucci was found guilty for
was aggravated assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The Judge sentenced Gucci Mane to six months
in prison and six-and-a-half years of probation following Gucci’s release. Gucci also agreed to pay for the club promoters
medical bills which totaled up to about $3,000. Here’s a little fun fact: During Gucci Mane’s
stay in prison for these charges, Gucci found out that his murder charge from May was dismissed. A huge weight was probably lifted off of Gucci
Mane’s shoulders when he found out about this news and it probably made the rest of
those six months fly by. Gucci’s third arrest happened in September
of 2008. As one of Gucci Mane’s punishments for his
2005 assault case, Gucci was ordered to do 600 hours of community service. Gucci being the hard working man he is, must
have not found any time to do this because he was eventually arrested for only completing
twenty-five out of the six-hundred hours of community service he was ordered to do. The failure to fulfill those orders made Gucci
Mane in violation of his probation and was ultimately sentenced to six months in Fulton
County Jail. Gucci was released in March of 2009. Gucci’s fourth arrest happened in November
of 2009 when he was due back into court. At the court hearing, Gucci Mane was found
to be in violation of his probation once again and ended up leaving the courtroom in handcuffs. Gucci Mane stayed in jail until May of 2010. During his time in jail, Gucci dropped his
first major label album titled “The State Vs. Radric Davis” on December 8 with the
help of Warner Bros Records. A year after his last arrest, Gucci Mane was
arrested for a fifth time after an off-duty police officer noticed a white hummer driving
recklessly down Northside Drive. The off-duty officer reported what he saw
to other police in the area and began to search for the vehicle. Local police ended up tracking down the white
hummer at a body shop a few miles away. Inside they came across Gucci Mane and another
individual arguing inside. When the officers attempted to intervene,
Gucci Mane ignored the officers and punched the man he was arguing with. Officers immediately pepper sprayed Gucci
and arrested him on the spot. Gucci Mane was booked under several charges
including, damage to government property, obstruction, driving without a license, reckless
driving, running a red light or stop sign, failure to maintain a lane, and driving on
the wrong side of the road. The charges were later dropped but Gucci Mane
still received another probation violation for his actions. In court, Gucci pled mental incompetence to
the charges claiming he was in no state to fight prosecutors. Gucci Mane was then released while the courts
decided on how to proceed with the situation. This next incident isn’t an arrest but a
rather interesting run in with the law that Gucci Mane experienced. Apparently in December 2010, Gucci Mane was
in chilling at best friend and fellow rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s house when the police
raided Waka’s home. During the raid, Police found a sleeping Gucci
Mane and woke him up from his deep slumber only to arrest him and later release him without
charge. Not even a month later, Gucci Mane was due
back into court to see the outcome of his mental incompetence plea that he took in November
of 2010. The Superior Court of Georgia’s Fulton County
decided that they would send Gucci Mane to a psychiatric hospital instead of jail. Gucci was later transported to a “111- bed
psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment facility in Georgia. During his stay there, Gucci went through
a series of mental health tests to determine his mental state. Gucci was released about a week later and
just days after being released, Gucci would end up getting his world famous ice cream
cone face tattoo. Gucci’s sixth arrest happened in April of
2011 after a visit with his parole officer. Sources say that in January of 2011, Gucci
Mane approached a woman outside of South DeKalb Mall in his white hummer and asked if she
wanted to get breakfast with him. The woman who recognized Gucci Mane from the
infamous ice cream cone tattoo on his face accepted Gucci’s generous breakfast offer
and entered his hummer. Gucci Mane then proceeded to offer the woman
$150 for s*x and when she refused, Gucci Mane forced her out of the moving hummer. At his sentencing on September 13, 2011, Gucci
was sentenced to six months in county jail after he pled guilty to two counts of battery,
two counts of reckless conduct, and one count of disorderly conduct. Gucci Mane ended up being released early on
December 11, due to good behavior. The woman, Diana Graham, also ended up sueing
Gucci Mane and won her settlement in September of 2012 for an estimated $58,000. Gucci Mane’s seventh arrest took place in
March of 2013. According to authorities, a soldier named
James was at the Harlem Night Club when he asked Gucci Mane’s security if he could
get a photo with the rapper. Gucci Mane must have been offended by this
because he ended up attacking James with a champagne bottle. The bottle attack left him with a deep gash
and was eventually sent and treated at the Grady Memorial Hospital. James needed 10 stitches and suffered from
a concussion and bad headaches. Days later, a warrant was issued by the Atlanta
Police and Gucci Mane eventually turned himself in at the end of March to face the aggravated
assault charges head on. During the court hearing the next day, the
judge denied bond for Gucci and was ordered back in court on April 10. On the April 10th court day, Gucci Mane was
indicted on one count of aggravated assault and posted a $75,000 bail two days later. The day after Gucci bailed himself out, he
was arrested once again for violating his parole. Gucci Mane was sent back to jail and was released
three weeks later. Gucci’s next arrest happened in September
of 2013. Sources say that a friend of Gucci Mane called
the police on him after his behavior became extremely erratic. When the authorities arrived, Gucci Mane began
threatening them and was refusing to go to jail. The officers eventually arrested Gucci and
discovered marijuana and a handgun in Gucci Mane’s possession in the process. Gucci ended up being booked and charged with
a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana, and disorderly conduct. It’s also worth noting that two days before
this incident, Gucci Mane’s attorney called the police on him after he was acting erratically
in his attorney’s office. When the officers arrived to remove him from
the office, they found a .45 caliber handgun containing eight rounds of ammunition in Gucci’s
possession. Despite finding the weapon, the police did
not charge Gucci since he agreed to calmly leave the premises. These situations both happened during the
same week Gucci had his infamous twitter rant and fight inside Lennox Mall in Atlanta. Anyways, Gucci ended up staying in jail for
the concealed weapon, possession of marijuana, and disorderly conduct charges. After spending a few months in jail, Gucci
Mane had a court hearing where he found out the sad news that he was being charged in
a federal court for two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon. At the hearing, the prosecutor mentioned that
the charges are being filed due to the two incidents that happened in September involving
two seperate loaded guns. If found guilty Gucci Mane could receive a
maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. In May of 2014, Gucci Mane received a plea
deal that would greatly reduce his sentence if he agrees to plead guilty to the charges. Gucci accepted the deal and pled guilty to
possession of firearms by a convicted felon. Gucci Mane was expected to serve three years
and three months in prison. On May 26, 2016 after serving almost three
years in prison, Gucci Mane was released from prison ahead of his scheduled release in September. When Gucci Mane came out of jail his transformation
was incredible. Gucci lost an insane amount of weight and
put on a lot muscle while locked up. Overall Gucci looked like he learned a lot
about himself while locked up and came out a better person. At the time of this recording, Gucci Mane
has stayed out of trouble for over three years now and even got married to Keyshia Ka’Oir
on October 17, 2017. Gucci is also continuing to work very hard
like he always has and plans to stay on the right path. Well there you have it, the entire criminal
history of Gucci Mane in one video. If you enjoyed this video then make sure to
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