The Criminal History of Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda had everything going for him. His song “Hot Boy”, took the internet
by storm which led to Bobby signing an impressive record deal with Epic Records as well as making
a solid income from shows as well… $20,000 per performance to be exact. At the time of this recording “Hot Boy”
has over 500 million views on YouTube and is a certified platinum single, meaning it
has sold over 1,000,000 copies. But even with the world in the palm of his
hands, Bobby Shmurda still somehow managed to get himself in hot water with the law. At the peak of Bobby Shmurda’s career, Bobby
as well as the rest of GS9 got picked up by the NYPD on an abundance of charges… charges
that ultimately got one GS9 member sentenced to over 117 years in prison. Curious on how all this turned out for Bobby
Shmurda, well then we got you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the criminal
history of Bobby Shmurda. Now before we get started, I just want to
ask you guys to follow my Twitter @Pluggy_ once again that is @Pluggy_ on Twitter. Bobby Shmurda’s first run ins with the law
allegedly happened years before he was famous, nothing too serious, but due to the lack of
police records, we cannot bring you any details. Bobby’s first documented arrest occurred
on June 3, 2014 while hanging out with a couple of friends at his girlfriend’s apartment. According to multiple sources, two officers
were outside of his girlfriends residence getting ready to execute a search warrant
with drug use as the probable cause when they found the door to the apartment already open. When they peeked inside the apartment, they
saw Bobby Shmurda with a joint in one hand and a firearm in the other. The two officers then proceed to take all
four people in the apartment into custody and charged Bobby Shmurda with criminal possession
of a weapon, which was a felony. Bobby told police that the gun was just a
prop for a music video but I don’t think the police really believed him. It was also revealed that Bobby’s side of
the story is much more different then the story given by authorities. According to Bobby Shmurda, the cops apparently
rushed inside and lined everyone up against a wall while they tore up the apartment until
they found something. The police ended up finding a firearm and
decided to charge Bobby for illegally possessing it. They then put Bobby in the back of a cop car
and held him there for over eight hours. Evidence later revealed that none of Bobby
Shmurda’s DNA was found on the gun and court documents also stated that Bobby’s lawyer
plans to argue against the search warrant since it was allegedly issued under false
pretenses. Bobby Shmurda’s next run in with the law
happened near the end of the summer in 2014. According to multiple reports, Bobby Shmurda
arrived with a group of people for a gig he had at a club in Queens. Upon arrival to the club, Bobby was greeted
by a number of cops who were waiting for Bobby to arrive. The cops then searched the vehicle Bobby was
in and ultimately found one of the worst things a person could possibly have in their possesion……
a joint. After discovering the dangerous kush, the
police pulled everyone out of the car and arrested them on the spot. Bobby’s manager “Donny Flores” ended
up going to the precinct and got them out shortly after. In the end, nobody was charged for the horrible
crime. Now this next arrest is probably the one everyone
watching is most familiar with. On December 17, 2014 in the early hours of
Wednesday morning, Bobby Shmurda and friends were leaving Quad Studios (the same recording
studio Tupac was shot and robbed at back in 1994) after a long night of recording. According to multiple reports, police arrested
Bobby and 14 others. Among those other 14 was his brother Javese
and his close friend and fellow rapper, Rowdy Rebel. The charges against Bobby Shmurda were conspiracy
to commit murder, reckless endangerment, drug possesion, and gun possesion. Bobby was facing 8-25 years in prison. The charges against some of the other affiliates
were murder, attempted murder, assault, and drug dealing. These charges carry life in prison. During his hearing the next day, Bobby Shmurda
plead not guilty to the charges and was held on a massive $2 million dollar bail. According to several media outlets, the NYPD
have been investigating GS9 for a long time, well before Bobby Shmurda even became famous. To the police, GS9 is a gang instead of just
a rap group that Bobby claims it to be and have been allegedly involved with m-rders
and for shooting at crowds in public places as well as for dealing dr-gs and having deadly
battles with rival gangs. Cops even went as far as to try to use Bobby’s
lyrics against him but the supreme court said they cannot be used against him in a trial. Bobby Shmurda sat in jail for almost two years
before he was even sentenced. On September 2, 2016, it was revealed that
Bobby Shmurda accepted a plea deal for his charges. The deal was that if he pleads guilty to one
count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapon possession that he will only be
sentenced to 7 years in prison which is obviously better than the 8-25 years he was facing. Other conditions of his deal included that
he cannot appeal the sentence but in return he will be given credit for the two years
he has already served, ultimately bringing his sentence down to 5 years. He also would be given 5 years probation following
his release. It was also later revealed that Bobby was
offered a better deal then the one he accepted, but turned it down so his friend Rowdy Rebel
could serve less time. The original deal was that Bobby would only
serve 5 years while Rowdy Rebel would have to serve 12 years but also offered that if
Bobby would serve 7 years, then they would give Rowdy 7 as well. This was an extremely generous thing for Bobby
Shmurda to do but according to the New York Times, Bobby somewhat regretted his decision
in court saying “I want to drop my plea, I want to drop my plea and fire you”. “I was forced by attorney to take this plea. I was forced”. Since the conditions of his plea was that
Bobby cannot appeal, the judge denied this request and sentenced him to the 7 years they
agreed upon. After sentencing, Bobby’s lawyer Alex Spiro
came out and said that he expects Bobby to be released in three and a half years with
good behavior. Bobby Shmurda is currently behind bars at
the time of this recording but is in good spirits according to his family. During the first few years in prison, Bobby
did have some incidents that got him in a bit of hot water. The first one being that his girlfriend got
caught trying to sneak in shank to give to Bobby back in 2015. This resulted in Bobby getting a 4 year sentence
in 2017 but would not face any additional prison time for it since the sentence would
run concurrently with his current sentence. It was also reported that Bobby got in a bloods
vs. crips brawl in May 2015 and was also involved in another brawl involving several inmates
in November of 2016, which led to Bobby being sent to solitary confinement for a month as
well as all phone privileges gone for a certain amount of time. But as of 2017, Bobby has been staying out
of trouble behind bars and is still on track to be released at the agreed time. Bobby has a parole hearing scheduled for August
2020 and his conditional release date is scheduled for December 11, 2020. Keep in mind, Bobby Shmurda is only 24 so
he still has a lot of career left in him. Let’s hope he comes out better than ever. Well there you have it, the entire criminal
history of Bobby Shmurda. If you enjoyed this video then make sure to
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