The Craziest Smuggling Attempts Ever!

Here are some the craziest smuggling attempts
ever! 9 – Nope, not a tiger
When you’re trying to smuggle something through customs, you’d try something a little
better than just trying to put it in your carry-on bag and take it through security
right? Well, one lady certainly didn’t think things
through! An actual live tiger cub was found hidden
among stuffed-tiger toys in a carry on bag at one of Bangkok’s airports back in 2010. How they making stuffed tiger cubs that realistic
now?! Anyways, the Thai lady, identified as Piyawan
Palasarnwas, was trying to hop on a flight to Iran when she had trouble getting her bag
through security. Airport staff had suspected something was
up when they scanned the bag and X-ray images showed an item resembling a real cat! Interestingly enough, of course she denied
the luggage belonged to her. She claimed that another passenger had asked
her to carry it for them. You know, the exact thing every single airport
warns about. The cub theoretically could have fetched a
few thousand dollars in Iran, where it’s popular to have exotic pets. However, they didn’t know what the woman
actually was trying to do with the tiger, but hey come on, she had no clue it was in
there! Okay, I hope you guys didn’t fall for that
one. 8 – The crocodile smuggler
Just when you think snakes on a plane couldn’t get any worse……think again! Back in August 2010, a passenger on a regional
airline in Congo attempted to smuggle not snakes, but a CROCODILE from the capital city
of Kinshasa to Bandundu. Just why?! The crocodile actually escaped from hiding
only minutes before the plane was about to land at Bandundu airport. The problem was, a cabin crew member ran towards
the cockpit because she saw the crocodile, causing panic among the passengers on board. In the ensuing chaos, passengers began running
towards the front of the plane, toppling it off balance. The pilots tried their best to get it under
control, but the plane ended up crashing into a house. A silver lining is that the people living
in the house weren’t in it at that time. Apparently, the crocodile was carried in a
duffle bag, as part of carry-on baggage. As you’d expect, the crocodile smuggler
wanted to sell the animal in Congo. We have no problem with dudes wanting to make
some money selling things, but come on, use a little common sense. Amazingly enough, the crocodile actually survived
the crash! We can all agree that if we want to sell a
crocodile, let’s not fly with the crocodile we’re trying to sell right? 7 – Coloring Pills
Pain medicines work great. But the problem is, sometimes they work TOO
well, and many people keep using it long after they’re healed. And that’s why, there’s a market for pain
medicines when people’s prescriptions run out! Back in 2011, New Jersey cops busted inmates
who used children’s coloring books to smuggle in pain medicine undetected! Seriously, prison brings out people’s ingenuity
right?! People in prison think of the most ridiculous
schemes! Officers at the Cape May County Correctional
Center in New Jersey discovered that pages of coloring books sent through inmate mail
were smeared with paint containing Suboxone, a prescription medicine. The illegal medicine had been dissolved into
a paste and then painted onto pictures that depicted Disney characters such as Snow White
and Cinderella. Apparently, the only reason that correctional
officers knew to look for this was because this wasn’t their first rodeo, as other
prisoners had already used this tactic. Officers came to know how the original people
did it was because they were tipped off by of course, an anonymous prisoner! 6 – 6 shy of 100
When someone’s trying to smuggle something somewhere, typically hiding it in a suitcase
would seem like at least an okay idea. Or maybe even swallowing something and having
it come out the other side, although we know that doesn’t always work. However, strapping 94 iPhones to your body? I think most people can easily figure out
that that just won’t work! Chinese customs officials back in 2015 busted
a Hong Kong man trying to sneak 94 iPhones into mainland China, by strapping all the
phones to his body! I mean come on, don’t most people know that
stepping through a metal detector is the minimum these days?! The man caught attention of customs agents
when he walked like someone carrying something heavy, except he was just carrying two shopping
bags. After finding nothing suspicious in his two
plastic shopping bags, officials asked the man to pass through a metal detector, and
of course, the alarm went off. The man’s record revealed numerous previous
run-ins with customs regulations, and he was detained. iPhones were super popular in Mainland China
back in 2015, and they still are today. Apple phones are more expensive in mainland
China than in Hong Kong because of higher import taxes. The price difference has created a big lack
market supplied by smugglers. And that’s why, there are guys who’re
willing to smuggle 94 iphones by strapping them on his body! 5 – Wanna Save 15%? In 2010, a German Reptile collector Hans Kurt
Kubus, 58 at the time, was trying to hop on a flight from New Zealand. However, there was just a little problem. Officials discovered a whole bunch of rare
lizards hidden in his underwear! Not sure who got the worst end of the deal,
the guy or the lizards! He was arrested and had to pay 5,000 New Zealand
dollars in fines for plundering New Zealand’s wild gecko and skink populations. Customs officials found 44 lizards in this
dudes underwear. Apparently, Hans admitted to being a dealer
of endangered animals and pled guilty in court to charges of trading exploited species and
hunting protected wildlife. So how did this guy manage to have a “menagerie”
of lizards? He had altered his underwear with eight hand-sewn
compartments in order to carry the geckos and skinks around. One last lizard, the luckiest of them all
probably, depending on the way you look at things, was later found hidden in the man’s
suitcase. According to the prosecutor working on the
case, each gecko has a street value of approximately $1,500 in Europe, while the value of the skinks
was unknown. 4 – Don’t low on the cartridge
Next time you’re about to fire up a nintendo game, maybe you’ll want to double check
what’s inside! Back in 2017, customs officials in Mexico
stumbled across more than 70 live spiders hidden inside 10 bootleg Nintendo game cartridges. They were headed to an address close to Baltimore,
Maryland. Ehhh……hey, if Wee-Bey had a thing for
fish on The Wire, there has to be some baltimore residents who’re into exotic spiders right?! The package containing the spiders was intercepted
at Guadalajara International Airport. When officials took a closer look inside,
they found 73 spiders inside plastic tubes concealed within the game cartridges! Customs officers carefully opened each one
of the cartridges to reveal separate tubes in each cartridge. Each of the tubes contained a single exotic
spider. But really though, why nintendo games? We’re not experts on x-rays or scanners
here, but it just seems like there are better options to hide live exotic spiders in than
old plastic nintendo cartridges! 3 – Just me myself and I
Smuggling animals is one of the most common cases of smuggling that’s caught by customs
officers. A great example is a Norwegian man who was
caught trying to bring a whoooole bunch of animals into Norway. He was stopped when he was getting off a ferry
from Denmark. When the officers performed a routine check
and found a tarantula in his bag, they went, “heyyyy wait a minute, let’s do a body
check!” And guess what they found? They found 14 stockings, each containing a
python, taped to this ridiculously crazy dude’s upper body! Obviously they were the non-venomous kind,
because I can only imagine how many times he might have been close to being bitten. However, it doesn’t end there. Further inspection led custom officers to
find 10 cans taped this dude’s legs, cans that contained Albino Geckos! The customs officers realized something was
wrong when it seemed that the guy’s body was constantly jiggling……..ugh can you
imagine the feeling of 14 pythons moving against your body? 2 – Weekend at Bernies
Remember the movie Weekend at Bernie’s? Where rich guy Bernie was carried around just
so two dudes can keep a weekend party going? Well, this is pretty much the sequel! On a flight bound to Berlin, Gitta Jarant
and her daughter Anke Anusic tried to fly Curt Jarant from Liverpool to Germany. The only problem was….this guy didn’t
exactly walk on his own. In order to evade the costly and lengthy procedure
of repatriating the body, the mother daughter duo decided to fool everyone simply by placing
Curt Jarant in a wheelchair with sunglasses over his eyes! Their award winning story goes something like
quote “we thought he was asleep.” When they requested help from an airport worker
to lift the wheelchair out of the taxi, he became suspicious and informed security. The officials at the airport confirmed that
Curt Jarant had in fact, passed. Trying to cover up their tracks, the mother-daughter
duo insisted that Curt had been alive when brought to the airport. This wasn’t true according to the worker,
because he testified saying that while moving the wheelchair out of the taxi, Curt’s face
fell on him and that it was ice-cold! Obviously, the mother daughter combo were
arrested but ultimately, charges were eventually dropped somehow. 1 – Who actually likes pepsi? If you had to throw a party in Saudi arabia,
but alcohol isn’t sold or allowed in the country, how would you get alcohol for the
party? Get a ton of those fake shampoo bottles and
ship some liquor over from a country that sells it? Make your own in the backyard? The smugglers in this case were obviously
hoping to be showered with some newbie luck, because they attempted to smuggle not one
or two cartons, but 48 THOUSAND cans of Heineken bear under the pretense of shipping Pepsi
to Saudi Arabia! There are several places in the world where
alcohol production and consumption is strictly banned, and one such place is Saudi Arabia. The smugglers in this case were either complete
rookies, or were just asking to be caught. If they had been actually trying to get away
with it, they would have come up with something better. The truck carrying the alcohol shipment was
labelled “soft drinks”. It was stopped during routine procedures,
and it led the officers into discovering what was actually underneath the surface of the
supposed Pepsis. We’re sure a few Heineken drinkers in Saudi
Arabia were definitely a bit disappointed. Here’s what’s next!

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  • Why even go through that for Suboxone? Suboxone is an opioid partial agonist because it has an opioid in it called Buprenorphine; and it also has Naloxone. The Naloxone keeps the medication from being abused and it keeps the brain from absorbing other opiates so that the user cannot get high. You get absolutely no euphoria or “high” sensation from taking Suboxone.

    It’s a great medication for those going through treatment from opiate addiction as it keeps withdrawal symptoms at bay, but not a medication one would seek to get high off of.

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