The CRAZIEST Gun in COD History…

Oh my god, they don’t have the new guns, what’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome back to Chinese call of duty It’s been a bit since I’ve been on cult video online and there’s some really crazy new guns now having a bunch of crazy where Guns is really nothing new for a cold to be online There’s so many awesome skins so many weird guns on this game But there’s one in particular that was added that is just ridiculous. And it’s this one right here You can even see it has like so many different like bonuses. I don’t know exactly what they do So I’m gonna attempt to translate that right now. It is in the change storm, right? Click to enter the fortress mode the use of energy Ammunition and fort mode greatly increases the ability to shoot and reduces damage from the front but cannot move I don’t think that’s completely accurate But basically if we actually go to this gun You can see that it transforms from a machine gun into an actual turret This thing is just so bad. Like you have to look at that I’m pretty sure the ability for it to turn into a turret is something that’s reserved for PvE I’m not a hundred percent sure on that Maybe you can’t turn it into a turret when you’re playing multiplayer that just kind of seems like a horrible idea That’s it. Now as far as it goes for getting this weapon it costs one It’s like thirty nine thousand credits, which I think is roughly my guess is that it’s around sixty dollars if you buy the coins I haven’t bought the QQ coins on coltd online in years. So I’m not exactly sure how much it cost But I think it’s around $60. Same thing would go for the ak1 one seven here. That just looks so cool, too Yeah, unfortunately, I don’t even have the like electric eel gun. I think this might have expired on my account I had a lot of fun using it this ones apparently also $60. I picked this one up before Oh my god, the saturn guy. This might be a new one too. Look how crazy these guns are man They look so badass not exactly. What does this gun model that for them? Okay. This is similar to the 812 I don’t even know there’s a shocker. This is look like a shotgun at all. There’s another skin that looks like an m14, right? Yeah, there you go I mean some of these guns are pretty much just really cool-looking skins and aside from cold video online having some really awesome skins they actually have added more guns that you just get from progressing which is kind of a good and a bad thing if you guys Didn’t know I did a quad feet with every gun for cold today online and this game just keeps getting new guns if I go Down the list I can point out guns that I did not recognize when I did that video I don’t know if the an-94 was in the game I know I I don’t think the pkp pecheneg was in there to keep going. I don’t know if then the OTS Oh three that is definitely new the r5 r GP which is probably the remington from ghosts I don’t know if the Vepr was there They added a lot of guns from modern warfare 3 as well. Definitely at the x51 or the m1 Can you? So bad before you leave say hi now he went under the couch Where are you? He’s looking himself If I open the door will you leave say meow meow? Look once if you if you want to escape I don’t know if you guys ever noticed this but I have this picture of ash right here Yeah, I’d be willing to bet the second that I go back to record. He’s going to move Yeah, let’s get back into the game. Can’t wait to see how cool that transitions gonna be But yeah, I’m not planning on buying any of these guns It’s been so long since I bought QQ coins and actually getting the credits onto your account is pretty difficult It’s not necessarily the easiest process. It’s not the cheapest process either. But anytime there’s something new with call of doody online I want to try to show you guys because it is really cool aside from just guns. There’s also new maps and multiplayer They brought back down turn from modern warfare 3 and it’s 99 I wanna see if I can find a match on this to play tail I feel like this happens every single time. I try to play multiplayer and called video online. I’m just I’m stuck in lobbies Where you can’t find anyone could try some 99 on these maps. I mean, this doesn’t look too bad There might be a better chance of the server’s actually being alive up. There you go instantly put in me how much money shit Oh my god, it’s been so long. I’m like, whoa We got pizza for modern warfare 3 this dude’s got a really cool skin too about three v7 situation Kenny clutch, huh? He triggered it. Oh That’s almost a Ms. Anime baby as one p per situation Olaf shoots the burg everyone Does anyone here speak English like that doesn’t know owner if anyone will have that like turret gun in this game of that. Oh Honey, I could turn got easily sure it look at that. I’m dead girl mother you ball Why is that in English cover me, I’m reloading I can snipe you’ll see I Got a fancy gun, I think I got the shotgun someone back. Oh I missed every shot at end of the range. Oh, whoa Whoa, if you ever need a recommendation for a guitar accessory get a pedal I think this is another model more for a three man. I don’t know if anyone will be playing it though Muga trust in PVE. I think this is a new PvE mode if we scroll through these pictures, it looks ridiculous I’m pretty sure this is the boss fight that looks like Bane on steroids we go to the devil At the shadow Peter. So yeah, let’s give this a go. Oh my god They all have the new guns. Let’s go. Oh they look so cool. And there’s I just have that LMG I still like my oMG. I mean, it looks pretty cool. These guys aren’t on another level though Damn nature, okay. This is zombie havoc. It has like different kinds of zombies though. They look ridiculous Perfect time to do zombies and stuff. It’s stormy outside. It sounds spooky and I guess play some spooky zombies This should be good. Is anyone there? You guys all want to talk understand? It’s fine You have a weird American in your Lobby probably has nobody what he’s doing. But you know what we’re gonna win this Oh, look at that gun. It looks so cool. It kind of looks like that one gun from infinite warfare I think it’s called the mauler LMG something like that. What is this map? This map is completely different too or is this is this black ops one? What is this? I don’t know. This is completely zombies I mean that’s just straight-up a soldier right there. Yo, I have no idea what’s going on right now. I thought this was zombies It’s not though. I don’t know what I’m playing right now. This is really cool, though. I think everyone in this game right now It’s super overpowered. I mean look at that. You’re not gonna stop this guy. Oh great. Goood I feel like I’m doing like no damage to them. I’m probably gonna die. Oh my god. I’m falling adapt So these guys do everything it seems like they basically have a limited ammo. I mean, I haven’t seen them reload or anything Just costly go Kamel smack me and kill me mother. He just spawn trapping him. This dude is just spawn trapping These guys are so good at this mode that enemies came into any fish Do you mean do with the giant gun can’t please have that? Can I have your gun? I? Mean, I’m getting them all the bit of spawning here I Feel like I’m helping I’m down to 35 health how did that happen Oh actually starting a lookalike hardhat from modern warfare 3 not identically put the actual style of the map if you look at like Scaffolding all of those little details on the map have a giant crane – it just looks like hardened but like completely reimagine for PvE This do you guys at this dude? There’s no stopping these two guys I think if I were to buy anything in called to the online this might be the gun to get they just look unstoppable. Oh Okay, can I do something? Oh, I’m helping a little bit. Okay. There we go Hope you guys spawn trap ever get see four kills. Wait. What? Oh That’s about that’s gonna blow up soon. Oh my god, I don’t even know who pushing that machine gun gimme Yeah, I get big machine gun – oh my god. There’s so many machine guns dropping out there – I want all of them. Oh Here we go Well, we blew something up now We’re in a tunnel gonna level up a couple more times cuz that’s good to do it gives you extra help that makes your guns Stronger simply work their way, but at the same time I’m a we got dude at level 13 who would 33,000 points I don’t think he needs any. Oh, we have a juggernaut. Okay, he’s gonna need some help We have a dude who’s I’ve been playing He just he knows they could be carried so well, so he’s not even doing anything. Wait. What was that? Get me do it. He dropped the gun I wanted you yo, can you drop me a gun? Can I have one of those machine guns? Oh I thought he was gonna drop it for a second – if they can drop the gun, I would love to use it that’d be awesome Oh like oh Okay, boss battle time yo can one of you guys drop you the machine gun Oh Get that away from me I don’t want it. Oh, this is crazy, dude I did not think I was gonna be playing this today, but this is awesome It seems like it’s pretty similar to the other boss fight Oh out any stunned us. Oh, okay He like she’s pleased to giant like plasma balls that like electrocute you or something. Oh go could go Oh, he killed someone now. You killed the worst player. I think that dude wasn’t in playing I got some other zombie spawning and oh, oh, oh, I don’t know. Yeah, I got immediately I was like, I mean I couldn’t tell what was killing me. I’m liking stuff. I let’s just shoot it See if we can do it See if you can beat this boss is definitely way easier than the one I was rolling all over the place telling us Oh my god. Oh my okay. He just crushed someone’s life school Hey, he’s ramming the people okay, he’d better not get me. Oh Oh Just sitting there, what does he do it? Oh, he shouldn’t missiles to shoot missiles. Oh my god. I’m so dead Marijuana’s got body slamming dead. Let’s watch them feel he’s they’re gonna kill him. He’s dead not like You he’s got his so overpower her 187 rounds Wow. All right. I’m back would have to do now, although there’s gonna be a part two to this one Just like the other map but and I have you guys as guns. They’re really good You’d like donate the gun to me. Please shit cease fire you Idiots, I like how had those like little comic strips while you’re waiting It’s all in English, too Which doesn’t make any sense because this is supposed to be a Chinese only Call of Duty game you drop the gun You drop the gun. I had the gun. Oh, but he actually dropped Lego tell you the crosshair is to oh wait Okay, that’s how you turn into a sentry. Oh my god This is so cool, I want to spend any money on it too because these guys are awesome. Yo you guys Rock Thanks for the gun. I know they’re not talking but oh my this is so cool. You can’t stop this This thing is just ridiculously good now. Let’s see what happens when we plant it like oh I want to make sure I’m in a safe spot first. Oh my god Let’s put this down. Let’s see. Okay, you shoot faster. Oh my god. It is just ridiculously overpowered. I love it This is so good. Now these dudes they’re not dying very easily, but I don’t know how to beat that Maybe you have to shoot them with something else. This thing is crazy. They’re eventually dying these guys take a while button This might be the craziest gun called in history like this thing is just so overpowered Imagine if they put this thing in supply drop some black ops for that would be I’m pretty sure that’d be the final nail in The coffin for the game. Oh my God. Look at this. Wait a second. This is like a Mon Amour 4 3 mission Where you escort the tank? Oh, that’s so cool We got dudes at level 23 and 21 and I’m just a I’m not even mad though, man I have the gun they can carry me to victory all they want. We’re guys you select some Easter eggs, okay Oh how cool it is? Ah Yeah, I can do that too. Check it out We really do have to give some props to Raven though because I’m pretty sure they’re the ones who came up with this idea there Really is just so much creative genius and talent there like you can’t beat it This thing is just so cool that I can just switch it from a gun to a turret all day This is just such a badass concept. Oh my god I did not think I was gonna be able to use this and I’m just so glad that I can I’ve gotta reload it. I’m eight three hundred rounds right now. Holy shit. Oh, I gotta get up gotta get up Come on, get up. He’s at me. There we go. All right We did it do when you have this gun in PVE. You just feel invincible Like I don’t think any other guns you can use it need to eat compared to this thing. What the hell was that? I don’t know what we’re killing or like what this is, but it’s just it’s crazy niggas It was disgusting like spider looking things that were in the preview of this maps guys. We’re leaving the tank on a tender They’re gonna eat the tank. We’re gonna lose. Come on. I got it. I got it. Where are these guys? Look, Oh, maybe I’m just really far behind. I mean, I don’t even know what’s going on I apparently have some kind of a specialist kind of thing I didn’t even notice that before if I click exit will do something, but I don’t want to waste it yet I Need to be part of the club that just sprays this overpowered machine gun in one direction and kills everyone I truly feel blessed my skills of keeping the mouse in one spot and clicking one button are doing really well right now you get Twice as much Emma when you go into the sentry gun mode – ish. It’s so good. They’re gonna eat that tank. Nope Nope, don’t let him do it. They’ll let him do it No, no The gun thank God. Oh my god. Thought I was gonna lose the gun forever. I was so scared. Oh, okay Oh, we gotta do some challenges now. Okay doing some destiny stuff right now. I see wait for it I better not lagging on one of these things. I will be so upset. This is really interesting I can’t believe we have maps like this now Oh What okay that last one was kind of confusing, I don’t know I think I’ll eventually come back though Hopefully I’ll have the same gun when I come back. If not, I’m totally screwed. Come on Okay, that does not look good, hopefully I can pick it up I do not want to use a blood-soaked knife There’s my dead body. Can I have it? I think I can have it back It’s always like when we get there I can get it. No, it’s gone. Oh, I’m just dead I think we’re about to find a boss and I lost my gun. I’m really sad I don’t know if we’re about to go through a different section of the map or maybe boss play Yeah, definitely boss my time. Oh my god There is there’s bacon hook-like gone God, no – coworker. This is terrifying. Uh, I and I don’t have like I wish I had that so badly right now Oh And here buddy killed those guys. Oh good I can get away from you. Get away from me Get away from me. Don’t you dare don’t know. Okay, I think about the airstrike map Okay, and he’s couple level 25 guy. He killed our best player. This is our other best player. Oh my god What is he doing? What is he doing? Oh, oh that does not look good. Oh Hey, oh, I’m scared. He got me the stupid parkour element. So just it’s too difficult when it’s lagging Sounds like he’s dying though. He sounds like he’s in pain. He’s like, oh my god. Yeah, he’s that he’s gonna die He’s on his last bar of hell. Oh My this thing is so hilarious. Ohh, oh my god. What’s he doing? Okay, we’re dead oh Okay, they got him he’s dead Don’t blow yourself up. What’re you doing? What why I think we beat it. Is that the end of it? I think we actually beat a whole PvE experience which has been a while I got some did I get some kind of special supply? Sure. Yeah, but I get I don’t know that god I don’t know what that stuff does my bad though. That was pretty cool. That’s gonna do it for this video Thank you guys very much for watching Hope you guys enjoyed this Chinese Call of Duty video if you guys did and you’d like to see some more cold to be online Videos, make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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