The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep [Timeline and Lore explained]

greetings Guardians my name is byf hear
what you’re about to watch is the culmination of five years of studying
the law and stories of destiny this is the complete story of destinies
so far until destiny three comes along that is now I know a lot of you who are
in my audience absolutely love these long videos but for those of you who are
watching this into thinking that the video is something you might not want to
watch in one stretch don’t worry I have designed it quite deliberately with that
in mind I’ve broken the video up into a bunch of different chronological
sections so that you’ve got different points where you can stop and start at
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this live of the premiere before we start I think I should also lend my
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the time this video is alive but with all of that said I think you’ve waited
long enough it’s time to tell you all the complete story of destiny from the
ancient history of fundament all the way to the shadow
keep of luna so let us begin the ancient history of destiny starts
not with humanity and not with earth the records from this time
supposedly date back millions of years with a record of histories and ceremony
kept by the hive known only as the books of sorrow the veracity of these accounts
is sometimes thrown into question with one of the hive guards even scrolling in
its pages that they are full of lies but as it stands these books represent our
only record of a series of times from millions to potentially hundreds of
millions of years ago that would otherwise be lost and unrecognizable to
us and so with nothing else to tell us any better and armed with the knowledge
that these records may be imperfect we must start with the records made in the
books of sorrow not at earth but on a distant shadowed world called fundament
fundament was a gas giant one so massive that it’s gravity could pull other
planets down beneath its clouds where they would impact on its surface oceans
the remains of these planets would form into continents and on these continents
life of a sort would struggle to carve out in existence the smallest form of
life on fundament was that of the krill and they were constantly under threat
from the harsh world upon which they lived there were many nations of krill
and one such nation was the osmium court and their king its ruler was about to be
put through dire straits their king was 10 a long and withering existence for
the short-lived krill save for their mother spawn who lived significantly
longer the king of the court had three offspring
Shiro the youngest who aspired to the ways of combat so she might seek
adventure and to defend her people sathona the wisest one who wished to
consume the royal jelly and become a long-lived mother so that she could
learn all of the secrets of the world and i’ll rush the eldest she who was to
become the next ruler of the osmium court she who was to take the King Worf
and to replace her aging father though they could not possibly know it these
three siblings would change the universe forever and would be led down a path of
destruction so great that it would shake the foundations of reality itself but
this all began with their father’s assassination their father was senile at
the time most krill who were long lived would die at the age of eight but a 10
years old the king was being driven to madness but
to some it was evident that there was at least some method in his madness he
would study the sky raving of moons of fundaments eternal storm clouds and
always he was accompanied by his familiar a white worm like thing that
was dead but had washed up from the sea depths in a state of despondence and in
response to the king’s consistent madness teh ox a mother of the osmium
court wrote to their archenemies the helium drinkers begging for them to kill
the king of the osmium court and to slay his three offspring offering to rule as
a regent for them beneath their command in his stead the helium drinkers happily
accepted and slew the osmium King but they were not fast enough to slay his
progeny Shiro sathana and old rush fled with their fathers familiar and took a
ship out onto the great oceans of fundament upon its mast they swore in
blood that in their lifetimes they would return to the
osmium court and avenge their father kill teh ox and the helium drinkers and
understand the doom that their father spoke off as he raved in what many
believed to be madness but the sisters were slowly starting to realize might
well be something to be concerned of the doom that their father spoke off was
later divined by old rush who remembered the last words that her father had said
to her namely but the moons were different and that the laws were bent he
made a sign representing a syzygy and it was this that revealed to all rush the
nature of their doom in the skies above fundament there were fifty two moons in
orbit but if all of them fell into the correct alignment they would pull in the
same direction all at once and they would therefore Paul for vast waters of
fundaments oceans into a massive bulge beneath where they lay when the combined
force of their gravitational pole passed the mass of water would then be
dispersed in all directions in the form of a tidal wave that would swallow whole
civilizations a god wave their quest was now even more urgent Shiro sathana and
old rush needed to not only defeat the traitors but to save their world and
their people from extinction in their extended travels they found a great
crashed ship an artifact of a bygone era an artifact of a greater civilization
this was not necessarily a seafaring ship it was potentially a spacefaring
one it was the needle and they had only found it thanks to the whispering of
their fathers worm which was now held by sathona
the dead familiar that the king had always brought with him was apparently
able to communicate with her and with its advice they held on to the needle
instead of selling it they then took a further two years not only to repair the
ship’s systems but also to deeply understand them but as two years passed
sathana grew worried she believed that they would not have the time they needed
to see the dream of their vengeance realized it is then that old rush stated
that they should dive they had long since learned but they could use the
ship to charge the immeasurable depths of fundaments oceans and old rush
believed that follow the waves closer to the planet’s core they might find
answers sheera protested remembering the bodies
of the ships prior owners and how something from down in the deeps had
clearly caused their ruin but savathun who had heard the worm familiar whisper
to her of the plant’s brilliance agreed with our rush and so the descent began
through the crushing depths and past terrifying beasts the siblings ventured
until they came to a still place here they monitored the waves above and to
the sensors of the ship stated that their fears of isuzu G were indeed true
it was indeed coming to pass and it was at that moment that they encountered the
Leviathan a creature as massive as the countenance of their childhood
and it spoke to them urging them to turn away from the depths of fundament and
from the deep in itself the Leviathans of voice was booming
inside their heads massive forceful and determined at first
but when finally it was exhausted by the protests of old Raj and Shiro sathana
would state but they should die our justification was completely clear at
this point she stated that she was guided by her father’s familiar and that
this was what had given them hope whilst the Leviathan merely wished for them to
return to the surface of fundament to live short lives and die and so they
continued to dive deeper down into the crushing depths of fundaments core and
down in those depths our rush found herself standing unprotected on the hull
of the ship but in spite of the immense pressure and heat she was unharmed
before her there were five massive creatures they were the worm gods Yul
the honest worm saw the will of thousands of the other hunger I are the
keeper of order and ibaka the worm of Secrets ancient creatures that served
the deep or as we now know it the darkness Yul offered all rush and her
sisters a bargain and told them that the worm gods had been trapped in fundaments
core for eons by the Leviathan their bargain was simple they would be granted
in water life by consuming the children of the worm gods but they had to always
obey their nature as beings Shiro would be perpetually attempting to test
her strength sathona cunning an owl rush our knowledge of the
universe and her explorations of it the sisters accepted the bargain and
took the worm God’s La Vie back to the surface once they had all chosen new
morphs and new names Shiro sathana and all rush ceased to be
and with that the birth of the ascendant hive gods
she wore off saveth ooh and Ulrich’s was complete with shiva raff taking up the
knight morph savathun taking up the mother morph and Ulrich’s the King morph
they rose again to the surface of fundament feeding the worm gods children
to any krill that would follow them and killing the rest the war they brought to
the surface eventually engulfed all the fundament with the survivors falling
back took a Hornet all the worm gods eventually rose to the surface with them
and escaped fundament with the forces of the sisters they pursued teh ox the
sterile mother who had betrayed the osmium dynasty to one of fundaments icy
moons on that moon the worm gods discovered that there was another race
inhabiting it known as the ammonite and that there was also a 53rd moon hanging
above its orbit although technically this was not a moon at all it was a
divine presence of the deeps polar opposite it was a presence of the sky or
the light as we better know it and what was this presence the travel
the krill and the worm gods undertook a campaign of annihilation against the
ammonite teh ox and the traveler and whilst a ox would escape during the
campaign the siblings of the osmium dynasty especially Ulrich’s learned of
the ways of the sword logic and embraced at dark power making them even more
terrifying and giving tails good reason to flee during the war though Ulrich’s
was struck with ideas of pacifism which enraged the one gods they believed in
the ideals of the sword logic that life should be tested against life that only
the strong should remain the worm that Ulrich’s had consumed in the depths of
fundament yearned for war and eventually this hunger was starting to gnaw at his
soul and led him back into the fray but even after this he still offered to
parlay with the ammonite on neutral ground it was then that the worm gods
demanded savathun teach him and teach him she did she betrayed Ulrich’s she
killed him but Ulrich’s did not die instead he
awoke in his throne world a part of the ascendant realms an alternate dimension
where the hive ascendance go when they die it is only in this a sentient realm
that he could truly be killed and whilst Ulrich’s was recovering Salva foon went
to the neutral ground had poisoned it killing the representatives of the
ammonite that were meant to meet at the point to parlay for peace before the war
was won the Leviathan came forth from the depths of fundament and was slain by
the forces of the deep in a final battle of fundament moons that shook the worlds
to their core after bowing out of the worlds they’d conquered and multiplying
at a great pace the krill would take up a new name as a species and would be
referred to from this moment until time ended as the hive they strengthened
their resolve and battled each other for over
twenty thousand years and to them at last they set out stronger and they set
out on a campaign of genocide across the universe fighting many different species
and bringing all of them to their end finding them unworthy of the sword
logics challenge the test that states life should exist with strength
however they encountered a problem as Elric’s discovered that the more they
fought the more the hunger of their worms expanded and so they faced the
threat but they would not be able to satisfy their worms insatiable hunger
this put the supposed immortality that the worm gods had offered them into
context but beyond just this it set the stage for a greater threat that was
looming on the horizon an alien Empire known as the ecumene came to face the
power of the siblings they had diverted all their resources into a campaign of
utter annihilation against the hive responding with overwhelming force
whenever Ulrich’s savathun or chevaux Arafa peered they knew exactly how to
defeat the hive and this was no coincidence
because they were being guided in that method of destruction by teh ox the
traitor mother eventually the siblings were beaten back so much that they were
left with no strength to go on fighting they gathered in Al Rex’s throne world
and assessed their options while Shiva Roth wanted to retreat and gather
strength and savathun wanted to beg the worm gods for more power at this point
Ulrich’s knew the logic of the sword better than them both and knew that they
needed to aggressively proclaim their right to exist through war and death as
this truth was affirmed a plan of action was devised in this plan Ulrich’s slew
his two sisters and by the sword logic became more powerful by proving his
might over them with their true deaths under his wing
Ulrich’s went to akka the worm god of secrets and told him that he wished to
receive the secrets of the deep when akka said he gave no secrets Ulrich’s
rebuffed the worm god’ and stated that giving was for the sky and that he had
to take what he wanted even if it meant killing akka even though akka was his
God and so Oryx slew akka or the worm God and from his ruin he pulled the
secret of communing with the deep he recorded that secret on a series of
tablets known as the tablets of ruin and hung them about his waist following this
he used the secret to enter the deep itself and whilst his speech with the
deep was not recorded what is known as this when he emerged from the deep he
pronounced that he was Ulrich’s no longer instead he was Oryx the taken
King and that he had the power to take life and to make it his own it was at
this moment that Ulrich’s went out into the universe and unleashed his new
powers upon the ecumene forces namely his new ability to take which allowed
him to abduct his enemies corrupted them with darkness and return them as
compliance slaves bound to his will and given new abilities thanks to the power
of the sword logic it was too much for the ecumene and eventually they were
pushed back and slaughtered it is here that Oryx enacted two peculiar hive
resurrections in spite of their deaths being true both she wore wrath and
savathun were returned to life each of them respectively summoned back with war
and trickery the ecumene would eradicate it so completely after this that only in
the books of sorrow and in the mind of teh ox who yet again had evaded their
capture were they even wrong but all note of them all memory all
trace was wiped from the universe following this Horrocks would have
moments and time to commune with the darkness thanks to the rituals recorded
on the tablets of ruin and the darkness would show him terrible dreamlike
hallucinations replicating his childhood and teaching him to be yet more brutal
to embrace the sword logic even further Oryx also learned that Shiva or Wrath
and savathun were at this moment conspiring to leave him stranded on his
expedition into the deep despite this he was brought back and when he was brought
back he endeavoured to bring sons and daughters into this world so that he
might love and kill them so that all would be empowered and strengthened the
first of these children was crota the eater of Hope whose strength was
unparalleled and who would one day rise to be one of the greatest champions of
the hive the second was knock hrus who was feeble
in strength but strong in mind more of a wizard than a knight unlike his demon
brother the third and fourth of his children came from a single larvae cleft
in two by Oryx his great sword will break her the love I became the twin
daughters of Oryx the death singers or Anouk the Weaver and Earl Halak the
unravel a oryx’s children accomplished many great deeds and their stories were
numerous from the creation of the death song to the destruction of whole axioms
of the universe Oryx is daughters in particular were highly accomplished one
day they were cutting a wound in reality and were proceeding to die inside it
when Oryx inquired as to why they stated that they would seek to create an over
soul as a way of both hiding their deaths as well as creating a death
impulse capable of defending their throne
if needs be or extolled crota that he should observe his sister’s and try to
learn cunning from them and so crota to decided that he should experiment with a
wound in reality however when crota tore open a wound in reality it was thanks to
savathun who had manipulated the wound that a partially mechanical form of life
poured forth from it a race known as the vex the exact origins of the vex and the
nature of their power is shrouded in a fair deal of mystery but they spilled
forth from the breach and began to invade our exes throne world before
crota could respond by destroying the moon a vex mind manifested known as
Coria blade transform which deduced to the sword logic with this knowledge of
the particular universe in which they stood at their hand the vex began to
slaughter oryx’s thrall and acolyte and by right of conquest and slaughter had
gained a foothold in presence within oryx’s throne world as they invaded it
with force obeying the logic of the new space that they had found in spite of
ironic and AAHA lock pulling sword stars from the sky and creating devices known
as the Annihilator totems to stop them the vex would press forth unabated it
was only as coria abducted the children of the worm gods and discovered that by
praising them it could gain even more power that the worm God ire stepped in
telling Oryx to set his house in order Oryx returned home and slew the vex
invaders pushing them and Coria back as punishment he took crota
and threw him into the VEX gate network saying come home glorious or die
forgotten crota would accomplish this going on to
be a legendary demon of the hive tearing down his opponents and allowing only a
few to survive to tell of the wrath of the osmium dynasty but even though crota
had succeeded there was still problem because oryx’s throne world was now left
with a tear inside it a tear that left him weak to a counter-attack or
potentially sabotage by one of his sisters and so before his court he
declared that they would transform his throne world he is part of the ascendant
plane into a physical ship in the material world
this was the dreadnought and it was built not only from parts of ACCA’s
corpse but with the incredibly terrifying mind-bending power of Oryx
and his hive his court worked in tandem to create what was effectively a paradox
a throne world of the ascendant plane pushed into physical space a screaming
gaping hole in what would be reality but regardless oryx’s powell was so
incredible that even breaking the laws of physics themselves was nothing
towards his might with this accomplished oryx’s throne world was secure and now
was time to deal with Korea he used his dreadnought to attack a
flotilla of ships that was guiding the night shaft thought ship a great vessel
that he believed contained the location of a place of immense light known as the
gift mast when he boarded the ship he found Korea and squarely defeated it
even as Korea tried to simulate him and his power Korea was taken and Oryx
presented its remains to savathun with but a single change from the typical
beings of the taken namely that it had a small fragment of its independence still
left and it was not completely bound to the will of its controller
from here the hive took their time and prepared to make an assault on the gift
mast which they had now found the civilization surrounding this correct
place of light had been passed over by the traveler which had altered the
gravity of a black hole so that the worlds around it might not be devoured
and would instead flourish within its now altered accretion disk they would be
provided warmth and sustenance and to their civilization would grow and as a
monument to the light the traveller erected a gift mast a great spear like
structure that jutted from the black hole and was filled with the power of
the light a gleaming monument rising forth from a singularity filled with the
energies of life itself the hive wished to devour this light and as the deep was
moving in this direction to devour the whole system so too with the hive
naturally its Vanguard they marched upon the wish mast
killing the Harmony its occupants and the ahankara the great dragons that
lived among them but as the gift mask was being devoured by oryx’s brood and
as his victory was certain savathun departed her brother saying that they
needed to grow distant from each other she took our moons and her brood and
they fell into the black hole that the Harmony lived around never to be heard
from again in the same stroke she wore Wrath took her broods and warming’s
and fled into the night with a similar purpose both of their throne worlds
became distant and inaccessible to Oryx and he was left to ponder it was here
that Oryx reaffirmed his choices and his belief in the darkness but Oryx also
pondered the question of what should happen if he should die he surmised but
the one who killed him should be the one who understood the universe in a welcome
linked manner than him and he believed that he would only be killed by
something mighty something that had some greater knowledge of the sword logic
perhaps or perhaps with some clever trap he therefore decided to lay out a means
by which he might survive even if he was destroyed within the books of sorrow he
created a map to a weapon that exemplified everything that he was that
in a certain way was him if created and a being that wielded this weapon and
used it to become mightier than both of them would be Oryx living on and Oryx
deduced that they would become one in the same a means by which he could truly
become immortal even beyond a true death this weapon would not seek instruction
for generations but when it was it would be a weapon of malice and we would be
the ones to construct it but the tale of the osmium dynasty would not be simply
left there Oryx is second son at Norris who was born as a lesser being of wisdom
as opposed to strength wished for more power and knew that his strength was in
that of his mind he went to the worms his God to yield to Zahl to aya and or
and he petitioned them asking them for knowledge of the origin of all things
all the worm gods denied him except one saw the will of thousands who was lesser
than his brethren and saw that in time he would be pray for his peer gone he
gave a portion of his power to the young Hyde
and taught him the art of bringing forth life from death necromancy
but the power nah Chris held had been given and not taken and this infuriated
Oryx who saw his son’s actions for what they were heretic ‘old to the very
ideals of the sword logic and a betrayal of his own dynasty he cast out his son
and removed all record of him from every hive archive the only record of NARAS
that remained was a single statue before the altar of Oryx which stood defiant in
its permanence these are some of the earliest tales of the universe of
Destiny tales that predate even our own history but as many of you will realize
they are but a small part of a grander cosmic war a war between formless and
form between the deep and the sky between the dark and the light the
traveller the divine presence of the sky would continue onwards evading the hive
and the darkness seeking out the call of worlds with the potential to receive its
light for those with meaning in their roar and thus the traveler would make
its way to the Alixe name but they would suffer much the same fate as the harmony
and the ammonite and the ecumene and they would suffer at the hands of the
darkness and the hive their entire system was destroyed in an event
remembered only today Alexei as the whirlwind where they were left to make a
great Exodus and abandon their home following would have a trace of the
traveler they could the great machine as they would come to call it would however
find a new place to set its roots as the Alixe knew transformed their once noble
society into a more barbaric and tribal one the traveler had begun to take root
above a system and a planet far far away the name of the planet was Mars the name
of the system was Psalm and to the year in the human Gregorian
calendar was that of 2014 and in this year it found us in that year of 2014
humanity witnessed an unknown artifact entering the orbit of the atmosphere of
our closest neighboring planet of Mars it was clear for all to see humanity was
no longer alone in the universe this strange object was of immediate
concern to the powers of Earth and 15 months later with cooperation planning
and commitment humanity sent its response the combined powers of the
People’s Republic of China Russian Federation and United States of America
led to the creation of the most famous space voyage known in human history the
voyage that would come to be known as Ares one and so it was that one Tycho
naught one cosmonaut and one astronaut ciao
meal over and Hardy all set out on a journey that would change history Mars
of course there’s a planet with little to no atmosphere and yet when the Ares
one craft touched down it did so in the middle of a storm the breath of God as
the wind buffeted them back and forth before landing this was not some strange
coincidence this was the work of the artifact and as
they took their gear and trekked across the Martian surface they could start to
see the artifact come into view over the horizon as they crested the ridge ahead
of them they saw it completely for the first time it was at this moment that
the first Martian rains began to pour and the actions of the object were made
clear it was terraforming Mars and something else became clear as well
this alien presence was not some conqueror or some terrible invader but
was instead benevolent they called it the traveler and its arrival in Seoul
would change humanity forever this would be known as the start of our
Golden Age the travelers divine presence would be a boon to our system and under
the radiance of its alight soul earth and humanity would blossom the planets
and moons of the system were terraformed with worlds like Mars and Venus becoming
habitable planets with diverse ecosystems of life and repositories of
resources the moon became the weigh station for all of the system sending
resources from earth to far-off colonies on the methane oceans of Titan or the
garden world of mercury but perhaps the most profound change of them all was the
people of Earth themselves human life spans tripled and the fundamental ethos
of our society changed and evolved not only were we more intelligent and longer
lived as a species but we also put that knowledge to use instead of squandering
it we cured a myriad of diseases that are taunted us put study into any number
of emerging scientific and philosophical fields and we extinguished the old
hatreds of mankind’s past forever humanity created vast monuments
throughout the solar system as the traveler worked to seed it for us from
the great Martian city of freehold to the new Pacifica our ecology of Titan
from the solar research stations of Mercury to the ishtar Academy on Venus
humanity began to flourish in every place imaginable in the system beyond
merely the places we laid claim to that was the remarkable accomplishments we
attained in this time with the great minds of the Clovis Bray Corporation and
others like them leading the way and bringing forth some of humanity’s
greatest inventions the rise of one of these was most notorious and important
of all the warmind Rasputin a supercomputer tasked with the mandate of
defending humanity from extrasolar threats or sky shock alert
Rasputin was an intelligence of such immense might that it was capable of
predicting and calculating threats before having even encountered them and
of devising a solution to them so that they might never threaten humanity even
if they did enter the system Rasputin was armed with a vast defensive array of
weapons and doomsday devices that could scourge black the skies of a thousand
worlds in the name of humanity’s defense should the need arise but this wasn’t
the only great invention of Clovis Bray they also created many incredible
technologies such as the intelligent nano technology known as Sivir which
could be commanded to construct anything imaginable this made it a particularly
valuable technology to those colonists who were heading outward to the stars as
it could be spontaneously used to create anything from a prefabricated shelter to
an oxygen rebreather if given the correct direction furthermore when relic
iron a mysterious new material was studied on Mars the Clovis Bray
corporation discovered an entirely new state of matter where data was
completely free from the restraints of physical matter this state was known as
Engram and it allowed any idea imaginable to be stored and of course
there were the EXO’s a project of Clovis Bray that allowed humans to transplant
their consciousness into a mechanical body and live on past the point of
normal human life expectancies however there are hints in the programming and
the past lives of EXO’s still alive today that give us an idea that they may
have been more violent in nature the EXO’s dream of a place where they were
born the deep stone crypt and whilst some of
them go there and walk peacefully through a field of golden millet most of
them dream of almost endless battle to reach the tower where they were born
but this is not to say that Clovis Bray was not the only one researching
remarkable technologies for Humanity or making incredible discoveries throughout
the system the researchers of the ishtar Academy on Venus at this time discovered
the ruins of an ancient civilization on Venus that predated humanity by billions
of years these were the vex and the ruins they discovered were those of the
vault of glass and the infinite steps the Ishtar Academy and the Ishtar
collective would make it their responsibility to study the vex and
their constructs at any place possible as our golden age magnified our glory
humanity’s greatness shone like a beacon in the night illuminating the very stars
themselves and convincing us that our destiny was not to remain on earth like
our ancestors or to continue their petty Wars but instead was to reach forwards
and upwards to the Stars and to grasp with a very majesty and grandeur of the
universe itself we flew out into those stars and spread our wings alas that we
let our hubris get the better of us not all were so ill-prepared or foolish
though whilst most sat in complacency beneath the glorious bounty of the
traveler some such as the three families of the black armory would begin crafting
phase technology and weapons so that they might fight back or defend
themselves a noble effort but tragically it would not be even close to enough to
stop what would come next as the centuries of the Golden Age passed the
war mind began to detect something far beyond the reaches of the system
something dark and terrible something that spelled our doom Rasputin’s
responsibility was to defend humanity and to this end the ecstacy program was
created a colonization effort that involved thousands upon thousands of
souls all being loaded onto colony ships and sent outward to the stars
but in spite of this Titanic effort by Rasputin and his sub Minds such as male
Hayati in spite of the valiant efforts of general Chen LAN Xu in spite of
everything that humanity would attempt to accomplish before the end it would
not be enough as the vessels of the Exodus program began to reach further
out towards the edges of the solar system something terrible and dark swept
them back in the other direction the warmind raised its mighty weapons that
were strong enough to shatter the might of stars and responded to this threat
with the full fury of its arsenal but alas even this was not enough the darkness had found our system and in
doing so had found the traveler doom was upon us the Golden Age was ending the
collapse had begun the dark tide that was upon our system
brought with it a terrible doom that could not be defeated by the war mind
and its defenses but the foe Rasputin faced was not by any measure one that
could be considered normal the darkness much like the traveler defied simple
causality and defied even the basic rules and logics of the universe physics
mathematics they meant nothing before this entity it could not be defeated
with the weapons of the war mind alone and it was made clear from this moment
that our annihilation was inevitable the vessels further out in the bounds of our
system were crushed by the darkness as they attempted to reach beyond the
asteroid belt these ships would eventually form a mass of broken debris
within the belt itself and this place this terrifying graveyard of all that
humanity had hoped to see this would come to be known as the reef and this
would be a fate much like many of those on earth and its colonies would suffer
they would be crushed beneath the wheel of the shadow of darkness as it passed
ever onwards through the howling void of the universe killing indiscriminately in
the name of its twisted logic that life should be able to fight and meet
strength with strength but the dark mrs. fury was not yet sated the darkness had
another target in mind it was also here for the traveler the details and
accounts from this time are limited and unclear but there are several accounts
worth referring to when speaking of the darkness during the collapse the account
from Kade sixes journals speak of a terrible miasma that spread across the
many worlds of the system holding every human it could find in its grasp and
drowning them in a tide of doom and despair Kade seemed to point towards the
darkness having a malicious consciousness as it was drowning its
victims the victims were allowed to be fully conscious they were aware
they were lucid and yet even as agony and pain washed over them the darkness
wished them to witness the destruction of their world it wished them to know
they had been beaten outmatched and utterly destroyed but they were unworthy
of existence that they were prey nothing more the black armory papers a series of
journal entries kept by the founder Henrietta Miran detailed another
encounter with the darkness their group had been locked within one of the
fortified facilities of the black armory and had to hold back
terrible indescribable creatures that broke through their defenses they
smelled only like wet earth and made sounds akin to the screeching of
machinery one thing that is made clear by every
entry is that the foe that had taken earth was a terrible one that would see
us all destroyed if something was not done at this time in the system
others were starting to stake their claims – it was in these moments that
another terrible power of interlope has arrived Norris and saw the will of
thousands took it upon themselves to claim the planet of Mars and to rain
down an assault on Hellas Basin where Rasputin’s main control center was kept
however in a successful attempt to hold off the forces of the hive Prince sent
the worm God Rasputin used its power to flash-freeze the entire region locking
the worm guard the prince and their hive servants away under a thick sheet of ice
in turn Rasputin too would also experience a period of dormancy we would
hear nothing from rasputin’s true centralized network for centuries as
only fragments of him remained within the various warmind bunkers that were
still active across earth and its many territories what happened next is an
event clouded in mystery and unser some spread rumors that the traveler was
in the process of fleeing the system as it had done so many times before others
spread rumors that Rasputin might have engaged the traveler as it attempted to
flee in order to prevent this outcome and some merely believed that the
traveler was attempting to find the right spot to stand and fight against
the menace that had embroiled itself throughout our system whatever the truth
might be the traveler moved from its previous resting place on Io and found
its way to earth here it would make a titanic stand against its enemy the
darkness the battle was long and would shake the heavens and the earth a battle
of proportions that the universe perhaps had never seen before of the Titanic
forces of the cosmos of a yin and a yang smashing against each other
breaking upon each other like waves on rock with enough force to level a
mountain and raise it again within the blink of an eye the two fought the two
stood the two tested themselves and what’s more the traveler one it was
crippled and broken but it sacrificed itself to save us and to push back the
darkness but its sacrifice was not without some form of hope with the
travelers dying breath it created the ghosts small autonomous drones filled
with the power of its light these ghosts would serve the forces of humanity and
would seek out those amongst the worthy dead who might possibly provide hope to
humanity and its defenders these would be the few choice and champions that
could wield the travelers light as a weapon in the earliest days that
followed the collapse these beings were known as the risen and whilst they would
come later to be known as warlords or iron law
so simply light-bearer’s today they are known by a simpler name the Guardians
with the terrible events of the final clash ended and the ghosts released into
our system the events that would make up the collapse would come to a close
but there was one far stranger account from the collapse that was given an
account from one of the Exodus program vessels that hit the asteroid belt just
as the darkness was approaching in earnest this vessel Exodus green
alternatively known as Yang Liwei would become the crucible of the forces of
light and dark and would become the birthplace of an entirely new species of
beings it is here in these most calamitous of moments that the people
known as the awoken what follows next is another account
that is shrouded in mystery a report of how a new kind of being was brought into
our world one of both the light and to the dark of the deep and the sky they
were known as the awoken their history is recorded in a series of documents but
the most notorious of these is known as the Mara Sena which talks of the rise of
their entire civilization and how they came to join Humanity in the struggle
that had consumed them it speaks of a great rift not only at the center of the
awoken soul but also in time within the awoken people a people that would be
riven by circumstance choice and their leaders the Mara Senna also comes with a
warning namely that in our attempts to grasp its truth we may in fact
mistakenly learn to believe a lie it is therefore once again at this point that
I should state that the story of the awoken creation is told through a single
source and that the truth of the matter may yet elude us but with that said yet
again it is our only source of context and so as best we know it this is the
history of the awoken people aboard one of the exodus program vessels exodus
greened alternatively known as Yang Liwei the
captain Alice Lee detected a strange signal that was following them for
approximately 18 hours in radio silence after repeatedly ignored hails and just
as captain Lee cut the engines so that she might make a sharp about turn and
face their ghostly stalker a message was received from the warmind Rasputin
Rasputin had detected a hostile extrasolar intruder in the system and
had initiated a car hair white emergency bringing all of the potential weapons in
the system under his control Rasputin demanded control of the exodus green and
its onboard guns but as Captain Alice Lee decided what to
do next torn between her colonial mission and
her duty to earth darkness swarmed around the hull of the ship and threw
its veil even the light could not be seen terrible gravity waves shook the
ship as ISIL taenia sleek impressed and expanded every molecule of the crew and
their vessel after the vote from the crew came in to continue onward instead
of returning to Earth Alice Lee attempted to send a signal broadcasting
a declaration of neutrality to their unknown assailant Alice Lee stated that
they wished to be treated as a separate species that was not party to baseline
human conflicts or their allegiance to the traveler
she prayed that this would be enough to make a difference against such an
indifferent darkness it was at this moment the two members of the crew were
out on the hull one of them had followed the other out the first of them Mara had
gone out there to die alone she had kicked off the hull with 50
kilometers worth of tether and her brother all twin had followed her out
into the darkness as the message requesting the massive entity’s
indifference was broadcast by the captain the darkness around them abated
and tomorrow saw a pinprick of light it was at this moment that Mara found
herself and all the occupants of the crew of the ship behind her threatened
to be crushed between the mighty presence of light that had just arrived
and the terrible darkness that swarmed the area the colossal forces of light
and dark that clashed here smashed into one another yet again filling the space
with so much power and energy that the universe itself struggled to maintain
what bounds of law that it could this was a battleground that was being
decimated by the powers of two para causal entities it was like dividing by
zero or counting infinity and if the two violent entities finally reached an
equilibrium the real effect of the power began to manifest the universe created a
singularity a gaping black hole as an effort was made to cease the power
causal forces that were tearing the very seams of reality apart the forces of the
universe swirled and buffeted around Mara and it was at this moment that the
mistakes of the universe were to be swallowed inside the singularity
everything pulled forth and darkness and light continued to fight and at this
moment Mara made a choice a choice that would change the universe
she detached herself from the fifty kilometers of tether that joined her and
the ship and together all were pulled down into the singularity all of them
had the same fate to be swallowed by this black hole but mara knew what she
wanted mara knew her fate she reached out at
the edge of death and knew that she would be the first but
it was not deaf and sweet silence that found her instead it was new life and a
place of miracles the awoken records next speak of captain Alice Lee
experiencing a primordial divinity of sorts as her existence increased in
complexity she developed a small sense of purpose that grew and blossomed until
she willed into existence the world that she wished to have found for people and
in doing so willed herself into that world as a being not of divine presence
but still loved an immortal one then she fell to this earth and lived upon it she
believed herself to be the first among the new peoples and perhaps the only one
but then lying on a black stone somewhere near a crashed remnant of the
ship she discovered Mara as more awoke she realized where they were in a world
of incredible bounty within the folded fabric of hidden space-time they were
inside the black hole Alice Lee inquired why it was mara that happened to be
second Mara stated that she didn’t know the first to lie to be told upon this
new world but Alice Lee believed her and so they went on to rouse their new
people into this new world and so it was that the crew was roused and out of the
original forty thousand nine hundred crew members of Yang Liwei forty
thousand eight hundred and ninety-one awoke with nine being unaccounted for
a council was called and it led the new people to declare certain principles and
verdicts they called themselves the awoken and they were immortal they
called their new world within the singularity the distributary and they
believed that they should never return from
they created a group of specialists call the you Tech’s to care for the
technology of the ship from which they had emerged and decreed that under
careful supervision they would reproduce with wounds of flesh and machine given
that any they added to their number would be immortal to the population of
the new awoken people was greatly imbalanced with three times more women
than there were men and as a result until more men were born they were
placed under the protection of the women above all some of the most important
verdicts created at this council were the sixth seventh and eighth stating
respectively that the awoken should know and love the cosmos that the awoken were
created from a covenant of light and dark but that the Covenant was complete
and no further debt should be paid and finally that the awoken were whole in
themselves existing in balance it was also at this meeting that a final ninth
verdict who was declared which was that unanimously the people would recognize
Alice Lee as their queen and so the awoken went out and explored their new
world charting its seas forests and stars this was a great time of creation
and pioneering for the new people and whilst Alice Lee declared as her first
rule that there would be no secrets amongst the awoken even here in this
place of new paradise and prosperity conflict would brew the awoken spread
across the face of the distributary and took on as many diverse lifestyles as
one could imagine from intrepid hunters to great seafarers to Sage scholars but
amongst those people differences of opinion would dwell and some would come
to doubt their purpose on this world some dwelt within the cities and
preached the doctrine that revere to the seventh verdict the V awoken were made
from the completed covenant of light and dark and that their debt was completely
paid they believed wholeheartedly that that
place within the universe carried no responsibilities and there would be no
repercussions for their action but those who dwelt within the country as many
awoken did were of the echo lysed belief who did not believe in the seventh
verdict and saw that the clash of Titanic forces that birthed them was
still going on they believed that they owed a cosmic debt one that would
eventually need to be repaid these two ideologies could not be so easily
brought into balance vehicle ice-t’s and their opposing sanguine believers were
divided but then a spark ignited a flame an echo lysed known as the daya sir
walked into the cities and loudly accused queen alice lane of deicide the
murder of gods when questioned about this claim she stated that when Alice
Lee had created the world she could have conceived of it to create the awoken as
gods so that they might be free from all forms of suffering and pain immortality
was one thing but to be truly powerful and yet to be denied this day aside was
an appropriate term perhaps if this was true this represented an original sin
and what’s more it represented a secret that Alice had kept even as she had
declared that the awoken were not to keep secrets the division between those
that believed they owed a debt to the cosmos and those that did not ultimately
led to a conflict between the awoken peoples known as the theodicy wars and
whilst the nature of the conflict at least in the Mara Senna is indicated to
be of a smaller nature nonetheless people died and the balance between the
two sides had to be struck and a truce negotiated Alice Lee petitioned Mara
solve who had been part of the echo lysed camp to find her mother who was a
skilled negotiator and could broker the peace
the mother of Mara and Aldrin who had been returned to life as Aldrin saw
through Mara’s games however and saw part of the truth which was that Mara
not the daya sir was the source of the Acolytes movement the daya sermon was
merely a pawn this was part of the truth but not the whole truth a truth that was
known only to Mara for a great deal of time the monarchy of the awoken would in
time wane in power and a new group of scholars would come to be the most
influential body of rulers they were known as the Jenson scribes some of whom
still persist in the Warlock orders of today the scribes who would routinely
send gen sim Knights on missions to test the reality that they had been studying
knew that Mara and Aldrin were gathering law and prophecies pointing towards the
potential day when the eckle ice-t’s would be proven correct and when the
awoken would need to repay their debt the Jenson scribes knew that this could
cause another theodicy war and so when a tall strong warrior named seer I doe
walked into the court of the scribes and demanded the knowledge necessary to hunt
and kill Mara for her supposed murder of the daya some the Jensen scribes obliged
and gave seer the knowledge she would need to hunt down Mara however a second
awoken queen was rising to prominence in the awoken monarchy Nagoya pin received
a cloaked and masked woman in her court one day whispered by some to be Mara and
others to be the daya sir whatever the case it mattered not for
after a long time of having the cloaked figure reside within her Court the
monarch declared herself a true Eckel ice-t– she bound the ambition and
knowledge of the Jensen scribes to the eckists
preferred task and so the scribes set about on the course of attempting to
understand if the awoken owed the cosmos a debt or not the royal palace was
turned into a center of learning and a feast of ideas that
radically advanced vehicle iced cause into this feast strokes your ID Oh her
cloak and longbow at her side she was looking for the hooded figure she
believed that hooded figure to be Mara and so she followed her to a laboratory
deducing that this would now be the time to draw her weapon however as she was
about to kill Mara she saw her face and was bewitched by her beauty and her
grace and this quelled seers desire to see vengeance for the die assume that
she believed Mara had defeated and killed she threw the weapon between them
and told Mara that she could not bring herself to kill but that the debt of her
battle needed to be paid she would fight Mara to the agony or died frying and so
Mara called upon Aldrin her brother who would battle upon her behalf
Aldrin suggested not one but three duels with blade rifle and fifth-generation
air superiority fighter these jewels and the prospect of Mara’s murder troubled
the jetsam scribes as they did not want to appear to have invited murder upon
the one who had extensively informed the beliefs of the Queen it would be like
killing her priest or her closest confidante they retreated from the echo
lysed mission and from the Queen’s Court and as the scribes fled the palace and
droves many key contractors in the mission to understand if the eckists
were correct or not since hesitation and withdrew their
support to to this Queen ding goya pin denounced the scribes and called them
faithless and selfish which only further deepened the tensions between the
sanguine who believed that the Covenant was complete and the eckel ice-t’s who
were even more doubtful than ever of the 7th 3rd act the political tension
continued to deepen as ultra and seer held their jewels the first to jewel was
held with knives and pitted zere’s simpler strong jabs against alterans
whirling theater of the blue but they were equally matched and a draw
was called in the second challenge the two chose long rifles and hunted each
other for days throughout the jungle whilst Aldrin blended in and used his
stealthy abilities to hide and stake out the fight sewer simply let her blunt
nature disturbed the wildlife around her which appropriately disrupted and
revealed ultra she shot him as he crossed a riverbed wounding him but not
killing him for the final challenge the two chose fifth-generation fighters with
the full complement of weapons available to either of them if the full complement
could not be supplied most crucially it would be simulated instead and if a
simulated kill was attained it was worth equal value to that of a real kill not
all weapons were available in particular a nuclear payload was not something that
the awoken had kept around having disposed of those weapons a long time
before seer chose an ermine tactical fighter with a payload of heat-seeking
missiles and Aldrin chose a ship known as a dart which was an exceedingly old
fighter with terrible onboard systems that would be easily outmatched by the
faster our mine CEO might have been able to sense that something was wrong at
this point but regardless accepted the duel and eight miles out from engaging
Aldrin in the middle of the sky Sears computer informed her that in a
simulated manner Aldrin had killed her in fact he had killed her and everything
in a four mile radius long ago during an age when the dart was
constructed the awoken had used military-grade ship-to-ship nuclear
payloads on the dart this was still a part of its payload and ultron had
simulated firing one of these and by the result had ended the jewel and in a
simulated manner killed sir after all their fighting and after all the immense
desire for revenge that syour held the two were tied Sewer threw herself before
Mora informing her that she had fought to a stand
still with ultram CEO left her fate in Morris hands and Mora lifted her face
telling her to join them and to be of service to her and socia did and from
that day forth until her dying day soft at the right hand of Mara solve later
Mara would meet with enjoy a pin and enjoy you would inform Mara that she was
abdicating the throne Mara had manipulated the monarchy in the Jen
subscribes to ensure that her needs both scientific and political had been
accomplished and enjoy a new this this was a rebuke as much as one could be
made against Mara but it was already too late
Mara had accomplished her purpose and was even planning ways to implement the
monarch who would supplant in Goya after some more time passed Mara finally put
her plan into action she proposed to the awoken people and her followers that the
hour of their reckoning was at hand and that the time to repay their debt to the
cosmos had come thousands flocked to Mara’s banner and an expeditionary force
was formed creating the basis for a journey by the awoken people into space
back through the black hole back to where they had come from the expedition
was 12.1 billion years in the making for time was slower within the black hole
when they would emerge hopefully not much time would have passed at all Mara
had been preparing for this moment ever since she had been reborn before she
departed there were two things she had to do the first was to ask for a boon
from the first Queen Alice Lee and the second was to say goodbye to her mother
in one last time the mother who would not be joining Mara
on the voyage back to Seoul in spite of all her power and all her plans and all
her manipulations mara could not bring her mother with her she could not
convince her to change her ways her mother was happy and did not wish to
change her life and Mara knew no matter how much they
argued she could not be swayed she tried nonetheless and their final
words were bitter and unresolved but this was nothing compared to the wrath
that Mara would experience at the hands of Alice Lee as they spoke later when
Mara arrived she endeavored to tell Alice Lee the truth and for this truth
that she would tell the boon that she would ask of Alice Lee was forgiveness
Alice Lee had long suspected that Mara was behind the awoken people being so
divided so riven she believed mara to be the one who had influenced the day
assume and the Acolytes into creating a society that would
always have a discontented few feeling guilt in their debt to the universe but
she could not possibly imagine the scale and brilliance of Mara’s design Mara
told her the terrible truth that Alice Lee only believed herself to be the
first being in existence in the new world of the distributary and she only
believed herself to be the first because Mara had desired it to be that way Fred
was Mara who had been the first to cross the event horizon that led to the
distributary Mara who had designed the world in all its flaws Mara who had
planted the division in the awoken people Mara who had been the devil that
had invented suffering and invited it into the Garden of Eden
that was the distributary all this so that 12.1 billion years later she could
enact the plan that she had set into motion so that she could take the
skeptics and the guilty and lead them back through the singularity to help
fight the cosmic war that had birthed them so that their debt to the cosmos
could be repaid it was this the creation of suffering
within a perfect world the first sin within the distributary the
manifestation of evil that Mara asked for forgiveness for forgiveness was not
what she received from Alice Lee it was only fury it was time for Mara and the
expedition to depart at long last the awoken were returning to the place of
their true birth before they left the world of the distributary there was an
alert retribution of some form had come for them missiles from the surface of
the distributaries planet were being launched and mara initiated an emergency
launch back through the singularity despite the slew of missiles damaging
some of the ships the crews made it mostly unharmed but mara was unable to
send a final message to her mother and so she would never know any more from
the woman that had raised her but now was not the time for sorrow now Mara
needed resolve she returned through the singularity and
emerged back in Seoul on the other side they were greeted by a
system in ruin the collapse had taken its toll and Saul was mostly
unrecognizable the once-mighty domain of humanity was left shattered and lawless
left in squalor and without hope of salvation or nobility whether Mara and
the awoken owed to the debt to the cosmos was a
subject of debate that one could potentially hold for 12.1 billion years
but the reality before them demanded a response now humanity was on its last
legs and undoubtedly the awoken could help
initially they settled within the asteroid belt around a massive string of
ships broken but tethered together near Vesta this was a closeness that
originally had kept them alive and in the end this was something that would
serve the new life of the awoken this would now be their new domain the reef
as they settled held a watch and the other you Tech’s who accompanied them
now known as Tekken’s divined that some kind of magic had followed them through
and that the awoken were giving off a strange series of effects best described
as magic they defied the powers of the universe mathematics gravity just in the
same way the darkness and light did but tithe to neither some awoken were
capable of this a causal effect and others were not but the effect was
strongest around Mara the awoken would then also endure a series of attacks by
the Alixe name who had succeeded in following the traveler from their system
of origin all the way to its final resting place in Seoul they awoke and
fought them back when they attacked Mara and Aldrin and Searle at the charge
every time zere’s might alter and speed and Mara’s warp
delivered the awoken to victory it was around this time however that Mara would
also be petitioned by the awoken for the right to leave the fleet of ships in the
reef and to immediately aid to the remnants of humanity Maura’s plan
involved them building up a base of power in secret so they could better
understand the system before them the awoken who wished to leave immediately
however grew tired of this and after one craft made a break for it
Mara’s own wish was the be awoken should be given a choice in all fairness she
had no other options mara stated that they were given one
chance under if they chose to leave they would not be permitted to return and so
the once Riven awoken were Riven again and those that departed for the worlds
of humanity would be of great assistance but they would no longer be known as the
reef born awoken they would be known as the earth born awoken thus a great
people was sundered twice the earth born awoken that went out into the system
were greeted by Horrors present to the collapse and the following age of
Darkness that came with it they would help to rebuild but there was no longer
a system in which they could see humanity flourishing immediately the
Golden Age was gone and when the awoken had returned humanity had spun into a
new age of existence a Dark Age when all but the faintest of hopes had been
snuffed out at the end of the collapse and the stars
of this new Dark Age of humanity the world was left in utter chaos whilst
some small groups had survived in underground bunkers such as those
fortunate enough in the black armory and whilst others had managed to evade
destruction in the wilds most of humanity lay dead at the hands of the
terrible power that invaded the system and challenged the traveller we were now
left shattered and broken with no clear means of communication with our outer
colonies and with all the inn system trade scuttled humanity was cut off and
helpless only on earth did anyone really face any prospect of survival or
salvation not only did humanity face the constant
pressing troubles of starvation and exposure but they also now shared their
worlds with a series of strange and deadly forces from many other reaches of
the universe the vex that had once been filmed on Venus had surfaced on Mars and
Mercury as well and had utterly transformed mercury from a garden world
into one that was now entirely mechanical with at least a portion of it
hollowed out into a giant simulation engine known as the infinite forests
aside from the vex a military power known as the Cabal had also sent five of
its legions to secure Mars and to set up a base of operations there so they could
launch campaigns into the rest of the system the five legions thus earned
duties dust giants siege dancers blind Legion and sky burners fought
ferociously knowing that they could only return home if they completed their
mission whilst on Mars they also began to
contest the vex for ownership of the world but the vex defended in great
numbers defending almost more fiercely than they did at any other place the
Alixe knee had also followed the traveler into soul and were now known as
the fallen by the facets of humanity that encountered them and they spread
throughout the system from the Jovian moons to Venus to earth with several
major houses such as the house of Devil’s and House of winter laying
claims to vast tracts of land within the territories that were once humanity’s
Earth’s cosmodrome in particular was a point of great infestation and finally
arrived to the vanguard of oryxes hive of the hidden swarm blood of Oryx and
spawn of crota all taking root within Luna they dug deep into our moon and
prepared for yet another one of their grand conquests creating a shadowy
subterranean fortress known as the Hellmouth in the region formerly known
as the ocean of storms this would burrow so deep into the core of the moon that
no light could reach its deepest recesses these alien forces would help
to set the world into chaos and in the Dark Age almost nobody could consider
themselves to be safe from the conflict that had engulfed all the worlds of
humanity it was at this time that the first of the light bearers began to rise
and stake their claim in the world around them these earliest guardians
were not truly guardians they were tyrants who saw their newfound
immortality as a tool to be abused as well as their light there was no duty
for them and all they sought to do was to wage war for whatever they could get
their hands on many of them would acquire valuable weapons and assets
throughout the system and for a time humanity’s only source of hope would
instead be a source of tyranny but that is not to say that all of the risen
light bearers what conquerors or villains amongst their
number rose an order of men and women who would be amongst the first to hold
to the true duty of the risen to protect humanity and to serve the light these
would be the warriors of legend who challenged and eventually defeated the
warlords of Earth they were known as iron Lords and the first four amongst
their number swore on the day of their founding that they would be protectors
and guardians of the people of Earth and so radagast hayoon Yoda and Saladin
represented some of the first true saviors of humanity however defending
humanity was not an easy task much of them had been disconnected and were lost
broken in the terrible calamity that was the collapse but as we always have we
survived and collected together sometimes into small towns such as those
most fabled places of Palmore no coyote who planted their flags and endeavoured
to make a living off of what remained of the system’s bounty but the greatest
gathering of all was that of a massive camp of refugees that flocked to beneath
the traveler to the place of its final titanic battle
against the darkness the camp began as a simple thing defended by a few risen and
huddled for warmth around fires and in furs in such a fearful place disillusion
brewed quickly into adversity rudimentary factions began to rise with
differing outlooks on the best way to control and run this would be Kemp these
factions grew until eventually risen in forces backed them on either side and
with them involved conflict eventually broke out in the form of what would be
known as the faction wars with some among the risen however seeking to end
the violence it was in this moment that the fallen attacked the camp
the factions were broken but the risen who had backed them on either side of
the divide all United and collapsed upon the fallen with terrible power the
Fallen were repelled and the new factions were left broken however this
was a lesson and the guardians sought to see that this could never happen again
for this was truly the first point at which they could be called Guardians for
after all had they not simply accomplished their duty to defend
humanity against the invaders of the system from this conflict a new system
of governance was born it would be impossible to stop the factions from
existing and so the consensus was created as well as the Vanguard the
consensus was a Council of both the Vanguard and many represented factions
all of which would be able to submit proposals to the speaker a leader of
sorts who had arisen with the supposed aid ability to speak to the traveler the
Vanguard was something entirely different though the Vanguard was a part
of the consensus but they were a Council of three Guardians one from each
discipline hunter Titan and warlock with them the Guardians would be represented
and with them they would be officially classified and so at last laws were
passed and enacted and a government with clear Authority in hand was born with it
the turmoil of the people began to cease and what was once a small camp of
refugees beneath the traveler began to grow and blossom first into a settlement
and then into a bastion the final bastion beneath our broken God they
would call it the last city but this last city would not stand without
challenges or foes to make them the most persistent threat was ever that of the
fallen with their lightning-fast raiding parties and their unwavering
ferocity though the offensives would start as small acts of piracy they would
eventually grow into a perpetual sea that would be as defining a
characteristic of life within the city as the very air they breathed the siege
in itself and the very notion of the fallen continually attacking the city’s
walls was nicknamed the hundred year siege for its seemingly never ended
however to counteract this perpetual threat the Titans of the city came up
with a solution in the form of a series of walls that encompassed the city as
the walls were built and great defensive installations were placed along their
length including eight towers of which now none remain it was the hope that
such a great deterrent bristling with both the light bringing guardians and
the death bringing emplacements of guns would be enough to keep the citizens of
the last city safe from the Fallen however the problem was not one that
could be solved by high walls and terrifying fortifications for the Fallen
were driven not just by anger but by a desperate faith their true prize was not
the eradication of the city or its inhabitants but the reclamation of the
great machine or as we know it the traveler the Fallen had been seeking it
out across the dark vacuum of space in true desperation and imagined their
jealousy to understand that when they filmed it not only had it been destroyed
and was in the possession of humans but that those humans had not only been
gifted with their own golden age as the Alixe nee had but also now were filled
with the ranks of guardians those who could truly use the great machines power
no such transgressions were intolerable and to this drove the Fallen to the kind
of seal that only madness of the desperate would dare to invite and
entertain it was then that the fallen of the House of Devil’s with its
strongholds located predominantly in Europe Asia Minor and old Russia struck
out in a combined attack on the city this would be one of the first true
tests of the city’s resolve as the devil’s brought their terrifying
soldiers and artillery to bear truly living up to their name but the Titans
of the city had prepared an answer it was not some secret weapon aside from
their light it was not some great strategy it was simply to hold the line
the four orders of titans including those such as the fire break order and
the pilgrim guard held the six approaches to the city in a coordinated
defense against the invaders a great attack was made and as it was repulsed
there was a chance to charge but the Titans including those amongst their
order thirsty for blood held to discipline and held the line the battle
was long and fierce the Fallen outnumbered them to an almost comical
extent but the Guardians had the light on their side and when fighting together
even when outnumbered and overrun they were seemingly unstoppable and the waves
of attacking fallen broke upon them with ease
the Titans that day held back the fallen on six different fronts and not a single
one of those fronts had broken this would be the first great victory for
Humanity in the Dark Age and this would be the first time the city had ever been
defended against a truly overwhelming foe it would be forever remembered as
the Battle of the six fronts and this battle was such a great honor to titans
that it remains represented in their heraldic iconography to this very day
with titan hexagonal designs calling back to this and always being divided
into four but it was not merely titans that made up the defenses of the city on
this day one of the most prominent sets of Heroes that rose also included a
warlock by the name of Osiris the Titans saint-14 witnessed his incredible skill
in battle seeing that he was almost seemingly
in more places than one at any single point in the battle and it was at this
point that saint-14 who had closely allied himself with the speaker
recommended that Osiris should be elevated to the vanguard warlock
position the relationship of the speaker and saint-14 was so close that they
referred to each other as father and son and at Saints recommendation the speaker
obliged and Osiris was proclaimed the new warlock vanguard the only dissenting
voice of this decision was that of Lysander and the Concord yet a faction
that believed Osiris to be a mistake a missing carnation or a faulty
resurrection by a ghost the victory at six fronts marked not only the end of
the first great test for Humanity but also marked the beginning of a new age
where Hope blossomed once again in earnest this would be the end of
humanity’s Dark Age where before they had cowered in huddled masses beneath
the traveler and prayed for deliverance with the iron Lords with the Guardians
with the city that deliverance had come now was the time for humanity to stand
once more and to begin to fight back this was too many amongst the number of
the guardians the birth of what would be known as the city age the city age maybe named after the city
but one of the most important things to know about the city age is merely to do
with the incomplete nature of humanity’s knowledge at the time being there were
no dates no timelines and of course our idea of what was was blurred and
partially incomplete such as the nature of post apocalyptic era and there is no
real consensus therefore on when the city age truly began for some it was at
the victory at six fronts for others the formation of the walls and for a few
still it was at the creation of the camp beneath the traveler but regardless the
city age began and it played hosts to ballads of legends myth and incredible
adventure the city would expand and grow into a powerful bastion of humanity and
the Guardian orders would press out into the solar system and commit to brave
deeds of heroism however the first event that is noted in the timeline of the
city age that is of real significance is that of a terrifying purge of some of
the most majestic and dangerous creatures within the
system it would start with the event known by the Guardian orders as the
great hunt but in order to better understand the great hunt you need to
start in the reef not the city back in the Dark Age when the awoken had just
been split into the earth and reef borne Mara instructed Aldrin to go out into
the system and to discover for her a unique source of power
Aldrin returned with what is known as a wish dragon an arm Cara a hum Cara our
dragons both sentient and intelligent enough to
speak bargain and deceive but this was not the only thing that made the our
home Cara extraordinary a Cara were shape shifters capable of
growing massive or miniscule in size on a whim and also had access to a special
kind of magic known as wish magic this power as best we know holds no
allegiance to the light or dark but it manipulates the threads of fate and the
fabric of the universe in a similar manner to the power of the light in the
dark it was not some stupendous power capable of crushing atoms but instead it
was a subtle thing that could manipulate the universe without necessarily
invoking its physics wish magic was named such because it
relied on preying on the ambitions and desires of those not strong-willed
enough to contest the Omkara the Queen and the Dragon Aldrin recovered
eventually forged a bond and the young ahankara would come to name itself riven
in honor of the twice Riven people that was the awoken more a hunk ara flocked
to the reef and awoken society began to revolve around them it is here that wish
magic and the incredible designs of the awoken came together to create what is
known as The Dreaming City a sacred place to the awoken hidden within the
stars of the reef itself in this place the ahamkara and the awoken lived in
relative harmony all seemed peaceful but they woken queen knew that the ahamkara
could be found all over the system and that the unique power she had sought was
not in fact so unique but this was not to be forever she would soon have that
unique source of power it was at this time that the city also began to
encounter the Dragons and at which point they realized the danger that they posed
the bargains struck with the ahamkara had granted the guardians great power
and wisdom and information that was crucial to their campaigns but had also
always come at a terrible cost this was the nature of wish magic for every wish
granted there was a terrible twisted reality to it one that would all
waise come at the cost of the Guardian themselves or someone around them with
their presence becoming a threat to the safety of the city itself it was decreed
by the consensus that the beasts should be hunted down and made extinct and so
the great hunt began with the city even quietly petitioning the awoken monarchy
for aid this aid was granted to them in the forms of weapons to hunt the beasts
although this aid was even secretly made available at the request of Riven
perhaps Riven was fulfilling Mara’s wish for some source of power that the wishes
always grant the Omkara or perhaps for some unique advantage but regardless
many great warriors took up the weapons of the awoken and the city and took part
in the hunt or at least the process of it many terrible final wishes were made
by the beasts and their assailants some of the scars of those wishes can still
be seen today though as with all things to do with wish magic there are many
details that are unclear or as of yet unproven regardless the ahamkara were
hunted to the very brink of extinction with only riven surviving trapped within
the fortified Citadel at the heart of the Dreaming city in a place known as
the Queen’s walk with that the only way the arm Cara could communicate to us was
through their remains which helped some of their latent power but for the most
part it would be generations even hundreds of years before the Guardians
saw another a hum cara ever again however it was not just the Omkara that
would start to see their end in this time the days of the iron lords were
also numbered they had continued to exist and to defend the city as they
grew in number sending out guardians from their base of operations on fel
winter peak the order had grown to at least a hundred in number but radagast
lamented that whilst he and his iron Lords could defend humanity and watch
over the vast tracts of they could not so easily return humanity
to its golden age of technology but when Lord Timur a warlock of the iron Lords
discovered records of the lost Golden Age technology of Siva
radagast leptin to action the nanotechnology could potentially rebuild
the marvels that humanity had lost and without at their command there was the
potential for them to do even more incredible things when the location of
the technologies whereabouts had been discovered particularly the replication
complex in the northeastern section of the cosmodrome everyone of the iron
Lords descended on that part of the world in force hell-bent on claiming the
technology for Humanity it was discovered that the billions upon
billions of Siva nanites were still under the command of a fragment of the
warmind Rasputin and in a moment that would resound throughout the ages
the infamous iron lord warlock known as fel winter attempted to commune with the
shard of Rasputin however for reasons not truly understood the war mind sent
its response in the form of a three word command to the millions of nanites of
Siva this command would spell doom for the iron Lords that laid claim to this
ancient technology those words replicate eliminate immunize and so full of fury
that only a weapon such as Siva could contain Sivas nanites were unleashed
upon the iron Lords the battle was one of terrible proportions and it was
suddenly clear that if Siva was not contained it was liable to overrun the
cosmodrome and from there who knows what it could do nine iron Lords made a push
for the replication complex where the source of the Savannah Knights could be
filmed but after much fierce fighting it was clear that all hope was lost without
great sacrifice lady elder took it upon herself to seal the replication complex
with seven other iron Lords and her cell inside whilst also detonating an
explosive device that contained the art break of Siva the only Iron Lord to
survive the replication complex was Lord Saladin and the battle outside in the
cosmodrome had seen all the other iron Lords slaughtered with the exception of
lady F ratite who went on a path of Exile and pacifism from that day onward
the area of the cosmodrome containing Siva was from this point onwards
quarantined and from that day forth the region would now be known as the plague
lands for the mechanical plague that lay dormant beneath its surface Lord Saladin
would wait and watch holding silent vigil over the place
until the day that he might finally be needed again to finally bring rest to
those iron lords that had been lost meanwhile back in the city trouble was
starting to brew Osiris the new warlock vanguard was descending into a deep and
secluded study of the vex he knew that other threats to the city such as the
fallen did exist but his research had left him convinced that the vex
represented at the greatest present danger to the forces of the city and to
the Guardian orders these beliefs brought him into contention of the rest
of the consensus and in particular the speaker when Osiris sought to publish
his findings in order to arm the people of the city with knowledge the people
instead took to them not as scientific study or fact or even merely as
speculation by a scholar instead they took to them as prophecy such was the
cult of Osiris his personality the speaker then saw this as an attempt to
radicalize and split the population of the city between those that supported
Osiris and those that supported the consensus the speak’ even took to the
extreme measure of burning the prophecies of Osiris and too began to
speak of her once revered warlock as though he was a curse
one day the speaker called to the consensus to order and declared that
Osiris was a to an otherwise healthy body and called
for a motion to exile the warlock it was at this moment however the reservist
entered the hall of the consensus and accepted the decision wholeheartedly
Osiris left the city and headed out into the territories of the vex so he could
fight them on their own ground but what osiris could not take with him
was the impact that he’d made upon the city and its people
this was irreversible and would so the first seeds of dissent against the
Vanguard City and the consensus seeds that perhaps can still be felt to this
day seeds that perhaps have dwindled and died but regardless of Cyrus’s cult
would leave a mark there was however little time for this disunity amongst
the people and to the guardians of the city a foe on the horizon that was all
too familiar was beginning to raise its ugly head and all of the forces of the
city would need to muster in order to face it the Fallen houses were starting
to coordinate and gather their forces whilst this would sound innocuous to
some this would be correctly identified by the hunter Scouts in the employ of
the vanguard as all too terrible on account once the Fallen houses were
normally fiercely territorial and would fight amongst themselves to maintain the
status quo but for them all to be collaborating meant that they needed to
unite under a common cause and this could only be one thing the great
machine having seen the House of Devil’s so firmly rebuked by the city at the
Battle of the six fronts it was clear to the Fallen that it would take the forces
of more than just a single house to have any chance of breaking the city and
claiming the great machine for their own and so the four greatest houses in the
system came together with a united purpose to reclaim their heritage lost
in the whirlwind by right of war the House of Devil’s Kings winter and
collected their forces and made plans to converge on the city as a United Armada
that would blot out the Stars with their numbers millions of fallen were
assembled for what was quite possibly the most colossal battle in the history
of the city it was believed that with their combined might the houses would be
unstoppable and that united under a joy banner they would not only reclaim the
great machine but also destroy their bitter human rivals once and for all the
battle for the city that would take place that day would be known as the
battle of the twilight gap the city prepared for the attack and the defence
was organized by three Titans Lord Saladin led the defenses and was in
command are all deployments of the forces of the city his two commanders
would be given specific forces and would be able to assist in holding the wall
from the front line the fighting was ferocious and it appeared as though the
Fallen had humanity backed into a corner as the forces of the Devils winter and
Kings pushed hard against the Twilight gap a small segment of fortifications
that was being quickly overrun Saladin saw this and was dismayed calling for
all forces to fall back to the next district lord shaxx who was at the
twilight gap saw this and could not abide by such a notion for he knew that
falling back could very well mean the doom of the city he was left with a
choice he could either obey orders and fall back to the city or he could hold
his ground and to defend the twilight gap with everything that he had left in
that moment shacks helped the fate of the last safe city and of all of
humanity in his hands and luckily for us he chose to disobey his orders he called
his fire team including the fabled gunslinger and a pray the Sun breaker
weapons crafter known as Li Feng and three other Guardians known as Kashi 32
Rd and Troost together the six of them fought back-to-back side-by-side dying
over and over defending the very soil for the
hallowed place that it was for this was the last bastion of hope and they would
defend it until the last of their light was spent the fire break order would
have been proud they had stood their ground and chosen a place upon which it
would be worthy for them to die but they would not fall and after enough time had
passed the other defenders were able to reorganize and create a counter-attack
the reinforcements included and alb Rask the Hunter Vanguard
and Commander Zavala the other sub commander of the city’s forces now
reunited with their fellow Guardians they would begin to sweep back the tide
of fallen and with that any chance of the Fallen claiming the traveler was
snuffed out for good lord shaxx with his decisions in that split second
had saved the last safe city this represented a landmark moment for the
city not only was it’s truly a stellar victory for the forces of the city over
the fallen but it set into motion a spirit of indomitable confidence within
the Guardian orders the Fallen had gathered the full measure of their might
to contest to the city and in spite of those close odds the attack had been
squarely repelled shacks however would feel reprecussions of this day him
Zavala and Saladin would never quite be friends again thanks to his
insubordination on that day regardless shacks would gain a level of prestige
that was unparalleled and would go down in the history of the city as a living
legend but the cost of this victory would also be immense many legendary
Guardians had fallen that day and the ranks of those that remained was
stretched thin amongst those supposedly lost was Anna Bray who had been seen by
Zavala falling from the city after being assailed by a fallen captain the city
mourned for the losses but in a way it also made the city stronger as the loss
brought a series of actions from the city’s citizens and
ian’s that proved its own resolve many attempts were made to honor the heroic
Guardians that had fallen that day but the most notorious of these attempts was
not some statue commissioned or a banker flowers left in the tower instead it was
the creation of two genius inventors known as faisal crux and victor lamar of
the crux loma foundries they were responsible for creating much of the
city’s heavy ordnance and with this goal of honoring the guardians that had
fallen that day in mind there was a pure intent that they had realized and they
sought of the development of a new weapon through what would be known as
project Heimdall this would involve the melting down of the armor of those
guardians lost at the Battle of Twilight gap they would then see that Amaury
forged into one of the most infamous weapons in the history of humanity the
yahwah horn shoulder-mounted launcher system not only did it contain
revolutionary technology in the form of the wolfpack rounds but it also held
with the fury of the guardians that had fallen that day fighting back not just
with the explosive fire that one would expect but also with the light of those
guardians that had fallen others still honors those that had fallen that day
with actions that were more direct saint-14 was the most notorious amongst
them and took it upon himself to personally conduct the great Crusades
these were great attacks against to the Fallen that he undertook alone these
campaigns were incredibly successful and as time went on each of the houses were
beaten back eventually the Crusades were so successful that saint-14 found
himself dueling with sulcus the Kell of the House of Devil’s sulcus eventually
held the Titan in a choking grip and it was almost at the point where Saint was
defeated but the Titan rolled back his shoulders and head with every ounce of
strength remaining and used it to headbutt the Kell
of the fall and House of Devil’s so hard that Kells skull caved in killing him
instantly st. 14 stood alive and victorious Saint
was then contacted by the speaker and although the speaker wished him to
return home having heard news of Osiris being spotted on Mercury Saint headed
out there to find him and was never seen again however what is overlooked by some
is that the glorious victory at Twilight gap would have been impossible without
the intervention of another infamous figure within the system namely the
awoken queen of the reef Mara solve she saw the Fallen communicating with each
other across the system and it was the house of wolves that had disturbed her
their fleet had gathered from the Jovian moons and was making a resupply run at
the asteroid of Ceres which lay squarely in a woken Territory the Queen had two
possible choices either she could allow the Fallen to pass by and keep the reef
a secret from the rest of the system or she could engage the fallen wolves at
her door and destroy them whilst exposing the reef to everyone in SOL a
choice between secrecy and publicity a choice between peace and war and Mara
chose war what followed was a series of campaigns
and skirmishes that involved both the awoken of the reef and the various
fractus parts of the house of wolves it would culminate in a battle between
Mara’s forces and the newly appointed wolf calss coalesce the rabbit the war
might have been yet bloodier and might even have been lost but the Fallen were
betrayed by a House of judgments scribe known as variks the loyal’ he was in
service to scholars and allowed the awoken a critical advantage which let
them capture scholars finally he was sent to languish in the prison of elders
along with many of his truly faithful fallen wolves but in the prison of
elders there was no potential to grow and so some of the wolves swore loyalty
to the vestian dynasty of Mara solve they would eventually of course betray
her but for a time the fallen and the awoken lived together in the reef in
harmony meanwhile in the ranks of the guardians of Cyrus’s teachings would not
go without having an impact still saint-14 was not the only one who was
seemingly obsessed with the old warlock master and having heard of the power of
the vex from his teachings there were others that sought to fight against this
terrible foe and it was then the three guardians known as praedyth Bohannon and
kabir the legion ‘less would attempt to enter the vault of glass and defeat the
terrifying vex presence within however they severely underestimated the power
of the vexes defenses within the vault which despite seeming like nothing more
than a large cave network was in fact a giant fortress and the site of some of
their greatest experiments with time within the time streams they could do
more than simply destroy the Guardians with their immense firepower they could
manipulate time as a weapon the Guardians faced what were known as the
Oracles in the vault vex supercomputers capable of isolating an individual
within time and unless they asserted dominance over
it removing them entirely understand that this means you don’t simply die to
be filmed wanting by an Oracle to be stunned by the ritual of negation is to
have never existed at all such was the power of the vex in the vault in the
face of such power the guardians were helpless the hunter po-han in’ fled and
the warlock praedyth was locked deep in the confines of the vault lost in its
time stream however it was Kabir the legion ‘less who would face the most
gruesome fate of all Kabir would drink of the radio Lauria of the vex Oracle’s
and this meant that his body slowly began to be corrupted as he himself was
changed into the vex he would lose control over his body and brain and
before they took him entirely kabir forged a mighty shield known as the
aegis it is into this shield that he poured all of his light so that if other
guardians might come through the halt they might have a source of power that
could be used to break the vex is hold over time the first raid on the vault of
glass was a failure and Kabir the Legion ‘less was no more but this would not be
the last adventure that the guardians would see in the vault of glass
meanwhile in the city factional differences within the consensus were
beginning to intensify and Lysander the leader of the faction known as the
Concordat declared war upon the vanguard and the speaker although his reasons for
doing so are not well recorded or understood this upheaval led to a final
confrontation between the new monarchy and the Concordat in the tower that is
known as burna fall and this effectively ended their membership of the consensus
and their general part in the city’s life in their place another faction
known as the future war cult was promoted to the rank of full consensus
member around this time the consensus records
also make the first real mention of lord shaxx and his crucible the objective of
which was simply to allow guardians to train by fighting each other guardians
had long had a habit of fighting and settling differences through combat but
shacks as crucible formalized to the practice and acted as a tempering flame
to the blade that was the young Guardians entering the ranks that had so
recently been filled with heroes the crucible over time became more and more
engraved in the city’s culture and eventually became a televised sport
within the city with residents placing bets and supporting their favored
Guardians or clan based teams with incredible Vidia
just as one might support any other sporting team today the games led to a
sense of honor and chivalry for most because even as the Guardians fought
each other they made each other stronger in the process but that strength would
still not be enough to stop the most aggressive of adversaries it had been
some time since the attack on Twilight gap and the Fallen had not made another
assault on the city in some time however this was not to say that the Fallen
weren’t still a menace long prior to Twilight gap the wilds were haunted by
the whispers of a fallen mercenary called
tan X the scarred who was a gun for hire amongst two the Fallen one who would
pursue guardian targets in particular at the behest of those who could pay a
handsome price a mercenary through and through but a devious one with a mean
streak at a habit for destroying guardians entirely after encountering
him in the field the hunter ándale brass and his close friend cayde-6 made what
would be known as the vanguard dare the first one to kill tenex would be
rewarded with renown and fame the loser would fill the hunters Vanguard position
a most onerous task for a hunter that desires freedom and the ability to
explore cade went on to win the contest killing
tonics but the problem was that Cade had not simply killed a being of mortal
flesh Tenex was more mechanical than biological and every death would simply
mean his reconstruction in time tan X would find vengeance and sometime after
the Fallen had been served their bitter defeat its Twilight gap
Tan X would serve vengeance by slaughtering handle brass feeling guilt
and responsibility for not having been able to kill tan X Cade took the place
of the hunter Vanguard in Andals stead the loss of the hunters Vanguard could
have been a deterrent to the Consensus and the F OTC generally but perhaps
emboldened by the city’s dominant position while believing with hubris
that they could reclaim the glory of the Golden Age they set their sights on a
grand military goal when the first men landed on the moon in the 20th century
they marked themselves as true pioneers of humanity and human civilization for
better or for worse the consensus sought to emulate their forebears and sought to
reclaim the moon from the hive some would call it brave the wise would call
it madness lord shaxx having faced to the hive and the might of their swords
before would inform the consensus in no uncertain terms of the mistake that they
were making pleading with them to call off the attack after having witnessed
their power at another smaller skirmish known as the Battle of the burning lake
the consensus however was unmoved and the expeditionary army was approved the
city gathered together the first and last army of guardians to serve on a
mass offensive against the alien force in Seoul over a thousand Guardians
journeyed to the moon and touched down with the intent to claim it from the
hive by force however in spite of the might of over a thousand guardians being
present on the moon’s surface the burners of the cormorant seal would meet
stone resistance from the hive whilst gains were made at first and
whilst some prisoners we even captured the guardians were stopped by an
unbreakable champion of the hive a terrible demon wreathed in green flame
wildung a sword that cracked the surface of the Moon with every swing it was here
that the Battle of Mari Abram would be fiercest and it was here that the
guardians would first face crota the eater of Hope the son of Oryx his
culture assault on the Guardian forces was so vicious and complete that it is
better remembered as butchery the Guardian forces had to pull back having
lost many of their number and so the Battle of Moria briam ended in crushing
defeat as the beleaguered Guardian forces fled the moon’s surface they left
behind many dead and would forever remember the failed assault on the moon
by a terrible different name they would remember it as the great disaster the
aftermath of this calamitous event was far-reaching and tragic but there is one
tragedy that rises to prominence above all the others
the tragedy of eriana-3 and waning eriana-3 was a Wallach of the praxic
order and at Marea briam she had lost her lover waning a mighty Titan warrior
who at the hands of crota had been slain wishing for revenge
arianna sorta means by which she could assail the hive and destroy crota but
she would not receive any assistance from the city following their terrible
defeat as the Consensus suspended all cislunar Guardian operations and stated
that any to step onto the moon’s surface did so alone areal his vengeance would
have to be attained another way she was joined in her struggle by a hunter of
the hidden a mysterious organization run by AI Cora Rae this hunter was Eris morn
and she too was hell-bent on avenging those who
fallen to crotas blades on the surface of the Moon together they knew that in
order to defeat their enemy they needed to understand them and if they expected
any success in this matter they needed to find someone who knew the hive better
than most and so it was that they sought out the exiled warlock master of hive
Arcana they sought out Toland the shuttered one his exile was
originally due to his heretical beliefs and his adoption of the hives very own
sword logic as his core values he believed that the darkness would be
victorious with this simpler more effective logic of battle and with
Toland at their side a team began to form Aris Toland and Ariana were joined
by two hunters known as America and Sai motor and a mighty Titan of the pilgrim
guard known as vell tarlowe together the fireteam would assemble and assault the
helm elf and take the fight to the hive six of them would go down into the pit
seeking revenge for those they’d lost or seeking power locked deep within the
hive fortress felt Arlo was defeated by a mass of rules that swarmed over him
and though the thrall were weak individually as a horde they tore the
Titan limb from limb sigh moto was lost at the hands of omnigul the will of
proto and the mother has spawned Eris was the last to see o Moraga who had
been captured and broken by the hive suffering possibly a worse fate than
death for his light was torn from him like flesh from bone and was fed to a
new generation of crota spawn he died in agony so unimaginable that only in the
cruel minds of the hive could it even be contemplated eriana-3 and Toland made it
down into the stills at the very bottom of the Hellmouth and even made it into
crotas a sentient realm the Oversoul throne it was here in the
apex of crotas power that Toland showed his true colors he conversed with the
death singer a yurt and his curiosity to understand her death song was met with a
culling he was stricken from his mortal body by her power and his soul was
loosed into the ascendant realm where he would wander the sea of screams much to
his delight much to his interest then it was only Ariana who stood before the
power of the hive Prince her death is not recorded but it is assumed without a
doubt that she perished this left only one Everest mourn Eris who was now deep
in the Hellmouth and who had lost her sight and her ghost she should have died
at the hands of the hive and yet she went on and survived and stole back her
site using the eyes of an acolyte as our own and for hundreds of years
she dwelled in the depths of the Hellmouth with the loss of Mara Abram
and the failure of the first fire team to defeat crotas forces the city
descended once again into an age where darkness seemed very palpable and very
terrifying the forces of the enemy pressed in around us and to the once
great power that had radiated from the guardians had started to wane the city
held its breath as the last tower stood in defiance against the night tales once
told to frighten children slowly stopped as the children were frightened anyway
and in the hour of great darkness that had descended upon us something
glimmered it was not something that the city was unused to but it was something
that it had forgotten hope hope would find us and to that hope
was you it was now in a time of great need that
we were risen into this world but even as we took our first steps we were in
grave danger after evading the fallen we found an old Arcadia jump ship capable
of taking us to the last safe city guided by our ghosts we made our way
past mountains and through storms and it was here that we were informed of the
true mission of every Guardian to push back the darkness and to assist each
other and fight for the light we would go and assist Guardians on earth and
beyond but first we needed to head back to the cosmodrome to slay Rix’s Rix’s
was an Archon rising of the House of Devil’s and from his remains we claimed
a near light speed drive which allowed our old jump ship to head out further
into the system and to travel to other worlds it was then that we explored the
abandoned cosmodrome and found not only that the Fallen were trying to break
through the firewalls of a fragment of the warmind Rasputin a fragment of which
was located in the cosmodrome on earth but also it was when we discovered a
hive nesting ground this nest had been built into the old sky watch of Earth
and it was led by a witch who we killed the ghost handily assumed and deduced
that the witch had to have come from the moon we also reactivated an older race
station unintentionally connecting the fragment of Rasputin to systems all
across solve finally we took on the Fallen Devils in their home turf
defeating their high servitor epochs prime and dealing a crippling blow to
the house for a fledgling Guardian to accomplish such feats was not unheard of
but it would be wrong to state that we hadn’t gained the attention of a few
important individuals next we decided to follow up on what we discovered in the
sky watch and ventured out to the moon to discover what was happening and
how the hive had made it to earth here we discovered a high of temple known as
the temple of crota and after defeating its dark wardens we retrieved a captured
ghost who had died but had learned of a hive plan to invade earth investigating
this further led us to infiltrate the hive fortress known as the Hellmouth
where we discovered a hive information database known as the world’s grave this
contained all the knowledge imaginable on the hive and their plans the world’s
grave indicated that the hive had been preparing to unleash their forces on
earth for centuries and that their plans were nearing fruition it was our job
then to blunt the hive offensive in any manner we could and from here we then
ventured back into the hive fortress for several sorties the first of which
allowed us to destroy the physical manifestation of the hive champion
crotas sword and venturing deeper into the inner recesses of the fortress
allowed us to destroy a shrine to Oryx himself and to defeat its guardian SAR
doc finally however we received a desperate communication from the speaker
stating that they believed that the hive were engaged in a ritual that was
draining the traveler of its light we immediately rushed back to the temple of
crota to infiltrate the fortress once again and stop the ritual but it was
here that we were greeted by a mysterious voice the EXO stranger she
told us that there were worse enemies than the hive and that we should go down
and face them and that if we survived we should meet her in the Ishtar sink on
Venus having heard the words of the mysterious figure we successfully
stopped the ritual which as it turns out was draining the light of the traveler
through the use of one of its own broken shards but our job was not complete
following the warning that there were worse foes than this out in the world we
headed to the Ishtar sink on Venus and discovered for the first time the
it is here after slaying them on mass that we discovered Elsie Bray better
known as the EXO stranger Elsie’s identity would be a mystery to
us for years to come and it was only when we would rediscover her sister and
a Brae that we would ever get any note from Elsie in particular but it was
worth knowing that Elsie had our back even if she didn’t even have time to
explain why she didn’t have time to explain she told us that in order to
stop the vex and to stop a greater darkness we needed to head to the black
garden where the vex were born we were informed that only after defeating the
heart of a black garden would our traveler begin to heal the only ones who
knew the location of the black garden with he awoken and so we headed out to
the reef to meet them they were at first very unwilling to work with us and even
greeted us with contempt but mara sauvé sought an agreement with us and so
Prince Aldrin informed us that we would be allowed to enter the black garden
only if a key was forged and in order to do that the awoken would need the head
of a VEX gate Lord and so we would need to head back to Venus to track one down
in order to do this we would need to know more about the vex as a whole and
so we ambushed a cyclops and stole its mind core then taking it to a nearby
abandoned Ishtar collective facility to study it from here we discovered the
true nature of the vex and realized they were capable of traveling through time
and that they could organize and coordinate their attacks across many
different timelines within seconds following this we also
worked to secure Venus better against the Fallen but it infested it and it was
at this moment that an Ishtar collective laboratory was being broken into by the
house of winter the Crypt Dark Master Rahul convinced us to enter and to
defend this place so that the secrets within could not be stolen by the facts
it was also here that we learned of the vault of glass for the first time
tracing back the fallen intruders we discovered a catch belonging to the
house of winter and audit it killing not only
many members of its crew but also its leader the Kell of the house of winter
finally we went to the infinite steps and besieged the gate Lords Itron taking
its head and bringing it back to the awoken Queen Prince Aldrin then
extracted the eye of the gate Lord allowing us to impersonate it and enter
the black garden however the eye itself needed to be charged and so we were told
the location of the black garden and sent upon our way we took the eye with
us knowing that this was our only chance of getting inside we eventually found
the gate to the black garden within meridian bays greater region known as
the Valley of the Kings the gate was massive and ominous and even pulsed with
some kind of strange power but we could not access it immediately this time we
would need to find more about what was going on and so we investigated Mars
first we looked more into the vex and realized that they were returning home
here and that the black garden and Mars were in fact the origin of the vex and
we also investigated the dust palace a place where the Cabal had been invading
and were attempting to co-opt a warminds system it was there that we checked the
sub system in question and found that it was occupied by none other than the
fragment of Rasputin that we had earlier been facing on earth finally we
discovered a way of charging the gate Lords eye and defeating the primus of
the blind legion in our quest to utilize effects spire to accomplish this the vex
spire was within the heart of cabal territory and so we had to raid a
heavily armed and defended base but we were successful nonetheless
and now was our chance to assault the black garden for good as we made our
result we made our way through copious numbers of vex frames that were clearly
ancient and as we entered the black garden these ancient frames work
in Morse such was the way of the blank garden it was a place where life
flourished but something dark had infected the heart of this place and had
infected the vex as well not being able to comprehend it the vex had taken to
worshiping it this primordial thing that we faced in the heart of the black
garden was not well understood but it is best believed to be some festering
remnant of the darkness that was dimming the light of the traveler it was an
impostor an assailant a villain and we needed to destroy it and so we did it
started to slave vex mines to its will and it began to awaken mighty vex
champions but in doing so it bound itself to these physical forms and as we
defeated each one of them the heart of the black garden began to die when
finally it was destroyed light returned to the system and the traveler and the
speaker began to call us home we sat in the tower for but another small moment
and received a mysterious token from the stranger who appeared spontaneously the
token was her rifle and with that she told us that there were many other
terrible dark things out in the system and so we moved on but our first few
adventures were not just yet completed there was one more that we would see to
the Vengeance of Kebir ah Hannon and praedyth the vault of glass had lain
dormant since that fire team raided its inner depths and was repelled but it was
now our fate to take on this challenge we descended into darkness with five
other guardians and using the aegis left behind by kabir we defeated the Templar
and its Oracle’s made our way through the Gorgons labyrinth and descended into
the heart of the vault finally discovering the glass throne it was at
the heart of this place that we encountered the true power of
the Heysen lords that power was affion times Conflux
a vex frame capable of manipulating the threads of time itself sending both its
minions and ask’d backwards and forwards in time but with the light we had
learned to wield and express our might and it showed us clearly one thing even
though affion commanded the threads of fate itself we
were guardians and we were above such petty causality for Guardians samples
the truth of power causality the power of the light and dark applied to us as
well and we were able to manipulate the
fabric of the universe with our very will Guardians would not have their fate
made for them Guardians would make their own fate and so a Theon was defeated and
the vault of glass was sundered at long last the fireteam that had entered so
long ago could all be put to rest but this was only our first adventure and
there were many more on the horizons the first of which would set off a chain of
events that would culminate not only in our strengthening and the renewal of yet
more light but it would result in the death of gods and kings in our short time as Guardians we had
already accomplished what some believed to be impossible but our duty as
Guardians had only just begun it was hardly a few months into our new
lives when the first of the many crises that would come our way would rear its
ugly head that challenge was the rising hive invasion on the moon that would now
be spurred into action by its new ascendant champion the hive prince crota
his horde would rise to start their incursion on earth and the invasion
would be one of terrible consequences were it not for a single lost soul that
returned to us Eris morn the last she had been lost within the Hellmouth for
so long but with the impending danger of crotas invasion she managed to escape
and made her way back to the tower where she would be able to warn us of the
coming invasion those avala and the speaker saw her new eyes torn from an
acolyte to be a sign of corruption a core array the hidden leader was pleased
to see her agent return alive and rightly trusted her to remain loyal to
the tower in this time of great need a Duras would then direct us in a series
of skirmishes and tactical strikes to defeat the invading forces of crota and
to stop the invasion before it could get worse first we were directed to attack
sir Don the fist of crota the commander of his armies on earth after breaking
him and leaving him ruined within the caverns below the cosmodrome we then
decided to interfere with an attack on the systems of Rasputin that would lead
us into a new place known as the Seraphim fault if omnigul and her forces
were able to control the war mind or even merely disable it then the victory
of the hive would be almost assured the battle for the war mind was brief and
there was a moment at which the might of crota was summoned into the fray omnigul
directing this massive ogres rage in our direction was of no use however and the
hive way yet again struck down and here there was an opening for a perfect
counter-attack crotas soul was in the process of being summoned forth from the
ascendant realm so that he could once again lead to the armies of the hive now
was our opportunity to expel him back into the sea of screams and to deny his
assault entirely we headed deep into the Hellmouth into one of the darkest
chambers and discovered his lair and defeated him in our mortal realm our
task was not yet finished though crota would still be able to reach out into
our realm with the many appendages of power that he held under his control the
other various hive that languished throughout earth our next task was to
sever these servants from our world and to destroy crotas power in our domain
the greatest of these servants would not be his eyes or his hand or his heart it
would be his will Homme niggle the mother of his spawn a hive which have
terrible power but even she was not powerful enough to
stop us and now with crotas power dwindling in the material realm our war
against him could have been considered at least somewhat over however there was
no guarantee that the minions of crota as well as crota himself would not
simply rise and return in another time they were a disease festering in the
heart of the moon and we needed to be the fever that would burn them out but
beyond just this there was not merely the safety of the city to consider Eris
asked us to do one last thing for her and she asked just to do it so that she
might finally see vengeance for her friends and her fire to you so we set
out on a journey to raid the depths of the Hellmouth as they once had and to
defeat crota once and for all six of us went down into the pit traveling to one
of the darkest places in all our worlds the stills the darkness here was
complete and depressed our light at every turn slowing us so that we might
be dragged into the swarm of hive thrall that awaited us we fought through the
darkness with enemies surrounding us at every interval until we finally arrived
at the keyhole a gateway from our reality into the ascendant plane we held
the bridge opened the way and stepped through
on the other side we were greeted by darkness and a sky of green fire we had
taken our first steps into the ascendant realm and we now stood within crotas own
sword world the Oversoul throne it was crucial that we killed crota here and
nowhere else for her to truly kill an ascendant hive you must kill them within
their throne realm any other death would not be true and would simply leave them
regenerating here in time no here we had to slay him and in this place we needed
to use the logic of the sword in order to slaughter him we proved our
competence not only by crossing one side of his ascendant realm via the use of a
bridge most literally demonstrating our use of the sword logic but also by
slaying Oh yet the death singer we then summoned the hive champion to combat and
faced our very first God it is crucial here to remember something Toland once
said on the nature of hive swords he said that any other weapon of the hive
such as a Boomer or a shredder only kills a cyclically that they send out
harm and take nothing back when the boomers fire is all but gone it is
nothing and when the shredders ammunition has been discharged it is no
more than accion and neutrino scatter but the sword the sword goes on the
sword is like a bridge it binds wielder to victim it binds life to death and
when the binding is done the sword remember
and would be hungrier and sharper for it this is the logic that rules the hive
the logic of the sword where the ultimate shape of the universe would be
one made sharp over eons of slaughter it was one stolens sage advice to eros that
should they seek power in their quest at any point to conquer the hive in their
own throne world it would be best to remember that the ultimate arbiter in
the realms of the hive would be that of a sword made sharp with the blood of the
conquered blood that had been spilled over millennia and so we used these
weapons we slew crotas sword bearers in their own realm and claimed their blades
giving us access to a weapon that could destroy a god and so with our light we
stunned the god Prince and with the weapons of the hive with his own sword
we sundered him from existence at long last
heiresses fireteam would know some form of peace and waning ‘he’s death as well
as ariana’s had been avenged but woe to those that believed our struggle to be
over for at the moment of his death crota cried out across the night and
soon would answer whilst earth was still reeling from the
hive invasion the death of the hive Prince Crozier would not go unnoticed by
the other occupants of sol and so it happened that the queen of the reef
would have use of such a talented guardian the disgraced former Kell of
the House of wolves Scola’s the rabbit was released by the nine for reasons
unknown the nine are a strange and shadowy organization found to be dark
matter made manifest but their intentions have always been alien to us
it is unclear why scholars was released by them but perhaps in time we will
discover they also gifted him with a catch allowing him to effectively begin
to reassemble his old house Mara’s usurpation of the fallen wolves
had always been an interesting question of loyalty for those that swore
allegiance to her and the fallen that had joined her had now betrayed her
rejoining their old Cal scholars the wolves would make an unsuccessful
attempt on Mara’s life which in spite of failing did cost the lives of many
awoken Corsairs at this Mara would know no boundary to vengeance and her fury
would be the legendary she opened to the reef to the Guardians and petitioned
them to hunt down the treacherous fallen wolves and they’re terrible cow scholars
our search began with the assistance of petra venj the queen’s woth she would
send us to the remains of the house of winter stronghold on Venus where Scola’s
was proclaiming himself to be the Kell of Kells
according to Tales the Kell of Kells would unite all of the houses all caches
would be bent to him and at last he would be acknowledged by the great
machine the traveler it’s we quickly tore into him and his forces
and whilst he was able to both escape and pull the house of winter into his
fold we were able to follow him to his next target the house of Devils here
instead of direct usurpation Scola’s attempted a subtler tactic he used the
assassins of the silent Fang to try and eliminate the leadership of the house
this would have left a power vacuum which scholars could have stepped into
and thus used it to gain control of the house
however the Devils were prepared for him and we fell down way into the Cosmodrome
and traced back the silent Fang eventually destroying them and giving
Scola’s no claim over the House of Devil’s with this skolas pursued yet
another house and went after the House of King’s attempting to forge a
diplomatic alliance between the two so that he could keep his Kell ship afloat
we interrupted this meeting between the Kings and the wolves barons and slew
them all where they stood ending scholars his hope of attaining the
support of any other houses in the system with no further fallin to support
his claim scholars changed tactics and this time attempted to claim weaponry
that would afford him a significant advantage it is here that he turned to
the technology of the vex and to the infamous vault of glass amongst its
confines scholars would find copious amounts of vex technology thanks to the
weakened architecture of this place now that we had raided it the mighty
fortress was still able however to commit and create Oracle’s to the
situation and scholars was attempting to capture and use them with some degree of
success as well it is worth adding however we destroyed these Oracle’s and
denied scholars the chance to use their power
with almost no more options Scola’s ascended to the top of the VEX Citadel a
mighty and gravity-defying structure on Venus there he would hold his ground for
a final stand we pursued him and even though he was able to use the vex
technology to pull the house of wolves soldiers through time to his location
Scola’s was unable to hold us back a simple Kell is nothing to a Guardian
prepared and skolas fell before us laid low and left vulnerable for capture by
the agents of the reef after being rewarded by Marcel and told
of the thanks that the reef would sing we had the respect of a monarch and a
powerful ally was forged with the city we would go on to defeat scholars in one
final combat he languished yet again in the prison of elders but his trial would
be won in the ways of old a trial by combat and therefore we would be his
judge jury and executioner and in this trial by combat there would be no mercy
and we would destroy the former Kell of the House of wolves once and for all but
this was not the enduring legacy of scholars instead it was his final
conversation with Mara that would be of concern
his last words would be of a dark binder and a light snuffer they left him
whimpering in fear but with his fear Mara would know well enough who he was
speaking of her Eris and of Cyrus would all meet in secret to plan for what was
to come next skolas words were but another
confirmation of what mara already knew a terrible shadow loomed on the horizon
and they needed to prepare for it a planner was devised to defeat the coming
threat but it would come at great cost for now
another monarch was approaching and he desired one thing vengeance Roth
behold the wrath of Oryx bound in fury for the death of his son the taken King
was making his way to our system and in time he would make his mark upon our
worlds in a manner that would be irrevocable he would arrive in the
system at Saturn’s rings and will immediately be met by Queen Marisol and
a massive awoken fleet though the power of their vessels allowed them to contend
with the hive it was the Queen’s own devastating use of a weapon known as the
harbingers that would destroy oryx’s forces but when Mara had gotten back to
her feet having exhausted herself in order to clear the way one vessel still
stood Auraxis dreadnought upon the ship the taken King used the primary weapon
of the vessel allowing his throne world to full outwards into real space
consuming and destroying all before him Prince Ultron was able to escape the
terrible wave of para causal energies but Mora was left consumed by the wave
along with the Tekken’s kali cydia and Sharad she but Mara had accomplished her
part of the plan it was now up to Eris and the army of guardians that she had
motivated to kill Oryx his son the system of soul would never be the same
with these events the taken war had begun we only discovered Oryx his
arrival in the system when we traveled to a cabal base on Phobos which was
under attack by a strange new kind of enemy as sterile neutrino scatter filled
the atmosphere and a shadowy presence moved its eyes to this part of the
system heiresses voice grew fearful and then
terrified finally she cried out in horror at the
realization that the father of her nemesis the patriarch of the osmium
dynasty was here Oryx had come he unleashed his armies
have taken across the system populating our worlds with the dark and sickly
forms of the foes we had once known that were now corrupted by darkness the taken
had invaded we quickly fled the moon of Phobos for our lives and returned to the
tower to meet with the Vanguard whilst I Korra and Zavala waited
it was Cade who would put a plan into action he would tasks us with retrieving
a stealth drive from the top of an old colony ship in the cosmodrome this
stealth drive and heiresses ship that she had recovered from the Hellmouth
would allow us to infiltrate the dreadnought although the stealth drives
malfunction led to the destruction of Eris’s ship as Oryx used his super
weapon once again once aboard the dreadnought we disabled to the weapon
that had been attacking the awoken fleet and established a beachhead from which
guardians could assault or exist ship we were however not alone on the vessel a
group of cabal from the sky burners Legion led by their Primus himself was
in the process of invading the ship but when faced with their power of Oryx he
was but a minor nuisance or extort the Primus right before our eyes but this
was of little concern to us for the Cabal though it would be a devastating
blow and to the sky burners legion would be left listless in the command of its –
bond brother valises we however would push further into the ship in search of
Oryx and found our way blocked by a portal that could only be accessed by an
ascendant hive so in order to gain ingress we would have to be as our enemy
wars we would have to become or at least pass for an ascendant hive we first
returned to the moon and collected a portion of the crystal that once held
crotas soul as he was being summoned back into the mortal
following this as well as the acquisition of personal stealth code
from warmind bunkers below earth we snuck back into crotas own throne world
the Oversoul throne the hive were holding a death ceremony for crota there
we snuck in and used the crystal we had gathered earlier to extract the essence
of crotas soul the hive detected us and the taken were unleashed to fight us but
thanks to Eris and a few tricks she had learned from Toland we were able to
escape with the essence of crotas soul now in tow we returned to the
dreadnought and were recognized by the portal as ascendant we journeyed deep
into the heart of the dreadnought and found Oryx at the center of his defences
at his altar we filmed the god-king of the hive and in spite of all his eons of
war and all the power at his fingertips we prevailed we struck down the god king
and broke his resolve upon the anvil of our light Oryx was forced to make a
choice needing to retreat he summoned forth his power and took himself
allowing himself to escape so that he might live to fight another day but
regardless of the fact that he had escaped Oryx is corporeal form had been
shattered and the god Kings blade will break her lay broken from the remains of
the sword Eris took a shard and gifted it to us allowing us to forge the first
swords wielded by guardians in generations with a little assistance
from lord shaxx we had to set the darkness within our new blades into
balance and to empower them with light by killing the sword of Oryx Hector we
were able to accomplish this with our new blades in hand we set to taking
apart Oryx is taken forces within the system killing his shades and his echoes
throughout the worlds that were previously ours he could not claim any
more power when we had removed his stakes in these worlds destroying those
echoes and those echoes destroyed we would descend
upon his court weakening those that fed him power through the tithe system that
the hive ruled by with all of his tribute weakened finally we set out once
more to kill a god and so yes again six of us went down into the depths of the
dreadnought accessing oryx’s throne world through his court and defeating
his war priest the Beast golgoroth and his two daughters or anouk and a holic
before finally facing the taken King himself
Oryx would make terrible doxologies to the darkness and one unleash the full
nature of his power against us as the sword logic dictated he must but we were
able to unleash a power of our own by defeating the light eater ochres that
had consumed great amounts of light we were able to take this and set it free
detonating each orb of light like a bomb this left Oryx decimated and finally
after so many detonations had been struck we broke the taken King and
unlike his son we broke him not merely with the powers of darkness but instead
with the power of the light sword logic had triumphed previously but now we had
shown the strength of the light the inner complexities of the universe could
be used instead of the simplicity in the edge of a blade this was a knot sword
logic this was balm logic we slew Oryx utterly and at long last the Lord and
ruler of the osmium dynasty the scourge of a thousand worlds and the bane of
trillions upon trillions of souls was vanquished but the legacy of this era
would not soon be forgotten not only did we have to deal with potential
contenders to the throne such as Moloch and the dark blade
Coon but we also found his calcified fragments and stored within them we
found the records of the books of sorrow with these pieces and with their plans
in mind eros took the remnants of oryxes war priest his daughters and the
ravenous heart of Oryx himself combining them into the weapons of the books of
sorrow spoke of she paused for but a moment as she considered whether to
create it or not but her overwhelming desire to see her every hatred
imaginable placed upon the hive drove her onwards and when we who aided her in
its construction had seen it completed she gifted it to us this would be the
touch of malice and it would repay every torment that the hive had dealt but this
time in the hands of a Light Bearer this would be the last remnant of Oryx the
means by which the god-king would live on and by which he would be empowered
but there was also one more threat that we had to deal with the Cabal had sent a
distress signal out from their vessel but on tallien Exodus 6 they had crashed
it into the dreadnought so that they might create a beachhead but now they
had retreated they’re being pushed back by the remnants of the hive and taken
forces that still swarm to the Dreadnought upon clearing them from the
Don tallien Exodus 6 his command center we saw that a message had been
transmitted by the cabal forces of the sky burners and upon closer inspection
the headers of the message indicated that it was for the head of the cabal
Empire in time we would see this Menace rise but it would be at least another
two years before we were faced with the terrible realization of who this would
be for now we sat and waited secure in the knowledge of our supremacy until the
next crisis lude the horizon it was a mostly quiet year after we had
defeated Oryx the taken king the taken war had left much of the system ravaged
from the reef to Earth to Mars to Venus but at long last something new began to
stir near the end of the summer a strange grouping of nanites appeared
within the Guardian population they offered incredible benefits to the
Guardians but they also represented the risk of a major pandemic and so an
organization known as the owl sector was activated in response to this sudden
occurrence the event which would henceforth be known as the transmission
crisis was merely a precursor to what would come next the nanites had
originated from a Clovis Bray laboratory on Mars where exploring fallen from the
House of Devil’s had broken in and had discovered to the location of a valuable
technology Siva with this the Fallen House of Devil’s were on the hunt and
returned renewed to a long-forgotten area of the cosmodrome they headed into
its north eastern most sector and rediscovered at the plague lands and
with that an old wolf was roused from its vigil Lord Saladin rose to face the
House of Devil’s and rallied the guardians to retake fel winter peak
which had been long silent since the iron Lords defeat at the hands of Siva
as we moved to retake the mountaintop fortress at Vostok observatory we were
greeted by the proof of the new power in the House of Devil’s the house had been
taken over by its splicers the bio engineers and body hackers that every
house holds a host off they had resurrected an all-too-familiar foe
Epic’s prime but septics was different part of its shell was missing and other
parts held a new kind of metallic Tyrael that was clearly not of the
fallen zone making we defeated this hulking monstrosity and sent the devils
into a full retreat when we regrouped with Lord Saladin he told us of this
once-great fortress and gave us the honor of reigniting the ceremonial
gracious within the iron temple signaling the return of the iron Lords
we were sent deeper into the plague lands to investigate the new source of
power and to the strange resurrection of septics Prime it was here that we
discovered that the Fallen had taken Siva and used it to augment themselves
for a fallen this will not only provide the practical advantages of making them
stronger in combat but with the fallens faith and their reverence towards
machines they believed that they were being elevated into demigods demigod or
not these cyborgs fallen were of course still just fallen and in spite of their
upgrades they were no match for us we then pushed deeper into the plague
lands and discovered that the Fallen had used Siva to recreate and re empower
artillery emplacements within the plague lands posing an imminent threat to the
city and the guardians operating in the area we stormed their position with all
haste so that we might not give them a chance to cause any damage our time was
limited and so we were alone but eventually we were victorious it was
then that Lord Saladin invited us back to the iron temple so that he could
explain the history and story of the iron Lords to us as well as the story of
how they had died to Siva with this we were sent to investigate the source of
Siva itself so following the word of the cryptarch tyreq on we went out to the
dust palace on mars where we would find the original labs which the fallen had
broken into armed with more knowledge on sefa and having established that fallen
had not fully mastered it we set out into the plague lands to destroy the
source of the nanites the replication complex where the iron Lords had fought
died all those years ago atop which there was now a great fallen fortress it
turned out that Yildiz original explosion had not destroyed the Siva
replicator it had merely damaged it and left it dormant with the Fallen now
exposing it nanites were flooding the entirety of the plague lands once again
sneaking back and forth in vines twisting but giant ten feet across at
times Siva was on the move and we had to stop it but we also needed to get
through the fallens defenses and so we sabotaged them not only destroying them
but also destabilizing all of the Siva in the area significantly cutting it
back from there we pushed into the archons fortress and found that as we
headed down the replication chamber was in reach but when we entered the Siva
replicator we found something far more gruesome than merely the Fallen we found
that Siva had taken the bodies and weapons of the iron Lords and had not
killed them but had twisted them and broken them transforming their bodies
and weapons into horrifying mockeries of what they once were
these were Siva iron Lords light weaponized against our light and with
that we had no choice left but to free them and to kill the reanimated remains
of these iron Lords fel winter Gallion and Yoda
met their final rest that day with the battle one we set the Siva replication
complex to blow and fled with our lives as fast as we could upon returning to
the iron temple and giving saladin holders old helmet he knew that at long
last his friends had been laid to rest and with this he presented us with a new
sword the young wolf’s howl declaring us to be
the first in a new generation of iron Lords but there was one final trial that
remained she wrote for the Vanguard scout assigned to the iron temple
intercepted a fallen transmission coming from deep within the plague lands what
he had intercepted was a message from the new leader of the House of Devil’s
who was beckoning all the Fallen in the system to come to the plague lands to a
place that he was referred – as the perfection complex he invited
them to be reborn as demigods with Siva in hand and this could mean only one
thing if the Fallen successfully gathered an
army to their cause they would be able to push out and attack the city although
this time they would be empowered by the power of the Siva and they would not be
fighting for the sake of reclaiming the great machine instead they would strike
out in the belief that they were gods and that they were owed to the right to
purge those that had roamed them at six fronts at Twilight gap at every
opportunity yet again we were forced to assemble a team and with the six of us
united in our cause we struck out into the plague lands to shatter the devil
splicers and their command structure in the process of this preemptive strike we
defeated the second in command of the splicers known as fossick the arch
priests and we dismantled a terrifying siege engine atop a section of the
cosmodrome wall which we sent plummeting into the sea all of this before
descending into the heart of the perfection complex itself where the
light ended and evolution began it was here that we awakened and challenged
access the Archon prime the Fallen was no made demigod according to them it had
been completely converted from biological being into mechanical beasts
to the Fallen axis was a God not a demigod not a pretender to some prophecy
but a true fully fledged God and with this we needed to fight and destroy this
machine now for surely a God able to rally those to the banner cry of I have
defeated the guardians and I will now take their city was all the more
dangerous and so we fought but something that was quick to be realized by axis
was that evolution would not be enough that’s the thing about light it shines
where you least expect it and even at the darkness where it ends it can break
through having broken the splices and left them
leaderless a new age dawned upon the city we were triumphant and the city was
secured and thus began what is known as the age of triumph we took to celebrate
our great victory over the many powers that had risen against us the whole of
the city embraced what would be a new era of short peace the children who were
once frightened by the stories no longer being told and the dark forces that were
encroaching upon the system would no longer frightened at all for the signs
that this age was short-lived were already present Eris morn would abandon
the tower heading out into the deep black to face the enemies of humanity
once again and in addition the Fallen broke ranks abandoning their old
allegiances and leaving their armory and heraldry to burn at first humanity saw
the retreat as a joyous sign of victory the hundred year siege in which the city
had endured at the hands of the Fallen had finally come to an end but alas with
the siege broken a far greater power was waiting in the wings a power that would
strike hard and fast at our ranks and would pose the greatest challenge to us
that we had ever suffered the age of triumph would be closed dramatically
under a red shadow led by a dominating commander and his name would be Gul the age of triumph that had born us into
a brief moment of peace was shuttered irrevocably by Dominus gold and his
raider legion who attacked the city in force with their entire fleet goal had
originally risen to power by using the power of the previous cabal Emperor and
with his mentor the consul always at his side the new leader of this entire
civilization had brought the full might of the Cabal war machine to earth he
arrived and broke through the city’s defenses approaching the traveler with
what can best be described as a cage the guardians of the city of course
responded and as we returned from our Patrol on the edges of the outer system
we were thrust directly into the conflict it was up to us to infiltrate
Dominus Gauls flagship the immortal and to disable it so we could launch a
conclusive assault upon the vessel but as we headed to the upper decks so that
we could be extracted we came face to face with the Dominus himself and he
showed us the truest extent of his powers the cage around the traveler
activated sapping our abilities and stripping our light from us once more we
were mortal and our ghost was left crippled we were defenseless as Dominus
gol proclaimed victory over the city and decreed that we were unworthy of the
travelers light he kicked us from the deck of his ship and let us fall to
earth thus with the single defeat ever served to the city the red war had begun
darkness consumed our vision and we received a dream from the traveler we
dreamt of the darkness attacking and destroying our citizens of the travelers
seeding of our worlds of the Cabal and their fleets and a strange ship that we
would come to know all too soon and of long-lost techniques of light
with a staff a sword and a shield finally the vision would show us a place
on earth it would show us a shard of some kind that had fallen to earth this
as it turns out was the shard of the traveler in the European debt zone and
it was calling to us this was our destination but first we
needed to leave we made our escape from the city through the sewer pipes and
underground systems out through the wall for an entire eight weeks we trekked
through rough terrain and Cabal infested territory until at last we felt
exhausted in a Glade we awoke to see a friendly human face her name was sir aya
Hawthorne and she was evacuating soldiers and refugees to a place only
referred to as the farm upon arriving we could see the shard of the traveler
across the bay and so we set out on a desperate quest to find out why the
traveler had called us to this place in spite of the Fallen occupying the area
and to the new mortal threat that they pose to us we pressed on until at last
we came to the base of the shard our ghost left quivering and broken since
the activation of the cage was suddenly empowered and with their revitalization
a beam of power surged through them and into us our mortal bonds were broken and
our light returned to us with the brilliant new powers at our disposal we
returned to the farm and began the inevitable duty once more at being a
guardian before we could fight back though we
would need to be able to communicate with the rest of the system once more
after helping to establish this communications network we picked up an
emergency transmission from command to serve Allah who had escaped and had
ordered all the guardians that still lived to regroup at Saturn’s moon of
Titan to prepare for a counter-attack in spite
of psoriasis systems that we should stay we had a clear course if the light still
lived in us we had to coordinate with the greater guardian forces the city was
still at stake and so we took our jump ship and headed to Titan to regroup with
the other Guardians when we arrived the guardians were in
chaos having uncovered an entire colony of
hive on the old rigs of the new Pacific arcology where they had tried to create
a staging area our first task was therefore to secure the arcologies
maintenance rigs and to restore power to them so the base of operations could
function after having successfully done this we were informed by deputy
commander Sloane of a series of intercepted red Legion communications
that they needed help decrypting in order to speed this process we went into
the depths of the arcology and stole one of its CPUs engaging in a daring escape
in an old vehicle but led us through the entire length of the central hive colony
with the messages decrypted we learned of the true extent of the dire situation
in which we now found ourselves the red Legion had not only taken the city but
had also maneuvered a massive weapon emplacement into orbit around our Sun
this weapon platform was known as the almighty and if given the right commands
the almighty could be used to detonate the Sun destroying our entire system our
plans were now complicated by this new weapon and its destructive power but
knowing that our light had returned commander Zavala refused to give up and
relocated the surviving guardian forces to the farm
following this we tracked cayde-6 to a far-flung planetoid called necess this
place had been completely consumed by the vex and their infestation
and it was discovered here that Kate had traveled to the place in an attempt to
retrieve effects teleportation device this would give him a means of getting
close enough to assassinate dominus school if he was successful however not
quite understanding the security systems of the teleporter all the vex
Cade was trapped inside an infinite loop that teleported him all over necess and
was unable to escape in the end we freed Kade with the help of a new golden age
friend an AI from a golden age vessel that had crashed on necess long ago her
name was failsafe and she had somewhat of a split personality having been
degraded over time and damaged the golden age ship that she had crashed
with was the Exodus black and Kade was then teleported there he held up against
a fallen assault but eventually we freed him and reunited with our old friend
Kade learned that the only one that needed to reunite with the old fireteam
was AI Korra and immediately directed us to IO which was not only where we found
her but it was also a particularly holy site for warlocks as it was the last
place that the traveler touched before heading to earth during the events of
the collapse I Oh as a result was filled with the energy of the travelers light
and this had drawn the Cabal to it who had begun to set up bases with the
intent of mining that energy although they were unsuccessful whilst both you
and I Korra saw that this was clearly not going to
work they now understood the clear intentions of the Cabal they were
attempting to utilize the light ghouls reasons for imprisoning the traveler
were made all the clearer now given that the traveler was the light source he
wished to be chosen as a guardian and he wished to be the travelers worthy
warrior leading at the head of an entire army of chosen cabal ones that would use
the light as a weapon of conquest given to them by their right of might after
discovering this we were forced to repel a taken invasion on Io they were drawn
by the travelers energy and in the process of doing this we met a rather
peculiar warlock known as a Shamir an old friend of eris morn’s following this
we needed to further analyze the almighty and knowing that there was a
dormant war mind bunker in the system that might scan the Almighty for
weaknesses we endeavored to embark on another journey we entered the bunker
and used its systems to scan the Almighty after doing this we
unfortunately discovered that the almighty was irrevocably tethered to our
Sun destroying the almighty would also create a chain reaction that would
destroy our Sun and so the safest option would instead be to disable the weapon
from here we returned to earth and undertook a plan to defeat the Cabal the
commander of the European deadzones cabal force who mostly unbroken was
holed up in his ship the order basa Venturer killing him was something that
would aid the resistance efforts but he was a linchpin to the plan killing him
would give us access to his personal shuttle codes a shuttle that would be
registered with the Cabal iff system this meant that would be able to board
the shuttle get close to the almighty and then enter it to shut it down at the
same time the city would be attacked by the joint forces of the guardians who
would make a final desperate bid to place the vex teleporter as close to
ghouls command ship as possible following this we would return from the
Almighty and then hopefully find the city’s forces that have besieged the
Cabal within the city itself used the teleporter and then defeat dominus goal
all the while that this was happening Gul had been talking with the speaker
who he had captured during the initial assault on the city
they spoke constantly trading jabs and insults and occasionally trading
knowledge all of this continued up until the point that there was an attack on
the Almighty and the speaker made a stunning confession to Gul but contrary
to popular belief that he himself had helped to propagate the traveler did not
speak to him and that during his entire time guiding the city as its patron
he had allowed everyone around him to perpetuate this ignorant foolish belief
this along with the constant irritation that the console had always offered left
goal arranged he killed the console and left the
speaker to die and endeavoured to force the travelers light upon himself he
would not be chosen he would do as the Cabal did he would take the light when
we finally disabled the almighty and our plan started to fall into action we
returned and arrived to the city our shuttle was shot down not far from where
serve Allah I Cora and Cade were but the Vanguard fireteam was wounded on a
rooftop and we had to head through the vex teleporter and stop goal alone we
were the only ones with the light and we were the only ones that could stop him
from taking over the system and draining the travelers power we boarded the
almighty and faced goal on the topside deck of his flagship where we discovered
that he had grossly empowered himself with the light and had gained the
ability to use some of our own powers now with terrible menacing combat goal
pursued us and baffled us across the deck of his ship but the light that the
Cabal had stored was not enough power for goal to defeat us and so eventually
we fought him back continually Jiri empowered himself with the power of the
light every time it would burn him back dealing more damage to him until
eventually our light proved stronger gold fell and we proved once and for all
that Guardians were chosen but this death was not the last thing we
would see of him goal was able to temporarily manifest as some kind of
massive avatar of himself in his new Titanic form he believed himself to be a
god he believed himself victorious and he told the city below to witness the
dawning of a new age and it would be the dawning of a new age
but Gaul would not be a part of it for he had forgotten about the greatest of
humanity’s saviors the one that would ultimately deliver us through the time
of darkness he had forgotten about the travel it was at this moment that the
bonds of the cage broke being unable to contain the new power
waking within the traveler arose once more and Gaul was burnt away by its
light before the cage and the outer shell utterly shattered the traveler was
free the traveler had truly returned to life and with that the Guardians had all
seen their powers return and a wave of light spread out across the universe
from its return it washed over the Caloris spires on Mercury to Hellas
Basin on Mars to the tangled Shore of the reef and even to the darkest reaches
of the Dreadnought still hanging in orbit around Saturn it reached out
further and further into the universe illuminating our whole galaxy
but when it finally reached the dark space beyond it was stopped
the lights returned had awakened its equal
just as the warlock O’Lantern dictated where there is light by the nature of
the universe’s symmetry you must also have shadow and so it was that the
ancient enemy of the traveler the darkness was also awakened once more
before we could truly feel the repercussions of the travelers return we
had one final mystery to attend to in the new tower an invitation was left for
us it congratulated us on our murder of Dominus goal it was from a certain
Emperor calles and he had invited us to join him at his Leviathan to test
ourselves and to as he would put it to grow fat from strength we boarded this
massive vessel which turned out we had seen in our vision from the traveler the
vessel had begun to consume and orbit the planetoid of necess using it for
fuel and sustenance and it was clear that Calais at this point was a cabal
the Cabal being the only ones capable of not only hosting a series of cabal
soldiers but also of designing a machine that could consume an entire planet
beyond all of this it was clear that Calais was indeed the former emperor of
the Cabal the one that Dominus Gul had opposed Calais then put us through a
series of three tests in order to determine our worth as warriors before
we found ourselves standing before him in his ornate throne room what ensued
was a battle against the former emperor but as time went on and the Emperor was
damaged by our weapons fire it suddenly became clear that we were not fighting
the real emperor Calais but merely a robotic automata that was imitating you
upon defeating the machine we heard it speak of how it had
a Power greater than our light and that we should heed its word take these
rewards and grow fat from strength we were then handsomely rewarded and it
was made clear that we had not seen the last of this mysterious and poor a
callus all these crazed automata that he would speak through the events of the
travelers reawakening would be felt far and wide across the system and would
start what is known as the second Golden Age for Humanity however the first new
adventure awaiting us on the horizon would stir the return of legends and
myths and would stopped in the blazing sands of mercury Osiris had returned with the pulse of light emanating from
the traveler the whole system awakened with activity not the least of which
came from the vex on Mercury not only were there reports of a massive vex
gateway activating suddenly in the middle of the Caloris sands there was
also a finding made by hidden Scouts positioned on Mercury in the sands just
outside the gate they had found the ghost of a rather strange Guardian one
that was infamous to the city and one who now appeared to be in trouble
this was Segura the ghost of the rather infamous warlock Osiris Segura had been
damaged in an attack on the pair within the vast simulation engine of the
infinite forest which lay below Mercury’s surface just before the para
had been attacked for Cyrus had comprehended that the vex mind Panoptix
which was responsible for the infinite forest was also capable of now
simulating a future in which the vex achieved their ultimate victory this
would be their goal of creating a universe without light or dark where the
vex were the beginning and the end where they were able to calculate their
victory entirely and when none would be able to stop them previously we had
stopped the dangerous methods of time control used by the vex in places such
as the vault of glass but with a simulation that would allow them to
chart their path to a perfect future the vex would be able to become the ultimate
arbiters of the universe and they would ensure that neither light nor dark would
exist all this would be explained to us in time at first we had to investigate
the gateway into the forest and gain ingress when we were not able to access
it the vex in the area responded in force deploying vex from the future
timelines this was a sign of the danger present as
the vex would only draw upon such forces if they were truly threatened after
defeating them we rendezvous with brother Vance in the old lighthouse at
the Caloris spires brother Vance was a disciple of the Assyrian cult one that
followed her Cyrus from the city with a certain level of obsession it was not
backed by Osiris who had always found them to be irritating to say the least
but they had made every effort to study his teachings and to learn from his
so-called prophecies Vance suggested taking Segura’s damaged shell to one of
the Assyrian cults bases within the European dead zone this base had
unfortunately been overrun with fallen but regardless whilst there we were able
to revive Sagara who temporarily took over our ghosts shell so that she could
coordinate with us she then led us into the infinite forest where we found of
Cyrus’s reflections the Warlock had used the technology of the facts to copy
himself and to duplicate throughout the forest so that he could cover more
ground one of these reflections would then explain the nature of the threat
that penalties posed to us by showing us the simulated future that awaited us if
we failed to stop the vex in order to prevent this dark future the solution
was simple we had to kill penalties and rest of FX’s control of the forest in
order to do this we needed to retrieve a map of the infinite forest so that we
might be able to find Panoptix and after doing this it was determined
that we needed more data to find the vex mind my Korra and seguirá discovered
that along with the map the best way to find penalties would be to trace the vex
simulation back to the point at which it was simulated to have an origin in its
timeline this was when Panoptix had been created within the simulated past that
could be found within the forest we could then use this information to track
the trajectory that Panoptix had forged and ultimately we could use this along
with the map to find him in the press complexes all this might sound this
allowed us to gain a set of coordinates to panopticon
although Segura was captured in the process after being ejected from the
infinite forest I call a ray Metis at Mercury and forced the Gateway open for
us again so that we could head to those coordinates where penalties would end up
there we battled with the vex mind and with the aid of the Warlock Osiris and
his reflections we defeated it utterly after defeating the vex mind Osiris
took his first steps outside the forest since he had entered it upon his exile
and exchanged a few kind words with his student I Cora Rae before returning to
guard over the forest and to keep the vex in check once and for all
however our adventures with the vex did not end here one day our team ventured
back into the Leviathan and found our way through its engine room after being
assaulted by cabal forces for our intrusion calles himself called the
attack off and stated that perhaps we could help the Cabal with an engine
problem that they had developed upon further inspection as we were blasted
into the smelting core of the Leviathan it was seen that it had swallowed the
entirety of the planet core mind of necess a massive vex
that would be known as Argos Argos had activated a defensive shield that had
stopped all momentum within the Leviathans furnaces immobilizing it and
preventing it from going any further or performing some of its standard
functions however through teamwork and with the application of the plentiful
firepower that we had gathered we were able to destroy the vex core mind and we
were saved from annihilation by calles and once again for our efforts we were
handsome rewarded but old powers were stirring
and returning to life once more and they would be the next ones to shake the
system the travelers light had not only acted
it’s disturbing presence to the VEX but it had also stirred ancient forces that
lay buried on Mars within the region known as Hellas Basin we intercepted a
distress signal coming from the area which turned out to be none other than
the notorious gunslinger and a Bray it turned out that Ana had not in fact
fallen at the Battle of the Twilight gap but had instead deliberately faked her
own death so that she could pursue her heritage and more knowledge on the war
made Rasputin the vanguard had always hounded her for the pursuit of this
knowledge at now she could pursue it in peace her search had taken her here to
Mars where thanks to the travelers returning light the ice around Rasputin
which had been used in the collapse to imprison Saul and Norris was beginning
to thaw now the war mind was left surrounded by
an army of frozen hive led by an exiled hive prince and by sole the will of
thousands after reclaiming the brief facilities and having a run-in with the
Savola anna and the commander immediately fell
into conflict over the course of action that should be taken against Saul and
Norris Anna believed that the warmind Rasputin if correctly directed and
encouraged could work as their ally whereas Zavala saw it as dangerous and
as a tool that needed to be brought under control and contained and then
never used regardless the hive would need to be drawn out in order to be
defeated and in order to do this we decided to head to the European dead
zone and collect a small shard of the traveler to act as bait to lure them out
in this encounter Anna braids Emin straighted a remarkable ability to
coordinate her Rasputin and to get him to break down the taken shielding that
was walking the shard of the traveler in place with this we headed deep into the
hive lair helped Norris and we defeated the herald
of Zoll planting the bait for the greater threat of the worm God itself
when finally we confronted the worm God we were utterly powerless and its
darkness was so intense that it was capable of immobilizing us and leaving
us for dead under a collapsing snowbank fully awakened soul would now make a
desperate push for the war mind and it’s critical systems in a bid to take it out
once and for all but throughout our tenure on Mars Rasputin had been
supplying us with a weapon of its own design a relic known as the Valkyrie a
spear bristling with the energy of the war mind itself that was capable of
intense damage when thrown now it was time to forge a new Valkyrie of even
greater might one that could be used to defeat zone we systematically overloaded
Rasputin score in order for its power to swell and we then converted its
overwhelming energy into the new Valkyrie supercharging it and giving us
the perfect weapon with which to defeat his own the titanic worm got roared
above us and rose in size to a height so great that is utterly dwarfed us but
with the aid of the javelin we were able to bring this beast down as well as all
of its hive servants with the Valkyrie in hand we went about slaying this worm
God and finally it fell as Rasputin was saved we gathered with Zavala and Anna
Bray in rasputin’s control centre and the war mind spoke to us for the first
time in centuries declaring itself to be the greatest defender of humanity whilst
previously it had shrugged off its duties of defense during the collapse it
had returned and has begun to launch an entirely new war sat networked into the
system to assist humanity no longer would it be the broken fragments of
itself that we had found on earth now Rasputin’s had truly returned and
with the new war set network in orbit all of his systems would come back
online for warmind was back in play and with it we had gained a powerful ally
but beyond just this Rasputin asserted its independence from the Vanguard and
stated that it would aid humanity in their survival by its own
self-determination and that it had to be respected by groups such as the Vanguard
which simply used it as a tool wherever they saw it necessary whilst this left’s
avala uneasy and a brave was able to stay behind as a liaison and is the
voice of the war might and would work with Guardian interests at heart
Rasputin would be a great defender once again and would not be something
co-opted by the system as our needs desired Rasputin would smite the threats
that he saw coming and would aid us in many different endeavors in the time to
come it was then that we received yet another message from Emperor Callas who
invited us back to the Leviathan to deal with yet another problem this time
callouses ship was being invaded by val Kawa the last commanding officer of the
red Legion cow war had planned to commandeer the Leviathan and to use it
as a command and control vessel from which the remaining red Legion loyalists
could change the tide of what was to them still the red war even though they
had been utterly defeated they held on to a stunning hope that they might still
attain victory if they could only wrest control of the Leviathan
from Calais but with our intervention we not only decimated Cawood himself but
also used the Leviathans weaponry to utterly destroy the remains of the red
Legion fleet with this a small time of peace came upon the guardians and we
remember to those that we had lost in the red
all too unaware that soon we were about to lose even more the final act of the story so far began
with a voice inside the mind of the Prince of the reef Prince Aldrin he
believed this voice to be Mara his sister who he had been searching for
since the start of the taken war but the voice was in fact the voice of Riven and
it would slowly drive him to madness but why was Riven communing with him and
what could she possibly want the explanation is better understood if we
step back to the unseen events of the taken war as Oryx assaulted Mara’s fleet
he had been able to gain access to the Dreaming city here he found Riven the
last of the species of dragons known as our ham Cara the two of them addressed
each other and Oryx asked Riven if she wanted him to take her to this Riven
skillfully replied only if you wish it as Oryx took her he had unknowingly been
tricked and Riven had bound him to a contract of wish magic meaning that she
had still been taken but that the binding for her was different when Oryx
perished unlike the taken who were beholden to a
higher power she was able to regain a semblance of her free will with this
Riven was free to do as she pleased and it is believed that in this time she
made another wish with another hive god the hive God savathun this would result
in Riven sending ripples throughout the system down a path of delicately
manipulated threads that would start with a brother driven mad with grief and
would end in the possible doom of the awoken people Aldrin would be led to
discover a heretical fallen Archon and he would save his life the name of the
Archon was fickle and he was resurrected with ether that had been scorched into
dark ether heavy with taken energy he had become the first of the scorn an
entirely new race made up of the freakishly mutated fallen
had been brought back from the dead as mindless slaves together the fanatic and
Aldrin destroyed the last of the old fallen houses that still remained the
house of kings fickle then went out into the system and raised seven other fallen
to prominence elevating them to the rank of barons within the new scorn hierarchy
Aldrin then allowed himself to be taken in and the Barons were for the most part
captured by cayde-6 and the forces of the reef including its acting regent
petra venj the Barons and Aldrin were sent to languish within the prison of
elders but they would not stay here for long after being convinced that the
fallen people would not survive without his leadership variks the loyal’
released the Barons of the scorn and aldrin as well as the entire population
of the prison of elders starting a massive prison riot and creating the
possibility for a major outbreak in the system of its most dangerous criminals
petra venj called upon cayde-6 to put an end to the riot with her and he decided
to bring along his most trusted guardian us the prison was chaotic but we were
successful in our task of locking it down
however the scorned barons had escaped their containment cells and they were
now headed to the lower levels to exfiltrate Cade decided to destroy the
localized network heart of the prison of elders so that he could crash it down
into the lowest levels not only potentially cutting off the Barons but
also affording him a faster method of intercepting them we quickly went in
pursuit of Cade and encountered the forces of the scorn for the first time
but when we saw a small wave of light radiates out from Cades position we
realized that his ghost Sundance had been killed Sundance was shot by one of
the Barons known as the rifleman pirahã and with that he was then pummeled into
submission by another baron known as rexis von the
man Aldrin took Cades weapon the ace of spades and leveled it at the hunter
Vanguard what would Kate’s Defiant last words be
how was your sister and then Cade was shot in the chest and began to fade away
we arrived just in time to hear our old friends last words and to see Aldrin
escape Petra would arrive moments later just as Cade had died in our arms Kate’s
death wasn’t just the loss of a hero or a friend for many Guardians losing Cade
was akin to losing a piece of one’s very identity when we returned Cades body I
Cora preached vengeance and sought to pursue Aldrin throughout the tangled SHA
with every single Guardian at their disposal but Zavala stated that the
Vanguard could not be stretched more thinly than they already were and that
to abandon the duty of the city would be foolish I Cora called his opinion
cowardice but knew there was little more that she could do the Vanguard needed to
remain united however for us the situation was far simpler than that Cade
was our friend and he had been murdered in cold blood by Prince Aldrin and his
scorned barons and what’s more the murder had happened right in front of us
by one we had always desired to hate Aldrin might try to kill us too if he
was given the chance but he would get no such chance
Aldrin solve was ours and for the first time in five long years we voiced this
sentiment saying the first eight words we had spoken in a long time as a simple
declaration that we would find Aldrin and take our revenge with this stunning
moment we walked out and headed straight to the
tangled Shore this was the most lawless frontier in all the system where the
asteroid belt and the reef collided with a space that technically had no laws at
all this place was teeming with pirates and outlaws that have been holding up in
hiding places such as quit as well or thieves landing but we also knew that
amongst these places lay the scorn and their barons as well as their leader
Prince Aldrin who we intended to bring to justice as we trekked out across the
high plains we were contacted by petra venj who then brought us before the
shores only law despite ur the most notorious fallen gangster on the shore
he had recently been forced out of his own stronghold by the scorn and we
decided that clearing out the scorned barons from this stronghold served all
of our purposes and so we made a deal with the spider the Barons escaped as we
cleared the stronghold and this meant that we had to start tracking them down
one by one the spider would inform us as to each of them and their whereabouts
but it would be us that would have to hunt them down
but hunt them down we did every single one of the barons was slaughtered to the
last and so it was that we claimed the lives of yea vyx the writer Pierre ha
the rifleman rexis have on the hangman a lie Chris the machinist
can extermo arrestees the trickster and hyrax the Mindbender we finally managed
to track down Aldrin and the fanatic who were making a break for an awoken
Watchtower on the edges of the tangled Shore this watchtower linked the tangled
Shore to the Dreaming City and Aldrin intended to infiltrate it and open its
gateway using the dark energy that had been building within
and a shard of the traveler that he had stolen at revans urging riven had been
in Aldrin ‘s head – this whole time creating hallucinations of Mara pressing
Aldrin to release her from the suppose it cage of the Dreaming city as we
arrived at the watchtower we killed the fanatic for cruel and with him defeated
the last of the scorned barons was gone but thick rule was not gone for good he
would always be able to return and continues to plague the tangled Shore to
this day we made our way further into the watchtowers deaths until we found
Aldrin who had been rewarded for opening the Gateway by being consumed by the
voice of Rivermen an ascendant taken chimera who was sent forth by riven as
the first arbiter through the Gateway upon defeating this monstrous creature
we were able to see Aldrin coughed back up by the monster and it is here that we
claimed the ace of spades and sought justice done unto the Prince of the
awoken but a secret was kept that day the secret of whether it was us or petra
venj that would be the executioner of Aldrin Aldrin’s final words would stick
with us and remind us that the line between light and dark was a very thin
one precariously trottin by guardians and awoken alike but Aldrin would die
and with alterans death Petra would ask us to meet her in the Dreaming city to
perform another task we discovered there that both the scorn and the taken had
begun to war over the remains of this once sacred place on our way to meet
Petra we saw taken Tekken’s namely Carlie Adia and sherrod she they had
been on the ship with Mara when it had been utterly decimated by oryx’s main
weapon during the taken Wars outbreak and they had been converted into taken
themselves after facing them briefly we were transported into the ascendant
realm and were then greeted by a disembodied soul a strange quivering
white light we had seen previously as we assaulted
the taken king’s throne world but this time the light communicated with us and
it turned out that it was Toland who greeted us and called us foolish but
warned us that this place was only made for the plots and schemes of gods and
queens he led us back to the ascendant plain where we would find petra venj
when we discovered Petra we met her at a grand machine known as the Oracle engine
which was capable of reaching out across space to transport and communicate
individuals and their wills through this the supposedly dead monarch of the
awoken Morris all reached out and spoke to us and ed freh revealing that it was
indeed riven that had corrupted and manipulated ultra this was not some
manifestation of Riven’s will however the Oracle engine was a purely awoken
creation and it was indeed Mara this time for the sin of Riven’s usurpation
of her brother’s will there would be nothing short of an extreme response
Petra was instructed by Mara to gather a team of guardians and to assault Riven
in the heart of the dreaming city we would once again assemble a raid team
and march upon the great fortress of the enemy Riven who was now trapped in the
Queen’s walk was holed up like a commander inside their Tower we would
breach their defenses and strike them down in the path to Riven
stood many obstacles including two of the Tekken’s Carly and Sherrod she we
freed both of them from their taken bondage and they talked to us on the
nature of Ravens power we also heard the voice of Riven
speaking to us through the many voices of our friends it was clear that this
was an attempted manipulation but still we pressed on taking down a spire keeper
and finally unlocking the mechanism of the vault that opened onto the Queen’s
walk after we had faced all of these
challenges it was hard not to think of the words of Riven the fact that she had
indeed seen our great wish and seen that we wished to kill her Riven was pleased
by the power of this wish six immortal God killers were coming through all of
her defenses and using their light to crush enemies in their way
all so that they could reach Riven also that they could kill her it is
delightful to wish and bargain with an ahankara but only as long as you do not
see what they intend for you and many that bargain with the ahamkara will lose
as we went down to the Queen’s walk to face Riven we saw the last of the
ahamkara for ourselves Titanic in her size and with her new taken powers at
her disposal Riven truly was one of the most terrifying threats that we had ever
faced but our desire for vengeance outweighed any taken power she possessed
and our light burned with anger it was this monster that had corrupted aldrin
and indirectly it was this monster that had slain our friends we struck out not
just with light but with rage we slew the last dragon and finally the legacy
of the great hunt was complete Riven was slain but of course as all ahankara I
able to do she was able to commune with us and even beyond her death there was
more to be done we rushed her heart to the Tekken’s so that they might contain
it Suraj and Kali now being lucidly
returned to the light and when we had contained her heart Riven told us that
ours was not in fact the last wish and that one wish granted deserved another I
cannot wait for you to see what she wished for
those were the words that reven spoke to us and this wish would be made oh so
very clear when we returned to the Dreaming city Riven had unleashed a
curse upon it the blight that had once only been found within the inner sanctum
closest to Riven’s control was now all over the Dreaming city and Riven had
reached out one last time irrevocably changing this space six
powerful God Slayers had unleashed their wills and wished for the death of the
last ahamkara and this was fuel enough for a curse so dreadful that the
Dreaming city still experiences it to this day it runs in a three-week cycle
with one week being relatively calm one having middling corruption and one where
the corruption is almost complete the cycle as far as we can tell
infinitely repeats and there are hints but the blade transform mind Coria that
was taken by Oryx long ago may be involved
although speculation on this particular matter is highly unclear what we do know
is that the source of the corruption came from a great structure below the
blind well from a hallway known as the confluence the blind well itself was a
mechanism constructed by the awoken long ago that could be used to siphon our
light into a powerful charge that would build over three weeks this would charge
the gateway found at the confluence and allow us ingress into the ascendant
realm it was there that we entered a throne world one of an incredible design
an awoken throne world this was how Mara had survived the attack from the
beginning of the taken war she had not truly died she had been trapped within
oryx’s netherworld but when he had died she was able to make it back to the
shores of this place this place known as a loose Enya the structure however was
broken and damaged oryx’s agents had defiled this place and now it was
occupied by another hive one of the supposed daughters of savathun her cell
a witch known as dual in karo she was apparently the source of the corruption
and she was able to be destroyed but only at the apex of the corruption in
the three-week cycle and no matter how many times she had been killed the cycle
would still repeat and she would always come back in addition we were able to
enter the Oracle engine every three weeks and would be transported to Mara
who had set up her court in view of the Milky Way we were able to hear her input
on the situations that were manifesting over the next few months and it was at
this moment that we saw her examine the darkness commune with the nine chastise
us for killing Aldrin verbally abused our ghost who had believed that she had
been stewing in inaction and finally she would bid us farewell in order to go off
and play another part in the cosmic war that was fast approaching it was also in
the Queens Court that we were able to lean in to an observation table at which
point we saw a vision we saw Prince Aldrin being resurrected within the
Dreaming city by a ghost Prince Aldrin who had become a guardian though this
was the last that we would see or hear of him and he has not been sighted since
back in the tower however a new face emerged his name was unknown and he
preferred to go by a moniker that everyone could remember they called him
the drifter and he offered Guardians a new competitive arena called gambit
which not only allowed them to fight the enemies of humanity but also forced them
to exploit the darker powers so that they might be able to learn how to best
bend those powers of darkness to their will these games would continue for the
foreseeable future in spite of the fact that the Vanguard and other elements
such as the praxic order would not officially endorse them all of this
behind the scenes was set up by a most infamous figure shin malphur the
man with the Golden Gun though his reasons are too complex to get into at
this moment Sheen wished for us to learn more powers than merely the light he
wished for us to evolve and to become a stronger weapon against the darkness
after the main events of the Forsaken campaign we would next see a new tail
emerge a mysterious annex in the tower opened up and in this annex a new vendor
known as 801 could be found she represented the final remnant of the
prestigious black armory a weapons foundry that had been created in the
Golden Age and could create some of the finest weapons possible ADA one however
did not trust the Guardians at first given that during the Dark Age when she
had been resurrected as an EXO there were many in suing warlords or rogue
risen that has made an effort to kill her and other members of the black
armory team 801 to this day is the only survivor after recapturing forges for
her and eventually decrypting the secrets of the black armory ada would
begin to trust us and with that we helped her hunt down and reactivate a
series of devices across the system with which we could forge new implements of
war in this process we discovered a fallen crime syndicate known as the Kell
scourge led by a fallen known as civics lost to none the gang was intent on
supplying weapons with black armory technology in them to any who would be
willing to buy civics his only priority seemingly being to create anarchy across
the system at a certain point civics and the Kell scourge grew bold enough to
even make a daring attack on the city nor a full-fledged attack like Twilight
gap or six fronts but merely a break in where they weakened to the defenses
around a black armory vault in the old ruined Watsa district a vault known as
four vasu inside play not only precious black
armory wares but also the black armories history it was crucial that we recovered
this using black armor and fallen technology however the Kells scourge had
constructed a giant fallen mechanism known as insurrection prime which we
destroyed and defeated saving the black armories vault from being completely
plundered finally in the process of reforging a powerful weapon once used by
a de we would kill civics and into the threat of the Kells scourge for good
this would allow us to return the weapon to Ada and we would discover that she
had used it to defend the black armories founder and her former mother Henriette
Miran it turned out that the black armoury papers another relic salvaged
from vault ever Sue and the various fallen that we killed them off had
indeed also contained notes about 801 and her creation Henriette documented
all of her thoughts in them and when we recovered all the pages ater thanked us
maybe now at last trustees then we recovered one final piece of technology
an obsidian accelerator unlocking the final purpose of 801 she was a mobile
Forge able to imbue the face technology of the black armory at will she had been
a combination of both the XO technology of Clovis Bray and the miraculous forges
that the black armory had endeavored to create she was the brainchild not of
Henrietta Miran but of her Pia Helga who had always believed that despite Clovis
praise somewhat more dubious nature they were valuable and that their technology
could be made to serve the armory it turned out that she was indeed correct
later in the year we were invited by the drifter to join in his games once again
and to take part in a new scheme that he called gambit Prime in the process of
this we also discovered that the drifter had been working with a mysterious
organization called the nine the organization reached out to the drifter
through their agents namely the emissary who was once a guardian of the city and
a retainer to the awoken Queen known as Orin now titled Orin the lost after she
went out to pursue the nine after the death of her lover in a series of
invitations to understand we were shown the truth of the relationship between
the drifter and Orin as well as a few key moments and key truths and
ponderings of the nine regarding various other characters within destinies
universe the ninth and final of these invitations gave us a vision of the
drifter being told to keep gambit running as well as the attached activity
of reckoning the nine had helped him set this up and the nine had warned him that
soon darkness would be coming on that they would need to make ready for it the
drifter also at this point asked us whether we were loyal to him or the
Vanguard and offered us a choice many guardians were given these choices and
whether you were loyal to the Vanguard or not was entirely a point to be on
cert by yourself but regardless we would be able to partake in gambit and its
games no matter what we did finally at the start of the summer we were
contracted again by the joyful Emperor Calais who invited us once more to grow
fat from strength having seen us perform incredible feats across the system it
was callouses belief that he could recruit us to become a shadow shadows in
the context of callouses cabal were powerful agents assassins generals and
leaders of callouses forces they always represented the apex of their species in
every possible facet of their specialization shadows were given a
certain amount of autonomy but were bound to calluses will and callus
had made it clear to us by this point that his goal was not to serve the light
callus would relay to us a series of dubious histories known as the chronic
on that were likely doctored to approve a more loyalist friendly version of
history regardless the encounter in question that is of most incredible note
is that at one point during his exile Callas supposedly encountered to the
darkness and saw it to be the coming end of the universe
he then believed it to be his divine right and his divine purpose to usher in
the age of darkness and prepare us all for the end of the world by allowing
conflict to subside and to allow as many as possible to live in harmony for the
remainder of the universe’s time this was the purpose for which Callas wished
to recruit us and Callas would lead us into the menagerie where he had placed
many challenges for us to prove our worth once again and of course as his
moniker of growth fat from strength would suggest with these challenges came
great rewards after this Callas asked us for one more favor in dispatching a hive
champion that had betrayed him in his time of exile Callas had retaken an
Athenaeum world an archival world of the Cabal within it he found a hive crown
which showed the potential to control the hive swarms not wishing to wear the
crown personally lest it should corrupt him callous instead used the incredible
gene manipulation technology of the Cabal to spawn a mighty warrior named
gal ran Titanic in his size gal ran had been edited to hold a greater strength
of mind than the typical cabal soldier this was still pointless though as gal
ron was corrupted within minutes of the crown of sorrow being placed upon his
head callous therefore asked us to revoke this power and to bring him to
heel killing him which we did in Halder with gal rants fall came another
period of uneasy calm but as the Year filled with hard moments and grueling
tests came to a close for us an entirely different chapter was about to begin it
was suddenly becoming clear that at this time new lights were starting to fast
approach saviors of humanity had always been rising but for some unknown reason
there was a mass of new guardians new lights that were joining our ranks
strengthening the many friendships created and many new fire teams forming
along the way The Guardian orders as a whole began to
grow stronger as their numbers swelled with Guardians returning from old
frontiers and new lights joining our ranks but this was all for the better
because on the horizon the darkness was closer than we thought once again it was
brewing and just as it had done before it began to creep towards us as it had
done before at the Battle of Moria briam during the events of crotas rise the
moon would play host to nightmares and these nightmares would find Eris morn thank you so much for listening and for
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