The Complete History of Pokemon In Under 11 Minutes

Pokemon explained. This goes without saying
Pokemon is a worldwide phenomenon and has been taking the world by storm for
the past 23 years but let’s take a step back for a minute and look into the
history of the franchise and explore the roots Satoshi Tajiri was a man who came
up with the Pokemon idea and is currently the CEO of Game Freak in his
early life 2:0 was fascinated by insects and bugs
growing up in Machida a heavily rural suburb of Tokyo at the time he would
spend his time hunting and collecting various insects and bugs from the many
fields and forests surrounding his house he would constantly be thinking of new
ways to trap and capture bugs and this is how he got the name dr. bug from his
friends growing up – Giri wanted to become an entomologist a person who
studies insects however in the late 1970s the rural parts of mashita that
Tajiri spent so much time exploring were paved over and replaced by shopping
centers and apartment blocks it was because of that – jury’s focus shifted
from insects to video games in arcades Tajiri struggled with high school due to
the fact that he would often skip classes to go and play video games at
the arcades which this caused him to almost not graduate high school but he
luckily attended extra classes to make up for the work that he missed and went
on to graduate and attend a two-year computer science degree at Tokyo
National College of Technology in 1981 – jewry won a contest held by Nintendo and
Sega to get a game concept funded this kick-started his video game development
career and in the following year he would go on to create a magazine titled
Game Freak starting off this magazine was nothing more than a couple of
stapled together pages of cheese URIs handwritten techniques on how to beat
games and secret tips and tricks for games like Donkey Kong the magazine
attracted the attention of a young man named Ken Sugimori who had a keen
passion for art and illustration and would go on to contact and work on Game
Freak alongside Tajiri it quickly became a hit within the gaming community with
one of the most popular issues about the game
sabia selling over 10,000 copies at around 300 yen which is about $2 75
cents in USD each does Shira got his hands on a Famicom and eventually began
taking it apart to learn more about how to make video games it took around 2
years for two zerah to learn how to program games and in 1987 he went on to
create his first title Quinn in 1989 with the help of Sugimori two
she refunded the development of the studio gamefreak with the help of
various publishers such as Nintendo and Sega Game Freak would go on to release a
number of titles leading up to the release of Pokemon namely Jerry boy in
1991 mario and wario in 1993 and pulse man in 1994 so how did to Jerry come up
with the idea of Pokemon well in 1990 he saw two kids playing Tetris on their
game boys using the Gameboy link cable he imagined bugs and small creatures
making their way through the link cable across to the other side Tajiri
originally pitched the idea to Nintendo as capsule monsters but it was rejected
and due to copy writing issues Tajiri changed the name to Pocket Monsters and
with a couple of our visions and changes to the concepts Jerry pitched the game
again to Nintendo and with the help of Sakura Miyamoto the decision was made to
greenlight the game this was however the start of a long six years of development
for Game Freak as the initial idea of Pokemon was way too ambitious
Tajiri was left with not enough funding to finish the game he would often
struggle to pay employees and even his bills and the project was put on hold
but with the help of Miyamoto Game Freak had a second chance as they helped
create a game titled Yoshi’s egg in Japan or in North America titled Yoshi
this game became a huge success and gave Game Freak the funds to finish
development on their suspended project and in February 1996 pokemon red and
pokemon green were released in Japan the game sold at a slow pace to begin with
mainly due to the fact that the original Gameboy was seven years old at the time
of the game’s release and the next-generation Gameboy the Game Boy
Color was soon to be released however what was initially thought to be a
hindrance to sales as what actually kick-started the game’s popularity at
the time many people and families had low income and spending this extra money
on the kids just wasn’t going to cut it for the latest and greatest systems and
games that were out there so making them look to the old reliable Gameboy for
entertainment became a staple amongst most households due to the success of
the original games Pokemon dominated the late nineties and on October 20th 1996
the first set of Pokemon trading cards were released with the help of Ken
Sugimori Mitsuki – Arita in kg Ken Buchi doing
the illustrations for the cards the base set took various parts of the already
established world of pokémon red and green and turned it into a trading card
game and it wasn’t until 1999 that Pokemon TCG made its way over to the
states where thanks to the games and the 1997 anime its popularity skyrocketed
and currently the Pokemon TCG still now boasts so many cards per set pumping out
many sets per year and one of the biggest incomes for Pokemon aside from
the video games in 1997 the Pokemon TV series released its first episode on
April 1st and caused the franchise to become increasingly popular the show
followed a boy named ash and his Pikachu on an adventure to become the best
pokemon trainer you know the whole to be master poki you
get it over 20 years later in 22 seasons of the show
Ash and his friends are still traveling across the lands in search for new
Pokemon the TV show also birth 22 movies usually focusing on various legendary
Pokemon with all the success Game Freak kept making Pokemon games at iterating
on the core concept in 1998 pokémon red and blue were released in the West to
give more people the chance to experience the joys of these games
pokemon yellow was a director’s cut of the previous games which allowed Pikachu
to follow you around in the game throughout the entire overworld pokemon
gold and silver were the first official sequels in the franchise and this was
when second generation of Pokemon were officially added to the games featuring
new starter Pokemon to choose from and almost a hundred new Pokemon to find
pokemon crystal is basically the director’s cut of gold and silver and
was the first in the series to allow players to choose between a male or
female protagonist pokemon ruby and sapphire was pokemon stepping into the
Game Boy Advance for once and introducing the third generation of
pokemon with pokemon emerald coming out two years later as an enhanced version
of those games pokemon diamond and pearl with pokemon platinum releasing as its
third version two years later introduced the fourth generation of pokemon and was
game freak’s first step into the Nintendo DS with the DS having two
screens the games were able to provide a bunch of new useful information such as
a map and a claw and store them on the second screen while the main game plays
on the top screen pokemon black and white introduced the fifth generation of
pokemon and were the first games in the franchise to give players the ability to
unlock the national Dexter pond pleading the games Pokemon X&Y released
on the 3ds and introduced the sixth generation of Pokemon along with game
free creating the games to feature fully polygonal 3d graphics now we’re playing
with power my friends it was the first Pokemon game to feature trainer
customization a long requested feature at that time and also add a new mechanic
called mega evolutions which gave Pokemon a new look and enhanced moves
for a short amount of time during battle Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced the
seventh generation of Pokemon and also introduced special moves that the
Pokemon can perform alongside their trainers called Z moves surprisingly it
was the first Pokemon game released in China and then pokemon ultra sun and
ultra moon were enhanced versions of sun and moon which introduced entirely new
pokemon mid generation and had a bunch of new story changes pokemon let’s go
pikachu an Eevee were the first Pokemon games released on the Nintendo switch
and they were basically remakes of the original Pokemon games however it did
have some very unique changes similar to how you would battle and capture Pokemon
you wouldn’t really battle them you would try to get them captured in a ball
similar to the Pokemon Go app amidst all the games were a bunch of spin-offs and
remakes thrown into the mix some of them were more popular spin-offs such as
Pokemon Colosseum and the pokemon mystery dungeon franchise which found
clever ways to spice up the core gameplay mechanics of Pokemon into
something entirely unique and of course we can never forget about Pokemon Ranger
may you rest in peace Pokemon firered and leafgreen were remakes of the
original 1996 games but released in 2004 on the same game engine that pokemon
ruby and sapphire used but of course in 2010 we saw our next set of remakes with
HeartGold and SoulSilver which were remakes of gold and silver this time on
the DS with a new enhanced graphical power of what the DS can do similar to
how diamond and pearl looked on top of that Pokemon alpha sapphire and Omega
Ruby were remakes of Ruby and Sapphire but instead coming with all the benefits
of Pokemon X&Y such as trainer customization and mega evolutions on the
3ds now of course these remakes were not needed but they were greatly appreciated
as it gave a younger generation of kids a chance to play through the stories
that we all got to play through and the older titles and giving those older
titles a new refreshed look to boost it up today Pokemon still
remains one of the most popular media properties in the world and it shows no
signs of slowing down with Pokemon go having over 800 million
registered users and it’s constantly pushing out updates adding new Pokemon
and features and the recent release of pokémon Mewtwo strikes back evolution in
Japan which is gonna be soon to release in the North American region Pokemon has
the mobile market locked down aside from there being a bunch of new
Pokemon related apps out there with the newest one coming out later this month
as of making this video called Pokemon masters Pokemon is slowly trying to take
over every device you own in additionally one of my personal favorite
parts of all of Pokemon is the Pokemon manga which is most commonly referred to
here in the US as Pokemon and adventures but in Japan it was released as a Pocket
Monsters special in the manga started in 1997 and is still currently running with
new adaptations of manga to follow either current films or the current
generation of video games or TV but originally this manga as in to jury’s
words was the closest representation of what he imagined Pokemon to be he quotes
saying this is the comic that most resembles the world I was trying to
convey and in this manga yes you would see stuff that you would initially
recognize his Pokemon the difference here being is that a lot of stuff was
dialed up to 11 the battles were a lot more intense and had some actual
consequences where Pokemon actually died or you would see Pokemon being
viscerally destroyed and it is shocking when you were a kid and reading this and
you had no idea that Pokemon could be this violent but the overall appeal and
popularity of this franchise is still a massive success even today the TCG has a
new set releasing almost every few months here in America with subsets
thrown in there all the time and in Japan it seems like almost every other
month there’s a brand new card set coming out as well as Game Freak is
getting ready to release their second wave of Pokemon games on the Nintendo
switch this November with Pokemon sword and shield which will introduce the
eighth generation of Pokemon and also add new mechanics to the games such as
Dyna maxing and Giganta maxing which will give the Pokemon the ability to
grow massive and scale and pull off devastating attacks explained hey guys I
just want to say thank you so much for watching this video
I’m pretty at the moment I don’t know if you can
hear it in my voice so that’s why I didn’t have a on camera outro or intro
for this but I hope you got to learn something new or just enjoy the history
of Pokemon I really do appreciate the support on these videos it truly does
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