‘The Cleveland Strangler’: The Story of a Brutal Serial Killer & His Forgotten Victims

[Music] up song I’m gonna show you all those pictures of when she was Grom talisha hung this picture here so I don’t never move she told me since I’ll be back next month cuz this grass gonna be up high again I said okay but when next month came she didn’t call him he shared and called me maybe we better report her missing so I called East Cleveland police they said that they were gonna have somebody to look for but far as I know why they never called me back when I called them well they didn’t have no information of who was looking for away this cordless and he sits on the charger and when I get ready to hang it up her bitch where is right there and I said night-night baby girl and then I put the phone on the charger and it says beep that’s her telling me good night I mean it’s all a mental thing you know but that’s the only thing he hopes [Music] [Music] they say that death is the great equalizer that no matter who you are or where you’re from we all turn to dust in the end but in Cleveland my hometown but life has long been divided by race and class injustice stretches well into the Hereafter [Music] over the course of two and a half years eleven women were raped strangled and murdered by one of the most heinous serial killers in American history Anthony Sowell before their deaths these women were all members of one of the most marginalized populations in the city of Cleveland they were poor black and struggling with addiction in the ghetto on the east side of town may 17 2014 sometime in March LaShonda long disappeared in the summer of 2000 shell Mason went missing in a fantasy cops body was found wrapped inside six and Janice West’s last seen on the gym Alisha Fortson was last seen by her daughter Tonya Carmichael was last he came Smith there was a ligature imelda Hunter was last seen Sowell was arrested for his crimes in 2009 today he sits on death row for the past five years the injustice of this story has enacted my mind I had to revisit the case [Music] hey what’s up huh hey what are you doing all right I’m about to meet here in like five minutes all right love you so right now we’re headed to my parents house in Strongsville we’re gonna have dinner with them and I was about to cook up a delicious Polish boy meal I don’t have a little conversation about so well [Music] I still remember my parents calling me at college when the 11 bodies were found on Imperial Avenue they were both sergeants with the Cleveland Police Department at the time so the first thing we have polish boys was when you were on a job how did you have them is it like a police police food I don’t know it’s just something up and get on it you laugh and there’s some kool-aid man and that’s what you can come and make the kool-aid the kool-aid man how long were you working on the job dad 30 years and we’re like what departments and stuff did you work this I was his own car for 13 years and then I was at a bus and the district for the last years I was on the gym and when you work that job is it easy to lose sight of people it desensitizes you you see a lot of death destruction Human Wreckage and you deal with violent vile despicable human beings so you begin to lose you know some of the elements of humanity you know I admit I was burned out badly burned out here when I was out you know I’m interested in this so well case like what do you think are some of the reasons why the Solal situation was able to go on for so long I think had that have happened in a upper middle class neighborhood first of all they wouldn’t have left that smell going in that neighborhood slightly would have send somebody from the city somebody would not to check that out but because those people were in lower economic situations nobody cared I had a case one time where lady had us had like 17 cars just running and looking all over cuz she had got robbed and when we finally got the guy said well how much did you get you only had $10 in the first I said you know doing all of this running for $10 and my boss told me he said doesn’t make any difference how much money she had it was her money and nobody had a right to take her from me and those women there were crack addicts and prostitutes whatever they still have a right to be able to walk the streets and not have anybody take anything from them or harm them especially not sure deserve it I may need you to oh cool ready come on say the grace what I don’t remember the prayer about Annapolis I Lord is good to me make the rain the Sun the apple seed I don’t remember it I just ain’t bless the Lord thing to be good my parents move to the west side in the 90s with the hope that I wouldn’t have to face some of the harsh realities that come with urban life but no house and a cul-de-sac can change the color of your skin or the baggage that it carries in the city of Cleveland right now we’re in Mount Pleasant on Imperial Avenue I’m sitting on the porch of an abandoned house right next door to where Anthony’s so well used to live his house has been torn down these are the grounds where Anthony buried his victims you know this is a very I want to call it hallowed ground but it has an aura or a power to it because of so much pain and suffering that is in this soil and in this space and I think that’s part of the reason why there’s not a lot of activity here pretty much all the houses around this corner are abandoned because people didn’t want to live near this pain and suffering and anguish we’re gonna push forward to try to talk to some of the officers we’re gonna try to talk to some of these women who lived through their encounters with so well and hopefully we’ll get the full story my parents hooked me up with two other old friends from their days on the force Mel Smith and LEM Griffin the homicide detectives who investigated the solo murders I met them at a local soulfood spot famous for its sauce trench polish boys they’re retired today but this case tied them together forever they still have all the paperwork files and audio tapes on the day that we received this case it was October 29 2009 there was a rape victim who filed a formal complaint against Anthony Sowell that she had left four pair of panties and one of the bedrooms on the second floor so they were able to obtain a search warrant forth on his property they went into the house but once they observed the bodies in this room then they had to stop that was the end of anything else they could do so they backed out of that room backed out of the house secured the house contacted us and then we responded so now we’re looking at each other and we’re saying okay let’s go you got to go in this house [Music] there was a mound of dirt that was found in the basement behind this stairwell which was unusual this dirt I went down I looked at it and the dirt was was on top of the concrete floor you know you think maybe it’s another body there whatever [Music] two parties the first day a third body and back of the stairwell a red bucket about maybe foot high was a skull [Music] everywhere you stepped you stepped on rat feces flies were hanging from the ceiling and the stench you had decomposed substances that came from the body he was living there all along he was cooking his food there even his food and his little makeshift kitchen and all these sort of things [Music] he found the other body in the bag two or three feet away from another pot and then to find an additional body in the crawl space it’s the same type of dirt that was in the basement so now you have one two three four bodies upstairs one and a skull in the basement now you could imagine how what your mind is thickness where else yeah and that what prompted us to look throughout the house [Music] [Music] what was his pattern how did he kill what we determined was that he would start out having oral sex with them and then he would have vaginal sex with the math of that and then he was sodomized him after that that was his that was his mo doing that is when the ligature would come out he would strangle they were strangle him at the same time that’s when his deviant nature became extreme but he knew how to coax them he knew how to get next to him he knew how to make them feel comfortable and he knew at what time to approach him that’s that was his technique can you imagine and that you are being invited somewhere to a person that’s friendly and being friendly to you and you get inside and they close the door and all of a sudden they become something that you never experienced and been exposed to me I mean the complete terror of it and you have nowhere to go you’re stuck you’re you’re under there under his will he does whatever he wants to do and then he went from one two three four five six seven eight nine eleven this is probably one of the most horrific cases ever she got in America it is yeah in Cleveland that’s a fact this was a man possessed with two evils he raped a man killed him 11 of them with respect to the matter of state of Ohio versus Anthony soul Hui the jury being duly imperil and swarm do hereby find that the aggravating circumstances which the defendant was found guilty of committing do outweigh the mitigating factors presented in this case by proof beyond a reasonable doubt we therefore unanimously find that the sentence of death should be imposed upon the defendant Anthony soul [Music] well the only thing I want to say is that I’m sorry I know that might not sound like much but I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart this is not typical of me I don’t know what happened I can’t explain I know it’s not a laugh but that’s all I can give [Music] Eve Cleveland was so beautiful the streets was like butter these clear schools much better hey Carper Don the sons I had to pick out an instrument I had to play a little star Anthony so L was raised in East Cleveland in the 50s a lot of black families came here from the south for the promise of a better life but in the 60s local industries began to fail and coinciding of social tensions across the country Cleveland erupted into race riots that propelled white flight to the suburbs I thought he’s clearly and fall apart and it fell apart due to drugs a lot of partment buildings went to the dumps because management no longer cared they got on drugs themselves they’re yelling and screaming everyday my mother came up a startling move obviously I think that’s what escaped so what was discharged from the Marines and came back home in 1985 by that time these Cleveland was wrought with gang violence and in the throes of a crack epidemic in 1989 he met a woman named Mel vet sock well on the streets of East Cleveland he took her to his home where he raped and tortured her I met her at the Renee Jones empowerment center where she now volunteers to help other women get out of the street life I’ve seen him in area if anybody know that area was a hard drug rated area and I wasn’t used to the phone at first yet like he was trying to help me fix the car I didn’t honey I think God I did I started calling on the poverty but but it’s Jesus but Jesus and he went to sleep yes they only think God put that money to sleep in it [Music] of powerful so L was arrested for raping Melvin but he was offered a plea bargain and sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted rape he got out in 2005 a registered sex offender although his DNA was never entered into the system he moved to the third floor of one to 2:05 Imperial Avenue in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood [Music] within a few years of so Wells release a series of women began in disappearing Mount Pleasant beginning of crystal Dozier in June 2007 her family reported her missing and posted fliers all around the neighborhood around that time a foul odor was first reported on Imperial Avenue health inspectors visited the neighborhood that summer some folks assumed it was coming from the convenience store across the street run by allies taya like many people taya moved away after the so L fallout I visited him at his new store which is a pretty typical hood spot old folks come in and out all day to play the lottery while kids buy pop and loiter out front I heard that you used to actually frequently see so well with your store and I used to come buy beer she used to buy garbage bags sometimes used 2×4 heavy-duty garbage bag really yeah and every time he come to the store he was one very very bad very stink I mean for his age and every action what the smells coming from where was your store relation to so else haploid fifteen feet away from him did you ever smell that smell every day every day some people come to my store they say they called me all name nasty air abuse others think and blah blah blah but I thought that everybody would come to my store embarrassing me women continued to go missing in Mount Pleasant tishanna Cobra was last seen in June 2008 LaShawn DeLong went missing in August of that year so well severed her head and put it in a bucket the awful odor on Imperial Avenue brought health inspectors back again that summer they blamed rays sausage who sits right next door to so well and paid nearly two hundred thousand dollars to upgrade their ventilation the smell of rotting flesh continued to haunt the neighborhood one night in September 2008 so well met Vanessa gay on a street corner he invited her over to drink and smoke just like dark and gloomy it’s a rather punch me face I’m gonna take my clothes off there bitch take your clothes off he proceeded to write me nobody help me nobody help me after escaping she says she called the police at the time there was no standard procedure for taking rape reports an officer told her she had to come in ashamed and in shock she refused Vanessa agreed to meet me at a church around the corner from Imperial Avenue she has put her life back together today and is a far cry away from the broken woman I’d seen testifying against so well I had a good childhood you know grew up on the east side of Cleveland straight-a student sometimes after you get past it into them teen you had an um a loving family you know I didn’t give in to the street life until I was in my thirties you know and that’s a long time to stay away from the street that’s a long time so in 2008 where were you in your life I was at my breaking point they say you gotta hit rock bottom I had hit rock bottom I again I left home you know I think you’re kicked out I left home because I didn’t want my family to see me in that state I didn’t want my children to think this is normal because by no means was it normal you tried to reach out to the police when you when the incident took place what was that interaction like that was probably one of the most hurting things because if a person does something wrong to you you’re supposed to call the police no if one other end of that phone you feel more betrayed by those people than the person that hurts you whether you do you know it was just a feeling of hopelessness thing you know and not even just by the police just the community didn’t understand what I was going through so you know addicts have to face ridicule they have to face not being taken seriously they take you as just that a drug addict you you have no you know if you can sweep them under the rug and keep them out of sight then the problem might go away no the problem ain’t going away you know and I understand that they have a very hard job but you chose this job have some compassion for another human being and how did you feel when when the news sort of broke and they finally arrested the man part of me could breathe and then another part couldn’t because after the fact it came out that those other women had been murdered and I felt like if they would just listen to me you know some of that could have been avoided you know it didn’t have to go that far if you that just took time to listen and investigate take the time to listen and investigate and it wouldn’t went that far you know so the part of me like oh yeah he’s they got him felt good but the other part was like oh my god these women lost their lives and if they just listened they’re maybe didn’t have to go that far as women continued to disappear Mount Pleasant missing person reports piled up Michelle Mason was reported missing in October the following month Tania Carmichael was also reported missing but no one listened families had to rely on flyers and candlelight vigils around the neighborhood on the streets of Mount Pleasant I’ve been asking folks about the women who were murdered by so well most people didn’t want to get involved clearance however had a lot to say Clarence will sorry alright nice to meet you nice to meet you too did you know any of the women that quite a few of them really what were they like well most of them are where all of them were drug addicts so it’s hard to say what they were like as before drugs right you know cuz you know they say you’re not responsible for your addiction but you are responsible for your recovery and a lot of them never got a chance to recover somebody to meet them in recovery so it’s hard to say what they would have really been like right do you think it’s hard for them to actually get justice because it you know way to proceed them a lot of times they had all the reports of missing girls and everything else some girls made complaints against so we’ll put no investigation no nothing just oh you’re a crackhead right go smoke crack and leave us alone you know we got bigger fish to fry or whatever do you think the people in this community feel like the police aren’t there to serve them and help them for the most part they aren’t they aren’t unless you unless you can call the cops and bring them over and give it and do their job for them you know they can get credit for the arrest or whatever you know but no there are them I don’t think they are we don’t care about the well-being of the next person we don’t have unconditional love for the next person nobody would say anything like the code of the streets you know it’s like we’re we’re terrorists in our own communities against ourselves in December 2008 so well approached a woman named Gladys wait at the convenience store on Imperial Avenue he attacked her and dragged her home Hey please stop screaming you something you dad and I’ll grab his face come on his face caught his eyes she fought so well off fled his home and read to a local restaurant bloody and begging for help they refused her so she had to flag down a patrol car what happened next is still the subject of a civil lawsuit against the city led by Terry Gilbert he dragged her up stairs he attacked her she tried to escape went through a door that had glass where she had a severe laceration of her thumb got out and ran out to the street flagged on a police car and two police officers went over to soul saw the blood saw the evidence of a confrontation Gladys told the police what happened they arrested him on the spot took him down to the Cleveland Police Department booked him into jail so well was arrested and Gladys’s case was assigned to sex crimes detective Georgia MC Georgia Hussein was a cleveland police officer she worked in the sex crimes unit for a number of years and Georgia Hussein decided that when she went to the prosecutor to discuss the case while he was still in jail she only brought the robbery complaint to have it signed by the prosecutor not the felonious assault her attempted rate so she already was making decisions to reduce the exposure that Anthony Solo would have with the approval of her superiors this detective actually released him from custody so that he could kill more people the facts in this case are so egregious okay it’s not even about money and they want to be able to say to the world do your job appropriately as it was designed for after Gladys was deemed a nun credible source so L was released from prison uncharged inexplicably detective who same with the soils house a few days later somehow she failed to pick up on the smell of the rotting bodies that were lying inside so well went on he raped strangled and murdered Kim Smith Nancy Cobbs imelda hunter janice web tool aja Fortson and diane turner in april another woman reported an attack by so well but her rape kit was never tested later that September the Sheriff’s Department visited his home for a routine sex offender checkup that same day so well invited Letendre Billups over for a drink Tundra Phillips came into court and testified that on September 22 2009 she went to the house at 1/2 2:05 Imperial with the defendant to drink and get high she testified that at that point he hit her hard on the side of her face and told her to take off her clothes as he was penetrating her he put an extension cord around her neck and began to squeeze it until she could not breathe Letendre escapes oels home and went to the police for help she reported being raped and strangled at 1:00 2:00 2:05 Imperial Avenue identifying so well as her assailant and telling him she had left her personal belongings at his house the patrolman did not go out in question so well the case was passed the sex crimes but did not move forward for nearly a month in October Sean Morris threw herself out of Sowell second-story window to save her life beckoning police back to Imperial Avenue this is surveillance video shown in court today from a camera at the race sergeants company right next door damn is staying ever seen in my life she was butt-naked and she was bleeding out her mouth and nose I saw Anthony Sowell come around the corner he was naked he said man this is my woman and we was and she fell out the window that just didn’t sound right to me I met Don Laster at his neighborhood bar he saw what was going down that day i called 9-1-1 first time my life calling 9-1-1 well the fire department came well being at her shawn was unconscious and taken to the hospital of Sowell at her side he dropped her off and left without ever being questioned by the police Shaun was unconscious for three days so L called her when she woke up and threatened to kill her if she spoke about what happened when she was approached by sex crimes detectives she denied being attacked more than a month after Latonya Billups filed her initial report she met with sex crimes detectives who acquired a search warrant enter so else home [Music] finally the murders and rapes that once felt like a force of nature were brought to an end [Music] I needed to understand how so many accusations of rape against the sex offender like so L could get bungled by the police to get some insight my mom hooked me up with her old high school friend name they both joined the force back in the day as a way out of the ghetto he was in the sex crimes unit when Sowell was still at large but I was a been detective insights friends for 10 years there was a time in my career when I worked in it I didn’t think that and I’m in these cases for that long a period of time it would affect me but after I left after 10 years after I left sex crimes I realized that it did affect me physically and mentally – you’re there to do a job and this is your job and and you say to yourself so to speak to test their problem but it’s but isn’t that because you get involved I mean you’re human useless did you feel like the system would have been more efficient if you’d had more officers like did you feel like course and at the time that I work that we definitely didn’t have enough detective everybody’s caseload was overwhelming we are quite a bit I guess I’m wondering sort of the burnout element cuz like Georgia retired almost immediately like very soon after so well situation maybe she was burnout you know because of the fact that we were seasoned detectives and somebody had to do this that’s that’s where I’m gonna but I’m back with with with Georgia yes she probably was burned out I mean my whole opinion is – maybe I’m wrong for saying this but I’m gonna say it it is not the detective is the system they allow us to do what we do is they make the rules and these victims victims are coming from does that make some officers after they’ve seen a whole lot of stuff take their their claims you know as being less valid of course I mean we’re only Boop policemen are people first we’re human beans first and Nesta ways system is destroyed is this perfect system is there gonna believe a lily-white female before they believe a ghetto black woman’s long you know as far as rape country is I mean that’s the comments it’s just the way the world is is it right no but it is what it is the negligence exhibited in the so L case was a catalyst for investigations into the CPD’s handling of sex crimes and missing persons reports uncovered that the sex crimes and child abuse unit was overwhelmed with work and lacking basic technology in training they only had 13 working detectives handling about fourteen hundred reported cases every year delays and investigations were inevitable and many cases were closed with little to no follow-up whatsoever not to mention there was a backlog of more than 4,000 untested rape kits I bet my dad at a restaurant called the boneyard on the west side of town to get his perspective on the police’s failures in the so well case he didn’t socialize much of other dudes on the job but one of his few blue friends is a guy he calls maverick what do you think are some of the good things and that they did and so our case and then just in general how much that guys did a wonderful job once it reached their level you know but unfortunately by the time it gets to the homicide you think the people are already dead you know and with that particular case the majority of the victims are people that are compromised to start with unfortunately people do turn up missing of their own will or they turn up missing because they’re on dope and they end up in another state and can’t tell you why they’re there just find that there was different emphases put on different units like the Vice unit or the narcotics University to say the missing persons units and there is no missing person you know and on this and the sex crime unit isn’t it’s been staffed efficiently I mean if you’re gonna have there’s gonna be a real major city okay as Cleveland purports to be then you’re gonna have to have serious important specialized units staffed by enough personnel to do the job the process broke down it failed and it failed in 2008 I believe that that’s when the initial arrest was made my concern in my worry is that we could have a similar situation if changes aren’t properly made we live in a time when the institutional dysfunctions of American law enforcement are on full display and Cleveland stands is one of the most backward we have determined that there is reasonable cause to believe that the Cleveland division of public police engages in a pattern and practice of using excessive force and as a result of systemic deficiencies including insufficient accountability and adequate training and equipment ineffective policies and inadequate engagement in the community in December 2014 the Department of Justice published a scathing report highlighting the CPD systemic failures there are problems in the division of a Cleveland Police this review has demonstrated some of those problems but considering the DOJ x’ report was essentially a carbon copy of one issued over a decade ago most Clevelanders aren’t counting on change anytime soon so l’s victims were only seen as poor black crack heads and they were ignored by the very people that were supposed to protect them the neglect of their cries helps reveal another side of the pattern of excessive use of force has been showcased by the black lives matter movement when cops only see as his criminals were also denied the right to be victims until we break down the bedrock of injustice of which this entire system was built young people that continue to take to the streets chanting the same that they did when my parents were growing up as the city has tried to forget – so well murders back in Mount Pleasant the victims and their families have been left with no recognition or support a reminder of how little the city cares about what happened I met homicide detective Mel Smith again on Imperial Avenue he spent countless hours lifting the remains of those 11 women out of the dark this is a Rea sausage huh right and I’m actually I’m glad to see you still here not very much is here but raised has been here for quite some time and it’s an established business they’ve done well for a long time and looks like they’re still doing well yeah I heard the sausage is pretty good are good what feelings does it bring back to stand in this spot strange I would say strange first based upon the fact that looking at it now it looks really small I recall there being a driveway to the west of the house right here which is no longer here it’s all filled in with grass one of the things I’m interested in is that there’s that infamous video or a Shawn it says Sean Morris coming out the window and then hip Anthony walking out naked right there would that have taken place I think it would have taken place on the east side of the building here okay I would say that this window was somewhere in this area and this is where she failed mm-hmm so a lot of people are saying that they the police didn’t do anything but a lot of times people seem to assume that if they give us a riddle will solve the riddle and I’ve had people tell me that so I’m one I’m gonna give you this information and I’m not gonna give it to straight to you man you’ll figure it out well if you have the information just give it to us right give it to us what you have and we’ll work from there do you think that in every instance in every situation the police did their job if we don’t succeed that’s something it’s always our fault it’s not just the fact that we just can’t succeed or it’s just there’s nothing there to be successful when I get a case I’ll go after everybody but the reality of it is I’m not gonna solve them all but when the ones I do solve that’s fine that’s my job and the ones that don’t solve is I didn’t do my job and that’s usually a scenario what do you think about the state of the lot I mean cuz this is it’s kind of a level I don’t like it I really don’t like it because I know the conversation was making this into a lot with a lot of flowers and it and make this so beautiful that it would just you would remember what it was but once she looked at it and saw it it would immediately take you somewhere else and I knew that that would have been a great thing and I think it should have been done in a very elaborate way it’s been more than five years and it’s been a long time and it’s no it’s just what it usually is you know obviously we can tell that someone’s attempting to do something tonight and I congratulate them for trying but there’s still trash yeah bottles well that’s lack of respect though that’s that’s what that’s all about whoever whoever has no idea or no concept or don’t care about what happened here so they’re just gonna toss the trash all over the place and I hope that someone would step forward and I’m not putting this on the victims families because it takes resources these members think it’d be really painful yeah then we’ll have have you kept in touch with any of the families after the case crystal doshas mom I talked to her quite a bit she’s about the only more than contact me quite a bit hmm we talked occasion in we had talked about this lot and she’s very upset in our Kimberling that nothing’s been done and she hasn’t heard from anyone and promises were made and not kept but the truth of the matter is promises always made in the inner city and never [Music] I met the families of some of so wells victims at church and Mount Pleasant outside the struggle of ghetto life raged on but Sunday service here offered a brief respite we lost ours in some left children behind and is left up to the family to try to carry anymore I don’t know what the rest of the children are going through but nobody tried to help us with them they need help [Music] me they need counseling and and things but nobody did that they came out and counseled me one day but it’s not me it’s the children that needs help because they got to grow up without a mother my childhood tried to kill herself at one time but twice twice as his mother mendeecees twice they don’t know how what we go through with these little key and it’s not their fault and he always think it’s something that he did did because of his mother definitely that’s nothing to do with her dad nothing nothing nothing I know that God doesn’t give us any more than we can handle and he has given me something else he’s giving me another family it’s been rough on all of us I don’t dwell on it I have to move forward there is no such thing as closure for the families of so Wells victims so they bonded together clinging to their faith which says that they’ll be reunited with their dearly departed in a place that is more just than this one I don’t believe in heaven but for their sake I hope I’m wrong Danita is a daughter of Tanya Carmichael who went missing in 2008 her mother is laid to rest in a cemetery among the headstones plaques and epitaphs of Cleveland’s deceased nasty cops she’s buried in the same row so I used her hands down kind of as a marker because my mother doesn’t have a hair song yet how Korean mother doesn’t have a headstone she doesn’t have a headstone yet because originally five years ago when we were planning the services we were told that the city allocate for the hairstyles for the families who chose to bury their victims right well we have yet to see that allocation this is a hundred that’s one on one huh that’s 102 so how can I be 103 it’s not what I’m not understanding I’m gonna call my grandmother okay I make for sure that she didn’t read it off the paper wrong one hundred and one hundred two hundred three hey hey we at the cemetery I see nasty cops grave you know she right by mommy but she rose seven away man I just stepped on something Rock oh it’s a marker up under it live Oh grass it’s so freakin thick oh yeah I wish I had something well I’m gonna get my tire arm on my car okay so I can dig it up okay know where we was at yeah I was just gonna dig it out right here but it’s a good distance between that one and this one so oh wow that’s it – that’s it that’s six then that’s 103 hey mom we found you we brought you something doctor we finally found okay now I can’t remember she’s right up over sue I would remember that tell me about your mother oh no she started using drugs late your mother did I was raised up witness not the same mother and Anthony Sowell took away from my family at the end of the day I know who my mother was and I know what she meant to our family I know what we meant to her and I know we tried to help her with her addiction problem I will forever talk about my dislike for the city of Cleveland and how they portray my family the other members and families in this situation and the lack thereof the changes and policies and procedures that this still can happen again it scares me to think of how many houses that I ride past of my day-to-day and it might be Soleil’s house where there’s bodies in that house and we just learned about our normal business just driving and don’t even know I think they want us to just be satisfied that hey he was apprehended he was convicted he was sentenced and now he’s in prison but that does not let the other people that have something to do with him being able to do what he did off the hook I’m not satisfied with that I still need some other people to be held accountable so that moving forward we never have to go through this again [Music] [Music] and down the street when I first started covering this story I was more curious than anything else trying to find out what happened on Imperial Avenue as I dove into this story I learned about the lives of the women that were lost and the lives of women that are still here obviously so well committed the murders but the community and the institutions within this city failed to do something hopefully by talking about this story and talking about the lives of these women what happened on Imperial Avenue won’t ever happen again [Music] [Music] you know where Paul we know we can hold him accountable for this Oh God with Lord one day he’s got to stand before the judge not the judge down in the Justice Center but one day he’s gonna stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for the things that he’s done in that vessel that you gave him but I’m grateful a day o God that you paid the ultimate price when you sacrificed your life for each and every single one of us in the name of your son Jesus we pray [Music] [Music]

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