The case for re-writing history! New evidence, an introduction to UnchartedX

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  • Maybe as a people we should all go on a mission to find and access the books , maps and other information we know they ? have that is right fully for everyone yet has been kept under lock and building for so long ..REFUSE / RESIST ..

  • The Mongols 😀 hahahaha killed me

  • Some one thinks the winner is the story tell who uses the biggest number in the story. So, in the beginning of my story trillions of trillions of trillions of years ago nothing happened until 2:15 PM.

  • Thank you, excellent documentary!!

  • too many mystics read too much into history books. too many charlatans claim extraordinary power of thought that pushes fantasy to the end of a logical chain of evidence. when newton got to the end of his ideas on gravity because he couldn't work out the problem of 3 bodies in motion he invoked the nature of god as the explanation.humans have a nature so it is not surprising that distance in space and time look similar especially if there were world wide catastrophes. the spiritual is the adaptation of the infant to the care taker not the revelation of the mystery of the universe to the intellect. Paul on the way to Damascus was distressed by the persecution of his people and sought relief and absolution for his slaughter of his people by hallucinating Jesus for forgiveness as infants seek relief from their distress from their caretakers. instead of building stupid pyramids the egyptians should have built flood control to save uncounted millions from death.

  • So funny as so incorrect. Egypt (going on his own reasoning) that the first pyramids now can be traced much further back. The great pyramids were built in the 4th dynasty,. Then before thaqt was the bent pyramid, before that the step pyramid built in the first dynasty. Then in dynasty zero was the Mastaba. This was how the step pyramid was build. 1 mustaba on top of another. So there is a clear link from 5,000 bc and the dynasty zero to 2,500bc and the great pyramids. All what he is saying has long since been disproved.

  • All of the oldest bones and mummies all over the globe are white people. This needs more info

  • And then there are morons who push idiocy because because because. Just Shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down and stop this mental masturbation. The world does not need drunk and stupid idiots pretending they "KNOW" everything that no one else knows.

  • Hi Ben. Very interesting. This introduction was referenced from a FB group. You may want to connect with these folks: & Keep up the great inquiry!

  • Well done and thank you- this subject is fascinating

  • I love this topic and hope one day before I'm gone to get answers, but the whole topic it was Ancient aliens just sickens me. So beings with technologies to visit other planets came here to play with rocks? I know you haven't said this. But so many people have that a TV made a show with people I wouldn't buy a used car from! Things like Baalbek Lebanon was a landing pad? Really? They flew 100 trillion miles but can't land without a pad, come the F on! Zahi Hawass and I don't agree much but, he said this just proves the genius of ancient people I 100% agree with! I just don't agree on the time scale at all. Humans like us being on the planet for 100K + years and we think we are the greatest and best. I don't buy it at all. This is dynamic planet and the progression of our past would be ground to powder thousands of years ago!

  • Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun the hopis say the world has been recycled 6 times technology surpaases our wisdom and we destroy ourselves almost there now i think the truth is so much stranger than fiction

  • The now extinct woolly mammoth has been found flash frozen in Siberia with green still in the stomach. It seems the cataclysmic event caused the Ice Age.

  • Keep up the great work. Subbed, Tipped and really think you should get some ball hats in your merch shop!! 😉

  • So if the builders of the pyramids used advanced technology – where are the remains of the tools? Maybe it is possible that they used the tools in the school books, it just took a longer time than 80 or 100 years?

  • HI ! , I'm Tomas , the first time I've seen your work . WOW !!!

  • Why do people, even professional announcers, feel the need to leave prepositions dangling at the end of sentences?

  • Nice presentation, saying much of what I have come to find out through all my findings. Thank you for the bold approach to dealing with the established folk that won't open their eyes.

  • You do know the globe in the start of this video is spinning in the wrong direction !!!

  • Not hard to understand why there is so much resistance against accepting all the new facts of ancient history.

  • The answers are in Lloyd Pye's Book; Everything You Know Is STILL Wrong: Revised Edition. Now certain from several cross sources that two meteors struck the then Canadian 2 mile deep Ice sheet- 12 thousand and 11.5 thousand years ago caused massive flooding and bought the earth out of the ice age, and raised sea level by 400 feet. it destroyed much of the existing advanced civilisation including Atlantis, which is the Eye of Africa; the flood wave and draining back sand channels still visible today. The types of man are not evolution, but genetic engineering, from the existing Earth hominoids, at least 3 types still with us. Humans were engineered to be weak, short lived and of limited inteligence. Humans are being farmed. Read the book and decide for yourself. Lloyd Pye was a man of impecable scientific approach, he presents the facts and you decide yourself. Dont comment without reading the Book please. The title says it all.

  • If you believe this you will believe anything ! It's full of half truths and taking what is know out of context . I have not the time here to discus this further but if you care to do some very basic background reading on the subject you may well learn more then is stated here !

  • Love the YA for 'Years Ago.'

  • Why just stone ??? If there were advanced like us, as we are advanced, why not carve out of marble, wood, like our churches, palaces, grand house. They would know how to make steel, stanless steel, cars, airplanes, computer, I mean cars, computers, airplanes is what advanced people must have, but your saying some advanced people just wanted to make huge structures like pyramids ??? I just do "NOT" believe that. I dont see any advanced people, just looks like people who have learnt over the many years to make very small structures, then bigger and bugger, as if they are advanced as some think, they would have other things as I said in these structures, steel, stanless steel, cars, planes computers and so much more.

    There are so many fantastic structures all over the World, proving no advanced people, just people very clever at the use on stone.


  • The matrix has you. 😉

  • Excellent presentation, job well done,,,, also check out the video about the pyramid complex off the west coast of Cuba, & there's another video about a book written back in the mid 60's, which was quickly yanked off the shelves & classified by, well take a guess, it's called "the Adam & Eve story", some of it was declassified back in 2016 very interesting & explains & answers a lot of unanswered questions that most of the established academics will not investigate with an open mind.

  • 07:29 Just look at this disproportion between the Sphinx's head and body … The original head was a lioness (so are the paws) but the head fell during the Great Flood (when the Sphinx was under water)…So to summarize, today's history is full of assumptions and inaccurate data and in some ways is a quasi-scientific discipline

  • Ever need anything from Spokane area for your research, just say the word. I live in a great area for researching the runoff over Washington 11500 years ago.

  • waterlevel changes after last ice age wiped out thousands of years off human story… missing info oh well ignore it

  • Anyone can concoct anything, claim its possibility and leave the remarks of its preposterousness unaccounted for just by referring to the lack of evidence stating the contrary. The claims of conspiracies within the scientific consensus is assinine, since the only thing correcting scientific misconceptions is better science. Being uncertain and the thought of being wrong and empirically proven so is actually embraced among scholars. The only things truly shunned are a priori ideas claiming to shake the foundations of the known scientific approaches to certain matters, presented but as banal spouting, meeting no burden of proof.

  • 14:48 what is a picture of South America and Antarctica doing there?

  • Ah, I just found your very first video. This is where it started eh? Been enjoying your work. Your presentation is a breath of fresh air among a world filled with Youtubers that feel the need to be lazy and simply grab views with sensationalistic hype. Keep up the awesome work. And thats not a word I throw around lightly.

  • There's the old theory about Giza pyramids correspondence to Orion's belt, where the main argument is apparent matching of relative positions. I'm not sure how Orion belt actually looked like at the moment of planning the pyramids' layout or at some earlier historical moment somehow important to the builders/designers, but there are certainly 2 more interesting correlations: 1. apparent magnitudes, 2. multiplicity.
    Alnitak (rightmost) – triple star with combined apparent magnitude of 1.77. Alnilam (center) – single variable with apparent magnitude 1.64-1.74. Mintaka (leftmost) – multiple (3 + 2) with combined apparent magnitude 2.23.
    Now, the Great Pyramid with 3 "queen" companions would correspond to Alnitak , Khafre's sole Pyramid to Alnilam and Mankaure's with 3 "queen" companions, to Mintaka.
    Is it a ridiculous coincidence only?

  • Ben, I was taught that there was more than a MILLION Stars!--in 1947!! Today I find that astronomers will not even hazard a guess at the numbers of Galaxies, let alone Stars. At least Astronomers are learning to keep open minds! Today I find people that don't believe in World War 2 !!!! The bottom line is — we need to be taught to think, shake off the accepted norms and question the Past like never before, for there lies a million answers! BRAVO SIR!!!

  • Some of us will wake up, some will be left behind I feel. Thoths prophecy will come true someday

  • There used to be giants. Their bones have been found. Even the Bible say's there was.
    So why not look at this as a possibility in these massive stone works? But nooo….
    That would mean we went from dragging our knuckles to 12 feet tall
    an now at 6 foot we're not smart enough to figure out what happened.

  • The heir to Graham Hancock?

  • Blah blah blah for about 4 and a half minutes… but it gets better…

  • I love the timing in which Zahi Hawass appeared.. 😆

  • Thank you

  • Excellent video. Well researched and presented. So much to learn, and people like you are opening the dark hidden recesses. Thank you.

  • What an amazing time to be alive.when we have technology like the legendary Nikon P900 camera with unbelievable zoom capability.
    It has shown us the Earth is flat and space is fake!
    Everyone needs to look on YouTube for
    ‘ Real planets and stars ‘
    ‘ Record long-distance photography ‘ which completely destroys the globe model.
    I saw the Idol being worshipped at the end of your intro but the ball has been dropped!

  • Our governmental school funded educational process is a great opiate control of the mainstream masses of civilized population (tax based peoples working for a greater one), which is to be more revealed bit by bit and educational videos such as this explain more. Thank you for a greater intelligence available to everyone. An improved future comes with understanding and unity. Appreciate this and you.

  • Russia has very very very old megalithic structures with massive rocks that are being help up with these much smaller stones high up in the mountains. Then you look closely and see all these holes all over the place that appears to look like molten hot rocks were used as weapons thrown into these megastructures as a war took place. Russia and China really needs a good looking into because I believe we’ll find out that our timeline is much much much older than giza and a lot of the other sites. There’s nothing left around anywhere to show that humans even were there except these megalithic structures.

  • If true, as some of us have insisted. The notion of a 'native American' is an absurdity. The Asian Steppes people crossing the Bering ice bridge was almost yesterday when compared to evidence of Humans in the Americans over 120,000 years. Yet. Here we are, steeped in PC and ignorance…and allowing a small group to cast a guilt pall over the rest of us despite the fact these people were not native at all….

  • Nice to see a young person pursuing the truth of civilized history and putting his findings out there for all to see and experience!

  • I've been searching for a lot of answers for a long time. But for now, this video will fill that void.

  • Speaking of heretics, I like Immanuel Velikovsky's theory for the "great cataclysm" that ended the ice age.

  • I have no doubt there is new inclusions what is real and not is unknown. Thing is carbon 14 is in everything. From coal to oil to every thing has caebon in it thus all living things on eI have no doubt there is new inclusions what is real and not is unknown. Thing is carbon 14 is in everything. From coal to oil to every thing has carbon in it thus all living things on earth have been dated back to around 5,000 years old when the flood took everything out. So a lot of the reputed older datings are not real. They have muddied the waters with all the old datig systems trying to prove a point have to be re-looked. We do not know what is or was possible.

  • This is an excellent comprehensive brief summing up of all that has been revealed about the far distant story of human achievement. Undeniable evidence which undermines the conventional academic position. Like the theory of continental drift, scorned when it was first suggested, now established fact, this evidence will reframe the accepted version of history. And all those scornful academics will look like Lord Kelvin when he denied the possibility of heavier-than-air flying machines.

  • I would love to write you a big fat cheque

  • The pyramids and sphinx are over three hundred thousand years old.
    Thoth was the first pharo of Egypt and built the first pyramids and taught other peoples how to build them

  • EXCELLENT ……..many thanks

  • Watching videos, reading the papers of researchers (defined as some one that went and looked for themselves, collected data and analyzed the data then drew logical conclusions.), is NOT research, is is at best study. This type of what if video is fun to watch, but is not useful in learning what the past has to tell us.
    Archaeology is an attempt to understand what has gone before based on KNOWN facts, and reasonable extrapolations. Such as how the largest of the Great Pyramids became aligned so closely with true north. No magic was involved, it is a consequence of celestial observations, and the time at which the construction was begun. Read some of the currently accepted theories, and realize that these things are already well explained.
    YouTube is not a research site, does not care if what is posted is true or false as long as it does not leave them open to legal action. YouTube is a for profit business.

  • Subscribed and like. All of my understanding and reading leads me in the same direction and conclusion.

  • Imagine that you allowed yourself to be stalled – haunted ouch does it hurt ? Tee hee hee

  • Looking for teachers you will accelerate looking for proof ? You’ll be left behind .

  • Ehhhh when you started using the word "evolved" I had to find another video to watch. All the answers are right before your eyes and yet you still believe in evolution with no scientific proof.

  • Just discovered your channel – its brilliant – I have seen similar channels on YouTube – but so far your videos, your commentary, your explainations are the best I have witnessed. I love the work of Carlson, Schoch, Bauval, Foerster, Hancock etc . I look forward to viewing all your videos and will certainly buy a T-shirt etc. More Power to you. My Christmas present just came early.

  • You are on the right path, a lot of truth …keep digging and thank you.

  • If there were high tech civilizations before eqypt/sumer, thered be clear archaeological evidence.

  • Hi mate, enjoy your work😊 my worry is that the Younger Dryas was self inflicted mutually assured destruction. You know?? Everyone got ‘the bomb’ then the progressive end of the ice age put everyone under stress and someone blinked and everyone else pressed their buttons and whoops, destroyed the known world 😳 the kind of toxic ingredients we have at the moment tbh😬

  • Aussie misinforned asshole

  • I just want to say thank you for this channel. You are doing excellent work.

  • I'm so glad I discovered your channel. Fantastic, well thought out content and VERY good narration. This one would have been a great end of year summary video LOL 🙂 Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  • No Israel in your conversation? The Lord you do not mention. Not good.

  • We came out of Egypt and ended up in California. Look up Negroland 1747 Maps, it has the Kingdom of Juda on it and many other Hebrew words all over it. YOU HAVE BE LIED TO ALL YOUR LIFE except The LORD Jesus Christ came and told us all THE TRUTH. Why want you to believe? I DO. Noahs Ark.

  • Hey Yousef ….

  • I’m a very long user of youtube from conspiracy theory horse shit to how to do basic repairs to my car. I have never subscribed or commented on a video (well there was this one dick telling people that they could be a social parasite….i digress) and this is my first for both. I loved that this is a question and asking others to question instead of force feeding another conspiracy. I’ve seen literally 500 videos on similar subjects and you didn’t provide some easy answer but asked others to question which is the reason I started this subject in the first place. I just wanted to say thank you for your curiosity without pointing fingers or claiming you have the answers. I envy your travels and your search for answers. This was very well done

  • History has been rewritten loads of times.

    the civilisations that were most advanced got demonised by the church and made to look like savages.

    The celts were the most advanced civilisation on the planet and they predate the Sumerians.
    They originated from the river danube area of Austria. about 60'000BCE. They had democracy and a 1 god religion.
    Their god was called Gaia or mother earth in English.
    They had a written language which we still use to this day or part of it as its been modernised. The Alphabet most of Europe uses was created by the celts Before the Sumerian and Eygptian languges were created.
    They were in the iron age when the Romans where still living in caves.

    They had a vast empire that coverd about 80% of the planet. They didnt build their empire through wars and invasions it was done piecefully. Tribes they came into contact with them loved their culture and learnt their way of life and language and became part of the celtic empire.
    The original tribe was called Celtica and they lived somewhere around the vienna area.

    They arrived in Britian around 10'000BCE. At that time it was called Albion not Britain. Stone henge was already built by someone else before they arrived so it was built before the last ice age as no humans were in Britian when the celts arrived just as the ice age was ending.

    At that time no north sea, no English channel no Atlantic ocean. North America was joined onto Europe. Celtic maps show 2 continents 1 in the northen hemisphere 1 in the south. No ice at all in antarctica and that was the hottest place on earth. Its now the coldest.
    South America. India, Africa Australia and India were all joined onto antarctica. North america, Europe and Asia formed the northern continent.

    The Romans hated the celts cause they were more advanced than the Romans were.
    When the Romans 1st tried to expand thier territory they came into contact with the Etruscans a celtic tribe in Northern Italy. 100k Roman army armed with wooden sheilds and 2 foot wooden swords fought a celtic army of 40k men and women with chain mail armour for the pooere members of the tribe and full plate armour for the richer members more like the medievil knights time period than pre roman period. and 6 foot long steel swords. By the end of the battle the Roman army was totaly wiped out. the etruscans marched into Rome to teach them not to attack them again but instead of buring it to the ground they felt sorry for the Romans who were living in mud huts and falling apart as they couldnt even built them right.
    So the Etruscans built Rome out of stone for them then built roads for them. then left thinking they would now be freinds with them and no more attacks.

    The celts hated wars and fighting. They only fought to defend themselves when attacked.

    Several cities across Europe were built by the celts as forts. Budapest being 1 of them Built to keep 2 non celt tribes from fighting each other. It was a fort built at the only crossing point of the river. So the 2 waring tribes couldnt get at each other and were forced into a piece deal by the celts. Thats what the celts did. they were the UN of the ancient world. They sent their army in to act as piece keepers to stop wars.

    Thousands of tribes made up the celtic empire and they shared technoligy with each other.

    Cornivii tribe of Cornwall England mined tin the only tin mines in the world back then. Silures tribe of south wales mined copper and coal. They gave the metal and coal to the Dumnonii tribe of devon who made bronze out of it then made tools and weapons from the bronze. Later they discoverd how to make iron tools and weapons then steel while the Romans were still using wood as weapons.
    Cantinii tribe of kent invented beer and wine.

    Sotonii tribe of Hampshire built ships.
    Icinii tribe of east anglia made pottery and chariots.
    No horses in Britian at that time only ponies that were too small to ride so they built wagons that could be used to transport goods around but in war time they fitted on armour plates to the wagons and converted them into chariots. Small wagons with 2 wheels became light charriots carrying a crew of 2. Driver and longbow archer. Basicly early light tanks to harrass the enemy with long ranged fire. Heavy charriots were 4 wheeled wagons used as armoured personel transport. with sythes on the front ponies crew of 4. driver. javelin, slinger and swordsmen. The tactic they used against the Romans was light charriots would go in raining down arows on them to get them to form the turtle. Then the heavy chariots went in hitting them close range and the sythes would cut the shields to pices while the swordsmen jumped off hacked away for a bit then as soon as the turlt started to open up to fight they would pull back and the light chariots went back in to get them back into the turtle.

    Its why the 1st invasion by the Romans failed and the entire army was wiped out including the leader Britanicus. Ceaser mourened the death of his best general so renamed Albian Britania in his name. 500 years later another attemp to invade britian failed as well. the 3rd time the Romans tried a diff tactic Instead of invading they came in piece or pretented to be and used divid and conquor tactics by promising individual villages to either join them or stay out of it. Once they got enough tribes on teir side they used the celt tribes to do the fighting for them.. Roman armies very rarely fought battles they got other tribes to do the fighting for them. then the Roman army went in after the battle to finish of the survivors and took slaves.

    Every tribe and culture the Romans came into contact with all agree that the The Romans were a very barbaric tribe who were hundreds of years behind the other tribes on tech.

    But were taught in History classes and books the Romans were civilised and very advanced.
    Thats how much history has been changed.

  • unlike the developed Sciences, Archeology is not actually science based generally, it is is a group of stories agreed upon and then taught. like a religion without ongoing testing and evidence seeking, resulting in changes to the theories as new evidence is uncovered as a true science would follow.

  • The book Seth speaks by Jane Roberts is channeled material. The entity that channels said we are the third civilization on earth that one died off another used sound for engineering and made tunnels throughout South America and Europe and left the planet on their own volition. And we are the third

  • 🙏 thank🙏 you…🙏
    Your hard work is appreciated.

  • I have to applaud your drive and dedication to the investigation of these mysteries of prehistory. Especially as you state, "without any aganda" and I would add without any of the batshit crazy claims often accompanying such material. It has got to the stage where it is irrational to deny the existence of high culture and that the indicators of true civilisation certainly preceed the current academic storyline by many thousands of years and that the Younger Dryas was an effective reset of human progress. The 400m global sea level rise that appears to have resulted from an impact event 12800 yrs ago is hard to quantify in the mind. The scale of such a catastrophe is beyond that of even our most expansive CGI productions from Hollywood. The effect of such monstrous surges of water on even structures as massive as the great pyramid would be total destruction, scattering and burying under many metres of sediments. So it is no surprise little of a sea going civilisation that may have existed prior to such an inundation remains to be seen. However we would expect to see some signatures if the technologies they developed were similar to ours and included advanced metalurgies and power sources. So when thinking about them as advanced it perhaps should be thought of as a relative term. There were no plastics for example so it is doubtful they experimented much with hydrocarbons. However it is not outlandish for them to have used steel and steam and have invented high pressure water cutting techniques and hyraulic lifting technologies which would explain the how of their megalithic structures. So I wonder is there any evidence for any peculiar water transport infrastructures remaining at such sites?

  • I was raised up in a Christian family, but ever since I was young I doubted if there is a "God" I always felt there is a hidden agenda behind everything we have been taught, I thought the devil was trying to manipulate my heart into turning against God, I know it sounds funny but I actually believed that this was all of the devil's doing, but not anymore I am slowly learning new things, figuring out how the system works and everything makes sense now, I feel like everything that we have been taught "religions" is just a white lie, to make the world a better place. We as humans need morals and values and without it life would be just lifeless, we need religion to lead us in the right way, I hope anyone reading this understand me. I believe there is no God and everything was made up, I also believe that we as humans need religion to guide us in the right way to live in harmony with each other, that's what religions are for. P.s sorry for my bad English 😅sucks to finally realise there is no heaven or next life, we are all just random species just trying to live

  • The Sphinx was carved in the age of Leo 10,500 years ago and the base is 10 feet lower than the Giza foundation which was leveled off before building the Giza Pyramids !
    The lions head was re-carved a couple of times and a beard was added but fell long ago found under the sand !
    After the ice age thawed out the oceans were 240 feet higher 10,000 years ago and the run off from all lands came in the tides up the Nile river too fertilize the area and farming flourished and that is when the population could build the Giza Pyramids with the abundance of food !
    4500 years ago the Nile was disappearing as the Ocean levels dropped and the tides did not feed the Nile like before !
    Giza is much older than we are told by the Egyptians , no records by the Egyptians of building the Giza Pyramids indicate they were there when the Egyptians came there !

    No Tombs were ever put into any Egyptian Pyramids and no mummies were found except in the Valley of the Kings ?
    The purpose of the Pyramids are not known even today !

  • It would be much easier to just read and trust in the Bible. The whole world holds to the Fact that the year is 2019. 2019 since what?? Everyone knows, they just reject Him

  • why can't we write that book ? If it's not wrote maybe we waited to long and all will be lost again another reset! wow what did we learn nothing

  • You make the greatest videos of all the great people that do video on this subject like mr foerester and others, your videos are so well made, articulate and presented in great fashion, you are the king when it comes to making videos on this subject and articulating the history, thoughts, proofs etc etc, fantastic work, been following you a long long time and i rewatch all of your videos, well there more like mini documentaries, i love your work as i do everyone else in this area of work, well done Ben, well done !

  • Very well done! We are now learning so fast, that this approach is refreshing. 20 minutes at a time!
    How about taking a tour with some wealthy benefactors?

  • Great video dude,thanks

  • An eye opening video. I have always wondered how the scientists came up with; So the people were very primitive, stone age etc. Then bam suddelnly we have remarkable advanced cities, pyramids etc. etc. No slow evolving progression from primative to advance. That kind of hypothisis just never made any sense to me. I am glad some logical questions are finally being asked now about how civilization really came about. Of course knowledge is an ongoing process that changes as more discoveries come to light.

  • It is very strange that there is evidence of advanced tech used all over the world but not a clue left about who or what… As if somebody landed on our planet, did their thing and collected all their tools and left.

  • Ancient Advanced Civilization folk – Enlighten me please. If you believe in Atlantis or some other high-tech early culture, they'd have to have mastered metallurgy. A stainless steel spoon would survive from that era. Yet it's all rocks, nothing but rocks. No metal. Let's give old civilizations some credit. They could cut and move big rocks, but that's the limit of their technology; otherwise, we'd have archaeological evidence.

  • where is it caused by people that caused people to get into fights with one another to take over there Lance where is their cost to take children from the poor to molest rape and enslave so we know all roads lead to Rome and we know the truth it's not in the people running our world Who had who has all the Incan artifacts the truth we know that they're not righteous and we know the truth isn't and I'm only know they lie cheat and steal we also know they changed Maps we also know that they keep people bound to keep their selves up in that handed down from generation to generation but what we want to know is the truth and if there be no truth in those whose got our history then repent and tell it because it time is near when we're all going to be judged don't fear of fear God because things have a way of falling in place and good always come over evil when is honest people righteous people pet seek and find worry not then my friend we're humble do you have time to repent and tell the truth and we pray for you that you will be forgiven because we're all Sinners and we know none of us created this Earth so let's get real now okay

  • Okay well education does nobody any good if there is no righteousness and no periods heart and I respect for a god of righteous so a lot of people's been programmed and lied to and we know that our artifacts are gone so where might they be we know that the Hebrew Bible is never found we know that Alexander's library was ever burnt so what knowledge is it that you're talking about and what scientific experiments do you have the right to play God? And use the children of the poor to do it? You better back up and regroup cuz we know what you're doing and if you don't know what you said in school being a knucklehead all your life well that's because there was no right to sniss and know what is them for truth and understanding to know to humble yourself you think you got to this great education in you're so smart one day our government will be the White House comedy show and it'll be as if we were never

  • The lies and set up and changing of our Matt tell the truth I'm going to give you one more minute on this tell the truth

  • Let me leave you with this why is sodomy covering our whole planet why are children turned out that's a cult from the boys club and it's spread over our earth like a evil thing why don't you do your history on that

  • why the fuck do yt algoritmes suggest stupid conspiracy vids every time a start watching a topic?

  • Brilliant!! Thanks for a comprehensive approach which is not concerned with any specific historical occurrence, but as part of a fabric viewed from a much wider perspective. Yours is truly a global view.

  • in archeology, egyptology, evolution, and even geography, these so called sciences, are much more like religions than sciences.

  • Michael Cremo presents evidence of Men existing over 1 Million years ago.

  • Great video!

  • Can you imagine how many pyramids and other structures may be hidden under the sand in Northern Africa?

  • 696 quackademics gave this a thumbs down

  • People have always lied. They lie out of many motivations. People were just as much liars way back when , as they are today. Just because some cunt writes something on a wall or tablet , doesn't mean that it is true. The rest is open to interpretation…his_story , who's_ story…hmm…the jesuits have been rewriting history since the 1500s…so , what else is bullshit that we learnt in the public fool system and the loonyversities ?

  • The civilization before where different species denisovian or whatever since call them but if you are smart look the evidence before the Mayans Incas all was a civilization so advanced that was 100 time smarter than us and pure so pure that some still present in some other place like the moon .underground. Congratulations you are going to be right

  • Even at the Greek pyramids, there is considerable controversy about the dates of these structures So, how would they know the dates of the construction of the pyramids in Egypt. So, stop the bullshit.

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