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  • If you have been living under a rock for the last few days, you might be interested to hear that the new Sabaton album titled 'The Great War' will come out on the 19th of July this year. They have created an amazing trailer which you can find right here: If you want to get your hands on a special Sabaton History edition of the album, you can find it in our reward tiers on Patreon, which you'll find right here:

    Cheers! 🤘

  • There are a lot of songs Just from the album carolus Rex alone that I would love to see made into videos like these. Especially lifetime of War.

  • An outstanding lesson on an outstanding achievement in military history.

  • I wonder how the Caroleans trained their horses to be able to ride into the enemy.

  • Sweden needs Caroleans now more than ever

  • Extra History is doing a series on the Siege of Vienna eight now. You guys should totally contact them for mutual exposure so that you release your episode on the song Winged Hussars around the same time that they get that far in their series.

  • indy! great to see you here!

  • Sabaton should do a song about Prussia

  • This song is in Europa Universalis 4

  • Why do I always get misty eyed when ever I hear Sabaton. It make it really hard to sing they lyrics when you get all choked up about the story behind the music.

  • As a history student Sabaton is one of my favorite bands.

  • christian Elite fanatics

  • This channel is fucking awesome. Can’t wait till we get to “the last stand” and “resist and bite”. Especially “resist and bite” because that is such a badass story.

  • I really happy that you choosed Indy to review the backstory of your songs. Great content

  • I would like to hear more about the story behind Hearts of Iron

  • Fader vår som är i himmelen helgat varde ditt namn
    Tillkomme ditt rike ske din vilja
    Såsom i himmelen så ock uppå jorden ge oss bröd ock idag
    Och förlåt oss våran skuld

  • make about midway, please

  • 1648


  • Predetermined fate? No fear of death because they believed that a higher being had plans for them?
    Didn't care if they died or not?

    Hmm , That sounds like Norse Pagan beliefs to me chief.

  • Wow. This guy really knows his history. And his Swedish pronunciation is on point.

  • I know this will have little effect but I would love to hear the story of The Ballad of Bull.

  • My favorite moment is from the video about Shyroyama. Whem Jiokim sayd: "Click now soldier!!!"))

  • Hi INDY ! Love ur work – Amazing! I've talked about – how yr CHANNELS influence my VAMPIRE SCRIPT! Im #VampireLostQueen in FASHION at Westfield + scripting my "TRUE HOMELESS LOVE STORY"! Vampire Script. Pls checkout my TWITTER / INSTA too. keep up the GOOD WORK INDY – yr Videos help me to write my VAMPIRE Script! Take care 🙂

  • Hi INDY ! Love ur work – Amazing! I've talked about – how yr CHANNELS influence my VAMPIRE SCRIPT! Im #VampireLostQueen in FASHION at Westfield + scripting my "TRUE HOMELESS LOVE STORY"! Vampire Script. Pls checkout my TWITTER / INSTA too. keep up the GOOD WORK INDY – yr Videos help me to write my VAMPIRE Script! Take care 🙂

  • Vikings evolved in musketeer era.

  • Do a video for Wolfpack next

  • omg, just think about it, you prepare for a battle at 100m distance between you and the enemy, but they just keep on coming closer, and no matter how much you shoot at them, they just keep coming closer and closer and you cant do anything about it

  • Will we get story about sige of Vienna when Winged hussars arrived?

  • I am glad to listen about Sabaton's Motherland)

  • where is the new wid!!

  • A buddy of mine learned Swedish just so he could listen to that album in the language it "should be" (his words).

  • Hey, if you guys reply. Is it possible to do a video about the Battle or Rorke’s Drift?

  • Sabaton History
    ? more like Sabaton gets a history lesson, Or Sabaton music plays in the background of a history lesson. Its mostly Indy Neidell talking and then Sab will add some thing once in a while.

  • I love being at a Sabaton and listening to what I know/assume is a group of people with a larger percentage of atheists in it than usual sing word for word the lords prayer and about saving the Pope. Takes something special to get us going for that.

  • I like the English versions and though my Swedish in not so great I prefer the Swedish versions of the songs.

  • Some historians says the karoleans were made up of off finnish people, obviously with some swedes , since Finland was a part of Sweden at the time. Peasants and poor ppl got to be Gods food …

  • Russian infantry was the best. Russian soldiers the best in bayonet combat and in hand-to-hand combat!He stands,patient,not botsya difficulties and pain! After the Northern war ,and then the Russian-Swedish war of 1808-1809 he Sweden completely abandoned the Imperial ideology and any territorial claims in Europe.

  • I need. moooore

  • Sweden in this era was not different from the ISIS or Iranian ideas of today. Same God, albeit different name, same fundamentalist approach to religion.

  • Dam got the new Godzilla movie, the new Thrawn book and new Sabaton this summer, best summer ever!

  • Should also be mentioned that the fact that the king, Karl XII was one of the last european kings to join the battles himself and boosting the troops morale even more

  • There is nothing more metal and christian than hearing Father Lord in swedish

  • Fader vår som är i himmelen
    helgat varde ditt namn

    Tillkomme ditt rike, ske din vilja

    Såsom i himmelen så ock uppå jorden,
    ge oss bröd ock idag

    Och förlåt oss våran skuld

    This is my absolutely favorite moment in a Sabaton song, because of you I know this prayer by heart now. Thank you for this song.

  • What a great crossover channel!
    Will you guys be doing a chapter on Counterstrike song?

  • I hadn't known about the Caroleans before, love their closing with cold steel!
    Great historical presentation – thanks, Indy! – and an equally great song to match, for which we must thank Sabaton.

  • gotta love those choirs

  • He should do the paleo diet.

  • The use of Gustaf Cedeström's artwork in this video is perfect.

  • Hoppas ni gör musik om IR 61 skulle va jävligt nice. Ett finlandsvenskt regemente under kriget mot sovjet. Finns två filmer om dem.


  • Sweden forever <3

  • "Gå På" was perfectly pronounced!

  • Gud bevara konungen 🇸🇪👍🏻

  • Who are the twelve fucks who disliked this awsome video

  • I am a Filipino who actually learned Swedish through this album and its songs. Sabaton should know they even have fans here in Southeast Asia.

  • When is Sabaton gonna make the cuck song of Swedistan?

  • I love my Christian Faith
    And I BELIEVE death is already determined by my Lord our Savior
    And God

  • Framåt, gå på, marsch!

  • This "Metal"band seems to be proud of their heritage. How do they feel about the the changes that has taken place in Sweeden in the last two decades?

  • don't mess with Sweden before the 18th Century

  • Ahh, swedish military glory. you have to go way, way back in time to find any of that

  • 8:33 I never heard a person not from Sweden pull of an accent like that i really had to stop and think if he is Swedish or not

  • What's the painting at 2:58?

  • And there great great grandchildren are surrendering to islam with a fight how sad .

  • "Gå På" A bit scary, just keep on going. No matter what.

  • Nice to see Cillian Murphy @5:05

  • As a Svorsk person, who lives his daily life in English, I really prefer most of the albums to be in English, like Joakim said, but I have to admit, the Carolus Rex album in Swedish regularly gives me goosebumps, and I'm really glad they decided to do that particular album bi-lingually

  • Holy shit, how have i only found out about this now! 2 things in life i love combined into one.

  • when you already know you about to cry

  • Caroleans Prayer is still my favorite song from Sabaton. Makes me cry every time and very cool and very beautiful

  • Come home with your shield or on it.
    Wounds to the fore.
    Chicks dig scars.
    Duty is heavy as a mountain Death light as a feather.

    Sensing a theme here.

  • I'd like to see more episodes about this album.

  • The Swedish version of the album is far better than the English one, I say as a Dane. As perfect as I may be in English, hearing in the Scandinavian Swedish sister-tongue gets far closer to my heart than the English one. So I perfectally understand Joakim in that regard. Your mother tongue simply is more emotionally (even if it is that Danish dialect called "Swedish"… 😛 ) (Why did you leave us Swedes? Just because of that petty "Stockholmska Blotbadet"-thing? Come back!)

  • People that like heavy-metal is seriously retarded!

  • To paraphrase the cover of Sven-Olof Een's book Kungens Karoliner (The King's Caroleans)

    'The order “GO ON” had echoed with every charge.

    Always towards the enemy “GO ON”

    Often against famine, cold and sickness “GO ON”

    Just past midsummer of the year 1709

    silenced the order “GO ON”

    May they all rest in peace

  • It's funny, I associate this song with peacetime in Europa Universalis 4, because I swear every time nothing is happening in that game the Sabaton songs play, but when I declare war the really soft orchestral tracks come on.

  • Please do the history on night witches next.

  • Too bad they were heretics

  • As a fan from Poland i have some antipacy for Caroleans. Historycaly our soldiers clashed for too many times and too often on"Our Turf". But i have to honer a merits of those soldiers.
    Hell, it was the first "modern infantry" in Europeans Wars. Now Compare it tho the Polish Army, made mainly of cavalry, be it Voluntary Nobles, Dragoons, Armoured or Hussars where the infantry was scares and the best of it was a mercenary units.

  • This is probably my favorite Sabaton song.

  • Still, in Sweden, there is a lot of hints dating back to this time, many surnames originate from the comradery of these soldiers who would give each other names hinting their characteristics. Those who came back from the campaigns would then often keep that name discarding the older -sson and/or estate names. My family from my mother's side who were officers for many generations in the Swedish army is still today named Barks (Grim/strict). And everywhere there are some names which just scream military, names such as Krutrök (gunpowder smoke) for example.

  • Killing ground even though you surrender turn around you will never survive

  • The Carolean cavalry did not charge knee to knee.
    It charged in a slightly wedgy knee-behind-knee formation, this giving just that little bit extra concentration of mass, the mass on which the cavalry charge relied.

  • The fact about how they said a death was predetermined by god ties closely with the culture of the north because the Vikings had a similar thought, who was going to die was already decided before battle and so you shouldn't worry about it just charge ahead with no fear and show the enemy you're ready for Valhalla

  • So the Sweds we're the first to use blitzkrieg tactics

  • I'll never get to see you guys live. But I love your work

  • If you tell the average American college student that Sweden was the most feared country in Europe for an eighty year period, he/she will look at you with doubt. If you tell the same student that the Baltic Sea was once known as the Swedish lake, he/she will think you're misinformed (without having the ability to point at the Baltic on a map). If you suggest that the last two kings to die in battle were Swedes, the defer to google. Please continue informing our youth about the importance of Sweden in the early modern period and in United States history.

  • @Sabaton History. Is it true that some Swedish sir names still in common use were actually given to denote forms of military duty in the Charolean Army. Some primary sources Iv'e read seem to indicate that these names were taken back at the end of service but were often inherited by sons who preformed the same duties and that eventually, the names military names stuck to certain families. Have you found any information about this? Iv'e also heard that the name "Washington" could have its origins as a bastardization describing someone who lived in Vasa's town.

  • Kung Karl, den unge hjälte,

    Han stod i rök och damm.

    Han drog sitt svärd från bälte

    Och bröt i striden fram.

    "Hur svenska stålet biter,

    Kom, låt oss pröva på!

    Ur vägen, moskoviter!

    Friskt mod, I gossar blå!

  • Lord thy will be done!

  • You could almost say that the Carolean soldiers had kept the practice of berserking that their Viking ancestors had started only with a different religion

  • The Carolean's tactics were identical to those of Wellington in the Penisular War -a volley(s) at close quarters followed by a bayonet charge and trumped the French tactics of charging in column.

  • What Joachim says here is so true. Sabaton is amazingly powerful in English, but the Swedish versions of the Carolus Rex album is just awe inspiring. I'm from Norway so I understand Swedish pretty well. Thanks for all the amazing music guys : )

  • Everyone gangster until the Swedes decide to march up to you in formation under fire without flinching.

  • Not so different from the spanish tercios.

  • I too get goosebumps every time I hear this song, can't imagine what a Swede might feel when talking about their country's history with so much power, one of my favourites from the Band, and the one that actually got me into listening to power metal altogether.

  • Another great History lesson from our Metal brothers in SABATON. I could see Joakim’s pride for his Country🇸🇪 when he spoke those words in Swedish. LONG LIVE SWEDEN!🇸🇪✊

  • Hey! What sources are you using? I checked the description but only thing i could find was archives. Any books?

  • My fav sabaton song

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