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  • right. all people who KNOW that it's a fake never been there.

  • I think you are right. Frankly, the shift in the surnames of the scientists doing 'research' is enough to lead one to predict massive corruption.

  • Of course its a hoax.. Because it it were real a whole lot of assholes with the letters "PhD" behind their name would be WRONG. And they can never be WRONG..

  • Now Piltdown Man for instance, that was a BIG hoax…

  • no the biggest hoax is the abrahamic religions

  • The biggest hoax in history is Barack Obama.

  • Where's the film exposing the hoax? Not here. This is just a -very- short Clip of a -very- short Trailer. Pointless waste of Youtube, for pushing someones 'Agenda'.

  • Yeah, probably the reason why it's called a 'trailer'. 😀

  • The biggest hoax in our history is "our" current history written in our books.

  • top 5 are
    5 – Extraterrestials visiting us
    4 – United Nations
    3 – WW2
    2 – French revolution
    1 – Illuminatti


  • Twin Towers.

  • mamu ti jebem

  • pyramid my ass

  • how the bloody hell is this a hoax

  • once he digs them out the critics will shit them selfs

  • classic organized debunking, you see three fingers being held up in front of you and a big mob comes a long and shouts 5 fingers are being held up. I have news for you, this is 2012 and soon all your shouting will be drowned in truth.

  • Why is grammar as elusive as a sharp image?

  • Wow!!!! From where are you? What are were you doing there?

  • this is real for sure… exactly, this was man made and instead of being fucking ignorant u should go check it out

  • if it is a pyramid it's still just a dressed hill and is in no way comparable to the pyramids of egypt or the pyramids of south and central america

  • People still believe this crap? Geologists, archeologists, and other scientists have concluded that they are natural formations and that there are no signs of human building involved! This scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science.

  • What is easier? to deny the reality due to the huge amount of problems that will occur to our earth history. Or admit the fact that this is a HUGE pyramid and rewrite the history. I have been there my self, and I have seen all the evidence that any human being with some intelligent brain fibers would understand that it is indeed a pyramid.
    Btw, those "geologists, archeologists, and other scientists" you refer to have been told to SHUT THE FUCK UP by the Illuminati GLOBAL ELITE. Please wake up!

  • Look it up . It's already been proven that this scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science.

  • prove it to me then!

  • Everywhere, Nat Geo, Wikipedia:
    "The term Bosnian pyramids has been used for a cluster of natural geological formations sometimes known as flatirons near the Bosnian town of Visoko. Visočica hill became the focus of international attention in October 2005 following a media campaign promoting the idea they are human-made and the largest ancient pyramids on Earth
    Geologists, archeologists and scientists have concluded they are natural formations and there are no signs of human building involved".

  • Who the hell are you? You buy into Osmanagić''s quacked pyramid scheme which he's changed over and over again? When Professor Anthony Harding president of the European Association of Archaeologists and his team, Professor Sejfudin Vrabac, archaeologist Dr. Robert Schoch, Egyptologist Nabil Mohamed Abdel Swelim, Amar Karapus, Enver Imamović, Professor Garrett Fagan, Curtis Runnels and many more have all claimed it is NOT man made and only a natural geological formation.
    Except the facts!!!

  • I worked in Bosnia and I saw them too. It's no hoax.

  • What are you talking about? The Bosnian government has stated time and time again that its natural. They have even tried banning these people from the site because they are damaging it. Archeology (dot) org search on bosnian pyramids…the reports are there.

  • You say that any human with some intelligent brain fibers would believe its a pyramid..yet not one bosnian for what…20,000 years thought so until one guy started saying it. Hmm… you got duped guy. Scammed…you are a fool for believing this…keep buying his books and making him famous, he enjoys it.

  • Secret #1: many men are easily fooled. (meaning people who believe that this is a pyramid…idiots.)

  • They are located in Bosnia so its Bosnian.Too bad they are not in your country XD I see pyramid shaped objects and they are in Visoko,my country Bosnia and i am so proud of it.I dont care who made them or what happend.I see pyramids (FACT),maybe its a pile of dirt and stones but its a pyramid and its Huuuuuugeeeeee hahahaha

  • The EVIDENCE is there. They are REAL.!!! rip up your old history books and get your head out of the sand. Why would you call this a hoax.. what are you afraid of. time to wake up….Ddub1083— the Bosnian president said that they were man made…not natural so please shut up and stop trying to discredit what is going on here. TRUTH WILL OUT…

  • Why would European leaders urge Bosnian government to stop digs at the site? If this is a hoax then let the dude dig the mountain. But why panic and ask government to ban digs on the site. This is why: the find would rock the foundations of belief systems as well as the social history that is largely based on supposition that Egypt was the mother of our society. Google Gobekle Tepe in Turkey. Site is 14k years old. It cannot be denied but governments just keep quiet about it.

  • I visited Visoko a few years ago while on vacation. I went on the Moon pyramid and I believe without a doubt it's completely real. I saw the big stone blocks, and tunnels leading into it. Back then it was still dangerous to get to close to certain areas. It was amazing to say the least.

  • People see what they want to see – the brain is fantastic like that. Every qualified geologist who has looked at this has said it is not manmade – Robert Schoch who is famous for demonstrating that the Sphinx is much older than traditionally accepted has said that there may have been some landscaping/re-shaping of the hill but the hill itself is not artificial. The guys making all these claims is a businessman, not a scientist – he has an agenda and has been outed on Bosnian TV as a fraud.

  • the biggest hoax in history is academics protecting their territorial beliefs like a religion !
    (if science's task is to discover the true nature of reality, why do they describe energy, "radiation" in pi-based terms of 'diametration' ? they're too blind too see !)

  • the only way they keep it alive, is the way i think goebles said, repead it long enough and they believe or so u know it.
    and as religion shows us get them young and hold them forever.
    having these pre 6 year olds getting lies in their minds, set up to repead them,
    that's the only way they can keep this alive.

  • It obvious there was a pyramid in the last scene, but the overall video was unprofessional, and why show cussing at the end? Immature.

  • You do realize, most of the archeologists mentioned did not go out on a campaign to disprove this; in fact, many hoped it was real.
    So believe what you want – buy into his scheme (like so many other vulnerable camera happy tourists do) to see what is merely a natural formation. One that's been excavated to look man-made.
    BTW, Osmanagić's 2012 snake oil prediction that "a cloud of negative energy will break allowing the Earth to receive cosmic energy from the centre of the galaxy" NEVER HAPPENED!

  • sam is a hero and you are a zero. live with it and move on

  • whats the deal here.anyone with a brain can see the bosnian pyramids are real and were made and arent a natural formation.who is the moron that is calling this a hoax?if anything again its these insane elites trying to hide humanities real history as opposed to the bullshit they brainwash us in school.people need to hurry up and wake up and take back their world and tell these very small number of elites to go back to their mansions and stay there and dont try to fuck with us again or else

  • are you just stupid or were you born with a mental problem.?have you not looked at the pictures of the bosnian pyramids?better yet have you been there?well i have been there and theres nothing natural about tthem at all.they were made by someone.if the vegatation wasnt there they would look exacrtly like the egyptian ones but larger.but some how i doubt you have been there have you?so keep your opinion to yourself.noone cares what you think

  • i have never seen mines that leave the land in a perfect pyramid shape.

  • umm the mines didnt leave any pyramid…a hill which slightly resembled a pyramid (its not even equal measurements..check the geographic measurements Osmanagich did himself…the lengths dont line up and the faces arent at right angles or even the same size) and then men came along and dug mines into that pre existing natural formation. believe what you want..i choose not to believe the scam artist who knows very little of science..oh ya…and facts…i believe those too.

  • haha ya and im sure the mayor of Area 51 said that aliens crashed there… wait all i have to do is agree with a moron and a bunch of idiots will come to my country and bring lots and lots of money? wow… american capitalism does work!

  • well except all the people with brains (scientists) have overwhelming disagreed with Osmanagich's theory…

  • ya really! thats the idea of science…one must prove something ISNT real for it to not be real. oh and by the way its been proven many times over that its fake. seriously do a little research outside of youtube…its good for you.

  • Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone's Vault is the biggest hoax.

  • @evan c They arent perfect…listen to ddub above me. All the measurments say that "pyramid" isn't anywhere near perfect

  • 1500 years ago science told us the earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago science told us the earth was flat… science tells us those huge pyramids in Bosnia aren't there. Go figure 🙂

  • science never said any of those…religion did. Science clearly explained why each of those was false. Science as it is today didnt exist before 1400 AD so science could not have told anything prior to that. much less 1500 years ago. Btw, we knew the earth was round over 2000 years ago…columbus found the new world he didnt discover the earth was round. Earth looks flat, must be flat. hills look like pyramids…must be made by man, you're right very very similar.

  • everyone claims "have you even looked at them?!" any idiot can see theyre pyramids…except….not one idiot has said they looked like pyramids until Osmanagich…what does that say about the entire people who live there for how many years?…over 10,000?! wow. lots and lots of people who did not even think that was a man made pyramid, now its undeniable simply by looking at it lol. guess they cant recognize whats so obvious to you.

  • Remember, if officials would acknowledge the authenticity of these Pyramids, history has to be rewritten. Even the bible has to be.
    That is the main reason University's are to forbid their scientists to support this Bosnian.
    Don't forget, the Governments support these University's financially.

  • Even the Bible? Dude, these pyramids were created by the Nephilim, these pyramids are proof of the Bible's authenticity.

  • The Old Testament, yes. Only lots of the New Testament remains doubtful.

  • Even though we've found Noah's Ark in the turkish mountains, bones of the Nephilim ranging from 8 to 35 feet tall, Ramses Army at the bottom of the red sea? The fact of the matter is is that these were clearly acts of God (The flood, the parting of the red sea) and if that's the case, God exists, just as he says he does. This only proves the Nephilim were here and ruled the earth at the time. Even American indians have historical run-ins with them.

  • Even in Bosnia & Herzeggovina opposition to existance of theese oldest and largest pyramides on the planet is astoronomical and comes from highest scientific tops. Changing HISTORY an perceptions i hard expecially when fighting Bosnian top archeologists who, btw are educated in London, Paris etc. These folks wrote books on the field and had bigger part of their lifes believing one thing London/Paris universities thought them. Imagine all the books that need to be rewriten. That's the fear!

  • They are as real as the remnant's of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. Pardon my sarcasm.

    OMG, the Bosnian president said they are man made? Lol, is he some expert in the field?

    You haven't explained something very important you clown. Why is there no traces of this hypothetical civilization? You can't just have nomads living in mud hut suddenly design a pyramid out of the blue you pathetic ape.

    While you tin foil hate "conspiracy theory" weirdos talk about alien architects others use common sense.

  • "It cannot be denied but governments just keep quiet about it."

    Yet another government conspiracy weirdo.

    9/11? Inside job.
    Boston bombing? Government conspiracy.
    Roswell incident 1947? Real UFO crashed. Government conspiracy hides it.
    Philadelphia experiment 1943? Secret Tesla project, the government denied.

    There's a word for people believing those kind of things. It's called nutjobs who think they are smarter to realize something top scientists, scholars and writers don't. Idiots.

  • It's a myth that ancient people thought the Earth was flat. Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth 2300 years ago. He was only wrong by 3 %.

    Gautier de Metz, a French priest and poet, wrote the book "L'Image du monde" in 1245 in which he describes Earth as a sphere and even illustrated it with people standing on it from all sides.

    Both Eratosthenes and Gautier de Metz are real people. Google them, and educate yourself before making any ludicrous claims.

  • You're a fool. There's the fear. In science people aren't petty minded like you, they welcome new revelations and ideas. It's not like religion or some pop star worship cult by teens. Obviously you don't understand how science works either. Until somebody can present viable proof, evidence or even plausibility they have nothing. Understand? Rather than accepting the fact that the scientific community thinks this is a hoax, you instead believe some unlikely excuse. Stick to your menial job.

  • What's your profession Mr. Asshat? Have you any education in the field? So what makes you think a toll boot operator has any idea what the hell he is talking about?

    ".noone cares what you think" You clearly do.

    Listen up Mr.Asshat. You may think aliens from Andromeda built those "pyramids",you have the right to do so,but if you're dumb enough to think that a toll boot operator is smarter than professors in archaeology all over the world just because you have been there and seen it,you're crazy

  • Listen, hick, I have been there and I have seen and touched the monolits with my own hands while your knowledge and ridicilous opinion comes from a PC placed in your parrents basement. Maybe History Chanel, National Geographic and Discovery ar chanels that promote hoakses? All of these chanels made documentaries on the subject. Go watch some educational TV cause you are on the sure road to retardation. Good luck with that!

  • My part of the world has statistically more educated people and scientists that your will ever achieve. The shallowness of your comment would indicate that you belong to that country where people in general are most ignorant. So USA, am I right? Every damn thing you said is something your micro mind assumes. Zero facts. Go read a book, watch a documentary on Nat. Geographics before you decide to come out of your bubble, Bubble Boy! Gather some knowledge about this before flapping your gums!

  • What are you talking about? I am talking about real structures before your eyes. Bosnian pyramids and Gobekle Tepe in Turkey. You went off like a drunk idiot rambling about stuff I never mentioned. Please do sober up before you put forth any further evidence of your stupidity. Have a great day sir.

  • "In science people aren't petty minded, they welcome new revelations and ideas"-BULLSHIT the do! History is ripe with mainstream science tearing apart new ideas that don't fit into their neat little views. They're NEVER wrong? Of course not, they have a pretty little framed piece of paper hanging in their offices that says they know everything!


  • research 911 world trade center tower 7

  • CharliesausFl Sez

    Be specific, What is the problem with my Post?

  • Charlie Sez

    I'm certain that my previous attempted postings were not derogatory nor insulting.

    SO, W. T. F.
    Be specific.


  • If these are man made than this is the proof that Albanians are much more Ancient than we thought.
    Since Slavs came to Balkan in the 6th century and this territory was inhabited by Illyrians the ancestors of Albanians.


  • i wish we would get told if these things are man made or what. if they are man made, why are they being ignored by the media.

  • tell me what is fake about stones that are cut and placed.. i am from bosnia i live in danmark i have bin ther more times then you can dream of

  • one thing i will agree on i don´t belive the tunels are real but whats up ther is somthing man made. maby its not a pyramid but what is up the mountin is something..

  • These pyramids are real. There is as much to gain in Bosnia as there is to lose in all other pyramid destinations. Let the disinformation games begin I guess. Don't let the well edited video confuse you.

  • Thats some flawed logic, an Egyptologist who worked with Zawi Hawas confirmed that they were man made and lost his job the next day, there has been a major conspiracy among powerful people to ignore and discredit the findings and even shut it down.

  • There is a close minded conspiracy of science, they are holding on dearly to their beloved theory of evolution and discounting offhand any evidence that may alter their established timeline and perception of ancient humans as ape like primitive beings incapable of advanced thought and civilization, there are dozens of these mega structures around the world, from the Sea of Japan to Nan Madol in Micronesia and Easter Island, there was definitely a global advanced culture before the last ice age.

  • friend of mine is part of excavating the site, kilometers of tunnels have been opened.
    and the author of this video is an ignorant going next year to help out myself…

  • cijela Bosna je jedna velika Piramida,cak i ako se pogledaju njene granice,jedan veliki trougao u Evropi,poz

  • evidence says its not fake

  • Have you been there, like the Egyptologists who went there and confirmed it? What are you basing this off, lies of other people who have their own agenda.

  • Who built the Japanese pyramids, or the statues at Easter Island?

  • no you fuck off

  • hawass is the biggest fucking joke in archeology, stfu

  • you fucking morons wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face, you are the delusional ones clinging on so dearly to your outdated beliefs.

  • From Wiki…

    Geologists, archeologists and other scientists have however concluded, after analysis of the site, its known history, and the excavations, that the hills are natural formations known as flatirons[1] and that there are no signs of human construction involved.[2][3][4] The European Association of Archaeologists released a statement calling the pyramids a "scheme" and a "cruel hoax".


  • So are the Rocky Mountains also pyramids?

  • Yup there are no pyramids in Europe but yet whites still want to claim Egypt as their own.

  • haha, what a stupid fools these guys, these are no pyramids

  • Shuting beam in speace a big battery when they decode that fenomen then a hoax

  • It's obvious to me in the light of scientific investigation and facts to the contrary that people will believe what they want to believe. Facts clearly reveal a pyramid in Bosnia. The willfully ignorant are always with us who reveal their ignorance by their comments.

  • Plse make informed judgements

  • its a pusy kurats country…

  • man these comments are stupid like you don't know shit it is a pyramid the country is old as fuck

  • This is not fake, no hoax. The guy wearing an Indiana Jones style hat 0:29, which proves the theory is legit

  • You're afraid you can change history

  • if there is no pyramid why they do not allow him to dig forwards

  • Rubbish i am from that region…they are old Silver Mines..!!

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