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Do you know why we’re here today? Uh, for the video? We’re going to talk about where babies come from. Do you know anything about intercourse? So…um today we’re going to talk about how babies are made and where they come from. Would you like to know how babies are made? Made of water. Humans are made of water. From God. From God? I thought it was because of God that sent us down into your stomach to be born. Sperm, egg, collide, blah blah blah blah. What do you mean “sperm egg collide”? Where did you learn that from? Nick, duh. Who’s Nick? My brother. And what did he tell you? Bad stuff. What makes me a man and what makes mom a woman? Uh, you have bigger hands than her. There’s some kind of hole here like an igloo. Oh, okay. So Miles, you know that me and momma are girls. Yes. Do you know… is there a specific body part that you know of? The place between the mommy’s legs. Oh the vangina right? The vangina? You know, it’s called a vagina. Ah! Okay. How do you pronounce it? Did I say it right? It’s called the vagina. Vagina. Vagina. Vagina. Vagina. Yeah. VAGINA. How do you say it? How did your Tia Alice have her baby? She came out of her butt. Her butt? Does it come through the bottom? The butt? It came out of her vagina. That’s weird. So when two people are in love. Don’t say that again. Okay. No more love. Melody, when… two adults want to have a child they have to have sex. Work together? Work together? They have to work together, yes. I said, no more love. No more love. All right. We’re going to use another word. Mommy and daddy hang out The woman has an egg. An egg? Yes. The mom provides the egg and the um, and the dad provides the sperm. Do you know where the sperm comes from? Where does it come out? Do you know where it comes out? I don’t know. The sperm comes out of your penis. AHHHH! And when he releases that fluid when they’re having sex, when they’re making love, that makes a baby. I don’t like that. Okay I don’t like that. [laughter] I don’t like that! And when that sperm comes out of dad’s penis into mom’s body, then it makes … sometimes it can make a baby. I did not know of that. You did not know that? There’s lots and lots of sperms floating around. How…um, how does like, the penis get to it? The vagina? Do we want to talk about…it medically? Like mommy’s a nurse? I do not even know what that means. Then how does daddy give the sperm to mommy? Uh… they have sex. What? [laughter] I told you Nick told me a lot of stuff. So mommy and daddy got together, and we took off all our clothes. Oh! Oh. And we got inside the blankets so we were really warm and then mommy and daddy did a special dance and there you were. That’s how you were made. Oh, my Gosh. That is really, really, really no good if you took all of your clothes off. Do you see this pocket? Yep. Okay. The pocket is the vagina. Okay? And in order to have a child, daddy has to put the… his penis in the pocket. Do you understand? Ew. So the penis goes into the vagina. Aah! …inside [laughter]. Aaaah. Ohhhh. Ugh! That’s really disgusting you know or not? Ugh! Is this uncomfortable? Yes. Yeah, sorry about that. Yeah. You’re going to look at the world a lot different now. [groan]

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