The Biggest Jerk In Human History ?2° (with english subtitles)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] growing up nobody changes for the better growing worse it gets worse as it is It is possible that we are all young so cute and then we grow up disgust when i see a person stroking a baby say what choirs we say the caress that that will be who of invest on the strips when i would be elders will get drunk and who will put underneath leave it alone leave don’t you
i congratulations to the children if they do
not mount the head do them at the end of life was a good man I know in the boy he didn’t invest nobody my father was young and why not me he understands why he doesn’t want to get
worse nothing of what I propose to him I can’t wait for Alzheimer’s zahner deserve it so I can take it around where I feel like afterwards come on dad i told you it is forgotten this is affection this if Alzheimer deserves it I don’t say the stroke
that then he stays still all day a home but the diners deserve it because when you become a parent you are taken you no longer understand your problems i your children like parents don’t realize that children do not take drugs you see that your son is fine who is happy and drugged and clear [Applause] in your opinion what a reason to be happy does not study does not work does not give
a shit you don’t understand that drugs it’s your fault and you send them to school and there that they meet her for the first
time once this is why some continue studies graduates are the toughest I am now I turn to mothers who do they are amazed that children always have big appetites are not your dishes be good and hungry chemistry school school is important but it is dangerous there they take bad roads but it is important I have to admit it when I bought myself the diploma I am enrolled in university have described there was more pussy but not only for this I’m not I’m not that trivial I enrolled in university because it is there that makes you friendships that matter
that in life you are nobody but ai medical friends if you need a certificate fake for the work you do to those who do it asks do as my father made me do the first aid line up to 16 years I’m a coward then I figured out how to do
it to pass first called the ambulance only that every time pretending to be dead for a city of stomach it was hard on I understand ambulances I understand that I respect them steam ambulances the most craft difficult they do it they do it i will you I respect one night there was a local five drunk kids and these of the red cross that assisted them I esteem you summer but I don’t agree to these types of interventions because the nurse is right to take care of one who had an accident that is happened and an accident but March 1 because he has to assist him, he got hurt alone he knew what he was going to let not will see them that I do not I should make the hungry nurse do it for nurse i’m sick i’m dying [Applause] math but die knows if I help you you promise that you don’t do it anymore I
swear it become coats of arms and a liar I don’t judge because I know what judgment is I have it suffered the judgment of others I suffered it until the age of 20 I suffered it then I figured out how to do
it which I had an experience with me he made many things clear had gone to a spa in give me an hour massage but unfortunately massaging me there was a lady good and put my hands on the strip body could not relax because with my brain I tried to think all the worst things to not excite me e i could not threw the hot oil on my back I imagined it was there his language torture but the lady was not doing nothing wrong he was just doing his job I was I who with that music suffused light and eyes closed I only imagined a slut I guess but I did I was giving us I was afraid that it would see a bulge is to do one shitty figure and being judged on I usually was scared of this managed not to think about sex just for the first 13 minutes for the other 47 minutes I gave in I imagined things that only a man image I can tell you what in fact there is I just say an image that the lady sickness pass and sing us three songs of karaoke but because it is my fault it is I who thinks these things are images that we males we have in here in the archive you want females you can’t understand us men we make them in automatic these thoughts is one thing that we cannot restrain even if you think nothing changes for bad things I thought about world hunger brusate to children with swollen bellies flies in the face but nothing to war I thought of all the dead in libya at all that’s why men make wars to have something bad from think during massages for this they must bomb are good for bombing the lady was definitely a professional who made hours of I ran and studied the muscles, the bones i tendons to make you relax better i only one muscle relaxed I saw bulge so from that time I decided not to worry about the plus I can’t be judged for this thing what have I got to do with it and nature was the one who designed us to make the mistake admitted this muscle tied to the brain you know it would have given us problems they connect in another way they connect to the heart when you fall in
love it works instead no this also works if you don’t fall in love it works well too yes it works especially if you don’t fall in love when you fall in love doesn’t
work more now it’s my fault I have to mortify it for these things it doesn’t exist I don’t
think anymore to the judgment of others to greet people to appear I don’t care if I am rude then education is not in nature is an invention of man invented it rude to hurt those ducati I do not greet good morning good evening I do not care put in place of these words I say pudding pudding a she is still sweet but not I salute because I am more than once happened to greet someone and this will not answer I was shitty I prefer that they stay in shit to the others before we are left with shit I don’t say goodbye to bad people you know where is it you know in those outlets who dress designer clothes and save money those ugly people dress well because they are afraid of the judgment to
me not I don’t care about the judgment or to judge those who continually do it you can take a photo with your mobile phone
or go ahead you can throw your life sit down but don’t take pictures while i’m passing I photographed the landscape face it mountain delete this photo I know who I delete maybe you are a pedophile and a motorbike
not you are a child if he is a pedophile who has changed target when I go to the restaurant we are in two book a table for 5 as i tables in modern restaurants are small and put them detached 3 cm you go in two hear bullshit of those of side since I don’t want to judge bullshit who say I want to stay away sorry is sure if you say so sure it doesn’t perhaps also as a sign of us in the meantime we eat that others do us good when margins come when I end up in the alley friends came they made me the package or shitty friends i shouldn’t judge men cd m I’m not the only one who lives like you it seems and cares about the judgment of the others are not the only one in school for intrigued by the story of gabriele of announcement that of the ribs I thought about it a little I don’t know if
this true story a legend but I have it thought about how it went he will have told the doctor he wanted to
be done I want to take off this surgery ribs to feel lighter than bullshit discussion without the ribs from Christmas dinner I can fill up more the stomach what sense does it have not told him so me I would have told the truth I want to take
off my ribs because I want and want me get engaged to myself and started with a handshake e now I want to try the basins [Music] [Applause] this was a man who cared about judgment of others take example from d’annunzio take he was a great writer because he was done alone, they raised me with the mentality that in this life if you want to do something you have to know someone can be a child of due of this mentality I suffered that mine father I didn’t know anyone so here I would have liked to be a son of around is full of children of there is a self-assured child among you because I don’t know because I asked even my mother told me that in that period he did it only with mine selfish father what she cost sacrifice oneself it is said that i parents do everything for their children not so it turns out I’ve been in life forced to do nothing that doesn’t I could do something later came a son of I screwed the place I do not accept those disappointments who like me are not children of e they get busy because they hope for meritocracy idiots fortunately that da otherwise there is no my cousin he would still be unemployed instead thanks to the father who knows i relatives of a minister has a job I don’t know how to do a fixed regional position nothing then thanks to this work yes he is also married his wife also works she did not meritocratic have had one beautiful baby girl who was born with a trouble doing more of them let’s look on the bright side if mine cousin s not a job today this family would not exist because the meritocracy ruins a certain country of there are those who say that one thing is
born a military if I’m not capable of that I am starving so meritocracy sucks for sure that sucks that only protects those capable and incapable theory we put the we give ourselves this is racism racism is not a problem skin but also of arrogance against those who don’t make a shit about it just protect those capable we have to protect the incapable are them who need it most those capable go out to work no so much five are able to show me how capable you are hello capable hello arrogant idiot with the arrival abroad make him do the waiter in a fast food restaurant he was able to sell sandwiches too I prefer to stay here in my country a making the pusher is more honest but then
you that you are to say that others do not they are capable because you are capable that well to choose the restaurant read the reviews to get it counselor from others you are not capable I don’t even read by myself those bullshit I only go to places where they give me a discount, you don’t okay then I write a review in this restaurant they treated me bad because I’m gay so you who read believe those shit don’t go there anymore and I do it close doesn’t care about meritocracy I’m only interested in mine convenience because the meritocracy of one is not said to suit a other dentists a studio for a lifetime deserved the right job there it would be missing but how much you want
to earn per month tell me why the filling from one costs more than another thing my charge is different that’s why I want to put on my dentures now but how much money am I saving from now when I am old now it is more comfortable in the evening I take it off half to wash
in the dishwasher that boring brushing teeth and dentists Lozano for this they make those prices so in life you have to wish yourself not knowing how to do the things he sees they make Italian immigrants do they went to america hopelessly not they had studied and did not know the language after a while they built a empire that sometimes just know a craft the boss to be successful a lot will happen to you opportunity I neither had a lot of opportunity even a job in the round of the candidate’s prostitution but it’s not for me to work it’s not for me even if it was a simple thing it had to observe the girls from a distance I put their eyes on the rest of the body all eastern girls I don’t understand because the women of the east and they are
all good then look at the males are ugly and women good males all the leopard on top who made them where they come from some males these round faces i short hair and they also dress in shit that’s why some eastern women and yes they prostitute that they don’t have a problem of meritocracy but of ugliness ria well i got it an opportunity for my future my family was done my father wanted me to leave the factory family 50 years of factory timbers first belonged to my grandfather then to him and to be my moment I had to continue the tradition I have it hugged and said dad thank you thank you but with cock you can imagine what it means running a company me loves the bastard at 69 and shows 90 strength to receive fines solicit and wanted to leave it to me and ho said dad I’m sorry the wood is not plus a nice business weapons are the future i am to legalize guns if it goes in round with the gun in his pocket asks the dare to tell you dwarf of veiled shit who is it that you received nobody there would be more respect instead now that you insult assault denounces you and there is a trial how long it lasts in the processes alive did instead you have to pay the lawyer to wait your turn to bring him the documents how much how much a process costs and how much it costs a gun future are the weapons your company me wanted to leave you see us to pay him workers contributions there is no economy change who buys more in a shop I am the first one when I need one what do i go to a shop i watch apple just the photographer and then but he buys
it on the internet it costs less than three days shopkeeper noticed 18 photographers buy on the internet I pay the rent for let you see things for free and me I feared a typical entrance ticket museum I do not end even in shops in the big chains in the center because they are rude they are stay seen a pants I said to the clerk take me the 48 of this is not found or weight sought to1 where they seek I said to myself but search cases the clothes I have to look for when [Applause] [Music] the company wanted to leave me beautiful I decide for myself is what you will do when
you grow up what nothing will do in life but I will well as a child I wanted to be an astronaut and now i’m big i want to do the contrary of the astronaut stay on earth but with your head in the clouds i don’t want anything from anyone everyone
is free to make the life he wants okay you want to be a tramp they are free don’t ask me for money because if you you decide to be a bum then I owe you live and then what a bum you are they care about the money you want to get
rich because those who work must be homeless people it’s not a job so why do I have to pay what sells nothing sells only guilt you look at it and you feel like shit then creates frustration to others should be him to pay but compensation for psychological trauma [Applause] [Music] [Applause] instead he wants them, he only wants them because you make me feel guilty I owe you pay doesn’t exist for me then stumbles in your beard I don’t give you one hundredth you like to make the good life dominated reopened you like starter to sleep in just look at the stars, enjoy it I can’t keep this taste for you I in the evening when I go home to I am not lucky enough to look the stars look at the ceiling with the humidity i homeless people are arrogant and presumptuous have invented a technique for begging you when you’re sitting eating from they ask you to feel more guilty possible points out that you are eating and not him I was sitting in an outdoor restaurant there was nobody the waiter just arrived with the sandwich arrived the bum arrived behind the waiter I think she stood at the corner of the way to wait for me to be brought by eat to humiliate myself I am going to give
to first bite and he comes with his hand black and smelly in the square here ra here you put that head in oblique lips pronounced and does not even say what does it take for granted that i will know these arrogance this al Massimo makes a bibli mouth sound [Laughs] I can not stand him I would like to throw the table at them on but I can’t do it because for the company between the two is me so he can use his disadvantage to make me feel like shit look at him I tell him but I’ll come break the balls while not mentioning it never happened that while you eat I come
from you and I give you the usual never happened and it will never happen and he still good because then they do pretend not to understand your language bastards it’s not fair that you make me feel guilty you don’t know who I am maybe I’m a missionary friar who today he’s dressed casual he’s eating a sandwich like a normal person who you know you look it goes confused it concerns
me I don’t give you money, it’s okay, you don’t do to stimulate you that’s why you don’t I give two legs and two arms and saw Dirty Manila can go to work there he made his face as if to say everyone they think but he said it for sure true I said I do it if I give you the money you don’t you’ll never do a shit in life instead you must be glad that I won’t help you you have to take this opportunity as one stimulation to shave and shampoo e the time has come to face them difficulties as everyone seems a father of mine seems [Laughs] come here to pity me to make me understand that by not doing a shit suffer less beautiful also not I do shit but I don’t suffer looking at me it makes me but I have lost family and it
seems to you a good reason to overcome you have to be glad you must be you don’t live nobody you can work part time and think only of yourself the acts should complain that for live wives and children are forced to work more on the bum arrived easy to be a bum with the money of the others I want to eat quietly

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