The Bible Foretold History! (Hosea Prophecy Revealed)

around 753 BC Hosea was a prophet that got caught to deliver a message to the descendants of Abraham the Israelites and in the book of Hosea we find a prophecy that lets them know that because they rejected God they would be punished by the nation’s but because of God’s grace he would save and one day revive them now this prophecy was partially fulfilled in 722 BC when the Assyrians came and took the Israelites into captivity but what we are about to see is that the prophecy of Hosea was also written to parallel with the future and has fulfillment in a recent events and by the end of this video it will be evident that the Bible has foretold history [Music] in the book of Hosea we see prophetic warning to the Israelites revealing that since they rejected God his hand of protection would be removed and their enemies would overtake them but Hosea also offers hope when he says that their nation will be revived and that one day they will even live in God’s presence when the Messiah the king from the lineage of David comes in the latter days to rule over now one thing I should say whenever it mentions the Israelites it’s also referring to the Jewish people because later the Israelites became known as Jews so this prophecy largely concerns the Jewish people so the book of Hosea mentions how the Israelites or the Jewish people would one day face persecution and destruction because of rejecting God but in chapter 6 Hosea gives them hope and through a powerful prophecy he reveals two things number one he lets them know when God would forgive them and revive the Israelite nation and number two he lets them know when God will raise them up to live in his presence and so the amazing thing is Hosea here gives a timeframe for when the nation would be revived and history shows that this prophecy was spot-on but before we can get into when their nation was revived we must first look to see when it was destroyed so let’s look at the prophecy of zechariah zechariah 13 verse 7 awake o sword against my shepherd against the man who is close to me declares the lord almighty strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered and I will turn my head against the little ones so here we have God speaking through Zachariah and he sentenced that when this person called the Shepherd is killed that will begin the moment when the sheep will be scattered and they will lose their nation first of all throughout the Old Testament the people of God the Jews or the Israelites were always referred to as God’s sheep his beloved people and God has always wanted to take care of them and keep them safe from their enemies but here in Zechariah 13:7 we see that when this person this Shepherd who watches over the sheep is struck or killed then the Sheep God’s people the Israelites will be scattered now to find out when they’ve lost their nation and when they were scattered we must first see who the Shepherd is and when he was killed well look at what Jesus says in John chapter 10 verse 11 I am The Good Shepherd the Good Shepherd lays down his life for the Sheep so it’s clear that Jesus identified himself as the shepherd that the Old Testament said would be killed and also notice what Jesus said at the Last Supper when there was almost time for him to die matthew 26 31 then Jesus told them this very night you will all fall away on account of me for it is written I will strike the Shepherd and the Sheep of the flock will be scattered and so Jesus again he identifies himself as this shepherd so the prophet Zechariah said that when the shepherd is killed God’s people the Sheep will be scattered scattered from where from the place they have always wanted to be Jerusalem you see this here is a prophecy that was fulfilled in history and it is one that no one can deny because at the time of Jesus the Israelites were the Jewish people they were safe in Jerusalem they had their temple and they were at peace being in the Land of Israel so no one would have ever predicted that one day they would ever lose that but the impossible happened after Jesus the shepherd was killed no one could have ever imagined it but history shows that 40 years after Jesus was killed Jerusalem and their temple was destroyed and after that the scattering of God’s people the Jews began and this great event was so catastrophic that historians have even given it a name the Jewish Diaspora the Jewish Diaspora refers to when the Jewish people were removed from their land and were taken captive by the nations now the amazing thing is that not only did Zachariah say that God’s people would be scattered after the shepherd was killed but even Jesus prophesied this look at what he said and Luke okay so here Jesus was with his followers and he was letting them know that one day the Temple of Jerusalem would be destroyed and here he is about to let them know also the fate of the Jewish people after that happens in chapter 21 verse 24 he says they will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all nations and then he says this and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled this is this is so loaded because here Jesus says that after he is killed and Jerusalem falls the Jewish people will be taken captive by other nations and he says many of them will be killed and then he says that Jerusalem will be controlled by the Gentiles which are non Jewish people until the appointed time would come for the Jews to regain their land okay so was Jesus and the Prophet Zechariah right did the Jewish people become scattered from their homeland and faced persecution and was Jerusalem taken over by Gentiles after the crucifixion let’s look and see [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] God’s Word it’s powerful the book of Zechariah said that when the shepherd the man close to God is killed the sheep will be scattered and we see that history has unfolded exactly as Zechariah predicted Jesus was killed in 30 AD and 40 years later in 70 AD Jerusalem was destroyed and then the people of Israel were taken captive and after that they were scattered among every nation in the world it’s not coincidence this this is prophecy now in the last video we looked at how the Old Testament also predicted that Jerusalem would be destroyed for the years after Christ’s death and that was fulfilled in 70 AD so be sure to see that video because it gets deep so this is this is all amazing it’s all amazing you know you could either conclude that it’s all coincidence or God’s Word is powerful because it is absolutely mind-blowing that just as it was predicted after God’s people reject it and killed his son the Shepherd that they were then banished from Jerusalem and then taken captives by every nation just as the scripture said and archaeological evidence like the Dead Sea Scrolls proves that all of this was written in the Old Testament all these prophetic writings hundreds of years before Jesus even came to the world and so what we have just seen here are two major prophecies that have been fulfilled the first was that the Jewish people would be scattered from their land after Jesus the shepherd was killed and we saw that that started in 70 AD and the second prophecy well that gets even deeper because it tells us the exact time when God would revive them and give them back their land all right good drinking water here okay so let’s go back to hosea chapter 6 as a reason come let us return to the Lord he has torn us to pieces but he will heal us he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds and here it is after two days he will revive us and on the third day he will raise us up that we may live in his presence it says after two days the Jewish people would be revived now remember with prophecy days and numbers are often in prophetic codes in the last video we saw a clear example of that with how the 40 days in the Book of Jonah represented 40 years in the future well this right here is also prophetic code and we see the solution for this code and second Peter 3 verse 8 as it reads with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day and also in Psalm 90 verse 4 a thousand years in your sight or like a day that’s just gone by now this is interesting because we know that God lives an eternity which is a dimension without beginning or end so our 24-hour days are really irrelevant to God’s time space so when it says that a day to God is a thousand years or a millennium we must understand that Peter here is referring to an Old Testament prophetic code you see with prophecy the timeframe of events do have a literal fulfillment in Old Testament history but to see how something that happened relates to the future fulfillment you have to use the prophetic code in the Book of Jonah we saw that the code was one day equals one year and that shoulders clearly how the whole thing predicted exactly when the temple would be destroyed in 70 AD well here one day equals one millennium or 1000 years okay so understanding that let’s reread the prophecy after two millenniums he will revive us and on the third millennium he will raise us up that we may live in his presence you see the Prophet was saying that the Israelite nation would be revived not in two literal days but in two millenniums again a day to God is a thousand years and so let’s see if this prophecy was fulfilled in history okay well first of all most historians agree that Jesus was crucified in 38d and at the point of his crucifixion we have seen that that is the point when the Shepherd was struck when their persecution began when they lost their nation so in 30 ad that marked the beginning of their fall so if you add one thousand or one millennium to 30 ad that brings you to 10:30 ad so from 30 ad to 10:30 ad here you have one millennium or one prophetic day after they were scattered but the prophecy said that it would be after two days that they would be revived so if we count from 10 30 ad to 20 30 ad you have the second millennium or the second prophetic day okay now remember Hosea said that after two days they will be revived but on the third day they will be raised to live in his presence so when does this third day begin well from 10:30 to 2:30 ad that’s the second day so the third day is from 2030 AD to 330 ad so he says that on the third day they will be raised to live in his presence which begins the third day beginning on 2030 AD but before that he says on the second day they would be revived so I want to paint the picture he says on the third day that’s when they would be raised to live in the presence of God but before that in the second day that’s when their nation would be revived so we should be able to look and see it somewhere close to the third day but in the second day we should see in history where their nation Israel was revived well history shows us that after hundreds of years of being scattered abused and banished from Israel that amazingly the Jewish people found victory against their enemies and their nation the Land of Israel was revived and established in 1948 okay yeah why is that important because 1948 is in the latter part of the second day but it’s right before the dawn of the third day you see prophecy is so precise it’s so precise that even the times and dates line up with history meanwhile on May 14th 1948 the new government headed by David ben-gurion is installed in Tel Aviv thus for the first time since the Roman legion destroyed Jerusalem in the year 70 AD the Jewish people have a nation of their own thus history was made as the Jewish state of Israel was born conceived in strife and weaned on violence Israel has flourished to become a constructive voice in world affairs where Frank became a symbol of hope in a troubled world the Old Testament prophets predicted that after 30 ad when the Shepherd was killed that the Jewish people would be scattered and taken captive by the nation’s we saw them that’s happened and then it predicted that after two days but before the third day they would be revived that happened in 1948 well guess what else even the date of 1948 has significance within the Bible because of you study Bible chronology you will find that Abraham the father of the Jewish people who was born exactly nineteen hundred and forty eight years after God created Adam so not only does the prophetic code of one day equaling a thousand years show the Millennium that Israel would be revived with even the exact year of his revival find symbolism in the birth of their father Abraham it just all heads up you see this is why I don’t really spend a lot of time trying to prove that there is a God because even if I proved that there is a god the world would then wonder well okay who is this God can you now prove the identity of this guy who is it so instead God has called me to simply reveal prophecy because of the world sees prophecy and sees how everything the Bible said would happen has clearly been fulfilled throughout history then it will be without question that the God that is is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob [Music] [Music] three days after the battle for Jerusalem the war was over in just six days Israel had won a stunning victory against three different enemies and on the seventh day a ceasefire was imposed now we’re not done yet you’re probably in over hope you’re in a comfortable seat so it says that after two days they will be revived we see that happened in 1948 in the second millennium or the second day after Jesus was crucified but notice what else it says on the third day they will be raised to live in his presence you see the dawn of the third day or the third millennium since Jesus died on the cross has not yet arrived the third day since Jesus’s death on the cross begins somewhere around the year 2030 and this third day will last for how long we’ll just like the other days for a thousand years a day is like a thousand years now at the second coming of Jesus when he returns how long does he promise that he will rule on this earth that’s right for 1,000 years the millennial reign and when Jesus returns what is the first thing that he does he raises or resurrects those who are waiting for him and they will then live in his presence will notice that in Hosea is says that on the third day they will be raised to live in his presence Wow [Music] and what a time it will be when Jesus comes as the Messianic King to rule the nations from Jerusalem now the scripture clearly says that no one knows the day or the hour of his return so that’s why I’m not quick to put it out there you know when Jesus is gonna return or even to say what year it could possibly be I’m very hesitant to do things like that but I must say that the season the season is near first of all no one knows the day an hour of Christ’s return and when the world’s gonna end the Scriptures make that clear that’s what I thought but the Bible says that we can know the times and seasons surrounding is coming Bartel makes the point that the Bible especially in the Old Testament is full of foreshadowing an event actually happens in history that also pictures something coming in the future an example of this would be when Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac that event actually happened but it was also picture of what God would do with the son Jesus on the cross as an offering for the sins of the world second Peter 3:8 and the context is referring to the second coming of Christ the Bible says that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day in Psalms 90 it says that a thousand years in God’s sight are as but yesterday you want passages okay I’ll give you a couple passages the first ones in Hosea Hosea is an Old Testament prophet you remember don’t you Greg in chapter six he’s talking about Israel God’s chosen nation who was always rejecting God the nation was gonna be torn apart but verse 2 says after two days he will revive us in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live in his sight what is this you see when Jesus came Israel rejected him as their Messiah so God scattered the nation all over the world for 1,900 years there is no nation of Israel but God says that after two days or two thousand years I will revive the new Israel will live in my sight we can see this happening already the scattered nation of Israel has been regathered right in front of her eyes in 1948 Israel became a nation again this is very important because God is reviving this nation of Israel they are about to live in a site because Jesus is coming back to set up his earthly kingdom have you ever met a Canaanite Frank how about a dam right because these were Israel’s enemies and they have not been preserved but the Jews have been because they’re God’s chosen people and he must fulfill the kingdom promises he made to them but the Jews are still rejected in Christ for how long after two days or two thousand years I will revive the in the third day you shall live in my sight the second coming events could be about to begin Part L sees the same foreshadowing in Exodus chapter 19 verse 11 when God told Israel to get clean and wait for two days because of the third day I’m coming down at the sight of all the nation [Music] you

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  • AoC love your work brother! I tell my kids this all the time.. Jesus has been home only 2 days and a couple hours. He's preparing His return. To watch their eyes light up when the realize what I'm talking about is priceless. Soon as you pointed out the 3 thousand years, it confirmed some thing I've had in my heart for quite a long time now. 3 days, 3 thousand years. I took them as how many days He was gone and will return. Great job putting in line with the scriptures my brother!

  • Until Israel and the present Orthodox Jews don’t accept Jesus there will be no peace
    The coming of Jesus will bring the new Jerusalem and the 3rd temple will mean nothing when Jesus returns
    All the head banging on the temple walls mean nothing
    It is written you WILL bow down to gods son Jesus Christ king of kings who has come and will come again to poke your eyes out whether you want to or not
    You non believers

  • Psalms 90:10 …70 yrs is a generation 80 if strong. Jesus in Matthew 24 explains The Figtree, the 1948 return and that generation shall not pass until all these things are fulfilled.

    1948 + 80 = 2028
    Very, very, close to The 3rd Day

    Posted a YEAR after everyone has, nevertheless I hope this adds to your proofs for future visitors 🙂

  • Is it evident that we have missed the opportunity to fulfill prophacy n a timely fashion to the pleasure of . . He him male female he them . . They R and Heaven them : Earth U S

  • God just wants us to know we are not a forgotten people.

  • Yahova is so strict with His law, and so Merciful.

  • Question…This is a very interesting video. I have a question.? Does this study also account for what Revelation 11:2 says. I initially thought times of the gentiles being fulfilled was referring to the very end / New Jerusalem.

  • I love your videos 👍👍

  • SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}


  • AOC Network, I know the Lord has blessed you keep making these great gems 💎! You have a fantastic way of delivering God's truth revealing prophecy just great work I enjoy your material

  • 3 sons of noah japhet ham and shem
    3 days of jonah belly in the fish
    3 days of christ in the heart of the earth
    3 years cycle going to ophir and the israel
    1000 years is one day of God


  • Amen . I have been studying this forever lol. and boom you put the rest together .. Praise GOD .. YESSSSS!!!

  • Please pray for South Africa and its farmers are been attacked

  • write ur opinions in stone bciz the the will gine ciz the peopecy will done

  • May God teach us to count our days!

  • Wow! 😮is that crazy or what…. Hey how many years from Adam till jesus was born ??

  • one more question who died first Adam or Eve ??

  • General you like to play war. I have an Army of ruthless Knight that will play war with you. Those that approved this will enjoy these war games aswell. For they will suffer that absolute same as you. Probably Pompeo.

  • Jacob was named Israel by God his children are the 12 houses of Israel and includes all through the Atonement ofJesus Christ our Saviour, God the Fathers only Begotten Son.

  • how is the season near when it could be over another 1000 years to 3030

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