The best UFO historical photographs.

In a recent video I looked at UFO reports
from the past, the stories of strange airships being spotted across Europe and the U.S. Those reports were from a time before photography
or at least when it was in its infancy. With the advancement of camera technology
has come a huge number of images of unidentifiable objects in the sky. The Telegraph just posted some of the best
images captured over the past 140 years, if we inspect the pictures of these UFOs can
we see if they coffer proof that we have indeed been visited for over a century by aerial
craft that defy explanation. Let’s look at the images and give an opinion
on what was captured. Welcome to if video on history mystery and
the strange hit that……………………………………………………….. So let’s have a look through the evidence
and see if any of the images provide us with undeniable proof of alien craft visiting earth
and Remember that these pictures come from a time before digital photo manipulation. First up is a picture that is often claimed
to be the earliest picture of a UFO, this snap was taken from the summit of Mount Washington,
New Hampshire, in 1870. I think it’s a picture that is not easily
explained away the shape and form is consistent with reports over the century. Next is a very early photograph of an unidentified
flying object, it was taken somewhere in the United States during the 1920s it shows a
ufo in the top right of the image which I think is most likely an artifact from when
the picture was printed. The third offering shows an object hovering
over a sawmill in Ward, Colorado, April 1929. We can see what appears to be a ufo at the
top of the picture and it looks more like a UFO than the previous capture. It has some pronounced detail which makes
it look as if it is a technology that does not belong to that period of time. Now jumping to New Year’s Day in 1939: the
picture shows an unidentified man somewhere in the United States and an unidentified object
is clearly visible in the background. This looks as if it is another artifact from
printing but if you look a little in looks more like an actual captured object in the
sky. It has the cigar shape that is often described
by witnesses. Now to picture that is well known in the ufology
community a photo of the infamous foo fighters of WW2. These UFOs were often pictured alongside Allied
aircraft as they flew sorties and raids in the War. I love this image it is one of the first I
saw and this print isn’t the clearest there are better out there, this is one of the pieces
of evidence that originally sparked my interest in ufology. Now for a story and photo that inspired a
movie. The picture of the Searchlights converging
on an unidentified object over Los Angeles on February 25, 1942. The bright blobs around the flashes are anti-aircraft
shells exploding. This most famous of UFO interactions has the
best back story and a good paper trail. This is compelling evidence and a picture
that we should all be familiar with. In the number seven spot is This UFO photographed
in Tiensten, Hopeh province, China, in 1942. Several people in the photograph appear to
be pointing up at the object. This giving it some more authenticity. It is a classic flying saucer shape but the
neigh Sayers out there may see nothing more than a Chinese sampan hat being tossed into
the air. The next images comes from a Japanese Sally
Bomber as it flies over the Japanese Sea in 1943 chased by a dark sphere. This is very much like the US reported Foo
fighters. I think that this could be some kind of drone
inspecting what at the time was cutting edge human engineering. Again others see nothing more than debris
from the plane. Jumping back to America. A famous picture taken in Burbank, California,
in 1945 featuring Jack LeMonde on a horse with an object in the background. This one looks like the familiar shape of
a UFO, a shape seen in some of the other pictures here. To me this looks to be genuine. Another military sighting this time by Three
Army Air Force veterans who reported six flying discs over Catalan Island, California, in
1947 and former aerial photographer Bob Jung said he succeeded in photographing one of
the objects. The masts of a steamer can be seen at the
bottom of the picture. This is a great capture it shows an object
that was obviously of more interest than what was going on the ground and warranted a picture
being snapped. This photograph shows the familiar cylindrical
shape craft. The UFO was photographed over New York City
on March 20, 1950. This is an interesting picture it is impressive. Showing a cigar or tubular craft, these are
often seen just outside of earth’s atmosphere and this picture has me a believer. The next few pics come from Guy B. Marquand,
Jr., who took this picture on a mountain road near Riverside, California, on November
Also, then in 1951. He said the object above the skyline was a
‘flying saucer’ Then there is an amateur photograph of a UFO
taken in Passoria, New Jersey, from July 1952. These pictures are impressive the last being
one of the clearest photographs of a saucer type craft ever taken. We are now up to 15 images ….I think! On July 19, 1952, customs inspector Domingo
Troncoso took this picture on the jungle frontier between Peru and Bolivia. The big dirigible-shaped craft was flying
horizontally and fairly low in the sky, passing from right to left from the observer’s posit. This looking like the many alien airships
I covered in the video of the same title. This is another great picture and the con
trail or smoke coming the object is a detail I don’t think would be hoaxed. Picking up the pace let’s take a look at
the next four photographs. Washington DC 1952 and some UFOs were photographed
flying over the Capitol building during a wave of sightings above the city. Four Sicilian men watch two unidentified objects
over Sicily on December 10, 1954. Ella Louise Fortune, who worked as a nurse
at the Mescalero Indian Reservation near Three Rivers, New Mexico, took this picture while
driving along Highway 54 on October 16, 1957, near Holloman Air Force base. In September 1957 this picture was taken by
a test pilot near Edwards Air Force Base in California. It shows a UFO apparently following a B-47
jet. These four show some intriguing images and
with the locations of the white house and a military base it would stand to reason that
these pictures would be genuine due to the close monitoring of the sites. Getting down to the last ten photos. This shot taken on January 16, 1958, over
Trindade Island, Brazil, was widely dismissed as a hoax although doubts have now been expressed
at this conclusion Another Asian sighting with one of the many
UFO photographs taken in Japan. This one shows an object over Kaizuka in 1958. This is an excellent picture that is a text
book definition of what most think of when they here UFO. The lighting of the object is superb and goes
someway to showing this as an authentic object. This photograph was taken by an unidentified
photographer on December 22, 1958, in Poland. It’s not as good as the previous pictures
and doesn’t show anything that would persuade those that do not believe. This picture shows a craft which could have
been cloaked. Trevor Constable took it on May 17, 1958,
at Giant Rock, California, the object above the ridge was not seen by witnesses at the
time but only became apparent after the film was developed. This impressive offering is another famous
UFO photograph, this was shot by Joseph Sigel on June 18, 1959 in Waikiki, Hawaii. This to me is not very compelling and could
be an over exposed area in the photo. To South America for This picture which was
taken on July 3, 1960, by a releible witness an Argentinian air force captain Hugo Niotti
snapped the image near Cordoba, Argentina. The final four are This picture was taken
somewhere in the United States on June 10, 1964, and was discovered in an attic some
years later and Alan Smiths, photograph snapped at about 1.45am on Aug 2, 1965 from his back
yard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Five other witnesses saw the UFO change color
from white to red to blue-green. Also this object was photographed over Adelaide,
Australia, in 1965. It was seen to hover for 20 minutes, then
it shot off to the east. Then Rex Heflin, an Orange County highway
inspector, was at work in a county vehicle on August 3, 1965 when he saw a hat-shaped
object hovering above the road. He grabbed his Polaroid camera and took three
photographs of the metallic-appearing object. This group of images again seems to show picture
that are genuine, the testimonies of the photographers supporting the validity of the pictures. The last picture was captured in the summer
of 1966, a flight security official photographed two red spheres over the Swiss airport Zurich-Kloten. The photo was later released by Swiss Air
pilot Ferdinand Schmid, it is an officially released picture and shows fast moving balls
of light flying over the airport. UFOs and airports have a strong association
and this picture is some rare proof. Now a few bonus pictures from the Apollo missions
to the moon. First Apollo 11, 1969 – This anomaly shot
by Neil Armstrong’s crew has never been clearly identified
Second Apollo 14, 1971 – Were these lights photographed from the Apollo 11 lander reflections
from the NASA craft or something that came to the moon from somewhere else? And this pair of picture comes from Apollo
15, 1971 – Film fault or flying saucer? A strange blue disc is captured over the surface
of the moon And Apollo 16, 1972 – This object on the Apollo 16 approach to the moon has
subsequently been dismissed as part of a probe on the moon lander by NASA. An excuse the space agency often uses to explain
odd artifacts in their pictures that is if they haven’t just deleted the evidence. These image offer a tantalizing glimpse of
just some of the millions of pictures and video of objects in the skies above almost
every country on this planet. With a dossier of so many pictures and the
associated stories we do really need to question the agenda of secrecy that surrounds the topic
of UFOs. We are approaching a time when I feel all
will be revealed, will we see ‘finally’ official recognition of some if not all of
these pictures, and will we be told that these “visitors” have been coming since the
start of humanities history? Let me know you think in the comments below As always ………………………………………………………………..

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  • I'll be here with bells on!

    * what the hell does that mean anyway?

  • This was awesome. Will there be a part 2?

  • Great chat thanks to everyone who joined.

  • Darned. I just missed the live broadcast. Good to be here for the upload though.
    As some of you may know, I am a researcher of many years, and love the content on this channel so like to input my thoughts.
    In fact, this is one of my favourite UFO channels out there.
    I have spoken to many "experiencers", and many working on the "inside" on this matter.
    One of the most fundamental questions for the modern era, is that there are at least 3 billion human beings permanently wandering around with instant access to high quality photography equipment. This is hugely unprecedented, and it would have been assumed to be accompanied by a massive increase in photographic evidence. Just forty years ago, not only were there far fewer cameras around, but people didn't generally tend to carry them around on their person.
    But this has not really happened.
    There is also a downside to this instant modern technology, that there is a massive increase in the availability of very high quality photo manipulation software. This has got so prevalent, that any modern photograph or video of a "sighting" is almost impossible to verify as genuine. Personally, it makes me really angry that there are people out there who are prepared to fraudulently produce false images on what I feel is a very important subject. But decades ago, I went through the exact same dilemma on the subject of crop circles.
    But there is a secret "knowledge" which is definitely part and parcel of the whole phenomena. It is why "reverse engineering" is not really appropriate, and why encounters are definitely weird and "psychological".
    You see, for the most part, the craft are not "real" in a sense we would understand. In order to move or transport, the vehicles are transformed from a state of matter, to a state of energy, until they have reached their intended destination. Don't be too surprised by this. We already have the infancy of this technology in the case of 3D printers. The material object is "transformed" into an electrical image, where it can be transported at (at least) the speed of light, before being re-assembled into a material object. We are quite familiar with this energetic transformation of a real thing. It is what cinema, and eventually television is. A difficult question to reinforce my point. We all have seen Michael Jacksons Thriller video. Michael Jackson is (reportedly) dead. So, when you load a DVD and watch those events, are they real ? Or are they an illusion that is fraudulent ? Well, of course these things really happened, but what we are actually watching is an electronic (energetic) facsimile of a real thing, making it not actually real ? A photograph of your deceased grandparent is after all, not actually them. Or is it ? It all starts to become a bit more complicated.
    Taking this point further, and getting rather more complicated, as material life forms, we cannot actually detect energy. We can only detect how energy effects matter. An example. We all know that the reason the moon shines is because of reflected sunlight. So how come we cannot see that light on its way from the sun to the moon ?
    So when we see an extra terrestrial vehicle, we are not exactly seeing the vehicle itself, because it is composed of energy, but we can see how the energy effects the matter around it. Only when the vehicle stops moving and transforms back into matter can we see the real thing. This explanation helps to undestand the phenomena that is commonly reported around these vehicles. The way they just suddenly appear and dissapear. The ridiculous movements reported. There are many military reports of such encounters being accompanied by no sound, insane apparent acceleration, and quite importantly, no turbulence whatsoever.
    It is my considered opinion that a lot of these craft are in fact drones, being controlled by high level AI. Or AI machines. (Cyborgs). Once again, we should not necessarily be surprised by this mechanical exploration. There is not actually a guy sat in a satellite taking photos to create what we call Google Earth you know. However, an interesting anomoly might instigate more research on the ground.
    What is most fascinating to me, is when you begin to ask the question, "who is controlling these vessels, what intelligence is behind them" ? Because I am beginning to come to the conclusion that this is not like an operator directing a military drone from a computer centre, with joysticks, buttons, and a monitor. Of course it isn't. The civilisation behind this is much more advanced. There is a direct mind / machine interface. If you will, a military drone vehicle that has direct linkage with the human brain. The drone is like an extension of your senses. I found this leap quite difficult to comprehend, until something happened one day. I met someone who claimed to be able to summon UFO's. I actually observed him doing just that. But what was most fascinating was when I asked him to explain how he did it. Mr Bingham said that he thought anybody can do it, he is not special, all you have to do is to concentrate hard with all of your mind and senses and just to "will" it. I have tried this activity with some measure of success, but I do not recommend it to the faint hearted. There is more to this though than just "summoning". There are many ancient communication devices scattered around the world, that are intended to be portals to transmit these thought patterns. Usually in the form of mounds, or pyramids, accompanied by a mnemonic structure usually in the form of a henge. These are the remnants of our link to the gods.
    It is these mounds and structures that form the huge part of my research.
    I know this has been long, but i hope you enjoyed my input, and can take something from it.
    Love and Greetings.
    A Druid.

  • Good morning

  • Firstly a correction. The aircraft over Edwards AFB is a B57 Canberra not a B47. 'Artifact' though doesn't seem fake.
    Of most of those upto 1950, the 'objects' seem to have remarkable 1920s sci-fi or even modern Steampunk looks about them.
    The most convincing though are the "Tubular Craft" over New York and the infamous Battle of Los Angeles. The final Swiss one is intriguing but there is no real sense of what it actually shows.
    Some of those from the 60s you show have already been debunked as fakes.
    Very telling is that there is nothing from the modern age…

  • Greetings from across the pond Brother. Virginia,USA Thanks

  • one of my favourite subjects you always do a good job on the subject thank you if for the posting ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  • Great Video! whats the ufo from the thumbnail mate?

  • I've read that Japanese zeroes, also, reported seeing foo fighters.

  • The military calls UFOs "bogies".

  • I was just watching the last upload from Scary Mysteries and it's all about UFOS.. And this video about UFOS was absolutely perfect..
    Thank you for the great content as always..๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ›ธ

  • Wow IF I have to say your video on UFOs is definitely the best video I have ever seen on this subject! And wow I loved the actual daytime pictures in broad day light. I actually get kind of tired of seeing a far away dot of light way up in the sky when you can't say for sure what they are! Excellent video! On a rating of 1 thru 5 stars I give you a 5 star rating for excellence! Thank you IF! And gold stars at that – the best of course! Lol ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘พโ™ฅ๏ธ

  • That was good If. Well done. Havenโ€™t seen some of those photos. Missed the chat yesterday passed out ๐Ÿ˜ต
    Take care ๐Ÿ‘

  • *MARK FROST, author Final Dossier

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