the feeling whenever I do something I
feel happy you see this is you try that whatever you may have knowledge you have
sometimes bettering the economy you may have better better baby sometime you can
have a kind words you can have so if we use and make somebody’s life happy that
you are giving and his or her life is a happy that’s a better best thing a human
being getting off that then you’ll get a card root conflict free world that’s why
I used to say well there is righteousness in the heart there’s
beauty in the cat where there is beauty in the character there is harmony in the
home harmony in the home where there is harmony in the home there is order in
the nation when there is order in the nation there’s peace in the world this
is a starting point where there’s a righteousness the heart beauty in the
character harmony the hope and the order in the nation peace in the world
all in one of the others coming so where we start we start the righteous now
remember this incident 1979 1979 slv-3 satellite launch vehicle I were the
project director mission director my mission is to put the satellite in the
orbit thousands of people work nearly ten years I reach the I reach the Surrey
arakata condition the launch pad countdown was going on
t-minus four minutes t-minus five minutes t-minus two one one minute
t-minus 40 seconds computer put a hold don’t launch it computer say don’t
launch it I am the mission director I have to take decision everything is on
behind me there are six experts they saw did a computer database coming in and
screen they see the pictures the screen they
said there’s a problem the problem is there’s a leakage in a system in the
control system but immediately calculation no problem
we have got sufficient fuel and oxidiser country control system is contorta
rocket to the record attitude and we can go ahead now of course my experts view
but I took a division problems mine right finally I took a division i bypass
the computer I launched the system okay and August baseball event first state
you worked in a four stage rocket and second stage got mad it went to spin
instead of putting the satellite in the orbit it put in the Bay of Bengal 1979 it was a failure there’s a failed
first time I experienced my failure how’d he manage the failure success I
can manage so at that time we have great man your great leader also sati stubborn
he comes to me I’m very tired working nearly four months
it makes me up calm let her go for a press conference
prosperous meeting there like this number of people world press before all
this and that all the gadget they are there I was really frightened I will be
the culprit because I’m the project director Asian director what’s at East
Awad said chairman Indian Space Coast what the artist said dear friends we
have failed today he is the first time I have to do all the success all the
failure is I want to support my technologists and scientists and staff
so that next year they succeed so he took the whole range missile and then
media asked you put way off then got so many crows we are putting like that lot
of criticism he received a criticism he assured them in a year will succeed with
our team is a very good team next year here only interesting happened next year
July 18 1980 when he succeeded president said you go and conduct the press
conference do you follow what it means it means when the failure occurred the
leader took it up when the success came he gives to his
team how did you become so great great that’s a question well which class you
are singing what’s your dream in life singen well you know give their related
terms so I personally believe you Basava dream say you must I must have a dream
I must continuously acquire knowledge continuously acquire knowledge hard work
hard work and perseverance one should not be a not afraid of problems we
should know how to handle the not only how to handle success how to handle the
failures particularly you are in the management environment return it I want
the young people to understand how to manage the failure because any tasks you
do you have to come across problem problem should not become the captain of
the individual or a project chief and the project chief should become the
captain of the problems and defeat the problem at site and for a culture of
excellence the reaction is not by accident it is a process where an
individual continuously strives to better oneself the performance standards
are set by themselves they work on their dreams with focus and are prepared to
take calculated risk and do not get deterred by failures as they move
towards their dreams then this type of their dreams as they tend to reach the
original targets there’s tried to work to their potential in the process they
increase their performance there by multiplying further their potential
this is an onion being lifecycle phenomena culture of excellence they are
not in competition with genuine arts but themselves that is a culture of
excellence I’m sure each one of you will aspire to become a unique with culture
of excellence she has written books you’ve served as president your
aerospace engineer you’ve been a professor but you say the title you like
best is the title of teacher why is that you know I had I had a teacher
I never say young boy ten years boy what am the second world was going on at that
time I used to see in my class fifth class teacher in science teacher he say
mr. subrahmanya he entered to the classroom and abused to see the
radiation of knowledge from radius of knowledge from him when he enters the
classroom my teacher I see a radiation of purity of life and he’s the way he
thought I my dream has got shaped what should be my way of life he’s the person
the teacher gave me the vision of my life when I was a young fellow now a
teacher has got a fantastic opportunity to grow minds to enrich the minds and
you the dreams to the young people and nurture the dreams with them and they
would become a great human being sometime they would become better than
you but better than the teacher so that happens you to have and also there’s a
teacher like what I am doing I am a professor I can also do the research
young researchers will be work with me that’s a great pressure when they get
the PhD history has proven history has proven that those who dare to imagine
the impossible are the ones who break all the human limitations in every field
of human endeavor whether science medicine sports are the technology the
names of the people just know I listed some of the names the names of the
people who imagine the impossible are engraved in our history by breaking the
limits of the imagination by breaking their limits of their magnet the change
they change the world you take CV Raman you take Newton you
take angsting you take Chandra Shekar thereby breaking the limits of their
imaging imagination they change the world but carefully hear me what M say I
learned what did I learn from the youth of 11 million people I learnt the over
youth wants to be unique paper youth watch three unique that is you the over
you taught to be unique that is you but the world around around you is doing it
best they might to make you just be everybody else now whether you want to
be you re variants you you want to be you not everybody else now if the coach
be like everybody else is convenient at the first class but not satisfying in
the long vision the challenge there for my young friends is that you have to
find hardest battle to fight the hardest battle which any human being can never
imagine to fight and never stop fighting until you
arrive at your destination dat is the unique view to get to get the unique
view it’s a big battle the battlements you don’t even take a garden the battle
means you have to have four unique things for you know she must have that
battle one is your to set the goal the second one is acquired the knowledge
continuously and third one it’s a hard work with the devotion and fourties
perseverance these are the tools you have to either before the battle the
video TV if you want with discoverers if you want to be innovators I am going to
give you what type of what type of characteristic you must have the
invention and discoveries have Y emanated from creativeminds that have
been constantly working and amazing the outcome the telephone he was amazing the
outcome you making the outcome in the mind with the imaging and constantly
effort all the forces of the universe worked for that inspired mind thereby
leading to invention discoveries see I have the feeling whenever I do something
I feel happy you see this is you trying and that whatever you may have knowledge
you hope sometimes better the economy may have better better maybe sometimes
you have a kind words you can have so if we use and make somebody’s life happy
that you are giving and his or her life is a happy that’s a better bet the best
idea because they that then you get a car to
conflict-free world that is leader should work with integrity and succeed
with a better leader work with integrity and succeed in London and I believe
president since you asked the question has to be continuously in touch with the
people rush to the woman bare eyes I was there became a people spell and so
crossed over the women it becomes people’s power and also I travel into
the whole state cutting across Hill deserts and see I was in touch with
millions and millions of

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