The Batman Movie Announcement Breakdown – Batman 2021

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie you may
have seen the recent interview Ben Affleck talking about what was going on
with his version of the Batman why he passed the torch to Matt Reeves and
Robert Pattinson what his version of the Batman movie was going to be what their
version is going to be and how things have changed behind the scenes it’s all
very fascinating so we’ll break it all down if you’re new to the channel be
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now that they’re in the middle of shooting the Batman movie we’re getting
a lot more details about what’s going to be going on so we just break this down
top 7 style starting with number 7 Ben Affleck has been doing press interviews
recently for his new indie movie promoting that you’ve probably seen him
a lot in the news he’s been way more active on his Twitter account wally was
doing those he revealed the real reason why he chose to stop being Batman in the
first place and decided not to do his version of the Batman movie instead
passing the torch to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson as we all saw they just
released the teaser of him in the costume obviously it’s a big creative
redesign for the characters they’ve shifted his new movies into the past so
it’s kind of a prequel of sorts even though it’s not meant to officially be a
prequel to Ben Affleck’s Batman but it’s kind of the same thing that the studio
did when Christopher Nolan came on to the Dark Knight trilogy after they did
the Schumacher trilogy just a completely different creative aspect and approach
to the Batman character the big thing about Ben Affleck’s interview though is
that it’s a stark contrast to what people were saying about what was going
on at the time when he initially announced that he wasn’t going to be
Batman anymore because it went on for a long time there
were a lot of delays with his Batman movie if you don’t remember they
actually announced that it was going to happen they said Ben Affleck will write
and direct his own Batman movie everyone got really excited it was at the
beginning of 2016 because Ben Affleck was coming off as oscar-winning director
run we hadn’t seen Batman V Superman yet but we gotten a teaser for the movie so
we knew that that was coming up we knew that they were going to make Justice
League so the Batman movie that they announced was going to happen after the
Justice League movie but there was all this cool stuff coming up everyone was
really excited I think it was at CinemaCon in 2016 when they announced
the Batman movie but at the time the trades were reporting that his Batman
movie was supposed to come out fall 2018 or fall 2019 remember that this is 2016
when they’re announcing this so there was still way down the road that that
was going to happen that was also with a time when they were still going to do a
trilogy of Justice League film so they weren’t
going to start filming the Batman movie with Ben Affleck till after they
finished filming all three of those Justice League films their plan was very
similar to the way that Marvel filmed Avengers infinity war in Avengers
endgame just doing it back-to-back so it was way more filming time for the actors
but is because they were doing two giant films at the same time
number six but then as we all saw Batman V Superman came out a couple
months later after they had announced the Batman movie divided Orion PSA’s so
much that the studio Warner Brothers panicked and that’s when all the drama
on the set of Justice League started in the start of what a lot of Ben Affleck
refers to as his own personal problems his personal demons flaring up that’s
when he says a lot of his drinking problems got really bad just because of
the stress of filming the Justice League movie and all the stuff that happened
behind the scenes on that one of the early problems that they had with
Justice League though is that they had already started filming it when Batman V
Superman hit theaters so the studio wanted to make all these changes while
they were already in the middle of filming this original vision that they
had for this trilogy then things got even worse later that year when Suicide
Squad came out and did even worse wound up being a disaster so the studio
panicked even more they went up changing their plans again for Justice League
instead of doing it to films they would just do one Justice League film and then
obviously as we know Zack Snyder was forced to leave the project for family
reasons so number five what happened after that is originally Ben Affleck was
supposed to roll right into production on directing the Batman movie for a 2019
release date and that was going to be his last major film as the Batman character
he and Geoff Johns had finished their script a long time before all the
Justice League stuff started happening so the script was sitting on a shelf it
was ready to go but now Ben Affleck this past week said that the reason why his
version of the Batman movie didn’t move forward like we all thought it would was
because all the trouble they had on set doing Justice League exacerbated his own
inner demons in drinking problems he said at the time he had shown the batman
movies script to some people everyone said it looked like a great movie it
seemed like it was going to be a slam dunk he was a great director in his own right
so there was no reason to believe that he couldn’t do it but the sheer toll of
directing and being the lead actor in the same movie and it being a major
50 million dollar studio tentpole film at that seems so insurmountable the
stress seems so great that both he and his closest inner-circle of friends were
worried that the stress of it all would cause him to drink himself to death so
his main reason for leaving the Batman role and his version of the Batman movie
passing the torch to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson was more him thinking
about his own well-being the well-being of his family his own personal health at
the time there were all kinds of terrible rumors about the studio not
being happy with his version of the movie turns out that’s all bullcrap
everything was fine it was just Ben Affleck was in a very bad place
personally in none of his friends or family wanted to see him kill himself
slowly trying to make a Batman movie so number four what was his version of the
Batman movie going to be well you remember the Deathstroke teaser that Ben
Affleck posted himself a couple years ago that airplane hangar that was
actually them testing out the special effects in the costume for Joe
Manganiello Deathstroke for the Batman movie he was originally going to be the
main villain of that Batman movie the script that he and Geoff Johns wrote the
studio had big plans for Deathstroke as a character within the DC Universe –
they had a cameo in the Justice League post-credit scene they were originally
going to do a Deathstroke solo movie currently that’s not happening right now
I think they kind of shelve that permanently what we do know about his
version of the Batman movies script is that it would have been a version of the
raid redemption set in Arkham Asylum with Batman being forced to fight his
way down floor-by-floor through a gauntlet of his own worst villains that
he himself had personally put in Arkham there weren’t any big reports about why
he had to fight his way through Arkham if it had anything to do with the Joker
obviously at the time that’s still Jared Leto’s version of the Joker or if it was
a baby Yoda situation with a child that he was trying to save that was being
held in the lower levels if you’ve never seen the raid movie it’s actually a
pretty badass foreign film but it would have been a very self-contained
Batman gauntlet run inside Arkham kind of like the batman arkham games at the
time it if it wasn’t clear that movie would have taken place after the events
of the Justice League movie because the movie would have come out after Justice
League and we’re still with Ben Affleck’s version of the character it
wouldn’t have been a prequel or anything like that number three so then what
happened after Ben Affleck made the final decision to pass on the project
was letting the studio know and that’s when they hired Matt Reeves to write and
produce and direct a new man movie recasting the role which would
eventually wind up being Robert Pattinson as we all saw when they
brought on Matt Reeves for the project part of his deal was that he would be
able to do his own version of the Batman the studio also kind of wanted to
differentiate this new version of the Batman from the Ben Affleck version that
had come before like sort of creatively retuned things even though there were a
lot of good things about Ben Affleck’s Batman but that was also part of the
reason for going with a younger version of Batman 1 because Matt Reeves really
wanted to do a Batman year 2 year 3 story early in his career a lot of this
all coincides with the leadership changes behind the scenes at Warner
Brothers they decided to clean house behind the scenes and stick with the
stuff that was working already not change any of that stuff and just retune
some of the bigger stuff that they weren’t super happy with we’re in the
case of people like Ben Affleck who didn’t want to continue playing their
character just bring in a totally new team to reimagine the character during a
different time period so number two right now Matt Reeves first Batman movie
is being made with the same intent that Christopher Nolan had when he first
started making Batman Begins they were coming off the schumacher Batman movies
and they wanted to creatively reimagine the character but Christopher Nolan did
not have a green light for the Dark Knight yet when he was making Batman
Begins his deal initially was just for that first Batman movie and they were
like well this Batman movie does well then we’ll do another one but one movie
at a time obviously the studio saw Batman Begins when it was almost
finished and said okay you know this Christopher Nolan guy seems like he
knows what he’s doing let’s give him some more money to make more of these
Batman movies but that was sort of a different era of big comic-book movies
before the dawn of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s when all of Hollywood
all the other Studios got thirsty for their own cinematic universes which is
where a lot of Warner Brothers problems with their DC movies started trying to
rush out their own version of the MCU instead of taking their time to
establish all their main players first so because they just released the new
Batman teaser with Robert Pattinson number one a lot of people asking if
his version of the Batman will ever crossover with other Justice League
characters because there are a lot of them now they’re going to be a ton more DC
films with different characters well right now everything that the studio the
producers and Matt Reeves himself have said I think the only way that Robert
Pattinson is Batman ever winds up in a future Justice League movie or big
crossover movie with another Justice League character is if he still
wants to be Batman after the third new Batman movie in their trilogy that
wouldn’t happen for a minimum of six to eight years depending on how long they
take between movies in its minimum two years between big Batman sequels I think
the big takeaway from all this is that everyone just give Ben Affleck a lot
more sympathy now based on all the Batman stuff that happened because
obviously he was thinking of his own health and I think he made the right
choice nobody wants to see him slowly kill himself just to get another Batman
movie out so everyone post your reactions in the comments below do you
think that he made the right decision and obviously I’ll be doing more Batman
videos as we learn more about what’s going on with the Batman movie the
Batman character in the future everyone click here to rewatch that new Batman
teaser trailer that they just dropped and click here for my brand new venom to
carnage video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome this is
the way!

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