The Babylonian Thief – Quests of History Episode #1

This is our character for this episode. A level 23 paladin named Nebu. He lives in the Babylonian capital of Babylon,
and has dedicated his entire life to serving others. After all, that’s what a paladin does. Looking at his stats, we can see that his
skills are mostly centered around defence and strength. Having a high defence, and of course being
a paladin, allows Nebu to have a naturally high HP. This is a pretty simple, classic, paladin
build that is very popular amongst players. Nebu gets up every morning and prepares himself
to do what he does best. Questing. He puts on his armor, a low-tier iron platebody
and platelegs, equips his enchanted iron shield, which he got as a rare drop from an oxen,
picks up his freshly repaired iron sword, and heads out to the bulletin board to see
what the day’s adventures might be. Living during the Babylonian era was actually
a pretty cool time to be alive. The capital, Babylon, was the center of the
ancient world, drawing in thousands of artists, potters, mathematicians, and philosophers. As a player, this was a great place to get
quests. The city was also abundant in materials, most
notably clay, which was used not only to create official documents, but also was the main
material used for building houses in the city. High level archaeologists would eventually
come back to Babylon and use its remains to piece together the stories of the Ancient
World. Of which Nebu, our main character, desperately
wants to be a part of. But.. for now.. He is still only a level 23 paladin. He’ll have to grind a few more quests before
he can really become significant. On the bulletin board, he sees a clay tablet
that looks interesting. “500 gold to whoever catches the thief that
steals our clay pots.” Apparently, there is a mysterious thief that
has been breaking into potter’s homes at night, and stealing their clay pots. As he reads, he notices that this isn’t
a quest sponsored by the city. Instead, the local potters have come together,
and have put forth a reward for anyone who completes the quest. Nebu thinks to himself that this seems like
a pretty easy quest, so he accepts it. But there’s a small problem. He notices something in the fine print “must
be level 24 to complete”. Unfortunately, Nebu is level 23. He’s missing one level. I guess it’s back to oxen. Now level 24, he can go back and accept the
quest. The first task is to talk to each of the potters
and see what they have to say about the thief. He goes to the first potter, who tells him
that the thief only came once, and took some of his pots in the middle of the night. It appears as though the thief only took what
one inventory could carry. The second potter tells a similar story. The thief came in the middle of the night,
took pots, and left with only as much as one inventory could carry. Nebu is starting to recognize a pattern. This most likely is just one low-level rogue
trying to steal some pots, for whatever reason. The last potter Nebu talks to is very high
level. He makes premium clay pots and even has his
own enchanter who for a price, will enchant your pots. Enchanted pots give you a boost of xp while
training your cooking or crafting skill. No doubt this would’ve made the perfect
target for a thief. However, this potter tells a slightly different
story. He tells Nebu that the thief came twice, each
time in the middle of the night, but still taking only as much as one inventory could
physically carry. He also mentioned that once the thief came
to his home, he never went back to steal from the other potters. Which of course, makes sense. Once the thief found the high level potter
with enchanted goods, why would he go anywhere else? The man tells Nebu that he has tried to alert
the authorities, but that they couldn’t spare the resources to help. So instead, he got the potters together and
convinced them to sponsor this quest. And that’s as much information as the potter
is able to give. Three potters, three incidents, but no lead. How is Nebu going to complete the quest? He thinks of possibilities, like maybe since
the thief is probably low-level, he might’ve left clues somewhere, or maybe people have
seen or heard something through the night. But remember that Nebu has a classic paladin
build, which usually has low-intelligence. A paladin isn’t meant to be super smart. They’re more meant to be able to tank and
keep the enemy’s attention. While the high DPS classes like rogues or
archers for example, do their damage. So the best theory he could come up with,
was that the thief was most probably stealing these pots to then sell them at the auction
house. The reason he came twice to the rich potter’s home
was probably because he discovered enchanted pots that he could sell for a lot more. And given the fact that he came twice, well
he might come a third time. The pattern is clear. If he comes, he’ll come in the middle of
the night, and only take what one inventory could carry. Seems simple enough, all Nebu has to do is
to wait and see if the thief comes back. As he waits, he has a lot of time to think
about the reasons why the thief might be wanting clay pots. I mean, clay was the foundation for Babylonian
life. Not only did they use it for their official
documents, but they also used it to write any of their observations of the sky. You see, Babylon played a significant part
in the history of astronomy. The roots of modern day astronomy all lead
us back to the clay tablets found in Babylon. So yeah, it makes sense that we have a clay
thief. Clay was very much in high demand. He would have had no trouble selling it. After about a few hours of waiting, Nebu notices
a man approaching the potter’s home. He is dressed in black, probably a full leather
set, but the shoes are different. They have a glow as if they were enchanted,
probably to make him silent. Nebu decides the best approach is to let the
thief steal, and then follow him back to wherever he goes. There, he would confront the thief, and potentially
discover a hideout of some kind, which might lead him to more thieves, or even the secret
entrance to the Babylonian thieves guild. As expected, just a few moments later, the
thief leaves the house. Nebu follows him throughout the city, all
the way into the low-level desert right outside the city walls. Now this desert isn’t particularly dangerous,
but there had been some reports of bandits poaching around and waiting for newbies to
come. But that’s not a problem for a level 24
paladin. At least, not anymore. As he is following the thief, he suddenly
gets stinged by a small level 6 scorpion. Typical to spawn in this desert. Scorpions are annoying and a nuisance, but
they’re not really a problem. I mean, the city has been using them in daily
quests to get new players some xp. For Nebu, one hit is really all it takes. The thief makes a turn behind a hill, and
appears to be heading towards a glowing object on the ground. He takes each of his stolen clay pots, and
drops them inside what appears to be a magic portal of some sorts. Nebu has never really seen something like
this before. That’s it, Nebu tells himself. It’s time to make his presence known. He surprises the thief, and tells him to stop
everything that he’s doing, that it’s over, and that he will turn him in to the
authorities. His thieving has come to an end. The abrupt interruption scares the thief. The thief turns around, and Nebu quickly realizes
that something is off with this man. His eyes seem.. Weird… As if he was under a spell… But before Nebu could make out what was going
on, the thief pulls out his dagger, and attacks him. Nebu gets a critical hit since he wasn’t
expecting the attack, but for a paladin with such high HP, this doesn’t do that much
damage. The thief is lower-level and Nebu has no trouble
taking care of him. With the thief now dead, Nebu then tries to
look at the portal to figure out what it might be. But before he can look at it properly, it
disappears and so does the thief. Could it be.. A summoned NPC acting as a player? But it can’t be.. Summoning real humans is forbidden. He notices a clay tablet where the portal
was just a few moments ago. He picks it up and reads “You passed. Come back here at level 55. Do not speak of this, or you will die.”. That’s very weird. Somebody is watching. Nebu doesn’t really know what to do. But considering what just happened, he decides
it’s best to keep his mouth shut and go back home. He’s too low-level for this. The following morning he goes back to the
potters, and tells them that the thief problem has been solved. There will be no more thefts in the middle
of the night. Although he can’t tell them exactly what
happened, the potters are happy enough that they pay him the 500 gold. Nebu can mark this quest as complete, and
earns 2600 xp which puts him at a total level of 25. Well, that’s 30 more to go… Back to grinding…

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