The Baby Einstein Company Overview Video

Announcer: The Baby Einstein company is an
award-winning interactive collection of videos and DVDs, CD’s, books and discovery
card that exposes your baby to music, art, language, science, and nature in a playful
enriching way. Probably the most important thing that we done is try to look at
the world through the eyes of a baby. We have tried to create products that
encourage parents to sit with their children, to interact with their children, to talk with their children, and to dance with their children. We do it through our music
and Baby Beethoven for example. We have taken the music of Beethoven which is
timeless and classic and beautiful, and like Baby Mozart with three orchasted
it in a way that’s a feeling to babies. We use art to teach color to children in really
fun silly ways. In Baby Newton, we tried to take teaching shapes, and make it part of our world. There’s a circle, it’s a square, it’s a triangle. There were so many great animals to
teach. The Neighborhood Animals video breaks down animals that you would find in your environment. The kind of animals you see – when you’re out walking in the park with your child.
– ( trumpeting ) World Animals was taken animals that into a parking world that we might not see and the way that they are in nature. And you can use our child friendly books and discovery cards to interact with your baby while you watch
the video together. ( music ends )

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