The Aydin Show #3 – Mustafa Koken Facts and Myths in Islam

Thanks for tuning in to the episode of the Early Show sponsored by our friends at case of Holmes Enjoy the show as Salam aleikum everyone welcome to the Odie show where we are dedicated to shed light wisdom and knowledge to our youth and Communities and today’s guest is stuff. I cook and Salam alaikum how they consider well survivor. You just recently went to Hajj Tell us a little bit about what that experience was like. Yeah, I went last year to Hajj It’s a very good experience The only thing is it’s very hard to explain what Hajj experiences like, I think you have to see it with your own eyes We had such a good time. There went with my wife And with my brother and my sister-in-law as well. So as the four of us all the time hanging around But I think you have to see with your own eyes. I think everyone says the same thing you need to see an experience It’s not something you can just explain in words I Remember the first time I went over there will be the first night that we got there. We didn’t go to sleep We’d left Melbourne We’ve gone all the way there and then the Imam and saying we’re just about to enter you know The gates and see it see calva for the first time when you see it It’s it’s really amazing because it looks she looks quite large when you first see from the entrance Hmm, but then when you go in it’s a lot smaller But you feel at home when you go there you feel like you don’t want to leave And that’s how it was for them, you know were there for three weeks there and then we went to Medina But you feel like you don’t want to leave all the time. You feel safe. There you feel you know comfortable Yeah, you went with The Yana 2019 so you went just just very recently I went in 2018 with Mila goodish I guess the experience when you walk into those doors and you see for the first time it does really Hits some people more than others like oh, I saw a lot of people just around me just crying and you know just fazed Yeah, I think when When it hit me really hard wasn’t when I first saw her. I was amazing I loved that moment of it, but it was more when I was praying right in front of it And I was watching like you directly from the cab and your eyes are on the cabinet as you’re praying and I got very emotional That was that was just yeah out of the world experience It was really good. I Have a lot of videos of that you do talking about. Yeah, it was my favorite pastime It was basically through the tawaaf through the prayer and literally just users just sit there and watch people walk past But like you said we need to be praying even to this day like even now when I try to pray I’d sort of imagine myself as one stall in front of Calibur itself You’re right. It’s probably the most in my amazing feeling you’re actually appear definitely It’s like this is the place that we’ve been praying to all this time. It’s right here It’s right in front of me. Exactly exactly. Nothing nothing like it Let’s touch base a little bit about what you do for work. Yeah, I Hope it sells straw. I’m into IT been all my life, basically I’ve traveled quite a bit for my work use the do a lot of interstate travel, but now more in Victoria But all all networking I don’t deal with phones or anything, but it’s just its IT Purely, I’m lucky. You’re lucky. You don’t deal with phones. I was in the mobile phone industry. Look, I love that I was in it for a bit early on when the 51 tens came out and you know There’s really cared Greeks and then you had the thought week sorting So you had the 32 tens come out and then you had 280 how I remember it 82 10 8250 and 93 10 and the difference between them the early 250 had a Blue LCD and the 8310 had a white LCD with FM radio So every time something new came out was just like the people come to out, you know Go with the radio. I want to upgrade the you know, but now I didn’t remember which models I had But I had the one with the radio. I love that. Yeah, one of my favorites was a Philips phone It was called the Philips. Xenian the battery life on that was two weeks and That’s what made it a yeah, that’s what it was pretty cool about that. But you look at the mobile phones near the iPhones I mean, it’s amazing that the technology in a phone However, I wouldn’t want to sell them because it’s just really repetitive It’s the same thing the iPhone 10 to the 11 to the 12 the camera difference, you know, so nothing exciting. They’re both Yeah, it’s about 50 megapixel. Now you exactly exactly what does anyone do with it. I don’t know no Samsung’s got 100 megapixel or something now. Yeah, anyone to Samsung that evolved or something. That’s about to come here I think that’s got that 100 megapixel. Yeah, it’s Ridiculous, yeah early on in life for his involvement in the communities, which mustard you attend to Early on so when I was young, you know, we used to go to Kovach mosque Which is probably moat with most people all went to there were no other Maus only Turkish ones Any anyway, at least when I was growing up? But so the first few years went past there, that’s where I got a lot of the knowledge in my early life, you know I was seven years old But then later on we moved on to a broad mirror So broad mirrors were starting there was no mosque there But there was a committee and they were doing running classes there for the first few years around like at up field high school So went there for many years was an experience working abroad Manoj He was a lot different because I was always a lot younger occur big. I was only seven years old It was a very big class and like you knows I think it’s about a couple hundred people Possibly in the one class girls. And yeah, so does the girls set on one side guys set on the other? So a lot of the people that from those days, you know, they’re everywhere right now so people that were at Coburg mark pretty much mean all this other mosque all these people that are like Miele goodish mosque and things like that some of the people that Are running it all have me how you know, they’re all from those old days, you know, everyone came out covered So there was a big impact of the people that came out of there I think I think I agree with you because I was about six years old when I was at Coburg, you know I remember climbing the apricot trees at the front I don’t know if they’re there now and I think that but I should climb up at six years old and you know when I Was season and eat all the apricots and living on for anyone else But um, my father was one of those guys that wouldn’t dare my grandfather, you know, and then he then decided though I think that open media guru shin. He went towards that direction. Yeah. Yeah, but I think everyone came out of there There was the only one But then yeah went to Broadmeadows and I was a lot so in Broadmeadows I was in high school now it was a very different sort of experience which high school you go back then I Went to know min. I went to gladsome Park Wow, so they went around them. What what uses? so 81-82 was at the faulkner high school and then after that it was all glass and park Was up here and around those times she filled aboard Meadows you were part of that Moss. I didn’t live around it So I lived in glaston Park so relieved in camper feeling less than Park mmm because anyone lived in camp fields Which is the other side of camber field you used to go by bus to Faulkner? There’s a common thing these campers feel didn’t have its own high school Okay, and then when we moved to gladsome Parker went to class and Park High because it’s close obviously closer but upfield was they had a lot of friends at Auburn upfield and our Religious classes were an upfield High School in the portal’s the book the Broadmeadows mosque Yes before the Brotherhood Paulina’s mosque had the mosque babe. They’d bought the land The land was actually I think I bought in 81. Okay her in that stage But they organized up field high school to use their mosque Oh, sorry the portables and there’s a I think it was two rooms there. Anyway, yeah There was like a beginners and then there was a you know, I need a mixed one sort of I remember I filled well I went in I went in year. I think of my year 9 and 10 in yeah, did my you know Newton and I’ve filled up feel yeah. Okay. It’s a good experience So you winded damn bawdy open up when the body must open up that 85? Officially opened up and what was originally? Yeah used to I mean at that stage I was you know rmit around those sort of times But I then so I wasn’t really going to religious classes anymore but when I was 18, I came back again basically, so I was sort of called back to Help out with the newspaper that they were making and I bought a computer and computerized the whole Newspaper. So a lot of people don’t know but they still have their own monthly newspaper which then turned into a magazine and it was all done by typewriters and Photo copiers and things like that or sent into a pre year where they’re putting it back then Everything so they had like, you know, the mum would write something So there’s a lot of it’s all religion basically, but they had some news about Turkey as well And I would get that from the embassy in Turkey in Canberra So the Embassy in Canberra would actually fax over some information about what’s happening in Turkey It was interesting in the 80s. You would have had Google the way it is now. There was no internet at all No, such thing. There was no modem. There was no nothing. So people would have jumped onto this newspaper and you know grabbed Yeah, that’s happening in Turkey and overseas and I think it still exists until early 2000 I think But then after that it disappeared, but I think they should have still done it I think I think is still important, you know, even if there’s a brief one just that you know Two-page sort of like a bulletin, you know, in fact in one stage. We were coming up with bulletins It was once they when I was there so, you know when I was about 20 instead of always coming up the newspaper would take so much if it so take like a month or Sometimes with skip a month and do it the second month depending on what happened. Yeah, but we’d come up with bulletins So I was like a one-pager and then it would have Information about what’s going on because there’s so much activity going on the third stage all the MAS were we being built everywhere? The Broadmeadows bus was built but there’s a lot of others that were trying to build but Thomas down and place the paper Okay money was always being collected help this one help that one There’s a lot of activity going on the third stage. Yeah And so until probably I got married I was I was there once I got married I actually found a job in Canberra and I lived ways Around the Canberra. Yeah, seven years I was there But until then I was so from like 18 to 23 I was involved heavily in the Broadmeadows mosque So after 23, you got did you get married 23 years ago it so married them. In fact like the day I left There was actually an election committee and We were voted out. Anyway, we’ve been ever so long. Okay, I Don’t know that happens because I own it. We’re going board Meadows now I don’t see people getting voted out the same people have been there for a very long time and I’m in a very long If I decide the vote itself, he’s living there for too long That’s okay a new blood comes in and out and I think it should still happen. So it doesn’t happen anymore As far as I can see, yeah, it is a little unfortunate looking at that is great to happen I mean when you put these new young guys in and you know, they they come up with these new ideas and Obviously had a run things a little bit differently. Let’s get back to Canberra. Why did you go there? What made you go there? So he says well job. Yeah work. I had a good opportunity Once-in-a-lifetime sort of job to go, you know wasn’t just working was learning So it was a very different kind his IT skill I was in IT anyway, but a very different area very large scale sort of job That’s why it was basically, you know, I had to either take it or you know And it’s just so shipping using camera. Was there master there back then? Yep there is there’s a There’s a Central Mosque that it’s close to all the embassies in its entrance sort of very close to Parliament House And that’s the one I used to go to all the time. Okay, but there were a couple of other committees that were trying to build their own mosque Barlow’s their few have now But while I was there that were her only joint getting together Ramadan and pluck times like that trying to set up their own places like fun in the south and one in the north Okay, but I think the southern one is has been built Thinking okay. It’s been so long. I left in 2000. It’s been 20 years inside this. Yeah Well surely need something now, you know, they’re fine. They’ve probably it’s probably still Muslim community. Their theories is a big Muslim community It’s you know a big mixture to mmm something like we go to Broadmeadows mas. It’s all Turkish we go to meleager’s Mostly Turkish, you know, there are another nationalities but you go to Canberra every nationality. Oh, wow, whatever you want You know, you mean Chinese, do you know whatever does that have stickers here in bawdy? Um that we’ve got we do have a lot of different mosques and a lot of different, you know nationalities But I guess was it like the one mosque bringing all these different nationality? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely as the central master everyone You’re not caught together there that’s amazing. You know, he’s to go during Ramadan as well There’s a very good experience just that meet up with people at that time It was like our get together, you know the other Turkish friends of else But yeah, it’s a very big very big mixture. They just good that’s good. You know, I Think Canberra is doing well. And then like the southern area. They’re more of a more Pakistani and sort of group of people but still a mixture, but it seems to be more heavily in the sort of Pakistani Sri Lankan sort of it at that time. Anyway, I don’t know what it’s like now. Hmm, but the southern group was Predominantly them. Well, well here in Melbourne Canberra I guess Australia Threat the years you’ve been to different mosques you’ve experienced different things You know, what have you? What have you found luck has your beliefs from the Quran before? Changed to the way they are now or you know in terms of Quran and hadith What have you come across? What type of information for these mosques? Nothing, really. I mean, I I still had the traditional kind of beliefs that everyone does, you know? The very basic knowledge, you know knew how to read the Quran knew how to pray. We knew some basics looters. I probably did a lot more than most people at my time at my age because when I was actually in the committee era at 18 I actually asked for help from the Imam at that time to give me personal classes personal lessons so I was getting you know, not your typical stuff, you know, but again it was a lot of memorization that he was giving me instead of talking about what the religion was or You know reading the Quran and this is what this means we never went through one time I remember about what something meant hmm. It was more about you know, how to revere them Yeah, you know how do you know? How does it how to read this better? What you were reading it before this is why it’s here and you just need to read it like that. Super. Yep So now they’re not in-depth information It was no in-depth as much we did talk about certain topics But you know when I go back to him now is like they’re not important You know these topics and they didn’t really relate to the Quran that much either, you know Very basic stuff, you know, very basic stuff that had nothing to do with anything really, you know So You came to a point you had to say you have to say, you know, stop and go I’ve got to take this into my own hands. Okay, he’s unfortunately education isn’t really out there the religious education that you think you needs And I think that’s the problem. So what what research we’re doing So it was um a bit of reading, but I wasn’t reading the Koran yet Okay, it’s quite interesting a lot of google reading, you know, youtube videos and things like this But this is really on this is very early on. Thank you I’ve read a lot of books all sorts of books, you know About the afterlife about you know pyramid alarm It’s you know, like the coming times what happens when you die and read all sorts of things These are tell people about he used to explain these things to everyone. What would you explain, you know? Just you know about what’s gonna happen the end times for instance Judgment judgment day how it’s gonna happen what’s gonna happen is to talk about this everyone Yeah, it’s funny because my perceptions completely changed now because now it’s based on facts not you know A lot of the fiction that I was reading at that time. So the facts that you found now What are they? Well, what compared to before get better before the facts Realized that I mean, this is something that you realize late It’s very unfortunate that I had to realize it’s late, but you realize that the Quran He has a actually got information in there about all of us And I think you need to know that the Quran is the source of information first Now a lot of the books I was reading weren’t even you know, there were no credible ages They weren’t even had youth related some of them. Yeah, you know there were just stories Revelation and not revelations. What do they call them? They’re just stories. Really Ya know and that’s the unfortunate part. There are actually a lot of beliefs that aren’t even hadith related That are out there that’s been talked about quite often as of its religion. Well Hold on, you know? Being you realize later that Religion is through Allah given to a prophet. So listen, okay, so this there’s saw he had this is hadith I mean which ones he found? Relevant to say the Quran Which one’s a a week? Yes other side. So there’s this, you know, we always say it’s common two minutes I hear this, you know, maybe the real one exactly. What are you saying? Now? What do you really love in? Somebody’s a fuse? I got a few sort of examples He’s one, you know, this is supposed to be sorry If it says if a husband bashes his wife you never asked why It’s behind you all. This is a doubt one of the sahi wants It is another one says if you’re praying and in front of you a Lady there could be a wife. Basically. It says a woman a donkey or Black dog goes in front of you your prayers gone Again, sorry, yeah, that would say this one is in Muslim doubt Tiramisu Assignment is in a few others, but this ah, he wants those three thigh So another one like I mean, this is supposed to be sorry. This is It says you know, this is Bihari Muslim Evening magic is a few of them. It says how will be filled with many woman Because of gossip I’m guessing you know You know and it is the mother, you know, very good. This is very relevant a very irrelevant one it says When you put food on the on the fire go get will do So when food is on when you’re cooking so you in your cooking so you put you put a pot of food on the fire Yeah, go get up with this now. Go kick This is you know, how death In either Hari, well, not all of them sound like that But you know, these are some of the examples that you give me example. These are the ones that they seem a little odd Yeah, it says well another one like a Badal. Okay, someone that doesn’t do their numbers kill him he says This is a very this is a very common one So this is just one other to pull it off, but this is a very common one. So all Most missives all believe your mother. I will believe that someone that doesn’t pray needs to be either beaten up first you just learn if you miss over beaten up and then killed or a lot of them actually are to be killed and In the missives, absolutely I’ve never been taught this through nice. Oh, I’ve never been emotional. I’ve never heard these things. I’ve until you start investigating, Hawaii Hold on. This is sorry, you know, hold on no one’s doing this But this is what’s in there like she says well which ones go against the Quran is any hadith said do that? So against the Quran There’s quite a few so look again like say in Buhari again. It says if someone changes their religion kill them If they’re Muslim and they change a religion that’s a thing doesn’t say which way that’s what it’s implying. I’m guessing you Okay, but it’s funny because it’s very spicy Jesus So I want to change their religion kill him but in the Quran it says there is no compulsion in religion in baqara surah 256 it’s not compulsion. Okay, there’s no there’s no compulsion. How can they be death associated with you changing your religion? Okay, so that’s a great exception. Yeah, this is directly going against them Another one. It says the hadith Buhari Hadees It’s mentioned the Jewish man cast the spell on our prophets. I mean he was influenced by the mucked around dazed for days Changed for days. Yeah, so in other words Some sort of magic was given, you know put on to our prophet By a Jew and so he didn’t know what he was saying, but that’s what I mean So the day’s part is that he Turkish It makes more sense to me sometimes because says he’s just walking days and without knowing what what’s going on Do you have the quad can you quite yes, so that’s Behati 76 74 47. It says it’s also in humble, but it’s in Buhari But there’s an ayat that actually directly realizes that it’s not true so this is saying if some magic was cast a spell was podcast on our prophet and thereís an ayat that actually says a treasure presented so what to say it says this is Some people will say that you follow not a man affected by magic So it’s saying that some people have said that He’s basically saying the same thing or does he have a garden from which he eats and the wrong-size you used to you know? Follow a man a man affected by magic. It’s full count i’ts basically a couple consider eight if actually go into it these two The I acctually relates to this particular thing. So in one of them you’re saying the quran is saying he’s not affected by magic Mmm this prophet because at that time there’s talk about that. They were saying that our prophet is actually affected by Genes affected by I don’t know if you’ve heard about that Affected by magic that he’s under a spell and that’s why it’s coming up with all these things about the Quran And at the same time there’s a how does that come out and says yes, he’s affected by magic You know, how can this be? Hmm. So what do you think someone should do when they come across? these type of Hadees when they’re looking into Research and they come across the Quran saying one thing and the Hadees saying another well, obviously gotta take the Quran first Okay. So this is this is the problem with it that What we said sahi, so we said that it they’re actually true Hadees. How can this be true? So there is no such thing as Automatically saying they’re true. You can’t just say body is all true Whatever though I feel it all true. You’ve got to relate it to the Quran So if this how do you actually go against the Quran we’ve been how can you take it? You can’t take you’ve got to take the the the Quran Hiatt is it because the Quran came to us? Early on during the process. I will after posture. I sinned and passed on Compared to say the hadith coming, you know, for example Buhari, I think got some of these how these two hundred years later Yeah, that’s right again what we sow hadith were Put together. So the Hadees that supposedly existed all this time, but they’re third-hand information So how do you for never be written by the prophets? it’s people that have seen our prophet or People that have heard of our prophets say something and they’ve tried to memorize it and then 200 years later You know Buhari abled. Oh, you know all these people basically Collected the hadith and put them into a book form. Let’s tell someone you don’t understand too much about help to really happen There is a lot of people out there so For example, Bihari would go to someone Get the hadith from him because he’ll also ask some questions. Like what who did you hear it from? That’s rude Do you hear it from him? What were they doing? And you know, you try to find the chain, basically Yeah, he would work out the chain and then the work out who the first The right of that particular hadith, and then I would look at the character of the person So the character of the person we you know, okay. Yes. He’s a trustworthy person and the chain is strong That’s how we take it something else It’s that somebody’s basic way of explaining it goes in a lot more deeper, but that’s their basic science But is it a trustworthy source? And it’s the chain, you know a proper chain. Mm-hmm. I mean there are There are stories that Pahadi had a million, you know hadith that he collected I can young He has a few thousand that he’s actually kept in me in so he’s actually throwing away a lot of them Well, I mean some say a million some say six hundred thousands a few mixed story but you know half a million will say that’s the that’s the basic minimum that he’s actually had in his hand and Thrill my and ended up with a few thousand the information I got off would sahi through Bihari was I think seven thousand and the non boldest non-psychic ones Were roughly about the same not another number storm. Yeah Very mixed numbers with that But just saying this sahi and say there also he obviously doesn’t work You know he first if I can just open it up and have a look and find certain things that it directly Against the Quran you can actually happen. Is there any more example you have of Hadees that got directly against the Quran yeah with with some of the research that you might have done Well, very basic one. It says I heard the messenger of allah saying this is bloody in 89 I heard the Messenger of Allah saying those who will receive the most severe punishment from Allah on the day reserve other painters Other painters are the ones that do the photos in future. You may he’ll eat a lot Allah, but if there’s the most severe punishment There’s an ayat that talks about this bottom piece, but it tells you who gets the most of your punishment Okay, it’s not the guys that make the oral. It’s some other painters – yeah, okay. It’s an eye. It’s in Nice r4 Okay, it’s a for Sudha it says indeed Allah does not forgive association with him Association as in cheek, this is what’s talking about does not forgive Association with him, but if he gives what is less than that from her evils okay, so he’s saying that I’m not gonna interpret it. It basically says anyone that came each. It’s not forgiven anything under that can be forgiven Okay. Now in this hadith it’s saying but painters are the most It will have the most severe punishment Okay That’s true. Because if it’s saying in the Quran that you turn to God and say forgive me absolute. He’s a much forgiving Yeah, I couldn’t do this hadith. Does that mean a painter is worse than person commits shit as the association’s of the novel. Ah It does raise a question doesn’t it is it’s very, you know Link user base and this is bihari. So I’m not quoting any of the weaker ones these Asahi Pahadi hadith. Mm-hmm Yeah, that’s oh we got we’ve got um, the Thought gel. I just want to touch up on a little bit of that you think he’s Jesus gonna come back lucky says things mentioned in we know this prove how these you know that Jeff Dale’s gonna come Jesus is gonna come he’s gonna come with the information that you’ve looked into in the Quran What do you believe? Do you think Jesus will come back said that this topic is one of my favorite topics know this or I started researching It’s great that we’re talking about him. I still love it. I used to read everything about this You know, when did Joe coming even you know, there were there a lot of people actually to work out when he’s gonna come? And all of them were at these times I’m going that was 30 years ago tall buildings and yet okay 30 years ago is to read this stuff all the time. Tell people about it Jesus tells almost here waiting for Jesus to come back waiting for the message. I was waiting. Yeah But after researching you find out that that gel is not even mentioned once ever in the Quran or misty Jesus is not mentioned about coming back. He’s actually is actually I to tell you his his dead He’s not dead. He’s in the grave and it’s not finished. Yeah, which I so, um Few of them so there’s one if you go to The third suitor I leave 955 it says oh Jesus I will take your soul and raise you up to me Okay, okay. A lot of people try to interpret this in the d4 mind. So now I didn’t actually kill him He just took him out, but it actually says soul The world so and the word there in Arabic So when I try to investigate this a little bit more it’s like here where this is me terrific bin terrific. Which means death Yeah, this is the old taking of your soul this taking of your soul can happen in two ways. So either you were asleep Or you could be dead. That’s how you solid taken away So I think she says he takes your soul when you’re asleep or your death So they always try to relate it to the other one that he was put to sleep and then taken up Okay, okay So while he was on the cross? Well, he was never on the cross I can he was never on the coming That’s just something the Christians believe he was never on the cross, but during that time. They’re saying that a Lot took Jesus away. Okay, so during the time where he was getting tortured He was he wasn’t but yeah, that’s these are all the misconceptions of it. None of this really happened. There is a night I don’t have the eye with me, but there is a night that talks about how they thought they killed Jesus but they never did Someone else was instead. Okay, so you’re saying that He didn’t feel that torture. He didn’t feel that I mean because Allah Took he’s Saudi time. So it doesn’t say when so we don’t know when he was When he died, okay so We don’t know when he died. We know that he died He was never taken up There was no there’s no mention about him being taken up with a body to the heavens with the body so that he can return In fact, there’s an ayat that actually talks about him as a conversation between Allah and he silas allah In PRP in I hit at times and from that ayat, you can tell that he’s not coming back What is it? Sorry do we have that? Yeah, there is a I think it’s So minus one one six, which is a fifth slaughter your mom one six and one one seven so this is a conversation between Allah and Allah Salaam and what he’s saying is he says and beware the day when Allah will say oh jesus Son of mary did you say to the people? Take me and my mother as deities behind her besides Allah Allah is asking, you know Did you tell everyone that you know me my mother at the deed is like as in the son of you know, God, okay What page was a sum? Either one one six? Maybe the one one six you might have a God. So the Quran of God Which version is that one? This one here comes with a really? Cool box knocking here. These a beautiful quads great to give gifts. It’s from Www-what on I can go online And it’s free. I think you only see it online as well. You can reserve an online version as well I’m not I don’t think they have the online version. I’m not to Fell’s free There’s just a for delivery and it kind of before you go towards the court under kind of missions a couple of Things like there’s a poem here. For example, my mind Ponder’s and contemplates dwelling on the reality of life yet Nothing is as scary as a realness of the everliving his closeness his knowledge of my inner self The insides tremble and frightened at this reality I awake sometimes I hear nothing except my heart beating beat after the it beats One thought is flowing in my mind all that my mind and body desires at this moment is to stand to stand before him This feeling I wouldn’t exchange for the world to fall prostrate and praise him Tell him I love him and long and him longing to meet him Life is a journey with many intended ambitions yet – simple to meet my lord when I’m closest to him So very very beautiful Quran something that I’ve cited in the beginning that this is the beginning is you’ve got the introduction He’s put a poem in there I’ve gifted a few of these to some to some non-muslims that have been interested effectively asks for it And you know, it’s it’s definitely something that I recommend a lot of people help I guess the project with you know, you can you can donate a weakened by one yourself and just hand it over to Non-muslim. So is that a particular translation of their own or is it like one of the the common ones like the SIA internationally? So this is just a funny New translation yeah could be he says in memory so I don’t be well Let’s go into going to say my dear one one six. Okay, nine one six I’m gonna lead a similar little you know, I just want to see what sort of We got to look for in 35. Yeah You know what page it is Navi that’ll be different because it’s a the translation books are all different pages fifth surah Surah al-maida, there. It is in each page 98 so let’s get into Marnier and he got a one one six and one one seven one one six Just see if it you read it from there. See if it’s a newer translation. It might be much more simpler in English. Okay Here we go and beware the day when God will say, oh jesus son of mary Did you say to the people take me and my mother as the deities besides God he will say exalted are you? It was not for me to say that to which I haven’t no rights if I had said it you would have known it you would have known what is within myself and I do not know what is Within myself indeed it is you who is knower of the unseen? Yeah, read the next one and I’m gonna carefully I’ll tell you why why it’s important. I only said to them what do you ordered me to worship God my Lord and your Lord and I was a Witness over them as long as I was among them But when you took me up you were the observer over them and you are over all things witness If you should part sizes verse one one eye if you should copy it if you should punish them indeed there They are your servants but if you have if you forgive them indeed it is you who is the exalted in might the wise? God will say this is the day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness for them are gardens in Paradise Beneath the rivers flow wherein they will abide forever. God being pleased with them and they will With him, that is a great Timing so that was good that you read the last one because that last one is explaining to you that it’s Judgment Day Ok, so this conversation is happening a judgement day Mmm, these three ayats that you read the important part about it is Allah is asking did you say this any side? No, I’m not aware of it Like he says I’m not aware of it But the only you would know if I had said some iron ore is saying I never said anything like that And I’m not aware of it because when you took me away, I was unaware of it Yeah, now he if Jesus had come back. So this is this is Judgment Day. So this is assuming that Everyone’s now up there and Allah is talking to Jesus now He’s saying I’m not aware of it because while I was there, I was not aware of any of this I me You know what’s actually happening and if you were to judge them and you would judge them depending on whatever situation they’re in If he had come back, he would not give that answer. He would say all not only what would he say? I’m not aware of it He would have said yes. I know when I went back the second time I was aware that all these people were saying that I’m you know, the son of God and I tried to convince them You know, he would have said something like that, but he’s his answer is I’m not aware I’m not aware of anything like that while I was down there. I only did whatever you command me to do Well, he was at the heavens. Yeah, so this is talking about judgment. This is when everyone this is the end of the world That is because that’s what they lost. I we were it actually said it said this is the die There’s a mention that you said in there, don’t you? Remember the last ayat is so it’s talking about Judgment Day and Allah he’s talking to Jesus so this is after everything all wills go on. The universe has go on and we on judgement day He’s saying did you actually say to the people that? You and your mother are deities in other words the sons of God and you know Basically, I mean most people think he is God as well and he saying I’m not aware of it Because when you took me up, I’m not aware of what happened after that Now if he had come back he would have said I am aware of it, but I never told him that yeah He’s saying why he took me I don’t know what happened I never mentioned, you know, I bet I don’t know what’s going on. But you you judge them. How are you gonna judge them? This is the proof from what I understood as soon as I read it that Jesus is never coming back. Okay? Why wouldn’t it say yes is the most important part about this whole concert so that Joel Jesus Matthew none of these are mentioned as their job is not mentioned at all by name even yeah, it is not mention whatsoever is coming back at all and Jesus is just talking about his death Not talking about him coming back now such an important topic like this You would think that he would have some sort of detail. Probably a lot of detail But let’s say some at least and it’s not there None of it’s there Oh, no, they gonna mention of them ya know because even even Muhammad SAW Salim flowing to the heavens and a horse Speaking to God, you know a bit about the praise This is me touch. Ya, you know, I don’t know if that’s also in the Quran or not I know so reading it know, it’s a me touch Me touch conversation or the me touch thing is always related to another Sudha Sudha called isa it’s very much is annoying is that it’s a word me touch Turkish or it’s Nice, I think it’s it’s the same word. What’s a definition touch? So me touch is the Explanation of it it’s actually the the ascending or something like that But the problem is it’s always related to another suitor called is Rasulullah. I always talk about Islam Allah. Yes Look, it’s in the Quran. It’s mr. Asura. The problem is surah Israel is one verse about And the Versa it basically goes like this is glory to God who take he’s 7 for a journey by night From the sacred mosque to the farthest mosque whose precincts we did bless in order that we might show him some of our signs for he is the one who Heareth and see if that’s it. That’s what the quran says. Okay. There’s no mention about him going Flying anyway, so I don’t know if you know the whole story So the whole me touch stories that our prophet was woken up at night one night taken two Messages Luxor which actually means farthest mosque a secular meaning of it throw this mosque for this mosque So when I investigated this a bit deeper, and I said love the stories. I used to throw this story to everyone Until I found out that this story doesn’t really exist Mm-hmm yeah, he’s taken to Masjid laksa where he actually praised and his different versions of this offered many different versions of it. There is doesn’t simply one He’s doing he actually praised with moose oil. It’s a time in silence Alam at masjid laksa And he prays with him and after the prayer they both have and his different version Some people say i’ve never heard this before I’ve read many of them. I mean there’s one version. I’m it’s a wave I actually have one in my hands and They offering it to our prophet and the Prophet says, you know And then they go hold on we can’t offer to you because it’s forbidden for you Because she’s still a lord and you still love it. You don’t let her have it okay, this is like and they said I drink it and then these horse blood comes again and They take off and they go up into the heavens. So as I take off Eva, this is actually a stone in In mr. Deluxe that I say which is actually still up It actually is floating. There’s no such thing. What do you mean floating? So with the point where prophet left with the horse is a particular rock Yeah, and as that horse lifted up, apparently that stone never touched the ground again mmm, this is a myth thicker people still believe Because whatever goes over there has a look for yeah There’s one part of it sort of sitting up but the risk that’s actually touching the ground You guys just the rock log, you know big a big stone, you know massive stone. I’ve never I’ve seen pictures of it It’s not up to me. There’s no such thing But were where is just rocks possibly in emissions Luxor? Okay all day in that precinct. It’s interesting on ever seen Yeah, okay. You’ve been hoping oh, there you go. So they never thought another story. I’ve never been to AXA Oh I’m confusing myself with Something else. No, not in curiosity. That’s okay Okay, so then he goes up into the heavens with the horse and they go up to the seven heavens and as they’re going up He goes and sees a la okay, but at that time time Jerusalem can’t go with him as well. Wait So Barack takes him to miss you alack, sir. Yep. Does he leave him there to go on that rock? Oh, he’s he basically does he prays with Jesus and also Lisa oxide headaches ah okay first And then he in later then the Barack actually takes him up into the oven or the Navy no Barak meant that but well there You go. I’ve got a friend Brock. Yes It’s a horse horse. Yeah, okay. I don’t know I’ve never been able to see whereas that name appears what reason there Is that the only reason or is that come from somewhere else? But that’s the name Brock Murdock is the name of the horse? It’s not what it is, but it’s the name so it’s actually called Bullock and it’s big horse with flies with wings Mm-hmm good explanations of this so he goes up into the heavens with him and And then there’s a point where he’s got he’s traveling so far to see a lot that Jeb resident is I can’t go any more I don’t wanna physically on my Paulina. My body is not able to take the journey But somehow mommy that I said I’m goes up there with with the book, you know with the horse and as he’s up there he gives the two last ayats of Bihar Orissa I’m gonna get into this boy. This is such a problem. He gets the is a lot of Pyatt so in East Asura, so it actually says we sent you know, we Created this lot not journey to give some of our signs to Our prophet and those signs actually mean ayats to show him some of your heights But in this story they say that the last two ayats of baccarat so that were given them while he was up there I can Normally, everything else is give him on the earth when he’s here. Jared said I’m comes and gives him you know higher pie Yes, those two were given up there The last two Reza barati and this is hadith saying that they were given up there. Yeah. Yeah, okay This is this is the whole millet story some of it in Hadees summer isn’t It’s a whole story in these different versions of this so as he is so he gets the last two so at the same time he’s given The amount of times praise supposed to happen 50 times a day. Okay. So as he’s coming down the different levels of Heaven the seven levels of heaven. He sees masala, Salaam Masala Sturm stops his own. So what happened? What did Pollock even said? Well, he gave me two ayats of baqara surah and He gave us a present a gift of fifty miles a day in so whoa, hold on This is the story like he takes 50 prayers to the 50 president is why I say he gives you might be of people want The paper won’t be able to do it you guys go back he goes, you know, I go back Brandi go Show me Nicosia and Jay pilot said I’m this is the story Jeb Riley’s next Slide it’s a time and he turns around the Jeff Rossen. What do you think? You know cuz I agree So the angel says it as well angel says it’s Jeff writes. I’m sister. I agree You know, I like listen to him sort of them to for long when to for long. Okay, there he goes back up and the first time I remember there’s Apparently a lot he’s a bit busy. So he says make it forty go away. So he goes up to renegotiate. Okay 40 go back It’s about profit. So as he’s coming down because what happened to the 40 is too much go back again a Single-sided saga, he keeps sending him up eventually comes back down. So I don’t know how many times he goes up These are different versions of this again. Sometimes he you know, it drops by half every time eventually gets the five When it comes down to five there’s more solace and on what happened five and you guys go back again You know it still too much Any girl I can’t Barrister go up and ask again. So as long as mush yes most I listen I’m said far was too much to okay They go back up and even though the problem in the Quran pride six times Or doesn’t show up. Well, it mentions that there’s six different pricing. There are six different prey Well the but there’s five that are actually father’s for us anyway Yeah, and the sixth one is something he’s gonna stage it that it was fast for him only Okay stage it is actually far as for a prophet in the Quranic she mentions this It’s fast for him not fast for us But obviously something we should be doing in you know, when we can yeah, definitely because it’s mentioned in the Quran should be doing yeah when you got time do it or you know during Ramadan is What you do you wake up in the middle you see you wake up after the yay So after you’ve slipped and woken up, that’s when you do it minimum of 2 rakaats. What time roughly? You you have to have slipped. Ok, certainly our to us does manage be alarm on yet. There’s lighten up The reward would be better if it’s like deep sleep and the alarm goes off and you wake up and you know It’s gonna be like, you know 2 a.m. In the morning or 3 a.m. The morning a submariner Lost me that shows commitment, you know and There’s more to it than that. So I think it’s also your mind is a lot clearer at that time. Mm-hmm. And that’s what it really is It’s it’s got to do with the clarity that you have I go over the night You don’t have many other things to think about if you got up and started praying and thinking about what you’re praying with it’s gonna be a very Thoughtful sort of prayer there for me, you know, that’s what it’s really about So he’s given the five So he and he says that said I’m not going back. I’m gonna stick with the five and he comes back down and So the problem with this whole story I found and I still loved his story and I just explained it and I thought it was You know real although this is how it was the problem with it is is that this story It’s saying that baqara surah sir came the last true baqara surah things, yeah This happened they make you apparently So during when he was in Mecca this actual whole event happens This whole event is irrelevant So this me Such thing happened while peg am a prophet was a makea the problem with this is made in a kinda a mode He was a Medina. I’m sorry Bihar Sudha. Yeah. Kinda Ahmad is Medina Laureen, Mecca? Okay, and the other issue with it is at the time that this kind this happened, so it’s happened It happened. When is rasoolís again? It’s raw sugar came down when he was in Mecca and The issue with it is is that the the story in the hadith says that hazard Asia? There’s that when it happened his bed was still warm when he went in came back. I Dream that night. So I was it was a short time. She’s saying this is the this is the river, you know, the hadith His bed was still warm when he went in came back the problem Is this happening me Dean Miki and the time that it happened they weren’t even married Hmm. She was still young they got married about five or six days later when they went to when using Medina. Mm-hmm interesting, so nothing matches up Okay, I mean number one baqara. Surah was after look when he went to Medina. It did not happen in he didn’t get lost I it’s over so he was in Medina and then they went to Mickey and I settled and McGee. That’s later But this story this all happened before this happened before Medina before they even went to Medina. Okay, okay So this all this roster is the kind before I went to Medina He was told the stories that he got the last two suitors of baqara, but I haven’t been to Medina And Medina is to be known to all have come while are in Medina and it’s also talking about hazarded I said saying that his bed was still warm and they weren’t even married Okay. No, they were married five to five years six years later. Apparently when our Medina Hmm none this story matches up with anything not in the Quran Yep, relating it to a ayat that has nothing to do with that whole story. Okay This all says is that it’s real one is talking about a night book I’m not sure in a walk-in in night, and he was taken from well not taking but he was he walked from Masjid-e-haram. Yeah, and that’s two missed you the Aqsa and mister dark star means the farthest mosque doesn’t actually mean that mosque I can so the in the coroner does mention how we get the price does it or It gets the what that’s the actual price lucky you saying he’s done a short walk to To he’s walked to the farthest mosque. Okay, cuz I’ve missed you doctor So when researching this I found out that mr. Duck saw that exists there now Never had that that most didn’t exist. And I never had that name masjid aqsa until about 80 years later after our prophet died So I missed you doctor. I never existed That was just given later Okay, but so the meaning of it is yeah Muslims were pranked was that direction? So I did I have a different name it so no. Yeah, it’s what it’s called Max’ll Bates, I think okay Yeah, yeah, okay And the Muslims they actually prayed when they were at Medina like that. Mmm while it may be neither did it that way? until the qibla changed back to Kaaba okay But it’s not masjid aqsa and as I mentioned of it anywhere else, but the word the meaning of Misha is the farthest mosque Mm-hmm, and that’s what’s talking about now That mosque being created 80 years later and then given that name You know That’s what history tells you and you look at his third history of when it was built and what happened and everything That was that was the name even later And but it’s just talking about the FIR That’s my because people say he couldn’t have walked that far from you know, yeah, look a lot could have made him do it. Yeah miracles of course affair for profit but There’s nothing to show that it happened. Mmm-hmm, why why is it that it’s lasted as it doesn’t explain more about it? Why doesn’t it say that we sent him up into the heavens? No, why doesn’t it say? He said we he walked the he went it was it says the night walk So that night this is what he stays a night walk. He walked from. Mr. Haram To the farthest mosque masjid aqsa. That’s what mr. Darkside means the farthest mosque And apparently this was a common practice that he did in Anyway, he apparently said it quite often where he would go to different mosques around further away Mm-hmm, and sometimes he would go you know today. So we you’ve been charged. So did you do? Any other time besides the first one? No, okay, not so when you were there did you do to me again? so when you at Haj like what movie they after we did the After we actually did our Hajj and we still had a bit of time. Yeah, we went with the Imam. Yeah, everything has a Sheesh mosque a beautiful because that’s just on the precinct of the outside Is just way to get there. Yeah, we all love that Muslim. Yeah, we did you went. Okay and is the hudaibiya? I’m not you know the agreement theory also, that’s rusk. Yeah. Okay, so we it’s on the precinct Yeah, I think they walk then turned back and a yeah There was a story about that and he said we were mean with me leadership some Organizations they go to Medina first we get to make your first and then we went down as a yeah We stayed I think five days which was just unsigned. Yeah Again, yeah, pretty much the same thing. We we saw the people from me licorice as well. No with us at the same time when we were the killer it make you Constantly saw him up in the middle maybe upstairs Wow, just as we walked up there and he was just sitting there He’s a beautiful man very good Yeah So look, I’m we’re just gonna touch base and I know a lot of things Is there anything else you want to mention about that the subject also? Yeah, so I just briefly my name is BT Marcus Yeah, that’s what we said in that direction in Jerusalem. That’s where we used to point towards doing our prayer. You’re not necessarily masjid aqsa Betamax. Okay, that’s probably I mean there’s a lot more about but that’s you know, we don’t have enough proof Look another thing that really gets me thinking is the grave like we going to Because you know go into traumas and go into some Combat swap bits and you know where you would sit down you’ll listen to the imam Having this conversation about the torture the torment that you’re gonna go through in your grade before When you pass away for example and then the angels are gonna rip your Soul out and make anybody They can even have a whip with fire and they have scary faces and then they take your tea grade and you have a spider You had this smelly creature with one eye or blind or something like that Yeah, I think there’s a lot of detail explained there that doesn’t exist anyway, but yes, you will be ripped out from your body There’s a lot of explanations about that in the Koran. Absolutely You ripped out of your body, depending on how you are depends on how old you are Wow The more you stuck to your will the life the harder. I know it explains something like that making the whatever exactly where But yeah, there is explanation of it. But the other details that we have about, you know, the spiders and there’s no Information, how about that water? Just before you die, if there’s a water that’s never because of it growing up. I Never read about it. That’s all I heard. You’ve got a glass of water. It’s got its knot in it. It’s disgusting. It’s filthy I heard about it never read it never found it if it’s somewhere in the Quran and I haven’t seen that no But I’ve never seen it. Yeah the other thing is the punishment in the grave, so There doesn’t seem to be any punishment in the grave according to the Quran Okay, so it explains it very differently in that. In fact, there’s a you know, normally Normally, it’s explained the people at our head at time. So the time that we actually Wake up again when we’re all brought back together. Is that mentioning the Quran so it is their Sleep right. It’s basically asleep and I haven’t I haven’t got the idea for that but it’s basically a short sleep and it makes sense because We’re gonna be judged on judgement day. Yeah, that’s what Judgment Day is when everyone wakes up again. Why would you be judged again? Sure, so you’re saying you can there is no ayat about yes, so it’s like living two lives been wrong twice So you you at then then you’re in the grave and you’re living that as well and then he’s being judged. Yeah. Yeah It’s a sleep because there’s a night says who woke us up like during Judgment Day people are actually saying who woke us up from his sleep There was a noise a bit I yeah, I didn’t read right, you know, I didn’t write down some notes on there How about how about the hadith? So some of the Saudis said, you know contradict each other, you know that they’re having a little battle against each other You know because we come across some Hadees from different masks different Imam say different things You have you come across any of them there. Is there is this like this one? There’s many about I think quite a few actually that I came across. Mm-hm, but like one there’s actually a Ritual that they used to during our prophets fine Well, I’d say ritual but a health thing with each Isaac should take remove blood from their body Okay, and if you ever heard about it’s called had your month Yeah, what is they remove blood from the body? And apparently it helps them I’ll do that toxins out of the heart I’ll do that. Yes. Yeah, I’ll do it. Yeah, really usually do this and it’s Chinese medicine. Look it’s something that’s Okay, so apparently was practice then even though properly used to do it Yeah, and there’s proof that it was before the Prophet saws, right? It must be Yeah, it’s not it’s not our prophet prophet didn’t come up with it. Yeah, but it’s explained something but I sometimes get clogged eNOS You know when when I’m overworked when I’m over the rest, whatever it may be and I’ve got cups done I’m like, I’ve shown here put a couple more head around the shoulders or areas that you know I so you use the cup and and do it they put the cup on so I’ll heat the cup up put the Cup on take it off and it it allows the skin to be soft softened Yep, and then they get a Gillette and start, you know, cutting nothing. Yeah, that’s right I put the cut back on and it gets out all this really Do we bury? Same thing and so what it does apparently recreates blood Into those Aries. So yeah, we looking into it a little bit it Harry you’re getting done. Are you doing yourself? You know, there’s a there’s a brother Marat. He does it in metal Heights, okay He does a really good job up into a few different ones in Brown where be there was a brother Not really Well the hit one, it feels really tight And he he acts as you though his luck is this really tight because it does give you a like it can give you a head I give it if it’s that that tight and you Adjust a little bit so that you feel a little bit more comfortable. But um, it doesn’t go for too long so you’re not there for an hour you’re there for about I think it’s a short period as long about 10 minutes 20 minutes just Depends really where about cities. Yeah Yes, oh what the true hadith in Bali and Timothy and I both go against each other because it’s very fasting During Ramadan or any other time it says taking of your blood Will break your fast and the person is taking it from you The person is doing it and yourself. You’re your father’s broken if you actually ever take a blood taken out This is in Tillman’s and it without and Behati and then again intimacy and body It is another Hadees that says the Prophet had blood taken out during his fast During his fast while he was fasting. Yeah, and the other one says you’re yours and the person taking it out There fast will be broken. I don’t know anyone. That’s really done that ball. They’ve been fasting Much I offered headed taken out during fasts so it doesn’t break you fast. Mm-hmm. Um, that’s one so there’s another one it’s I mean, there’s a common one that everyone sort of grew up with it says the pot their prophet forbid drinking water while standing Everyone’s probably over this one. I never drink water while you stand so it’s just The Prophet would be this is exactly the words of the Prophet forbid drinking water while standing ever adults Okay in for I’m guessing book for number three hundred three thousand seven hundred seventeen Again in ever dull so it’s the same book same person to put into the book. He says I saw the Prophet drink water Standing just like you and me. Mmm Which one the correct? I don’t know Which one do I take do I just take whichever one? I feel I don’t know. Hmm because these are supposed to be say These are this orthotic have these she’s coming from the shine people. That is this is in a scientific everyday It’s not even two different books Wow. So since I’m book signed two different thing air into yeah if it was better Different you know if it was Buhari and Muslim, okay. I had different views maybe and you know, but this isn’t a signed book. Hmm So I’m just some other ones These are in three different books, but it’s supposed to be sorry as well if you If you’ve done your prayer Okay, say you’re done you pray and it says then later you went to a Jamaat and you try to do the same prayer again behind the NEEMO These numbers you have done twice considered NAFTA. Look I can’t do it. Hmm Enabled out. It says do not do the nine sign numbers twice Okay, so if you got it if you’ve done your prayers you’ve done your your muggsy when you go at night and You said coins any came to the mosque? You’re not just gonna stand there and do nothing. Mmm That’s what it’s trying to talk about. So when the Imam is doing it do it again, it’s fine It just might be considered. You’re not doing it twice. You’re just doing an extra numbers, you know enough Okay, but in the earbud, what’s the time to time to you second, you know do it again What’s I don’t know Don do not do the same numbers twice The other one is saying if you do it, it’s not filler. In other words. There’s no harm in doing it It’s not you’re not doing the same numbers If you do try to do the nine sign numbers twice, you could second one is considered an extra large Allah So people would be confusion. They wouldn’t know which one can feel the peak you have any peak? How would you be there’s one more? so again This is bull hard in humble says our prophet said animal hides that a processor and a clean Okay. So this animal hide that has been a process I clean this is what our prophet is actually saying he says then he came across a dead sheep a prophet and He’s telling the people they’re saying why don’t you make use of his height? It’s a dead animal. Do you know how we don’t normally I’ll give us a dead animal you’re not supposed to The people weren’t actually obviously this is what the story is I’m thinking yeah They look at the dead animal that I want to touch it at all and say no It’s used to hide at this it’s dead, but you can use the height take the skin off do something like that Okay, but in another hood this is says the Prophet said you are not allowed to make use of dead animal skins hide or nervous Which one is that? You know, yeah So some people would wear that random some people won’t Well, yeah, which one is it? You know our prophet had said both ways. Could he have said both ways? Yeah, not really Oh, look, do you believe in any ideas? Is there anything that you know? Yes, of course. Absolutely Would you want well there is one There will be people after me narrow in the writing used some words from me. It was very interesting on hmm Present their words to the Quran insist. This is the Hadees they urge to the Quran So it’s saying there will be people after me narrating you some words from me Present-day words of the Quran take the ones that are called with Quran for granted. Yeah, do not take the ones that contradict with Quran So, this is Sunnah Sunnah soon on a curative It’s so he’s this is basically saying any hadith that is attributed to me Presented to the Quran if it matches then it’s eat. If it doesn’t it’s not from me. Is this a sorry hadith? Yeah Never heard of that tsunamis another one sighs. No. No, there’s a queue for you. Yeah. Well, it’s about six. Sorry once although Even the ones that aren’t but these are the ones incredible sit there from what I understand but even saying that there are the hadith that they consider sahi from other people as well because it doesn’t really have any And that it sort of has more to do with where it came from and the chained It’s actually in between it’s just that when they talk about Bihari Muslim. They just say that they were also, you know, they’re all been Worked out and fielded through sort of thing. Okay It doesn’t mean that a lot of the other narrators are Not so it’s just the some of them are some of them right? They haven’t sort of been, you know check too much but Some of the examples do they even Asahi wants with your problems with some of the studies? So this one’s saying let’s let’s reflect on a little bit more It’s saying that if it matches if what I say matches up with the coolant so we’ve got some of these message that say similar things like Monique would say something and you know, honey fish would say something where If I’m wrong, if you find my information to be wrong from the Koran or from you know, whatever his look, you know, disregard it Is that what it saying? Yes, what saying a thing I guess the Prophet SAW said of Course any saying I mean saying do not take the ones that contradict with the Quran? Obviously, yeah, because number one so going back to the question. Do you believe in you had this? Well, of course, I would believe in this one. I’ll get it saying, you know, well, you know There’s another one like one that I remember a while ago, hmm our last messenger said if any one of you can get one liquor of hustle prayer before sunset He said complete this prayer if any of you can get one Riccar of fajr before sunrise you can complete this prayer And this is impolitely so what it’s trying to say. So I just say the Sun is just about to come up Okay, you’ve just woken up. Yeah, you having a much time as Long as you’ve just you know, you’ve just started and you’ve you’ve started the first record see Allah like that and you just started then you can complete it even if it sounds coming up you can say so as Say the sunlight comes in you’re in your second records. It’s inside. Yeah. Yeah, as long as you began just before The started okay. It could be a minute before you’ve just thought it’s like I can’t see great I’ve started a lot of like better as a matter If the sun’s coming up after that these good you’re I mean the prayer could take you ten minutes You want to a really slow one? It’s fine. You can do it about that whole Sun for example Even when you’re fasting they say that the processor lamb the way he practiced is it’s geared to be confusing as well. Look I would It’s not more fast until I see the break of dawn. Yeah, and it’s the different to what I have on my app It’s about a half an hour now or different You know, so, you know I so when you say break first, so at night you’re talking about Yes, I that night you’ll wake up. So 4:13 the eyes on in the morning. I can start you here morning I’m 4:30 in the morning you wake up. You look in the balcony the Sun obviously isn’t up. It’s dark in a few hours We’ll go on you look on the balcony and you can see that break of dawn Yeah, you know, so I just you have to see it. Yeah, exactly So in the break of dawn, what is it? That’s that’s a bit of that light that blueness towards the skies in it It’s the red and the white. It’s really no Talks about this white string Biasi, which is the white string. So when you see that break it dawn is you see this Why you see the sky red I mean and you see this white line as long as it’s not clarity Okay, it’s closed. Obviously not gonna see but you see this white line when you see that that’s the time to stop. Okay? unfortunately a lot of our Prayer times or a prayer time to tell you this not reflecting that there a lot longer half an hour before Yeah, but I’ve actually gone up and had a look at this many years ago I think about 2012 2013 somewhat between there 2013 I think Actually went up to mount Ridley a few times there Okay, I’ve got video footage other actually got video footage of it while a white bear So white two different times at the time that we’re told normally That’s a stop for fast basically to stop and then you know, you’re able to pray supposedly after that So when you’re supposed to stop eating I’ve actually got the times there or what’s supposed to be nur’s like, yep It’s not huge black. Yeah, Everywhere’s pitch-black. That’s what I mean. You wait about half an hour for the actual time It takes about half an it depending on where you are, obviously But it’s roughly about half an hour and it’s just perfect and it’s just like wow, it’s come up You can see the white line and that’s mum. You start praying. That’s the moment start praying the moment you stop eating Yeah, and you probably not be till then if you do it before that, it’s not you haven’t done it. Okay? This is very a lot of people think this is low. No, it’s not like that You know, I mean, I’m going following you there. How do you feel about as well? but he I told out he’s Seventeen seventy I that mentions that exactly how it’s supposed to be done. It actually mentions the white line that you were talking about But and it’s you know the eye tells you you know, there are how do you feel better as well? It explained the same thing. The problem is the implementation is all wrong. Yeah Touch plays very quickly. Another little thing that is kind of I think off topic. Well, not really it’s about the Siding of the new moon you’re fast. How do you do it? How do you do it? Well luck. You’ve got different people saying different things. Diana goes by calendar I’ll go by the calendar you go by the column. Okay, look the thing with that is Everyone’s trying to follow what our prophet did in the past time. Mm-hmm Now the only way you could do was visually bigger But we’re told winter thought so we’re told that when you see the the new moon which is this the beginning of the crescent Yeah, that’s the beginning of the month. Okay. Okay, and that’s the end of the month, you know Sorry the beginning of the next month that’s how they work out the beginning of Ramadan the beginning of everything mmm Now our prophet had no other choice except to look at it Mmm, now there’s a lot of groups or a lot of my people Muslims around the world So now that’s the only way to do it, but the problem is it could be cloudy. Yep It’s from it could be that the moon so the moon is not always above us Mmm, during the day or at night, you know particular times So it’s not you may not be above us the point that it’s about to do that But it’s in another country and it’s happening now. So what do you do then? Do you wait one more day? We’re in a we’re in a time now where it’s actually a global Willed the moment. Well, we know if it’s happening in New Zealand. Mm-hmm Although we don’t see it here because of clarity or because we’re not gonna see the moon tonight Yeah until a certain time. They have seen it. Mmm, and that’s when you begin. Yeah. Well exactly because Coburg mosque Doesn’t like that he goes up has a look sees it sometimes sometimes he doesn’t goes by other countries see it so if if there’s countries near us that see it, Malaysia New Zealand wherever That’s when we’re supposed to start or so the Raby like worst office when they get that far The thing is they mathematically know even though mmm that’s mathematically known this is when you do actually have an app on my phone It shows me You can look at it and go hey it’s about to happen on this day It tells you the next time fast-forward and rewind what its gonna look like every day But that’s an app doesn’t always necessarily work out with what the pianets calendar says. Oh it does I’ve found that once not always but once it was but misses showing you where you are. Okay, so that’s turkey we’re talking about so what I’m saying is like that’s why I was saying like sometimes you may not see let’s imagine tomorrow is Tomorrow’s the new day. Mm-hmm. Okay. Well today’s gonna be the new day. I don’t know how we work it out But so I say today’s gonna be the day but the moon Has just set for you okay, okay, but when it was setting it was It was not actually it was actually you couldn’t see the moon at all He’s actually a point where you can’t see the moon at all. And then it becomes a Little present. Yep But that presence has just happened when it’s passed you by Mm. Okay, it’s passed you by it’s in another country. They can see it But by the time you see it, it’s the next 24 hours for instance Now what’s happened when you look at your app, it shows you oh, it’s already happening in Turkey They’ve seen it now, but your app is going on that doesn’t make sense – tomorrow Because it takes you that long before you see it. Yeah Yeah, it’s a very year If I seen them son that we see the Sun now, but you know, the other side of the world doesn’t see it Okay, you know so later on tonight. Yeah, we’ve got we’ve got a lot to go through you still you know that Some really useful of motivation some really interesting questions on that. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, so I think the next one was, you know, the curiosity in reading the Quran moving away, you know What an imam has to say or a scholar has to say if we can quickly just touch base on on these? Subjects, okay Look I I was very traditional in like every other person that believed in In religion in Islam, but I think I started to move away a little bit when About the Quran so we have this we all were taught that you never have to touch the Quran read it or pick it up If you don’t have wood. Oh, yeah But I remember time when my brother actually brought a new Quran from overseas And it was all colorful and you know, one of those nice ones that you know related the colors to the translation as well So you knew which Arabic word related to the thing and you’re saying have a look at it? And I said no No, I don’t have you know and His first thing was you know, what say you think you need them? He’d started on this track a little bit at that time your brother how many brothers Jeff over three brothers? This is the oldest of the youngest y’all this one. Okay a while ago He started this track a little bit and you knew some things about it And he was like, do you think you need everything I said, well don’t know Any good and then that’s when I thought I didn’t touch I still didn’t open that up and look at it, you know And then I went away and started researching it a little bit Okay, and then found that what I tried to find there was why am I actually not touching him? It’s like okay great. I’ve not allowed to touch it. But why where is it? So I started going to a Google? YouTube all these think where’s the where’s the information? Where does it relate to and then I found the ayat I found that an ayat in the Quran of Why they say you can’t touch the Quran what happen? Well, there’s a there’s an ayat that says it’s invoke Eeeh, so it’s surah 56 79. It says none touch except the purified Okay, okay. It’s saying you don’t touch unless you purified. However, the problem is it’s not talking about the Quran is a book It’s talking about ash so there’s a place called. Ash. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it up in You know Where the angels are it’s where all the information is health including whether kuranes. Okay, it’s all the information about everything So it’s saying that unclean people can go there So the Angels can go there, but the genes car is Shi Tong car. They not let it go and listen And if you’ve heard of it, that’s what it’s talking about. It’s not talking about the book that we have in our hands Get up this it doesn’t incite that anyway, it says none touch it except the purified Na z arch the Quranic ship that it’s run one. Well non-touch eats except the purified That’s what the ayat is about. That’s in English. Okay It says in Turkish. It says you know Tim is that underdog come up with it, which it means you know I’m either clean can touch it. Mmm But it’s not talking about the book itself. It’s talking about the information that’s up in up in heaven where the Angels are because it says that the unseen can go it’s our genes can actually go up there, but they’re not allowed to They try to go and listen So try to hear the information that’s up there. The Quran is up there. It’s called ash Okay I try to go up and listen and saying the only young people can go up there the clean people so the Angels themselves can Only go up there. It’s got nothing to do with opening up the Quran a piece of book You know, why would it anyway? Yeah, it’s it. So, what are the sages? What does it say about like, um, you know, would you and daily pray use? Yeah, do you think it’s there’s enough information in there about? how to perform your prior how to take up this attack was Lou and you know For example, this is like there’s two ayats that explain all over the Quran one is Midas Number six and he needs us with a forty-three. They actually explained how to get up This will do Quinn. Well, it’s fine. Just the normal up this first so in voodoo, this is o you who believe when you prepare for prayer wash your faces in your hands to the elbows rub your heads and Your feets and ankles Yeah after the angles. Okay, actually actually really it doesn’t say it properly But it’s actually the ankle bone. It actually mentions the bone of the ankles and It says and it goes further. That’s actually just that’s a normal would do that you do to get To do pray doesn’t mention anything it says are you when you prepare for prayer? Yep So this is when you get it when you’re gonna pray not when you gonna pick up the Quran it only mentions pray pray Like you would do it before prayer. That’s it. This isn’t cool like a bad. Yeah Well says if you are in a state of ceremonial impurity. Mm-hmm, bathe your whole body. So that’s crucial Yes, I mean impurity I feel you know what that means we all know and it says, but if ye Olde english but if year ill or on a journey or one of you cometh from officers of nature or year have been in contract contact with woman and you find no water then take yourselves clean a Piece of clean sand or earth and rub them over your faces and your hands. So this is talking about Taming for yeah up this okay. So if you got no water use some sand or some soil, yeah And also nice r43 says it talks about Oh you who believe approaching the prayers with a mind be fogged until you can understand all that. Ye Say no in a state of ceremonial impurity. Mmm. Let’s talk. No Surya is until after washing your whole body. Let’s talk about footstool again And it also talks about tame him again in that same surah. Okay now the thing about Updates so those talking about four things Four phases of how to get will do before prayer Now in mess-ups, it’s actually very different the numbers. This is what Allah says in the Quran fall doesn’t mention any others Hannah female SEP says for as well. Mmm-hmm. So they agree that is for but with his extra students that are done Monica Sisyphus Sevenfold, okay Shafi says the sixth and humbly says seven don’t know why because far as means Allah said a Farz is something that Allah has commanded and this is what it says There’s any fall day, so I don’t know whether getting the rest of her from what she thought on the message my thoughts on missus So, you know, are you part of any? You got yourself as a as a Turkish person that’s grown up in Australia Even in Turkey you’re traditionally Some people are a few. Okay overall, honey fear. It’s a majority of the Turkish. People are many Jewish Shafi. Yeah Mostly honey fear there are places that are Shafi as well. But it’s I think it’s 90 percent probably honey fear. Yeah But there are Shafi people Israel Now the problem is that I mean I started going through a lot of this early on as well about what mishaps are really Mmm, and then when I started to see the differences on their neighbors a problem now We’re told that although there are four of them. But none of them really contradict each other Yeah, that they’re all correct. It’s just you know different me mom’s of you know, it’s a role that we’re taking That’s what we mess up means a different path. Okay, but I reckon the path all these to the same place now How can that be when like for instance just we just talked about voodoo? One saying it’s for one’s I think seven months saying at six Doesn’t really make sense But there is an ayat that actually talks about How we shouldn’t actually break up into different sects like in annum Souter once 50 nights at Sur at 6:00 As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects there has no part in them In the least I was talking to our prophet so you got no part of them They’re fairies with God. He will in the end. Tell them the truth of all that they did Allah is saying you can’t break up into sects. There’s even another right in al Imran 103 So this is the third Souter. Yeah, it says in hold firmly to the Rope of Allah So this is a very common phrase one. You’ve heard this one. Yes I must be able know this one and hold firmly to the Rope of Allah all together and do not become divided What does that mean? divided like yeah Stick together. Yeah being a different method if you consider that not divided I Don’t know what divided means that so call yourself a Muslim. Yeah, some people like you related to this they say that Sunni and Shia are two different. Yeah, but Sunnis the right one, so doesn’t matter You know, we’re in the right one. Yeah, but it’s not a talking about all I remember a few times We had a few people arcs. You know, what are you believing? I’m a Sunni. Yeah, but what miss Empire, you know, it comes the Antep start breaking down which groups you’re in? I’ll never forget one of those brothers arcs me once you know when I was much younger Who do you believe in like a similar question and so I told them I’m a Sunni on my honey fee He’s like now he’s like you’re a Muslim and then yeah that really raised that question in my mind. You know, that’s true That’s what we are Muslims. There’s a night that says it Yeah, there’s a nice lemon soother it’s called I’m not know anyone says I am commanded to be of the Muslims Usually be given that name even Moshe Moses mentions it in the Quran, I think He says that I am a Muslim He doesn’t say he’s part of you know, and so there’s a lot of examples in there that says, you know We are Muslims and there’s many I’ve read that the chorus from you, but it’s probably more than what I you know But I even know officer Mm-hmm, but yet be you, you know, I mean that that I bear talks about it’s telling our prophet You’re not a part of them. Hmm You know and it’s buzzy saying you their affairs with God said God’s gonna deal with those people Wow, you know It’s very strong words. Yeah, very strong if it’s finest to a few people and they never there was this Disregard this for some reason and it’s so powerful Because this doesn’t only cover mess-ups This now covers every group. It’s everyone falling against each other. Yeah, it could be the short versus Sunni You could be the honey fevers whatever but then is then we have all these groups. Ma. Yeah Troy Walker is you know, you’re a different group in a different sort of path on different believable. You’re a different sector. Yeah Well, did you have any interest in any of these different groups early on you know the mosques in the community? You know, can you can you give some examples of a few? I Very early on I remember looking at a lot of these. Yeah New early 90s the late eighties early nineties when I was a part of the mosque We have the so many different people with different groups, and I used to always try to invite I see not come to come to this, you know sort bit. Yeah, we’re gonna get together and talk even one of my old Hodja Imams from The early days. He’s the lives around abroad. He used to try to convince me to come to his group kept telling me to come over I never went never went because um, you know, I I never really went to any of the groups researched them a lot but never went into any of them I always knew that there was something wrong. Okay, never knew what a big part of thank the be a part of that group Never knew what it was, but mmm never research that enough to know that there was something wrong But I always believed it was something wrong I like the part where they build mosques do projects with a help of all the rest, so I definitely agree with you But there’s so many of them that are saying come here come this way the right ones, you know Yeah, exactly that builds confusion doesn’t air. Yeah, and the problem is when you get deep into it you find that You know, the philosophies are very different that they’re following a different book was following it different, you know belief Mmm, police start really changing after a while, you know That’s weighing off peer. There’s a traditional Quran Mm-hmm, which is a bit of a worry But no no never window into any group while I was in Canberra There was a few groups over there trying to get me involved. I You know met them occasionally, but never really got involved completely. So can I expect or what sort of groups? Don’t have to get into that How about some of the controversial ones right now, that’s all I say, okay the controversial ones okay, if we’re talking Turkish, we all know I guess what that means but um, all right, look let’s get into say Sufism I’ve had a few brothers approach me and I thought Sufism was one one group But it’s not like that is it it’s so many different ones I’ve got one from one part of the mosque that believes something and another one So yeah, there’s freedom. That’s the English word for it in Turkish. It’s called tassel wolf. Okay? I Looked at research this quite a bit at one stage in musica And I start to find out that I she thought Sufism was one thing like one separate thing and had all these other groups was something else Okay, then I found out that they all stem from there all these, you know a lot of these groups that Delve more into the spiritual side of Islam. That’s what it is. So tasarov is actually a person that’s more spiritual than anything else That’s what the interests are interested in actually purifying the soul. That’s what the self is That’s all they’re about Let’s purify the soul they all stem from there Everything is equally SH one of their core beliefs that they’ll always tell you about yourself is about purifying the soul Now the problem is how you get to that so they believe that you need someone to help you purify yourself a Person so an imam or they sheikh they call a sheikh He needs to help you on the right path of purifying yourself in some it’s in most circumstances in in somewhat of the groups He actually helps you purify yourself as in he helped without him. You can’t purify yourself. There’s a lot of this sort of stuff But there is some there’s some core beliefs Even the people in these groups don’t understand what they actually believe completely mm-hmm, because I’ve mentioned some of these to some something a lot of conversations with a lot of Sufi people, I’m gonna bring up these top is that you know, we don’t believe in there and I said, it’s you too You might not know about it, but your group believes in this that’s what’s so there’s a few things The first one is called legend, but they didn’t They didn’t in big is a legend information and what it means a secret information. Okay. It’s a secret information There’s a lot of sheiks that sometimes every us, you know, everything else The heavy thing called legend what it means is they have secret knowledge. There’s such place on a brioche just very very briefly What are they you are the head of start? Well, there’s a there’s a night make sure don’t have the I but there’s a night in the Quran it says Every hours are so a var means a lot hasta. So it means friends of Allah Okay, that’s all that’s the basic knowledge of Friends of Allah. Okay, so Friends of Allah are people who you know Obey Allah do what he says and Allah loves them. Just you know accordingly Now the problem is they use that word every and they say this is my special person. You know, you’re more than ever Yeah, but this person is so they you know, whoever the Imam is Above the Imam he’s above Imam quicker. So these people are special so they they’ve made it a new class There’s no such thing because Allah is actually telling us what it is He’s saying someone that I Bose Allah and you know all the commandments ya know and and what idea means the word every hour means Someone that is friend of Allah now, if you’re not a friend of Allah you were enemy of Allah Then understand like you know sure we all friends of Allah Of course That’s what you should visit you. So the word if Leah is for someone that is a friend of Allah you are I am It’s two words. So a bi means every I was actually like the plural of velly velly means like it’s like a singular Word. So the same word so every I is like the plural of But it means you are you a friend of Allah? If you’re a friend of Allah, it’s someone that you committed to all and you’re doing what Allah tells you Unfortunately Sufism has he taken to another level and I’ve said that Nana that’s a special class of people that Allah has appointed Literally. Mm-hmm because I say Allah has given them the rights To have all these special Gifts of some sort and they have miracles and I have they have this thing called legend, which is this secret knowledge This secret knowledge allows them to be able to answer any question Apparently that doesn’t have to be in the Quran or hadith or anything like that I have the you know, you ask him some people know something about yeah, that’s what it is and they they say that he’s apparently came from our prophet and was thought I think hazard to imagine I Think but not the rest just talk to him Apparently and he pass it down. Yes to me Most people most refuse them don’t even know about this but this is what they talk about. So this is the information they have and So Allah apparently gives them the power to be able to answer any question It’s asked because they have a secret knowledge and they have powers and they have bells. Yep. Yeah So I can perform miracles. They can perform miracles. They do all the time. Apparently, you know a Little bit you talk a little bit about miracles. They can walk on water. You’ve heard of things like that walk on water fly Yeah, tell important stuff but we’re gonna talk about that in a minute Let’s get back to ya so their core beliefs they call believes it So that’s one of them legend is one of them. There is another one called rabbit ah, so it’s a practice that they do when they pray they imagine their Sheikh or the earlier and they and they basically pray they’re not praying to him, but they’re putting him in between So they’re praying to Allah but they’re using a shake in between so they imagine him. So imagine me is hidden when they’re praying They’re praying to their Sheikh Olivia in the hope that he’s going to then send it to Allah Now this is shit, unfortunately because you can’t put anything in between Allah For those people that don’t know what it means Yeah They don’t understand what it means obvious that have a chin for the viewers that don’t understand what it means The if you want attention that’s called, you know, yeah, you’ve gotta believe in the oneness of God So he can’t believe that he’s got a son. That’s right Right and also so in fatiha Souter so far the first suit that we read Every time five times a day says I only asked for help from you Allah. Hmm, okay Yeah, I cannot be oakiness thing so Now you’re asking for help only from Allah but then if you’re a part of tussle or the Sufism you didn’t think of rabitor so I only ask from you for help But hold on when I pray I’ve got a thinking for my Sheikh and then he’s gonna send My prayers to you. Mmm. That’s what Sheikh is. Unfortunately not all of them knows no no more practices Yeah, but it is called believed herself I’ve had conversations with people that told me that they said are you crazy? Why would I do that? I wouldn’t leave it like he’s telling me it’s chic. I wouldn’t do that. Yeah, and then when I went into their Their you know their group’s website It had full details of how to do this practice Yep, and when I showed him didn’t say anything after that, but so they don’t know they’re not all taught everything But they call bellezza this there is another really cool belief a very scary one. It’s something called Vata delusions Translation is that well the translation I don’t know what the translation is. But what it means is varta dilute savage It means body over here. So averted widget means that Every what I believe in is that you know, it’s a Lila Hilo allied either very what means no there is only One Allah one God and that’s also yeah okay, what they believe is they say let’s I know there’s only one, you know, there’s only God And his name’s Allah. I say there’s nothing but Allah so they say everything is Allah. So we are a part of Allah Would say this is the part this is a core belief in Sufism of majority of the show fish This is the core belief of Sufism now whether they know what means or not is another thing mmm That’s what I say. Like, it doesn’t mean when someone says there is Sufism that might go against or not I believe in that but it’s they believe it’s just a tie my knot of gone to that everyone being taught that yet But it is a part of Sufism belief 100% every Sufi must believe in this but they don’t all know it You know, there might be people watching is you know what I believe in that Well, you haven’t been taught that yet. Go. Ask your Sheikh. Yep, ask him. What’s this 42 legit business and I’ll explain it to you Setsuko belief so they believe that everything that exists is Allah in other words We’re a piece of him, you know and it’s an eye that compared that talks about this You know, it’s saying that it’s a bad thing proof 15 and says, but they have attributed to him from his servants a portion indeed man is clearly ungrateful in other words saying I’ve attributed like he’s trying to say that I Attributed my body as a part of Allah in Turkish it sort of it makes more sense to me when I read it Yep, but you’ve attributed parts of you portions to his servants But it’s Yeah, it’s very secure. They do they all believe in Teleportation because this is something that I’ve come across speaking to a few of them It’s yeah, like I’ve got teleportation they talk to the dead. They see the angels Where’d it all come from? So this teleportation tie, you may come they call it. That’s the that’s the word that they use look It’s an actual teleporter. There’s something in the wall No, no, so what it is what they believe so you’ve heard of astral traveling not really no So astral traveling is this new age kind of thing that a lot of people talk about Hindus do it a lot So heam their wisdom Buddhism is a peak. This is where it’s all come from this belief so they believed that they could just sit where they are and Their soul can move to another place okay, this is taking you to be further because they say they can also physically go there so it’s not like oh I don’t know how they do it because I don’t think that anyone seen this happen. Mmm But they believe that that the early arts are the big Hoorah, guys, hurry up guys. Yeah, they from time to time they were able to Teleport somewhere and it’s only between our shaman so between you know have might only okay I can do this But they apparently they’ve been seen in other places that have been seen of Kaabah Apparently they’ve been seeing wars that regularly apparently go and fight wars apparently like this So they teleport so a lot of slaughter again the ones that gods Appointed people wanted pita special loved people loved people by God. God can Teleport and they’ve been in they’ve got a certain time that they’re allowed to do that Yeah, when I investigated further, yeah I found that it only happens at nights between each our prayer, but at nights them being at war zone yeah, apparently they go fight heaps of times, you know fight wars and things like that who sees Their own people their own groups have these conversations all the time. Did I have books on? Teleportation I think you write these things I talk about it all the time. I’ve found a lot of material about it Yeah, I found a little materials though. They do write about it. I don’t know what books they have that explain these things so the things that are seen documentaries in English is Usually they’re not even Muslims that are writing and they’re showing the sort of soufiane where it’s based on music It’s they always show the spiritual securing side and relaxing Yeah, I’ve got may have Lana that they look up to a lot with quotes and stuff like that. That’s right He’s the most famous one that they sort of because Melana has more followings that are not Muslim now You’re very interesting So you don’t it’s become optional to be Muslim to follow me luck because I believe is a prophet like in the u.s There is a big following They follow him. It’s very odd, isn’t it? He’s supposed to be a Muslim leader if it’s optional to be Muslim to follow him He’s likely that he’s the problem There’s a big following of Mevlana himself It’s a big worry cousins. Like what what was he really teaching them? If you I mean, we don’t have people that are non-muslims that follow how Prophet Muhammad that it’s a garden more time Yeah, even the media guy saw someone on TV would just have any non-muslims quote our Prophet bomber that I set up exactly None, you don’t you can’t very rare. Well, but I wasn’t following you. Don’t say is that prophet? There are people that are saying he’s our prophet Merlin is our prophet Mm-hmm. Why so what is he writing in his book? I’ve read quite a bit of it as a book But How about the other stuff so I’m seeing angels talking to angels or talking to the dead. Yep. They believe they They believe they talk to did not just the every as themselves. So anyone I’ve heard them many times say that any you know One on the right path that spiritually quick with can speak to dead or the dead just come out of nowhere and talk to them or the angels appeared of them all the time in their sleep or Both I think okay, but there’s a lot of APIs they talk about this quite a lot This is why they quite often go to a lot of tombs of pasts every years as well You can praise look when you free gear. Yeah, they’re all around turkey. Anyway, they believe they like to pray They’re not praying to them obviously But the fact that they’re praying hoping that their prayers will be sent to Allah. He’s a form of shit through these people that absolutely With people exactly I believe they’re not dead Mm-hmm. In fact in Sufism once an area Has passed on I believe he has more powers than when he was alive Really? Yeah, yeah It’s very interesting. Somebody’s yeah EPA has more pals. So he’s actually able to do more when he’s dead. Then when he was alive Yeah, he’s able to travel everywhere. So one of it one of the common sayings like there’s a It call him Qasim Abdul Farooqi, Donnie recorded kailani a lot of the different sects of Sufism they ask for help from him when you say a lot of different how many That had asked for help from him, but I know only three well how many different 65 I think of at least counted about thirty over months and I don’t think of candle. Okay. I’m just that’s my brewery That’s your number briefly Okay My brief number as in the ones that I sort of looked at to find out whether they believed in the same sort of thing Okay, now that I think there’s a lot more Quite sure there is no going back to Keylong. Yeah, so there’s a there’s a common thing they like to They asked for isn’t his title is kolff’s pasa This is what so have different names in Sufism where they have different titles with these people They say that you can ask for help from him You can actually pray to ghosts, you know, and basically say I need help now I’m about to fall in the ditch, or I’m on a plane. I’m about to fall down so they go directly to him. Absolutely Absolutely, and the excuse they’ll always give you is no we’re asking from Allah But because he was a lost one of our last favorites favorite people We’re asking it’s like saying, you know like say I Say I don’t know you but I know you’re dead. Yeah, for instance and it’s like a whole ask your Dad to ask you for instance, you know, he’s dead. Hmm always did or they don’t live doesn’t matter Well that instead of gone to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salem, which was the most liked of all hard Well, I see the Prophet all the time too. They see him in Nexus Oh in real life Okay. Yeah live in dreams. I’ve heard this many times how in real life There’s just a spring So the last room in old appear they say this sometimes you’ll appear on his own Every group does this every group and you hear it? They openly talk about it Every group you had. Yeah, but you had a post On social media. I was I guess you’ve got a lot of different people Commenting on and about the mebiner saying that they’re the children of God. Oh Yeah, elaborate a little bit about that. Yes, so bola in his book miss movie, which is the most famous book that he has He actually says that every as are the children of God and In the poster actually mentioned where it was from and and they’re not mentioned where in the Koran it actually disputes this. Hmm Krong you know, it’s actually quite a few it’s about I think there’s seven verses that talk about this over and over again And like one of them and says they they say God hath begotten a son glory be to him He is self-sufficient He’s all things in the heavens and no warrants have usually say about God what you know not Okay But there’s many so this is Eunice sixty-eight this it just goes on but I mean You don’t have to read the Quran. I guess they’re actually know that this is wrong the post that I had actually said what it was all about was that it’s talking about how we like to slander Christians for saying that Jesus is you know the son of God don’t mean but here is a Madonna which we’re saying is one of our Big Muslims, however, Leah he says that Every ours which is himself as well. Yeah are the children of God that seems to be okay Do you think that’s do you think that is shirk? Do you look of course? Yeah, I mean if Allah is telling you not to say it, you know It doesn’t think like it’s saying in baqara’ 1 on 1 1 6 it actually says that says, you know You can’t say that there’s about 7 verses that talk about this. You cannot say that, you know, you’re the child why would you even say like as a You would never see here and go you know what we’re all Children of God all my children. I’m the son of God What would you say that even as a joke? So when I had this conversation at this post he was the answer that I started getting was our that’s a metaphorical What’s what a metaphorical that like, for example, I think Moses mentions somewhere in the Bible Not it not I think it’s in the quran. I definitely nothing cause i’m going in the bible he mentions like a we are the son of God so I think What Jesus was saying and what Moses and if you are the prophets that are in the in the Bible they all say Adam for Example says that as well, I’m the son of God You know the Christians believe in that So it’s it’s a little bit tricky when they obviously say that Jesus was the son of God But hold on Moses was also the son of God in your body. Adam was also the son I think the translations are all wrong. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So the Quran doesn’t mention that we don’t say in the Quran We are the sons of gods. So for them to get that type of Title it’s coming from the Bible want more than yeah, absolutely But – but for someone to protect it like the Sufis will protect it and they have you know posted over the roads riding Patek things they owner. Hold on. It’s a metaphorical term. Of course It’s not the son of God, but he just said that I know that’s metaphorical so when you view metaphorically said that you’re the son of God does he learn is that I caring that in the book where he’s Talking about a Memphis. No, no But I mean, why would you say that like a you wouldn’t say it as a joke when unless you know? Seven or eight ayats is actually telling you not to ever say something like this Why would anyone especially someone’s supposed to be their high of a religious level? Even imply something like that It’s not like someone that doesn’t understand religion that well and said, you know, I think we’re all sons of gods or something No, this is supposed to be someone that you’re looking up to there’s written books about religion that you’re saying He’s a lover, you know person of Allah, you know, the whole lot dorsal which is the friend of Allah Mm-hmm chosen by Allah because they think they’re all chosen. Yeah, how do they know they’re chosen is a another thing and they they somehow I Think it’s very any of it is that you don’t have enough education We don’t have enough knowledge to understand that unless you are if Leah You are someone really high up and and they’re kind of you’ll get that answer a lot Yeah, I’ve got the needs for a lot in that question lock that question mark and Mike my head saying well Then I just have to follow I should not any questions right now She just be part of this and see where it leads to yeah Yeah that happens quite often. So the answer you live in chickens Look, we know it doesn’t make sense, but we’re not at their level. We don’t know what they were talking about Well, that’s not a good excuse Yeah I think I’m gonna enjoy I definitely would love to have someone very knowledgeable about Sophie’s him that actually like this Is it on the show as well? Someone want to get their take and to see with also probably knows a lot more about it I mean I’ve spoken to some people that didn’t really understand their own beliefs either, you know They’re not those type of people someone the ones that have really like spent years and years Someone who can reference something to you and say this is what we really believe in definitely I’d like to see what they say about it Yeah, well both of us since we’ve seen either one of us have come across anyone like that. Hopefully shala home after his show We would have some people putting their hands up. I guess is there anything else you want to mention on this topic? Nothing really much Mm. Only one last question one last question before we end this episode we have been speaking for a while now is about say harvests One who can read the Quran off by heart. Do you consider it a blessing? You know if you knew the quad on off by heart, you know, it’s more important Do you think knowing the Quran off by heart or understanding it? So we look I guess growing up. You know, we’ve looked up to a lot of people even even me as a child You know in secondary school, he’s a half’s Yeah I never really understood their men on I understood that it meant he can read Verse bothers off while which is an amazing amazing like Wow who wouldn’t want to who wouldn’t want to do that? We had one guy his name excuse of growing up in sorry going to School at me garish. Yeah, I went there earlier dice before I went to our field and yeah, he was probably Bear 1213 and he knew had a rated off Baja taller than 12 lizard. He’s done use all I think he started around ten Yeah, he’s dead that I remember that that was very strict uh They it apparently is a lot easier when you younger because you don’t have any other distractions true If we were to try to do it now don’t Ten years. Yeah Because we’ve got work but so much children. We’ve got you’ve got grandchildren. For example, then after all you don’t have any children not yet Married then like, okay sure Exactly so work takes us You know doing a lot of other things obviously take us away from being able to kind of learn it off by heart But he shall lightly it’ll be something that we can do in the future Look, I think well the being a half is an excellent thing to do But I think your main aim of being out half as these they actually understand them to learn Arabic If you don’t have that at the end if you if that’s not your aim It’s like I’ll just want to become a Hafez and learn Arabic, you know, yeah and just memorize it. That’s not that doesn’t do anything You just learned you. It’s like me just picking up a you know learning Indonesian You’ve had a reader Memorize a book. What about done? Exactly. You’re not taking that knowledge away. No, you haven’t taken anything But if it’s like I’m gonna become or half was and you know Maybe not during these are very hard during but your next phase is okay on my now offers I’ve spent four years on this I memorized it now go take Arabic lessons and I learn Arabic and you know what? What but imagine learning Arabic after you’ve memorized them and you know what you’re reading Well, it’s all in the brain all in the brain now as long as it’s that unfortunately not everyone. Does that yeah I can take you we have every year I think like tens of thousands of people have become officers. They don’t learn Arabic ever ever you know, there was a Survey done. I remember looking back five years five or six years ago I saw yeah, they did a survey of all the people in Turkey there were Imams and Offices as well and I asked him how many times they’d read the Koran in their own language like to understand it He was less than 1% Whatever like ever like reading it once at least so like reading the Koran but not understanding anything you’re reading. Yes So the question was did you ever read it in a language? You understand? So whether it’s you know, if I knew Arabic and I understood in Arabic, okay, great So that was one thing or in Turkish because I don’t know our Vic. Did they ever really they’re asking every mom hmm they said that’s the mumps n Ever read it once even from beginning to end because most of it growing up you’re in scrilla here in Melbourne You obviously a generation before mine But we when we were getting taught the Quran it was Arabic and that’s it Were you ever told for instance the meaning of any other suitors when you were learning him? No, not really Never they will mention like he said through some of these your moms that would come up And talk to us about them, you know, but they never taught and they wouldn’t really define where it’s coming from You know, which part of the Quran Dedes they wouldn’t elaborate on it But did you even know like I was a shock to me? To find out in my late 40s that Moodle was even in the Quran, huh? Yeah, I never knew that No, one of its almond and you know what? It’s very funny because whoever I talk to Later on. I had these conversations they know hold on How can you just read the Quran, you know, it doesn’t even tell you how to give will do and so well Here it is. Mm-hmm, and I’ll be like what I started learning all these through I’m added at night when they started When I start mentioning it from the Quran mentioned in Quran, the Quran says this the Quran says that whoa, I’m like man That’s that’s so that’s crazy. Because what can you grab the Quran and read more translation? Look at what they’re talking about? It’s word for word, you know, they memorized apparently they’re not harvesters either The doctor Nikes and he says he’s 20. He knows 25% of the Quran of Baja And you know, so when he references it to a Christian or to a, you know non non Muslim It’s teaching me something as well in or didn’t get taught that when I was younger This is a really important ayat of the Quran. So It’s Souda 43mm number 44. It says the Quran well in brackets as Quran, but this Quran indeed is the message For the and for your people and soon you shall be brought to account So what it what it’s saying is you’re gonna be brought to account because of Romney’s Kula. Hmm You’re gonna be judged on the Quran Wow Not from the Hadees not from you know, your Sufis book anything like that Nothing like that at all from this book read the Quran the Quran So if you don’t understand what’s in the Quran, you’re gonna be judged on this. Yeah, that’s not gonna ask you Which hadith a you followed? Hmm. I’ll ask you did you do what it said there? No I’m sorry last week last question. Yeah with always type of thoughts, you know the way you’ve obviously now moved away from certain groups Have you got a lot of quizzes criticism for Locke do people you know Kind of understand what you’re saying or do they quickly jump to exactly quickly jump to attack the first thing the first thing I’m always Labeled as when you talk is like oh, you’re a hadith reject them. No actually read her this. Yeah, not a rejecter I’m a rejecter of false hadith. I’m a rejecter of hadith that Puts words into our prophets mouth when he hasn’t said it To find sad sigh how do you say don’t even agree with each other is an incredible thing But I think if people need to understand that the quran is the source of information The quran is what our prophet actually brought to us. The Quran is whatever Allah Gave to him and that’s what he showed us. That’s what he taught now that Haditha we have a third-hand information, but they’re in for me. They’re important. What is it? The guy saw our prophet say this yet with his right hand he a with his left hand. He did these You know, this is what I what everyone’s cried it. It’s good information Historical information it’s not the source of Islam. That’s the problem. It’s not the source a source means what came from Allah Now if you’re saying that for the secondary source Then did that come from Allah Mmm, I think it’s the probe and I always get labels you’re hadith which is I’m not a rejecter like you very quick to jump the The gianni I had this from people that have never read a honey for me a lot probably Mmm, and you know I’ve read many Chancellor I read all of it. There’s a lot of it but Yeah, yeah, it’s there’s a lot of backlash with this Ah, I guess that would be I mean, that’s what got my interest with getting you on the show And I wanted to hear a different perspective because we hear the same things from mosques all the time You know and then you just so confuses selfies and the you know, which one do some groups and mosques and yeah Exactly. So it’s important to kind of be open mind. They didn’t see it from every side, you know, and I love that So I like to hear it from you and others And yeah, so look on that note. I like to say thank you so much for coming on the show I guess I want to thank all my viewers for so Jumping on on board and watching I would ask them, please also Like the Aiden show on Facebook and go on YouTube and subscribe to our show Assalamualaikum a peace and blessings be upon you Thanks

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