The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard

Slavery, the treatment of human beings as property,
deprived of personal rights, has occurred in many forms
throughout the world. But one institution stands out for
both its global scale and its lasting legacy. The Atlantic slave trade, occurring from the late 15th
to the mid 19th century and spanning three continents, forcibly brought more than 10 million Africans
to the Americas. The impact it would leave affected
not only these slaves and their descendants, but the economies and histories
of large parts of the world. There had been centuries of contact
between Europe and Africa via the Mediterranean. But the Atlantic slave trade
began in the late 1400s with Portuguese colonies in West Africa, and Spanish settlement
of the Americas shortly after. The crops grown in the new colonies,
sugar cane, tobacco, and cotton, were labor intensive, and there were not enough settlers
or indentured servants to cultivate all the new land. American Natives were enslaved,
but many died from new diseases, while others effectively resisted. And so to meet the massive
demand for labor, the Europeans looked to Africa. African slavery had existed
for centuries in various forms. Some slaves were indentured servants, with a limited term
and the chance to buy one’s freedom. Others were more like European serfs. In some societies, slaves could
be part of a master’s family, own land, and even rise
to positions of power. But when white captains came offering
manufactured goods, weapons, and rum for slaves, African kings and merchants
had little reason to hesitate. They viewed the people they sold
not as fellow Africans but criminals, debtors,
or prisoners of war from rival tribes. By selling them, kings enriched
their own realms, and strengthened them
against neighboring enemies. African kingdoms prospered
from the slave trade, but meeting the European’s massive demand
created intense competition. Slavery replaced other criminal sentences, and capturing slaves
became a motivation for war, rather than its result. To defend themselves from slave raids, neighboring kingdoms
needed European firearms, which they also bought with slaves. The slave trade had become an arms race, altering societies and economies
across the continent. As for the slaves themselves,
they faced unimaginable brutality. After being marched
to slave forts on the coast, shaved to prevent lice, and branded, they were loaded onto ships
bound for the Americas. About 20% of them
would never see land again. Most captains of the day
were tight packers, cramming as many men
as possible below deck. While the lack of sanitation
caused many to die of disease, and others were thrown
overboard for being sick, or as discipline, the captain’s ensured their profits
by cutting off slave’s ears as proof of purchase. Some captives took matters
into their own hands. Many inland Africans
had never seen whites before, and thought them to be cannibals, constantly taking people away
and returning for more. Afraid of being eaten,
or just to avoid further suffering, they committed suicide
or starved themselves, believing that in death,
their souls would return home. Those who survived
were completley dehumanized, treated as mere cargo. Women and children were kept above deck
and abused by the crew, while the men were made to perform dances in order to keep them exercised
and curb rebellion. What happened to those Africans
who reached the New World and how the legacy of slavery
still affects their descendants today is fairly well known. But what is not often discussed is the effect that the Atlantic slave trade
had on Africa’s future. Not only did the continent lose
tens of millions of its able-bodied population, but because most of the slaves
taken were men, the long-term demographic
effect was even greater. When the slave trade was finally
outlawed in the Americas and Europe, the African kingdoms whose economies
it had come to dominate collapsed, leaving them open
to conquest and colonization. And the increased competition
and influx of European weapons fueled warfare and instability
that continues to this day. The Atlantic slave trade also contributed
to the development of racist ideology. Most African slavery had no deeper reason
than legal punishment or intertribal warfare, but the Europeans
who preached a universal religion, and who had long ago
outlawed enslaving fellow Christians, needed justification for a practice so obviously at odds
with their ideals of equality. So they claimed that
Africans were biologically inferior and destined to be slaves, making great efforts
to justify this theory. Thus, slavery in Europe and the Americas
acquired a racial basis, making it impossible for slaves
and their future descendants to attain equal status in society. In all of these ways, the Atlantic slave trade
was an injustice on a massive scale whose impact has continued
long after its abolition.

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  • The Irish slaves are the only ones that worked. The natives and Africans have the lazy gene.

  • Shame on Both participants. The Buyers & Sellers— Smdh

  • Christian churches owned slaves in the Americas it was not just Christian individuals.

  • Just a Human
    So does Americia, in its class warfare of us and them today.

  • there is alot of wrong info in this video,and alot of true facts left ever slavery has to be one of mans worst and horrible injustice to human beings.

  • Interesting but propoganda ignoring IQ as always


  • Africans were biologically superior which is why they were used as slaves contrary to what the speaker said.

  • load of sht. africans showed the dutch what slaves were. africans have been brutally enslaving each other for thousands of years and brutally killed and tourtured them. No mention of the fact that only 2% were owned by white southerners. Jews owned more percapita than any other group.

  • What a broken record!

  • BS……..

  • Stop saying Europeans, when you say Europeans it sounds like whites. It was the Spanish that had the explorers, boats and financial backing to find USA, South America and Carribean and showed white Europeans the way to USA !!

  • 1, These people were sold by their african owners. 2. Jewish merchants facilitated the business. These are the essential facts commonly ignored.

  • OK. Think I got this. So, African slavery good. Trans Atlantic slavery bad.

  • Just like the typical edomite to omit the part that Africans sold God's people the Hebrew Israelites. Always amazes me when an edomite try and describe our ancestral history.

  • You are telling a lie mathematically impossible to bring 10 million people on sailboat to the United States you leaving out that the so-called blacks had already migrated from what is presently called Africa to what is presently called America we got enslave when the so-called white man came to America with their guns and enslave us stop telling lies and they also migrated two places that we call Japan China Russia Hawaii Australia Iraq Iran in all parts of Europe and India

  • Not Tellin the whole truth is another way to lie.Thanks4 half truths

  • This presentation ignores the arab-muslim influence and involvement in slavery

  • Also missing from modern text books is the plan Thomas Jefferson had to ship all slaves back to Africa. He had calculated how long it would take and how much it would have cost. Unfortunately, it was never implemented. I am sure it would have made slaves and blacks of today happier to be scratching out a living in the jungles and deserts of Africa. And it would have been so much better for America.

  • We as Africans are one of the most strongest races of all time

  • Am I the only person who is waiting to find out something I didn’t know? If the average person does not know those basic facts, they choose to keep their head in the sand.

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    Please watch this video on YouTube maafa 21 full movie

    I hope it will wake more people up and understand things that are going on right under our noses.

  • Are there any videos online that talk about some actual facts and not how I should feel about the slavery?

  • We are all slaves thanks to the very man who they claim freed the slaves. Lincoln signed income tax into effect and now that the govt steals more than a third of our production at gunpoint we are all nothing more than slaves that produce for our masters. The reason they want more people in the population is because everyone produces for these thieves. It is like the matrix , you think you are free until you stop production then you are of no use.

  • What fake news ! A half truth is still a lie.

  • Hey, did ya know that only 5% of all African slaves were brought to the United States?

    The other 95% went to Brazil, the Caribbean, some to Europe, and that's a verifiable fact that is swept under the reparations rug.

  • … And narrators like this bozo are what fills the mind of a person through the Liberal bias education system!

  • Hebrew Isrealite slavery was worldwide.

  • As a brazilian, slavery was a huge part of my country's history. Despite our education's many faults, I must credit them for never hiding this part of our history – most of the information in this video is already known by me. Seeing that most of the comments are defensive claims of 'anti-white propaganda' and pointed fingers at Muslims or Africans strikes me as childish and frankly delusional. Of course slavery is still practiced today – in the western world, it takes the discreet form of ilegal human trafficking or underpaying jobs. In the eastern world, it's more boosted by extremist, traditional groups who want their actions to be noticed and feared. But, as said in the beginning, this video is focused on one especific form of slavery from the past. It should not cause so much hate, unless the citizens from modern democracies are too afraid to admit that their past – and sometimes present as well – is not so democratic after all.

  • They enslaved us in the name of Christian God, the enslaved us in the name of Mohammed, and Jews funded the whole excursions. Read Psalms 83. No more arguing its plan and clear if you are looking for the truth.
    FYI the true MOST HIGH has NO religion the Bible isn't a religious book either; however, the world has used the WORD and the MOST HIGH to form religions and justify their thirst for power.

  • TED CEO is Jewish btw

  • Slavery has always existed as far back as recorded history accounts and SADLY will continue as long as humanity FAILS to value the individual who has been created by God in His image.

  • Well… this was EXACTLY what european textbooks say… your story is just like you: A farse. Fake news from fake humans.

  • In the future, use a time machine, make the man who had this idea and treat him worse

  • Before I as a BM live like my ancestors I'll gladly die killing those who come for my life! I fear none!

  • This story forgot to mention that African tribes were slaves trader's themselves and still too this day practice slavery.

  • The Bible is the slaves true history. We were prophecied to go into slavery. We fleed to Africa first.

  • christianity is the worst religion, and america is the worst country

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  • White and arabs, please shut up your. Slavery is a crime against humanity. Whoever commited it must be condamn to die.

  • White man perspective

  • Miss the good old days.

  • At least back then blacks did something useful for society!

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  • There is truth to be known.. I am happy to see this video..

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  • This is so far off it’s pitiful.

  • I was taught that the American civil war was about slavery AND economics. The north was more industrial whereas the south was mainly agricultural. Most of the time history offers a variety of reasons for a conflict. And as such history is a different country all the time. They simply do things differently.

  • Yea yea yea, ALL WHITE people are bad. Got it.

  • Love you best to you..

  • The face of African slavery in Qajar Iran – in pictures (like house slaves) History of Islam and Muhammad by John Allembillah Azumah –

  • I take it this is a basis of teaching of the far right. Reason being, it's way off and nowhere near the truth. But maybe it was just a snippet for quick super bias teaching. I dont know! I could go for that.🙄🙄🙄😶😶😶

  • Good mornin every one

  • They never mention that African tribal leaders sold their own people! do you expect me to believe they trapped and whacked millions of people in the head and shanghaied them. Please, I didn’t hatch yesterday. Plus do you know what the average African income is according to google, $5.60 per day. The poorest of poor in USA live better than most Africans in all the nations of Africa (section 8, Medicaid, SNAP food, etc .). My grandparents were poor as dirt and barely could warm the house with cheap coal and many whites today in USA live well below “ poverty” level. You won’t get any crying from me as I watch pro athletes and entertainers make millions a year and minorities driving a Mercedes and BMW’s in my “hood.”!

  • The brave new modern world needed em … Industrial Age ushered in the civil war.. we as Americans fixed it then

  • Ok but I definitely read about all this in my 7th grade American history textbook??

  • Both Africa and America owe African-Americans reparations.

  • While a lot of this is true, some of it is completely false. I have actual, authentic letters from slaves, from the years around 1840. I can't wait to get these so I can show everyone that they're completely wrong about slavery.

  • Another propaganda tool video to divide the ppl! This is nothing but BS lies!

  • How about those muslims

  • no mention of the 50K white (mainly Irish) brought over 200 years before Africans

  • They seems to add a century to the narrative with every new version of the story! I guess when you are making up you can do what you want!

  • BS. Hebrew israelites were sold not by other Africans but Shemites the real jews of the bible…WS SPEWING lies. We were in Egypt and Moses took to the promised land which was called Judah land even on maps. So if you got any sense don't listen to this….

  • Capitalism is a bit of a snake pit.
    But of course snakes are not immoral or out to profit at any cost,
    so this is an unfair and stigmatizing comparison for reptiles…

    Reptilian theme in Vigelandsparken Park, Oslo Norway

  • Lies. Africans never sold other Africans. Stop deflecting.

  • Islam thrives on slavery to this day ⚒⚒

  • Wow, Canada is excluded from North America 0:27.

  • I cannot believe how inaccurate this brief program is. It is clearly meant as propaganda. Outright lies.


  • Low IQ races were easy targets for slavery. Should have sent them back. Its not too late.

  • Not surprised at all the negative comments seems like everyone is shifting the blame. Slavery was is and will forever will be wrong no matter what, and the worst part about it is it’s lasting effects on today’s society.

  • so it was Blacks who sold the "slaves" to Americans Hmmmm

  • Your Videos are very interesting and entertaining good job

  • Well that explains why that have great dance skills but can't swim.

  • Come on man how can you take tens of millions of people from One land to another without any type of motor any type of refrigeration of food for that many people. Where is your documents to show how many people they could put on board. Not making much sense if you really think about it. Now saying slavery was it a big deal cuz it definitely was but those numbers don't add up. Why would you bring tens of millions of people to a new land that you're not even accustomed to when they can Dethrone you not that much mind control. Just my opinion like I said not saying I don't take slavery seriously. How do you take a man from an unknown land and tell them to row crop in different climates that they're not even, as a matter fact you're not even used to🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

  • So in other words, Christians caused segregation

  • Left out .. the slaves were of the tribe of Judah

    Decendents of the real children of Israel..
    . Khazars were the biggest slavers

  • How do we know what this man says is true? History is written buy the Victors don't believe anything a white person tells you online….this is 2019 and we know of fake news , the world is different, knowledge is everywhere

  • More lies told in this video than a 1 hour broadcast of cnn news!

  • Africa selling people into slavery since ancient times.

  • Sad! However there is more slaves now than any time in history.

  • Israelites not Africans

  • If you was looking for pitty this guy has got you covered 😆 joke… Slavery existed everywhere during that time ..

  • Deuteronomy 28

  • It was not slavery that happened hear in America it was prisoners of war.

  • islam kills…200,000,000 so far….

  • The usual arrangement of the nobility in Europe, having people to work their land in hopes of possible food after “taxes”, or be tortured/killed for showing a spine to the noble class was hard to reproduce in America. De facto slavery, tho.
    In Czarist Russia they were actually included as property in the title to land, and bought n sold in newspapers of the time. Czar Nicholas ended that on a 30yr plan in 1861, for some reason.
    There is some fairly unbelievable brutality in history, by today’s standards.

  • Actually the white Captain wouldn't meet Africans, they met Arab's basically Muslims who sold them the slave's.

  • America must pay for what they did to africans

  • Africa, Europe, America all must pay what they owe

  • The video was good, but I think it was too America based. People seem to forget that New World all had slaves and slavery, especially in the Caribbean where most worked till death.

  • Slavery was begun by Egyptians who captured other African tribes as well as Hebrew tribes, who later enslaved Blacks centuries later. It has existed since time began. Back and forth for millennia…!

  • slaves…man….America and white Europeans and ayrabs got much to answer for

  • Very well put 💯💯💯

  • Needless to say, the country that carried the African slaves was England. Were they

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