The Animated History of Video Games

Whether you’re a businessman, a doctor, a rebel teenager or a 30 year old geek who spends an unusually long time in the basement Everyone’s already played some form of a digital game. Gaming’s travelled a long way before becoming a cornerstone of modern entertainment. Our story begins in 1940, when Dr. Edward Uhler Condon develops a game machine for the New York World Fair. It was an electromechanical relay-based device that had a shitty user interface. The first real breakthrough was in 1962 when an MIT student invented the first computer-based video game: Spacewar!, and was followed in 1967 by Ralph Baer, who designed a prototype for a gaming console, later released as Magnavox Odyssey marking the birth of digital gaming. It was the first home console, with games like American football and table tennis, which was later “ripped off” in 1972 to create Pong an arcade legend that launched the Golden Age of Gaming. Arcade machines were installed in bars and bowling alleys making them the number one destination for 80s douchebags and their girls. The fun didn’t stop there, and the Atari 2600 home console hit the market in 1977. The next big thing was Space Invaders, released a year later by Taito, on Intel’s brand new microprocessor It was so big that it caused a coin shortage in Japan. From there on, the gaming industry exploded with revolutionary titles that marked history forever like Pac-Man, Donkey-Kong, and Sonic giving geeks more excuses to stay at home, play video games, and touch themselves. The Golden Age caused an industry boom that led to the 1983 video games crash, where tons of new companies, bad games and poor consoles flooded the market. The gaming world needed a change. During that time, home computers were becoming affordable and popular. Also, a programming language called BASIC allowed users to easily code better and more complex games, making computer gaming flourish. In 1993, the shooting game Doom was released and was the first step towards Multiplayer First Person Shooters. It quickly became as popular as Pamela Anderson’s pair of bazonkas at that time. This genre later bloomed with LAN networks Internet connection, and titles like Counter Strike. Although the computer world triumphed over the console world during this period, hand-held devices like Nintendo’s first of a kind Gameboy finally made gaming addicts more willing to leave their rooms. Later in the new millennia, processing power resulted in far better graphics and games, with the most popular titles being first person shooters. Two brands rose to power, Xbox and PlayStation with state of the art consoles that changed the way we download and play games. Fast Internet speeds opened the door for online gaming giving players the ability to communicate and insult each other live instead of yelling at their parents. A shift in the industry occurred when smart phones and app stores hit the market in 2007. And it was big. Mobile gaming reached a huge audience so big in fact that a working couple would come home to a babysitter playing Candy Crush a burnt dinner, and a kid screaming because his Talking Tom app stopped working. Even though mobile gaming killed the buzz of hand-held devices like Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s DS home consoles are still going strong with the current PS4 and Xbox One. Gaming’s changed a lot over the years and the experience will surely improve when Virtual and Augmented Reality truly hit the market like they did with Pokémon Go. Today, video games are not only for your average geek teen, or arcade-going douchebag the gaming world’s open to everyone and even your grandma can beat your high score in Angry Birds.

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  • eyyy congrats on being nominated for best documentary at Terminus Festival in Atlanta guys! Keep the good stuff rolling โ˜บ

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  • Amazing animations! And cool voice ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I'm really glad you're content is fun , simple to grasp and really educational, I love your work guys

  • I was inspired to get into VR at that conference, I am currently learning unity….. Anyway i like this video, nice animation with good jokes, inside of deeper information. Gonna watch it a few times to let the info seep in. I don't really have anything to critic on it… Here's an idea though, after you butt fuck the haters by telling them "FUCK YOU", you could say something like, "If theres anything you're interested in learning instant history of, leave it in the comments below." this could possibly let people for a little more connected to the channel…….. and you don't have to listen to them obviously, but at least it could appear you care, and it could offer up a good piece of advice, you never know…….

    Good shit dude, keep it up, see ya next time.

  • Oh my!! man this video is awesome!, I saw this video 'cause im looking for some references for a video on "the BRIEF history of video games", the thing is that the two girls who gave me the "BRIEF script for the BRIEF history of video games", made it 10 pages long, (they named the video *BRIEF history…)that being 16 minutes worth of pure animation(kind like this one, but yours is only 3 beautiful minutes and well achieved), I try explaining them that not even my grandma who loves me would watch the entire 16 minute long video, but they insist that the problem it's not the script, but my animations, they want more! D: and they want it done in 2 days, I'm about to throw my laptop out the window I swear, but anyways congrats on this video <3

  • The basement guy has some addiction with making swasticas with his feet

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