The Animated History of Ukraine

Ukraine is located here right below Russia and Belarus so Ukraine is a relatively young country like really young its Declaration of Independence was only ratified in 1991 making it roughly the same age as most Millennials most of this general region was historically part of either Russia or Poland it’s very name an old Slavic route means borderland which illustrates the divided frontier like nature of the land so if you haven’t already seen the episode on Russia you can click here to catch up to speed and yes I will eventually cover Poland you can stop asking for now before the creation of the Kiev in ruse the Ukrainian steps for the home of well step people the general area passed hands many times between large and small nomadic tribes the largest and most powerful of which are occasionally recorded for us by Western European scholars who wrote about the dreadful Eastern heathens raiding their land such as the hun Avars and bull guards if you want to go back further there were the Germanic off settlements before that and Roman before that and Greek before that and mammoths before that what hell we got to start somewhere all the while the people the steps remain constant watching raiding and trading with their neighbors just often enough to be noteworthy in the ink and paper of the Westerners the Slavs and the steppe cultures have competing legends about the precise founding of the Kiev but historians generally agree it was an important trade city between many kingdoms and empires according to the primary chronicle which is a fancy term for we’re not totally biased we promise this happened the city was captured by the Ruhr Kidd dynasty in 882 from the kazars formally being annexed into the kiev in ruse the location of the city on a lucrative trade route between the north and the south enabled it to prosper and make it rain dollar bills in the medieval ruse state from 1241 Ukraine was part of the Mongol Empire and the Golden Horde but this was not to last some ambitious poles and Lithuanians were quietly building the foundations of an empire on the Baltic the rise of the polish-lithuanian Commonwealth created a new superpower in the region driving the Mongols out of the Ukraine from the 14th to 15th century because nothing says empire like land and the amount they needed was more so pausing now to take off our ethnic and nationalistic hats for moments the Sweeney channel would like you to take note of the following disclaimer a lot of Ukraine’s history has been influenced by a people called the Cossacks we don’t know exactly where these people came from but we do know they formed a distinct ethnic and culture minority for many centuries the most compelling origins is a likelihood of mixed ancestry between the Slavs and various Mongol and Turkic descendants many of whom remain long after the collapse of the Mongol Khanate there’s also a theory that the collapse of the Mongol Empire began the process of Jewish migration into Europe but it’s pretty debatable at this point the Cossacks did briefly win independence from Poland over annexed by Russia in the following decades the people of this region spoke a variety of tongues including Russian polish and ruthenians Ruthenian is a bit of a catch-all term for ruse dialects related to Russian that were spoken in both Poland and Russia and heavily influenced by both some linguists believe it to be a form of ponte lingua franca which gradually formed the Belarusian Ukrainian dialectal continuum however Ukrainian Belarusian and Russian still carry large degrees of mutual intelligibility today some linguists even suggest that all three may be dialects of the same language but the studies are still debated over the Russians ban the use of Rossini and dialects in 1804 but the use of its data live in small communities in austria-hungary the language divide is still evident today as many parts of eastern Ukraine have a good knowledge of or speak Russian as their mother tongue as you know from the previous episodes the modern Ukraine borders became completely part of the Russian Empire and the later USSR the nuclear reactor explosion in Chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster in history releasing megatons of radioactive dust into the soil and air and we’re not for the brave emergency workers who sealed the leaking reactor we might all be walking around with a few extra limbs Chernobyl is still a ghost town to this day as the radiation leak is still a credible threat to public safety after the fall of the Soviet Union Ukraine became a fully sovereign state for the first time in 1991 hooray the world a new baby and the world opened its arms to the new independent Ukraine and there was peace and prosperity and oh wait that’s not what happened the modern Ukraine has lived up to its name in its oh so brief history as a borderland the country’s divided along nationalist linguist and political lines between a Russian East and Ukrainian West because no feud is worse than a family feud and Ukrainian politics could not decide what relationship they wanted to have with big brother Russia tensions came to a head during the Russian annexation of Crimea and the eastern Ukrainian separatist movement in 2014 because Putin disliked Ukraine’s temper tantrums and decided to take away her toys the country’s future is somewhat uncertain and the conflicts in the East are ongoing but the country still sees many tourists each year and remains an important geopolitical economic center in Eastern Europe hopefully it works out for you Ukraine love the Sweeny channel thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed the episode and want to support more you can throw a dollar too my way at patreon and that would be much appreciated if you want to see more of this series you can click here for more remember to always be prepared for step people until next time [Music] you

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