The Animated History of Sweden | Part 1

this video is made possible with the help of dashlane download for free for 30 days and get 10% off with the code Sweeny and never forget a password again deep in the valleys of rivers and lakes lay the lands of forest and frost which the Northmen call Uppsala the sagas speak of Odin’s family who ruled heirs kings they speak of Frey who built a great temple and ruled the land from his throne and the hill of fuel near who drowned in a vat of mead while feasting in seal and the pages of the sagas then tell of slick deer who vowed to find as God travelling far and wide for many years in his travels he found Inns with the weed a large stone embedded in the ground with a dwarf at its entrance luring him inside – as God as Vic Thea entered the stern bound by the charm of the dwarf who was never seen again in the quiet nights the Northman hear the scurry of elves which still cling to the undergrowth since the ancient days and the trolls hiding in the forests and mountains the Northman fish and farm by day until tales of heroes and monsters a night [Music] Scandinavia’s can settled by Neolithic people for a very long time but history as we know it really starts with the settlement of the era by the indo-europeans who produced the Nordic Bronze Age with the collapse of the Roman Empire many Germanic Scandinavians raided and settled further south in the vacuums of the old Roman provinces the tribes that stayed developed the proton or dick culture an Iron Age Society contemporary with the great migration period the proton North Society began mostly in the Straits of katie-cat before spreading further into Scandinavia with an economy based on farming fishing and trade in the far north the land was inhabited by a different ethnic group called the Sami a Hulett people native to the Arctic region but by far would we know most about prehistoric Sweden comes from the Viking Age one theory for how it began was a sudden explosion in population and this larger society started competing with each other for very limited farmland food became more scarce and soon Scandinavians were importing a lot more food to trade how did they pay for this food with raiding of course so with their expertise as warriors and sailors that began a tradition of raiding coastal towns and villages in the Baltic Sea to fund their drastically imbalanced imports this however was deeply rooted in culture and tradition because for a Viking the greatest honor was to die in battle with a sword or axe in hand so that Odin himself would take him up to his Great Hall in Valhalla Swedish Vikings would raid and trade in lands as far away as Constantinople where they were prized mercenaries called Ferengi ins some Vikings from Russel and called the ruse would go on to found our modern concept of Russia by ruling over east slavic tribes in kiev and of garage the Raiders that returned to Sweden came back rich in gold silver and slaves Swedish Viking nobility tells of the legendary England dynasty said to trace its roots to Odin himself but for many the first leader recognized by most of the Icelandic sagas was Bjorn Ironside son of legendary Danish warrior Ragnar lothbrok and I probably ruled with his today Upland but in North’s tradition most of the power laid with a y’alls who collected taxes and enforced the law in their counties by the early Middle Ages Sweden was split between two rival powers the Swedes and the Goths who resisted more than a figurehead King for a lot longer than the Danes and the Norwegians true unification would only come with Eric the victorious who introduced conscription and Olaf skirt cunning who adopted Christianity Norse paganism would continue side-by-side with the new religion until the former had mostly faded away by the 1300s with Christian crucifixes slowly replacing Thor’s hammer the territories of sphere land that gotaland seemed to have in United officially by the rule of Kings Bakr the first but the newly united and newly Christianized kingdom was contested for rule by the House of Eric and houses Vicar for the next century in addition Swedish Kings fought wars with Denmark and Norway whose realms and families were closely linked to their own is during this century – that the counties of värmland young Maryland and Hal’s England became more closely tied to the Swedish Kingdom as well as areas settled in Finland called Esther land swedish power in the eastern Baltic would only continue to increase even launching Crusades to unconverted Finnish tribes the regent under the last King from the house of Erik was a man named Pierre Uriel who had his son ‘since with the throne in an election in 1250 Belial finded the city of Stockholm by building a fortress on the old Viking settlement at the link between lake mälaren and the Baltic Sea this would come to be Sweden’s center of trade and government an eventual cultural capital king magnus la duelists issued the ordinance of Elsner in 1230 establishing a nobility and feudal levee drastically increasing the small kingdoms power they would go on to settle the gulf of bothnia and establish a fur trade monopoly with the sami when magnus affort inherited the throne of norway in 1319 he was elected the king of sweden in the convention of oslo in the same year making him king of both entities but he was then kicked out by the nobles and replaced with albert of mecklenburg and then he was in turn kicked out and replaced by margaret of denmark by this point swedish Nobles fed up with the power struggles and eager to counter the trade monopoly of the Hanseatic League in the Baltic Sea met in Kalmar to sign a joint personal union by which Margaret’s nephew Erik of pomerania was crowned king of all three domains calling the kalmar union although the union brought great riches and prestige to Scandinavia it was controlled almost exclusively politically and economically by Denmark the far more powerful of the three kingdoms from the Capitals at Roskilde and copenhagen a strong sense of regionalism developed around this time with swedish upper-class viewing themselves as separate from Dana Norwegians a separatist party began to grow around a noble called Sten Sture er the younger and during the coronation of Kristian ii of denmark and norway the swedish delegates refused him as king christian would then conquer sweden by force and after executing more than 100 nobles in stockholm sparked a rebellion the rebels rallied around a noble called gustav of the house of Vasa the swedish war of liberation lasted just two years with gustav crushing the dana Norwegian troops and loyalists to christian ii in 1523 who’s crowned king of sweden and in the Treaty of Malmo that kalmar union was split into the Kingdom of Denmark Norway and the kingdom of Sweden Sweden was now a new kingdom with a brand new royal house and circulating in this kingdom when new technologies and ideas of progressivism the new printing press was spreading the Romantic works of the Renaissance as well as the works of Protestants in Germany change was in the air and it was now clear that Sweden was on the cusp of a glorious new future the middle class became obsessed with innovative ideas and provocative thought an explosion of intellectual thought with the university opening up in Uppsala and innovation is something almost all of us can get behind with new technologies and infrastructure dedicated to bringing us to an ever more interconnected world but unfortunately that means we live in the age of the password and if you like me and have an email inbox full of reset forgotten password links then let dashlane do the remembering for you – Lane is a company founded on preserving Internet and cyber security the service allows users to generate and store passwords securely on all devices seamlessly with an autofill feature when needed however – Lane is so much more than a password service they also provide a VPN for secure browsing and dark web monitoring to make 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