The Animated History of Denmark | Part 1

This episode is made possible by Blue Apron, be one of the first fifty viewers. Use the link below to get 50$ off your first two weeks of great tasting affordable meals today Far of in the frozen north and the wind swift clef of Iceland. A poud rides tell the tales of the home land of his people. In the sky, straight leading to the cycle the cat’s passage a people duel to a land who is still count of the ancient goods A land has harsh and unforgiving has its people, who’s earth freezes over winter and their sun will hide for months The land bring harsh worriers with masters of the metals to fight away to greedy dwarfs and feady trolls Sailors would brave the seas to trade and fish in dangerous waters Fighting the storms of Thor, the god of thunder And mermaids louring weight with loris to the deaths below. Those returning being named Pain of the Gods. and jealous Soon, all around them would know their homeland as the land of the

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