The Animated History of Australia

This episode is brought to you by skillshare. The first five hundred viewers who sign up using the link below get two months of skillshare absolutely free Aristotle, Ptolemy and Macrobius believed that there was far too much land in the Northern hemisphere and that there must be some undiscovered continent balancing the globe somewhere in the south okay, so the logic was a little flawed but during the age of discovery the search was on for ‘terra australis incognito’ fast forward few centuries to the East Indies three Dutch sailors landed in Australia accidentally in the sixteen hundreds. The mythical southern continent had just been found Australia was the last of the new world to be discovered cause let’s be honest nobody cares about Antarctica Australia was of course already inhabited indigenous Australians also known as Aborigines had a population of between three hundred and seven hundred thousand by modern estimates Early contacts with these tribes were as often peaceful as they were violent it is thought that

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