when Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 there were some natives wait hold on a second but was before 1492 okay let me start from the beginning then it’s believed that when the Native Americans first settled the Americas they migrated from Eurasia across Beringia land bridge that connected Siberia to present-day Alaska during the Ice Age and then spread southward throughout the Americas and possibly going as far south as the Antarctic Peninsula this migration may have begun about 3,000 years ago and continued through to about 10,000 years ago these early inhabitants called paleo Americans soon diversified into many hundreds of culturally distinct nations and tribes over hundreds and thousands of years these tribes evolved differently some of them building large civilizations Central America like the Aztec in Zapotec and some Bell here in today’s USA territory the Idina Creek or acquire and pueblos are just some of these examples after Christopher Columbus discovered new lands far in the West many more came to the Americas the next for the Spanish who colonized large parts of South and Central America in short time the east of today’s US was colonized by British in the 17th century and there were some Swedish and Dutch colonists – the first colony was Jamestown in 1607 into Virginia State the Powhatan which was some Amer Indian people attacked and killed some English settlers in 1622 and at the time many more natives were rising as English Spanish and French colonists in the north of Canada Great Britain France were holding lands creating colonies of the colonies and in the south in today’s US Spain were expanding the map of North America looks something like this in the 1950s with the British French and Spanish in the French and Indian War Britain beat French forces and France lost their colonies and territories in Canada and in the middle of today’s US after Britain’s acquisition of French territory in North America King George the 3rd issued the royal proclamation of 1763 with the goal of organizing the new American Empire in is suing year’s strains developed in the relationships between the colonists and the crown the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act of 1765 imposing attacks on the colonies without going through the colonial legislatures the colonists refused to pay the taxes as tensions escalated in the late 1760s and early 1770s the Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a direct action by activists in the town of Boston to protest against the new tax on tea this event is marked as the start of the revolution the 13 colonies began a rebellion against the British in 1775 proclaimed out independence in 1776 at the United States of America France which hated the British helped the Americans especially with being war boats the American Revolution was success now the Americans were expanding to the west taking Amerindian lands in 1803 they bought Louisiana from France which France had taken from Spain beforehand so the united states are now getting bigger and bigger in the middle of the 19th century since the sessions were happening with texas joining union in 1845 with the war against the Mexican Empire the United States took important lands like California in 1861 after Abraham Lincoln was elected some states from the south the confederation attacked the rest the south revolt was happening due to some different opinions about slaves in 1860 the United States led by Abraham Lincoln supported banning slavery in all territories the seven states view this as a violation of their constitutional rights at four years of war the north was winning and the Confederates eventually were defeated the reconstruction after the war was happening fast the people were beginning to build up in 1869 the Transcontinental Railroad was finished connecting the existing Eastern railroads to the Pacific Ocean on the west in 1898 the American Spanish War was happening America was winning in short-term battles and at the Treaty of Paris the US was given the Philippines Puerto Rico and Guam at the beginning of the 20th century World War once died Germans were attacking the American ships which provided supplies to the Allies when the US was getting into the war Germany was already losing after the war the US was considered to be a major economic and military power their economy was growing until in 1929 the Great Depression side well in some years the u.s. regained their economic stability but this depression is one of the major reasons for the start of World War two the United States joined after they had been attacked at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 an attack made by the Japanese Empire Hitler declared war on the US two Americans fought a distant war in Europe and they provided a lot of supplies to the Soviets like armored cars motorized equipment food etc winning battle by battle in the Pacific getting closer to the Japanese mainland where d-day in Europe in 1944 the morale of American soldiers was high winning over Matthews in France getting into Germany Americans and British opened the second front in Europe helping the Soviets from a distance the war ended in 1945 after Germany capitulated and after dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan at Arashi Mott and Nagasaki after the war maker was created in 1949 and the Communists were creating the warsaw treaty the Cold War was happening the US versus the USSR but just on paper and threats there was no real war things could have degenerated after the rocket crisis in Cuba or the invasion of Czechoslovakia local wars were happening at the time the Vietnam War lost by the American the Iraq war and some other crises in the Middle East after the communist bloc fell NATO expanded to the east the rebel Muslims from the Middle East were beginning to hate the u.s. believing that the u.s. was an evil who want to destroy them and steal their oil September the 11th 2001 one of the worst terrorist attacks happened in New York the twin towers were destroyed by two planes in a suicidal attack from that time more and more troops were getting into Iraq and after that into Afghanistan today the u.s. is ruled by Republicans Donald Trump is the president and the country is still the first economic and military power of the world and seemed they started from a colony interesting thanks for watching please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video

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  • 1:47 I think its a mistake.

  • its 1750 not 1950 he said it wrong

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  • The worst country in the world USA living on wars and stealing others and killing alot of people f.u usa

  • Central america iz not a continent

  • this what happens when your source is wikipedia

  • Christopher Colombia didn't discover america

  • I dislike the aroma of American propaganda in this comment section!

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  • This is why America is the most beautiful country in the world.
    Race plays no role in her existence. She is simply beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The pilgrims?

  • What a poor Country, meanwhile Europeans exploring the world Americans siting with stones and wood, while they got shot, it's not America its Europe 's colony

  • Christopher Columbus didn't discover America he only went to the Caribbean island

  • Bardzo ciekawe! Pozdrawiam z Polski.

  • Great video, Thank you. Very interesting your explanation of 9/11. I paid close attention to words used, and not used.

  • not even gonna mention the slaughtering of thousands and thousands of natives

  • i love this video

  • This map is wrong. After the American War of Independence, by the Treaty of Paris in 1783 Great Britain returned Florida to Spanish control, as Spain fought along the Americans against the British. Later on, the acquisition of Florida by EEUU happened by the Treaty of Adams-Onis (1819) and the Transcontinental Treaty (1821).

  • The us has been at war with it self internally since the beginning and up to this date. The "slave problem" was never fully resolved, and the division between the south and north is still distinctive although the democratic south has now gone north and republicans south switcing ideology. What was the democratic motus operandi is now the republicans. United in the world wars exept the prohibition that has had a lasting negative effect. The vietnam war then caused a revolt, but changed nothing. Now it is a nation mostly living in borderline poverty run by bankers it is again a nation of slaves and the new revolt is on the horizon with the possibility of falling back to the division into the north union and southern federacy. What will keep the nation togeather are constant wars with others where the poor shed their blood for the elite class of bankers and multinationals companies. The american economy is based on warfare with other countries and dependant on constant feuds. The rest of the worlds opinion is turning against them and it will sooner or later end in a war where everybody looses. They have turned from a colony to colonists and history says that this will not fare well. Another financial crash with a looming prospect of globalism will cause nations to rise against them. Humans are tribal and hence nationalistic. World hegemony is an impossibility, but that is what the ruling classes want. Therefore the us is a runaway train bound for disaster. No policy or political interferance will stop it.

  • @ 1:40  "The map of North-America look something like this in the 1950's"

  • 243 years of terrorism, disinforming people and fake news

  • Except the Civil War wasn't about Slavery . . . And by no means was Lincoln an abolitionist.

  • obviously biased towards the right

  • “The Vietnam war, lost by the Americans.” This is not true. Idk if it’s because he’s British or something but I know we didn’t lose. We haven’t lost any war. We have either won, or signed an agreement. We fought a half a war. Keeping and pulling out troops, it was basically a death game. U either stay or don’t. Anyway, we didn’t lose, we peacefully ended the war at the end. Then the north and south unified in July of 1975, which was are goal in the first place. Plus, if we were to lose, it wouldn’t be much, we were helping another country defeat communism. Which was good.

  • Cristopher Columbus did not discover America. He never even set foot in America and the Vikings discovered America

  • That means Indian were first to settle in America

  • And then Europeans came to spread bullshit in beautiful land

  • SPAIN discover America.. Columbus was the head of the Expedition but was SPAIN… tired of how history facts are hidden constantly to don’t say the truth

  • Mexico its not Centroamerica

  • so its not ok to show swastika but its ok to show soviet symbol even that they killed more civilians than nazi


  • America is ruled by no one that is why we are so successful. Wouldnt expect brits to understand that.

  • It is a very small cours of America history.

  • Christopher Columbus didn’t DISCOVER America. The Vikings did in the 11th century. What he discovered were island nations in the Caribbean.

  • Spain owned Florida before we got it. West Virginia and Missouri were not members of the confederacy

  • A lot of factual inaccuracies and wrong dates and times in this vid. Check your facts and redo.

  • That's a very good summary of the American history 👍

  • fking gringos you stole our land all the continent hate the country that hasn`t name

  • Philippines Discovery By Magellan At 1521 March 21 In spain!

  • Philippines Story Its So cool!

  • Christopher Columbus did not discover America he had a more dark story…..Maybe

  • Mother fuck it's 30000written. Why u saying 3000.

  • Great video ~ good information and fantastic editing!

  • Do a episode about kuwait please

  • The Aztec lived in North America. Mexico has always been in North America.

  • Woof. Bad facts and information for a "history" video. Thumbs down!

  • Natives were there first

  • Bombing in japan made the Japanese in Singapore retreat

  • Columbus didnt even set foot in America. maybe some islands in the Carribean

  • Florida was a Spanish Colony until 1821. And Florida was bigger, it extended all the way to Louisiana.

  • In The treaty of Paris you missed Cuba. In 1898 The US took Cuba 🇨🇺, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, Guam 🇬🇺, and the Philippines 🇵🇭.

  • If by "America" you mean the United States, no, Christopher Columbus never was there. But he did bumped into a whole continent called Anerica.
    Aztecs in Central America? Really? Oh, sorry, I forgot that all the central american countries are now "Mexican countries" so, in that case, yes, you are right.

  • 1950's 1:40 ??????

  • I dont believe first people came from Asia. They build Pyramids right in Central America, just like Egypt did. And obviously the American continent is a separation from Europe/Africa. Scientists should have room for more than "people came from Asia"

  • i love how i can point out factual inaccuracies now that im in apush

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  • 911 was an inside job

  • 😂! It’s so funny that how you portrayed the 9/11 terrorists as Arab!

  • Ugh, American history is so damn lame!

  • Um… we went to Afghanistan first then Iraq.

  • “Believed”? I don’t know about the destroy part, but the US definitely wanted to (and still want to) steal their oil.

  • Mr Columbus trying to reach India but he couldnt he thought he found India rich for spicy gold etc.. etc… only he found Native Americans
    Piri Reis drowe the map so he found first

  • Actually, the Iroquois was made centuries after the 1400s, in late 1600s.

  • 1950s i think you meant 1750s

  • History is evidence that never believe an English man they are worst people in the Entire History of Human Kind . There main purpose is to conquer the countries and then somehow loot all their precious Things

  • wow that was fast
    oh wait its because you don't have any

  • what !!!

  • so arabic thought that us are bad people and did the 9/11 !!! wow
    first of all: us is really bad and the history can tell
    second :there is no proof that musilims or arabic did the terror on 9/11 🙂

  • thank you USA for make independence to our countries Czech rep and Slovakia Czechoslovakia

  • So first they we're chinese ,

    mind blown

  • Next time, don't forget Alaska~

  • Hey guys if you dont know what expanding means it means Taking Land

  • You forgot to mention that The New World was discovered by Leif Ericsson and was called Vinland. Also you forgot to mention the first president before Lincoln, George Washington.

  • Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I feel like the U.S. had enough man power to completely win the Vietnam War, but it’s just that…..they didn’t want to. Hear me out, from the very start the U.S. played a defensive war on in Vietnam. They didn’t attack, but only defended the capitalist territory. U.S. soldiers left with a PEACE AGREEMENT between both sides, but once they left, North Vietnam waged war immediately after. However, after realizing what was actually going on the U.S. left South Vietnam to just deal with their own problems. They DID NOT send military units to help leading to South Vietnam’s fall in Vietnam by the combined man power of China and North Vietnam. At the time the U.S. adopted hippie movements, thus explaining why the U.S didn’t continue to fight and return to Vietnam to actually fully win this time. Summarizing what I just said: The U.S. leaves Vietnam with their goal of getting a peace agreement achieved, gets tricked as the enemy region (north) wages war immediately after U.S. soldiers left Vietnam, but instead of returning back to Vietnam to finish what they thought they finished they left South Vietnam as peace riots were starting to be influential both politically and socially. At the end it was technically not the U.S who lost because they left Vietnam by the time the war started again.

  • Almost half of South America speaks Portuguese, this video is kinda accurate. Actually many things wrong , the great depression didn't start WW2

  • The land bridge was a glacier sort thing.

  • Stfu British fag

  • 1:42 1750's not 1950's

  • The USA doesn't have much of an interesting history. You can sum it up in a video less than 2 minutes.

  • In the US, language from the UK, alphabets from Italy, technologies from Europe/Japan, its people are from around the world especially the continent of Africa and Europe. Plus the US was created by UK, France and Spain. China, in other hands, is one of the oldest existing countries! Periodt. Then fuck the US

  • lost it when you endorsed a phony conspiracy, 9/11. lol this video sucks.

  • The 1st human arrivals into the Americas started 30,000 years ago. Once settled, they developed over 100,000's of years.
    How is that possible???
    (He must have left out the part about them having a time machine)

  • sooo soviets wasnt with germany in ww2?

  • Important to add this country was formed as an extension of the Church in 1776. -In God We Trust. Now we are the greatest nation ever. freedom isn't free. More people should learn more about History and Religion. Thanks for the Video!

  • Full of mistakes dude! USSR engaged in Afghani war not iraq! Terrorists didn’t not hate America because of oil! 2001 US raid on Afghanistan 🇦🇫 was before iraq 🇮🇶 war 2003!

  • Soooo the very foundation the USA was built on is: take land by force.

  • You just skipped over all of African American history old chap. Nothing on Slavery, the Civil Rights Movement or Obama. Hot damn son, I support you redoing this and fact checking first. I appreciate your attempt but know that an accurate version would serve you and your viewers so much better.

  • ssssssssssstttttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddddddddddd

  • But the earth is only about 6000 years old…. I always get that look when I say that, you know, "the look" … Especially when I tell people I have a Master's degree in physics…. great video, thanks! 🙂 I will share it with my son

  • History of USA
    1.Half of Europe colonize the America.
    2.Genocide the indigenous populations.
    3. Trade slaves from the Africa tribes.
    4.Had an Independence and civil war.
    5.Build a huge army and started bomb countries with oil.

  • The narrator has TONS of mistake reading his story. It's 30, 000 not 3, 000… 1750's not 1950's… You must have slept thru reading class.

  • Trump 2020

  • Dangerously simplist and sometimes inaccurate…

  • You better go over your facts on the civil war again, son. Everything you said is insulting to peoples intelligence. Many factual impurities because of the biased jargon, frankly sullied opinion on the war. I won't even waste my time on the other factual inaccuracies. You also forgot to mention the Korean and Vietnam war you tosser.

  • That…. that is not the German flag.

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