The Amazing Grand Ile History Strasbourg, France UNESCO World Heritage Site Top Place in France

Today we are going to see a place called the Grand Ile which is located in Strasbourg, France The Grand Ile, also known as Grosse Insel in German Is an island that lies at the historic center of the city of Strasbourg in France? Its name means large island and derives from the fact that it is surrounded on one side by the main channel of the three river and On the other side by the canal Canal du Faux-Rempart a canalised arm of that river Grant Ile was named as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 At the time the International Council on monuments and sites noted that that grant Ile is an old quarter that exemplifies medieval cities The Grande-Île form an urban ensemble that is characteristic of Rhineland Europe with a structure that centres on the cathedral, a major masterpiece of Gothic art Its distinctive silhouette dominates the ancient riverbed of the Rhine and its man-made waterways Perspectives created around the cathedral gives rise to a unified urban space and a straight a distinctive landscape organized around the rivers and canals The French and Germanic influences have enabled the composition of a specific urban space combining constructions reflecting major significance periods of European history Grande Île is sometimes referred to as “ellipse insulaire” because of its shape It measures some 1.25 kilometers by 0.75 kilometers at its longest and broadest At the centre of the island lies Place Kléber, the city’s central square Further south is Strasbourg Cathedral The world’s fourth tallest Church and an ornate example of 15th century gothic architecture At the western end of the island is the quarter of Petite France, the former home of the city’s tanners Millers and fishermen and now one of Strasbourg’s main tourist attractions Besides the cathedral, the Grande Île is home to four other centuries-old churches St. Thomas, St. Pierre-le-Vieux, St. Pierre-le-Jeune, and St. Étienne Being the historical center of Strasburg and the seat of local secular power It also houses the city’s most imposing eighteenth-century hotels particuliers and palaces To mark Grande Île’s status as a World Heritage Site 22 brass plates were placed on the bridges giving access to the island French and Germanic influences have shaped the Grande-Île and Neustadt They have enabled the emergence of a unique expression coming from the two cultures, which is Especially conveyed in the fields of architecture and urbanism The Cathedral influenced by the Romanesque art of the East and the Gothic art of the kingdom of France, is also inspired by Prague Particularly for the construction of the spire It is a model that acted as a vector of Gothic art to the east. The Neustadt, a modern city forged by Haussmannian influences, and a model of urbanism also embodies the theories of Camillo Sitte. If you liked this video, please consider subscribing to this channel It would be great. If you can share your opinions and feedbacks on the comment section. I really appreciate that That is all for today. I will see you in another video till then signing off Malayali

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