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This time on Marketing to Tourist, it’s
all about something a little deceptive. You see, you probably
think the About Us page on your website is… all about you. nope nope nope Stick around, I’ll explain. There’s a reason why I said the About Us page on your website is a
little bit deceptive and I want to explain that to you in
just a moment. But first, later in this little video I’m going to
give you the opportunity to have me come to your website and review the
entire site, not just the About Us page. And I’ll let you know if you need any
improvements and where you’re really strong. But first
that About Us page and why it’s so deceptive. You see, most people, when they do an About Us
page; they think they’re talking about the
company. Perhaps your About Us page tells the history of
the company, maybe even tells where you went to
school. Guys, nobody cares where you went to
school. What they care about, what your client
is interested in, is can you provide them with a positive vacation experience. They want to know
when they do business with you, are they gonna have a great time, are
they going to have a perfect vacation. They’re really not interested in the
history of the company, or what year the organization was
founded. They wanna talk about their vacation. So, your About You page, really needs
to be more about the customer. It’s not about you, it’s
about their vacation. Here’s an example of
an About Us page then I would consider a strong, well done About Us page. Obviously, there
is perhaps two to three sentences here
that’s about the company. But is soon as you scroll down you
realize this is in reality a third party, or third person,
endorsement. That’s really strong. The owner the
company has authored a couple love books on luxury travel.
Obviously he’s qualified to take care of our vacation. They are also market
leading producers. So, this About Us page is more a credibility statement, then it is a
history of the company. I would consider this a
good, solid About Us page. And that’s what the About
You page is all about; making sure your customer understands they’re going to have an
awesome time when they go on that vacation. Let
me tell you a little about your Facebook page. If you carefully look at your Facebook
page, what you’re going to discover is: the
second highest page for sending visitors to
your website, off your Facebook page, is the About Us page. Very few people look at that on
Facebook; but the ones who do are far more likely
to go visit your website. Why is that? Because that is a buyers action. If somebody is interested in doing business with you,
that behavior (clicking on the About Us page on your
Facebook page) means that they are interested in
discovering what you’re all about. They are clicking
over to your website because that is a buyers behavior. They’re
looking for a credibility statement. They’re looking to see if you can
perform that task that you say you can perform. So, on your website your About Us page is not about you, its all about how you are going to help your customer. I hope this helps you. I
hope it will make some sense and if it does and if you wanna learn
more about your website, feel free to click right here. Go over to
my website. And this link is going to take you to a
page where you can get a website evaluation done and you can
learn some more of these little tips to help you convert your visitors into customers. Guys, if you learned
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Marketing to Tourists. Take care, I’ll see ya soon.

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