That Time a Rage Against the Machine Song Was a Christmas Singles #1

Christmas music, for the most part, tends
to be both non-offensive and fairly generic- two things you can’t really say about the
song, Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine, which somehow managed to become
the 2009 UK Christmas #1 thanks to the efforts of a couple who was really annoyed with the
coveted spot being dominated by whoever won the UK X Factor in a given year. Since 2004 (when the X Factor first aired
in the UK), it has been extremely common for the winner’s debut song to become that year’s
Christmas number one single thanks to a combination of timing of its release, almost ubiquitous
coverage by traditional media and the popularity of the show. The X Factor didn’t really start this trend;
the UK Christmas time singles’ chart tends to be dominated by reality TV contestants
and has been since around 2002, when contestants from Popstars: The Rivals scored the number
one spot that year. Nevertheless, the X Factor has contributed
to the trend significantly, with winners of the show boasting an impressive eight Christmas
number ones between them in the last decade. In 2008, in an effort to stop the show from
getting the number one spot for the fourth year in a row (in 2004, the top spot went
to the 20th anniversary version of Do They Know It’s Christmas), a frustrated husband
and wife team comprised of Jon and Tracey Morter started a Facebook campaign to get
Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up to number one as a nod to the popular internet
meme of Rickrolling, where people are tricked into watching the video for the 1987 hit. While the campaign did gain some traction,
managing to get the song back into the charts 21 years after its initial release, eventually
peaking at number 73, it ultimately failed and the number one spot, unsurprisingly, went
to that year’s X Factor winner. The success of the campaign inspired the couple
to try again the following year, this time banking on the Rage Against the Machine’s
1992 hit Killing in the Name. The band’s anti-establishment mantra and the
song’s theme of not doing what you’re told made it a perfect fit for what the couple
were trying to accomplish. They also noted that they thought it would
be “funny” to see a song like Killing in the Name reach the Christmas singles top
spot. And it worked- over a million people ended
up liking the Facebook page resulting in the story being widely covered by the media. The campaign was also supported by numerous
well-known artists including Dave Grohl, Prodigy, Muse and even Paul McCartney, who stated,
“…it’s out of left-field you know. Everyone expects Joe [McElderry] to do it,
and he certainly will sell a lot of records. And if he gets to Number One, good luck to
him. But it would be kind of funny if a band like
Rage Against The Machine got it, because it would prove a point”. It should be noted that Paul McCartney said
this several days after appearing on the X Factor. One person who was decidedly less amused,
at least publicly, was X Factor host Simon Cowell who openly referred to the campaign
as “stupid”, among other choice insults in the tabloids. Of course, privately he sung a different tune,
reaching out to Jon and Tracey to congratulate them on the campaign and, according to Jon,
he “was very nice, really nice to talk to. We had a little chat about music and just
things in general really. He was lovely and he wished us well and he
also said it was probably the best Christmas number one race that he has been involved
with. He thanked us for bringing the race back a
little bit and making it exciting.” As for the band themselves, lead guitarist
Tom Morello was vocally supportive of the campaign from the beginning and the band pledged
to donate all the proceeds they made from the sale of the song that Christmas to a charity
for the homeless called Shelter. The band also thanked fans for their support
in 2010 by playing a free gig in London. Of course, the campaign to get the song to
number one wasn’t without controversy. For starters, the song’s lyrics, which contain
the word “f*ck” about seventeen times, depending on the version you’re listening
to, were deemed unsuitable for radio. This came to a head when the band was invited
to play a live version of the song on BBC Radio 5live and they were specifically requested
to not say the line “f*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me.” This request went over about as well as you’d
expect, with lead singer, Zack de la Rocha, screaming the offending line four times during
the song before being pulled off air. (Later, the BBC would issue a public apology.) Morello also opened the song by loudly complaining
about the X Factor and criticising the show for trying to monopolize the charts and spoonfeeding
people “schmaltzy ballads”. Another delicious irony about the whole thing
was that the band themselves were signed with a label owned by Sony BMI, which also owned
the label X Factor winners signed with, meaning ultimately, the same massive company that
was the source of the initial outrage just made more money than they normally would have
thanks to the promotion and competition driving up sales. The band defended this similarly to how they’ve
always defended the fact that they’re preaching an anti-establishment message while being
signed with a subsidiary of one of the largest corporations in the world- they stated that
it wasn’t about money, but sending a message to the widest audience possible, and, in this
case, adding that they would be donating all their royalties to charity so weren’t profiting
from this particular campaign. In the end, the song did make it to the number
one spot with a little over half a million downloads purchased, beating out Joe McElderry’s
The Climb by about 50,000 copies sold. As for McElderry, he wasn’t upset about any
of it. “This time last year I never thought for one
minute that I’d win The X Factor, never mind about having a debut single out, so I’m just
delighted to be in the charts.” Bonus Fact:
Ever wonder how the phenomenon of Rick Rolling got started? Well, wonder no more. This actually came about thanks to duckrolling. Duckrolling got its start indirectly thanks
to the founder of the occasionally infamous internet message board 4chan, Christopher
Poole- better known online by his moniker “moot”. Not long before Rickrolling became the internet’s
go-to prank, moot decided to make it so that anytime a user wrote the word “egg” on
the site, it would autocorrect to “duck”. The prank was a big hit with 4chan users who
were particularly amused that the word eggroll would automatically be stylised as duckroll
whenever it was typed. As the joke evolved, some time in late 2006
one anonymous user Photoshopped and linked to an image of a duck with wheels- a literal
interpretation of the word duckroll. It soon became a common prank on the site
to trick fellow users into clicking links that led to the image of the duck, resulting
in the coining of the term “duckrolled” to describe the act of being duped in this way. This all brings us to Rickrolling. Some time in May of 2007 an unknown user on
4chan’s /v/ video game board posted a link purported to be for the trailer for the game
Grand Theft Auto IV, but in reality took people to a freebooted upload of the music video
for Never Gonna Give You Up. Google caches and a bit of trolling through
the Wayback Machine reveals that this video, along with being the first known video created
expressly to Rickroll internet denizens, is one of the earliest known examples of that
music video being uploaded to YouTube. It’s also worthy of note that the uploading
of this video predates an authorized upload by some two years. In any event, when linking Astley’s hit
song became the new en vogue prank, the term Rickrolling, borrowing from Astley’s first
name and the aforementioned duckrolling meme, was coined to describe it. Arguably the apex of the Rickolling phenomenon
came on April 1st of 2008 when YouTube automatically redirected every person who clicked on a video
on the site’s main page to the music video for the song, which we guess is a lot better
than directing them to an alternate version of this joke going around at the time involving
a couple of ladies and a cup…

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