hey welcome back and in today’s video
we’re going to be doing something pretty cool we’re going to be messing around
with the wayback machine a lot of you guys may have used the wayback machine
in the past but I got I got good use for it today before we do anything we’re
going to head over to the repzilla where we got one from SK BP here it’s
the newest screenshots from resolute jungle and this one it says cleaning the
inside may not be as easy as cleaning the outside and it’s got the codes here
the codes that need translated and I’ve know that you’ll get on it also
aristotle oleate has think they figured out the oath on titanic Sinclair’s
website here but Illuminati one looks like the first three sentences of the
oath is the Illuminati leader speaking to the Illuminati member about what
should happen if the Illuminati members should betray them then the four to
eight after that is the Illuminati remember vowing to serve the Illuminati
and it gets deeper now the reason we’re here Hinata if I don’t know how to say
that I’m so sorry but it says read everything in the picture it says
important things about poppy oh and I read it oh and I liked it
oh we’re gonna we need to you need to get serious at the poppy tour website or
titanic sinclair website poppy. computer and
if you would type there’s something random like for example
or and then anything with you it could be it could be talking
about the greatest pizza in the world it pops up a 404 error as as you would
guess however it would say secret email addresses secret email addresses and
what the email addresses are to is even more fascinating it says it would be
webmaster at tottington claret grocery bag TV or puppy computer grocery bag TV
papito elsa is a new website so that clearly means that there is somehow a
connection to grocery bag TV a connection to the computer show Great
Scott now we’re just going to put in a bunch
of random stuff greatest pizza ever press Enter as soon as to a whole
nother page says watch interweb well that’s strange
apparently the greatest pizza ever sends you to watch the interweb what let’s try
the Titanic Sinclair one we’ve got the 404 oh dear Jesus it does
have it really seriously does have the email grocery bag TV what what
what does this mean cheers and strikes to go to the wayback machine and type in
these websites and that’s what we’re here for
oh this is making me nervous nothing happens from the hmm very interesting let’s try the next one low
interestingly enough the wayback machine found this page which is just a overly
glitchy overly glitchy version of the poppy website let’s see if there’s
another one with the font the URL has been excluded from the wayback machine
so if there was anything there it has since been the denied of our privilege of
viewing dang we were a little too late we were a little too late let’s try Titanic so what we got here whoa okay so this is what it look like
when he first created it well that’s weird 2010 it’s just in 2010 this is is
that that that he didn’t get to see that one so this is what it look like in 2010
I’m not sure why what that is the concept is that there is no concept this
is oh this is some Mars argh oh well that’s very interesting when you’re
sober everything is slow when you’re drunk everything is too fast
this is very interesting and I know you that you want to see more we might get
into more of this into a future video but as interesting as this is there is
always something that is more interesting that’s right you guessed it
I want to know if you think so why don’t you leave your creative and/or
interesting responses in the comment box below thumbs up for those likes and as always brothers and
sisters I will see you in the next video so we got to thank kanata for that and
if I’m part under sent butchered that but I do want
to show you these two we’ve got got some fan art right here make me look like a
dinosaur pretty good and this beautiful run right here looks like that was
Papi’s body but you know what they fixed it now papi is more beautiful than she
has ever been in her entire life and without a doubt you know that this
channel loves you

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