the epic and iconic poppy mystery hello again and welcome back today we’re going to uncover the mystery we’re going to expose the mystery that is 3:36 , typical intro with cool music uni it’s not funny put down the fucking gun all right for you to understand the mystery that is 336 it all begins with this video this was a video that was uploaded right at the end this 2016 around November maybe december and it’s Mars argo brittany sheets it was uploaded on the YouTube channel XVTVI before it was eventually taken down this video people thought was actually current was actually uploaded in 2013 it was confirmed by Titanic Sinclair and his cinematographer Tony caddy but the video runs you guessed it three minutes and 36 seconds long and it is the key to the whole mystery but i want you to notice that in this video she’s chewing gum and this is a key factor because is reference later on is what she’s saying is everybody wants it all this is also referenced in multiple poppy videos this creepy music that you’re about to hear is what I was talking about in my earlier video if you play this backwards it actually says if you wanted all you cannot be distracted by the illusion that you have created only when your mind is silent you can see clear enough to enjoy your life and forget about your desires your desires are irrelevant that’s the creepiest shit that I’ve ever heard of things i want to point out in that video she’s chewing bubblegum is holding a gun to her head she’s talking to somebody on the internet the fact that she’s saying everybody wants to all the hidden message that is reversed the reason I bring these things up is because i’m going to show you how are they are directly connected to current papi videos now this is a cool thing you can do you go to go to the youtube search bar top in 336 and let’s do it pops up lo and behold papi video but let us watch it what does it mean we cannot deny that this video is a direct reference to the Mars Argo video that only lasted three minutes and 36 seconds to go down to the description of the video 336 there are several times where 336 is set up as a link to press and when you click it it obviously goes to the end of the video so you can watch another poppy video now do you remember in our previous video where asked a lot of these hidden messages link straight up some other monetize videos as we could expect with the expert in millennial marketing Titanic Sinclair but you don’t remember that papi video where she was throwing up blood just like the 336 video with Margo there’s been a lot of theories on this video in itself this poppy on the left is to symbolize that video in that person that character and on the right is the new papi in the video with brittany sheets several times she says everybody wants it all how many times have we heard in poppy videos that she just wants it all why is it so now the chewing gum deal in the video where she’s chewing the gum can be related directly to one of poppy songs found very unsettling but that is the direct reference as well told you all these things but what does it mean hmmm I can tell ya titanic sinClaire was looking for some kind of mantra that he could launched with his new project and to do that you need some sort of cult following not only will just solve the mystery 336 but this also may help you out in life our desires the things that we think are most important always block us from getting what we want because we spend so much time actually wanting and craving the object of our desires that is exactly what we get let’s put it this way if you see the cutest cat and you want the cutest cat you’re only ever going to want to cutest cat but there are those people out there that want the cutest cat and walked directly a to b to go pick the cutest cat up and you know what they get the cutest fucking cat this is the message this is the mystery of 336 poppy’s videos try to get us to quiet our minds to show the illusion of life it’s almost like everybody’s chained down to a theater watching a play the ones that do the most in life are the ones that break their change stand up and walk out of the theater and live their own lives so just to recap this video purpose was to tell you all about the 336 mystery feel like I have been very successful with my message but i know you have a lot that you would like to say a lot of things a lot of questions there on your mind so why dont ya go ahead and leave your creative or interesting responses in the comment box below and thumbs up for the likes and as always brothers and sisters obviously you and the next video

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