Ten Minute History – The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Short Documentary)

1848, and the Austrian Empire is having some trouble. This trouble occured on March the 13th in Vienna, When a crowd, mostly made up of students, demanded more rights, And the government obliged. By shooting them. Which led to riots. This riot was a part of larger trend of revolutions which swept across Europe in 1848 To oversimplify, they were largely concerned with improving the working lifes of the peasantry, Increacsing democratic representation, and in many cases wanted to form states along national, ethnic and linguistic lines. This was bad news for the Austrian Empire, since it was very diverse. It included many ethnic groups such as Germans, Hungarias, Czecks, Slovaks, Ukrainians Called Ruthenians at the times Poles (known as Galicians), Croats Serbs, Italians, Romanians and many, many others. Some of these people wanted better representation, and others preferred outright independence. The events in 1848 spread outside of Vienna quickly, and March 15th In the city of Pest, revolutionaries demanded extra rights and soon after declared Hungarian independence.But Ferdinand would still be their king The central government struggled to respond affectively. and in Italy the Austrian army withdrew from from most of the revolting Italian states. this left them wide open for invasion.

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  • The increased power of the Hungarians also meant that many areas they could not influence as just another occupied nation were open for magyarization. This is why they still have claims on our own land. This is why that map of hungarian ethnics is larger than the map of Hungary.
    In my own personal opinion, the Austrian-Hungarian empire was the most hideous concept of a state in the modern era. It trampled over the freedom of so many peoples, while its two leading nationalities got to expand freely in the lands of the suppressed.

  • Hungarians destroyed that empire. it was Austrian empire with many nations, in the end Hungarians started to feel they are something more and oppressed other slavic nations which led to the end of this empire.

  • As if the collection of states can be one country. Was doomed from the onset.

  • South Tyrol was never italian in any way though

  • austria hungary was made in 1867 not 1848 and ended in 1918 not 1922 and the austro hungarian empire flag was nice

  • diversity wasnt their strength

  • this is why globally borders need to be drawn by ethnic lines i love every nation ethnicity and culture but they need ethnic lines and unique culture so when i visit i know who i need to respect as vast majority population would wish to see upon a guest

  • Whenever someone talks about the wonders of building a diverse and multicultural society I just say the words "Austria-Hungary". They are almost always not educated enough to know what I am talking about, but I think my case is made and is water-proof.

  • It isn't often that a person's death makes me laugh as hard as the thud deaths in this video.

  • Ruthenians were and are different ethnic group than Ukrainians but they both have kinda similar language

  • This might just be me, but having watched both this video and the 'Fall of the Ottoman Empire' video, I can't help but feel as if it's a miracle that the Central Powers lasted that long during WW1. Either that or Germany was just amazingly good at carrying its weaker allies.

  • I wanna play ck2 now, but then again I'll be on for 5 mins and get bored

  • When you refuse to give Venice to Italy because they “didn’t earn it”, so you give it to France, but then France gives it to Italy anyway


  • Transylvania is Romanian change my mind

  • Lol austria hungary heir is like
    1st heir:*died
    2nd heir:*died
    3rd heir:*died
    Franz: what the fak lol

  • The Empire should have been more liberal and decentralized. Minority contolled areas should have had large autonomy and allowed minority languages to be used in local documents and affairs, and the parliament should had some say in other matters

  • I feel like after the assassination of Ferdinand if the Austrians made a deal with the Russians for russia to take parts of not all of Serbia ww1 would have never happened

  • also correction it’s Sardinia piedmont not piedmont sardina

  • What is the flag you put behind them during the bit about the Iron Ring? The fly half is Hungary, but the hoist half is different to the usual Austrian one.

  • This was fantastic. Thank you.

  • One important thing that you didnt expain is why it was so important for Austria to compramise with the Hungarians. In the 1849 spring campaign the Hungarian Army, lead by marshal Görgey, crushed the Austrian army and was moving into position to assault Vienna. The Austrians practicly had to beg for Russian assistance to stay alive. When they screwed over their Russian partners in the Crimean war they lost their military advantage over Hungary. Their defeat in the Austro-Prussian war showed their weakness very claerly to the Hungarian elite and a new war seemed to be on the horizon. The compramise with the Hungarians was one made out of desperation and gave recognition to the military power and success of Hungary.

  • AUSTRIANS AREN'T GERMAN never say that

  • I feel sorry for globe makers. Business must have suffered, on account of national borders no longer being redrawn on this scale or this frequently anymore.

  • "Franz Joseph took this opportune time to kick the bucket"

  • i kind of wish that as soon as ww1 started, hungary broke away from austria-hungary. hungary kinda did nothing in the war. think about it, the emperor is austrian, the general is austrian, and bosnia was part of greater austria

  • Bojler eladó!

  • I saw Serbia Hungary

  • 5:03 An Australian in Austria? Unthinkable!

  • I saw that Australia Hungary flag

  • Im hungary 🇭🇺 wtf is video

  • It was the weakness of Hungarian participation which led to the seizure of their ancestral lands. They should have cooperated with the Austrians more, most notably in the support for the funding of the navy; which they ignored

  • Students: "We want rights!" Austria:"I grant you the right to be shot."

  • You have excellent videos. Thank you for making these. Have you thought about a video on Great Moravia or the Samo Kingdom before it? Unfortunately there's not too much English info on it. I can understand Czech and Slovak so I've watched videos but most English speakers don't know too much about it. Thanks again!

  • I like the way you say "Schleswig-Holstein"

  • In that time Srbs were majorati in huge part of croatia

  • Do one about Brazilian and Mexican empire's

  • There's a mistake you also made in another video, the Austria-Hungarian Navy was by 1914 the 6th biggest in the world and far from being weak. That was also the reason why the Empire was no target for a British naval Invasion in WW1 like Gallipoli.

  • 5:04 Australi-hungary XD not Austro-hungary but Australia and Hungary.

  • OverSimplified: Germany was totally rekked by the treaty of Versailles!

    Austria – Hungary: Am I a joke to you?

  • 5:06 – Australia-Hungary 😀

  • 5:05 the Australian Hungarian empire

  • Who says that?: “You haven’t earned this province coz you didn’t fight well enough”😂😂

  • Pietmont Sardinia!!!!! Needs independence

  • Do Alexander

  • And many many others. As i saw only slovenia was left on the map

  • Austrians and Hungarians are basically brothers

  • Should have Germanized those fuckers in 1816.

  • Oversimplify..when it is about history I hate that word, so…i'm out

  • Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1848?!
    Thanks, I'm not watching the rest of your video.

  • The hungarian revolution of 1848 was concurrent with a romanian one, in Transylvania. While Budapest claimed Transylvania, the romanians there rose in their own revolt against the Habsburgs and had a separate revolution. Later, when the russians intervened, they made peace with the hungarians and attempted to resist. They failed nonetheless. I think that should have at least been mentioned.

  • Dear commentator. You speak too fast.

  • "And then,


  • It was Hotzendorf’s fault. . .

  • Poor Austro Hungarians tho tbf YO WILHEM YOU GOT OUR BACK YEH? WE'RE GOIN FOR BELGRADE TIME TO TAKE SERBIA AND HOME FOR C-….Wait what your invading France? God damnit Wilhelm.

  • 5:04 Australia-Hungary

  • Google "Karl Marx." He caused over 300 million deaths on planet Earth by his speeches, books and letters. 💲 – Theodore Alexander Vegh, B.S.

  • "Poles, known as Galicians"? Really?

  • "Russia will remember that." Haha nice Telltale The Walking Dead reference there.

  • List of people who are unemployed:

    1. You

  • I think they should have put esperanto as the offical language

  • Like, why is Austria a thing? It just seems like a bit of Germany that Germany doesn't want. And they have no common linguistic or cultural connection with Hungary. I don't get it. It's Like Switzerland or Belgium.

  • 0:05 Hey, i've seen this one before!

  • The Hungarian goulash taste great👌😁

  • Australia hungry

  • Austria Hungary should return today, that’d be dope

  • 3:12 “Austria lost Venice but gave it to France because they didn’t feel like Italy had earned it and France gave it to Italy”

  • Lol at "I'm old now".

  • 8:06 yes,little bulgaria stronk-can dominate legislation in bigger (much bigger) empire.

  • So basically, Austria was a drama queen who cause many troubles. such as medieval mindset, juvenile diplomacy, ruining relationship with Russia, seeking revenge from Serbia which later caused WW1 etc…

  • “Italy didn’t deserve it” lmao even they knew

  • The Catholic Church and Christianty are not the same. The Catholic Church is the Beast.

  • Serb are more spread on a map than croats

  • 8:18 Franz Joseph decided to kick the bucket.


  • Greed is real Lool how much war it caused smh

    RIP Empire of Austria 1804-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Hungary 1000-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Bohemia 1198-1918
    RIP Margraviate of Moravia 1182-1918
    RIP Duchy of Upper and Lower Silesia 1742-1918
    RIP Archduchy of Upper and Lower Austria 1453-1918
    RIP Duchy of Carinthia 976-1918
    RIP Duchy of Carniola 1364-1918
    RIP Duchy of Salzburg 1849-1918
    RIP Duchy of Styria 1180-1918
    RIP County of Tyrol 1140-1918
    RIP County of Vorarlberg 1861-1918
    RIP County of Küstenland 1849-1918
    RIP Margraviate of Istria 1849-1918
    RIP Princely County of Gorizia and Gradisca 1754-1919
    RIP Imperial Free City of Trieste 1382-1809, 1849-1922
    RIP City of Fiume and its District 1779-1919
    RIP Kingdom of Dalmatia 1815-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Slavonia 1699-1868
    RIP Slavonian Military Frontier 1745-1881
    RIP Kingdom of Croatia 925-1868
    RIP Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia 1868-1918
    RIP Croatian Military Frontier 1553-1881
    RIP Principality of Transylvania 1570-1867
    RIP Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria 1772-1918
    RIP Duchy of Bukovina 1849-1918
    RIP Banat Military Frontier 1751-1873
    RIP Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1908-1918
    RIP Austro-Hungarian concession in Tianjin 1901-1917
    RIP GERMAN EMPIRE 1871-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Prussia 1701-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Bavaria 1805-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Saxony 1806-1918
    RIP Kingdom of Württemberg 1805-1918
    RIP Grand Duchy of Baden 1806-1918
    RIP Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine 1806-1918
    RIP Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1815-1918
    RIP Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1815-1918
    RIP Grand Duchy of Oldenburg 1815-1918
    RIP Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 1815-1918
    RIP Duchy of Anhalt 1806-1918
    RIP Duchy of Brunswick 1815-1918
    RIP Duchy of Saxe-Altenburg 1826-1918
    RIP Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 1826-1918
    RIP Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen 1680-1918
    RIP Principality of Lippe 1789-1918
    RIP Principality of Reuss-Gera 1806-1918
    RIP Principality of Reuss-Greiz 1778-1918
    RIP Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe 1807-1918
    RIP Principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1711-1918
    RIP Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen 1697-1918
    RIP Principality of Waldeck and Pyrmont 1712-1918
    RIP Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine 1871-1918
    RIP German Colonial Empire 1884-1918
    RIP German East Africa 1885-1919
    RIP German South West Africa 1884-1918
    RIP German Cameroon 1884-1919
    RIP German Togoland Protectorate 1884-1916
    RIP German New Guinea 1884-1919
    RIP German Samoa Protectorate 1900-1920
    RIP German concession in Tianjin 1899-1917
    RIP Kiautschou Bay Leased Territory 1898-1914
    RIP Duchy of Courland and Semigallia 1918
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    RIP Kingdom of Lithuania 1918
    RIP Kingdom of Finland 1918
    RIP Regency Kingdom of Poland 1916-1918
    RIP Ukrainian Hetmanate 1918
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    RIP Russian concession in Tianjin 1900-1920*

  • The Austro-Prussian war was mainly about who would unify the german nations. Prussia won in the battle of Hradec Kralove, so it unified Germans and created the German empire.

  • So basically multiculturalism was the cause of its demise. Very much like the West today.

  • This enraged Hitler’s father who punished him severely

  • Franz Joseph's sign said " I'm old now" and that shit is funny because he ruled from 1848 till 1916. Since 13 years before the American civil war until World War One. That old fuck.

  • They were Hungary for independent.

  • Why did Germany give Austria a blank Czech?

    So, they wouldn't go Hungary

  • Excellent chapter, thanks for sharing

  • Wasnt a blank check. The germans said whatever your goin to do do it now. Which they didnt.

  • Germany should have never joined the war. Would have been over in a day if they hadn't.

  • The government obliged…by shooting them…

  • I love this channels subtle humor

  • 7:41 why does Wilhelm look like he is suffocating?

  • In the XXI century, is this still painful to Austrians & Hungarians?

    What do Slovenes, Croats, Czechs & Slovaks think about it? I think Galicians & Ruthenians are completely lost, not to mention South-Tyroleans & Transylvanians.

    But if Vienna, I would try to make an economic pact with my ex-territories, at least with the first five.

  • I'm sure that people gave pointed this out already, but ruthenian is a proper ethnic/language group that is separate from Ukrainians.

  • One bad decision after the other. They literally make me believe a toddler would be a better ruler. Total imbeciles

  • What a total stain on Europe the Habsburgs have been, Germany should have taken Austria by force long ago, allying Romania and Hungary in the process… They would have been unstoppable.

  • Really great to see this covered

  • Could someone please help me by telling me what that flag is at 5:06

  • Austria-Hungary doing right:

    Russian Empire: You Suck >:(

  • Great summary video;
    I belive the correct legal term was The Austrian empire and the Hungarian kingdom;

  • The major problem with Austria-Hungary was that a nation that ethnically and culturally diverse can only function effectively as a democracy, otherwise you’d be bogged down with riots and civil unrest, which they were

  • No doubt one of the most confusing empires in history…..but one that equally important!

  • Damm, I miss those 10min videos

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