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– There is one place where it’s rewarded, the poker table. A poker player can win if
they have the best hand, or if they convince the
other players that they do. But even when
someone is bluffing, their body language
may give them away. [music playing] The smallest involuntary
movements in our face are amazingly accurate
windows into our feelings. These are called
micro expressions. They can last just
1/25th of a second and express any one of
seven universal emotions, fear, anger, sadness,
disgust, happiness, contempt, and surprise. Micro expressions are almost
impossible to control, which is why FBI agents will film
interrogations and analyze the footage to see
if a person is lying. There are lawyers who
study micro expressions during jury selection. And psychiatrists can
be trained to watch for these small movements
in therapy sessions. If anyone can hide
their micro expressions, it’s people whose
living depends on it. So we’ve invited some of the
planet’s best poker players to join us for our
next game, including World Series of Poker
Champion and European Tour Champion Liv Boeree. Hey, Liv, how you doing? I’m doing great. Thanks for coming. Please welcome Liv
Boeree, Igor Kurganov, Wayne Chiang, and Alec Torelli. [cheers and applause] These poker pros make a living
reading the micro expressions on other people’s faces. We’re going to see if they can
keep us from seeing theirs. Here’s how it’s going to work. For the first
challenge, there are four identical shot glasses. Two have apple juice. Two have apple cider vinegar. After each of you takes
a sip, you have to say, this tastes good. If Ted and I can tell
who’s had the juice and who’s had the
vinegar, we win. If we can’t, you win. Simple enough?
– All right. – Yep.
– Do it. KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: Let’s get
the first round under way. [music playing] This tastes good. This tastes good. This tastes good. [laughing] Ah. This tastes good. Geez, Louise. OK, all right. TED DANSON: I’m just going
straight to shame on you. You just– [chuckles]
we’re both going Wayne. Yeah. But we have another person. Yeah, I think it’s
Liv because I think she asked for the toxic crap. And– Oh, I see. I see. Now, I want to say
it’s Wayne and Igor. TED DANSON: Right. So it is time to
reveal your cards. Who had the vinegar,
raise your hand? Son of a– TED DANSON: [laughs] [applause] I so– oh, man,
are you kidding me? That’s funny. OK, so our next round,
that you’re going to love this, guys. All right. Our next round is
guacamole versus wasabi. Oh. [chuckles] So you guys,
let’s [shuffling sound] shuffle up and taste. Here we go. [music playing] This tastes good. OK, Igor. This tastes good. – Wayne.
– Clean. That was clean. That was a clean
one with the chew. He was working it. This tastes good. [chuckling] KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY:
Oh, see now, he’s going to do that every time. He’s going to make it feel– Yeah, he’s going to
try to throw us off. He’s going to say, this tastes
good uncomfortably every time. This tastes good. KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: Oh,
gosh, Ted, this is tough. – He’s good.
– He is good. He’s good. I’m not get– but now we know that
Wayne’s got a thing. He’s working baseline
on the vocals. TED DANSON: Liv’s
blinking like crazy. – Yeah, yeah, look at that.
– I think– Oh, yeah, there’s a
thing going on here. – –her eyes are watering.
– Just really happy to be here. She’s just– [laughs]
she’s so happy to be here, it’s bringing her to tears.
TED DANSON: Yeah. [laughs] There might be nothing
she could do about that. OK, blam, I’ve got
a Liv and a Wayne. What about you, Ted? I got Igor and Liv. Igor and Liv. Ted’s got Igor and Liv. OK, time again to
show your cards. Who had the wasabi? Ho. [applause] I am– Thank you. I am dying. [chuckling] It was strong. I hate wasabi.

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