Tech Corner: Virtual Reality Hits Home

This is my favorite part of the show. This is where I get to talk to Tim Costello
about your trip to… Consumer Electronics Show. Tim, tell me a little bit more about what
you saw. You got so much good stuff. Alright, so let me give you another theme
I saw at Consumer Electronics Show. I think fundamentally, real estate is about
to change and change in a big way. How so? Well, you remember go back in the Wayback
Machine 10-15 years ago. Man, you would do anything to get that little
book the realtors had to find a houses that were for sale. Internet came along, made it way easier. Now you can go to, find
every single home you can imagine, videos, pictures, renderings, all that great information. And we look at this and go, “How could it
get better?” I don’t know. It’s gonna get better. How? Virtual reality. Virtual reality? We’ve talked about it for a long time, but
when I was at Consumer Electronics Show I saw products that are ready for primetime
that this year will be in the market. And I guarantee you that builders are gonna
be using these products this year. Here’s how it’s gonna work. You’re gonna be 3,000 miles away and you’re
gonna receive a file, computer file. You’re gonna put it in your Oculus headset
or Samsung VR headset, or one of these new headsets that are gonna come out, you’re gonna
be able to literally walk around a home in virtual reality and you’re gonna feel like
you’re right there. You’re gonna walk room to room, you’re gonna
walk around this kitchen island. And even on top of that, you’re gonna be able
to look at that kitchen island and say, “What would it look like with black granite?” Boom, it’s black. “What if I change the appliances? What if I put pendant lights there?” Boom, it’s done. That’s coming this year. It’s gonna be real. You add to that augmented reality which is
also kind of a nutter. It’s gonna let you walk through the house
and see all kinds of things. These technologies are coming to you, and
they’re coming a lot faster than anybody’s thinking about. Oculus Rift is launching their glasses commercially
this year. You can already get them this summer in June/July
delivery, a couple hundred bucks. Google Cardboard for a few dollars, you can
see it that way. It’s here, it’s now, virtual reality. And this isn’t like the Jetsons where this
is 100 years from now and some theory, you can get this stuff. Today. Tim, thank you so much. Thank you, Brett. And we’re gonna be talking about cool tech
stuff every week, so stay tuned. And stay tuned for more New Home Source TV.

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